Best 5 Fingerprint Time Clocks With No Monthly Fees in 2023

Business owner’s are constantly under pressure to track their employee’s efficiency. As a result, executives can leverage easy-to-use technology to track when employees enter the office, take breaks, and check out for the day. A biometric clock is a great solution for these anxieties because they can calculate working time flawlessly. While some businesses opt for facial recognition systems we will be focusing on leveraging fingerprints for quicker and less intrusive identification. 

best fingerprint time clock no monthly fee

Below are 5 of the best fingerprint time clocks with no monthly fee that have the most positive reviews by customers. There are also a few guidelines to look through to help make you choose.



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TotalPass Fingerprint Time Clock


NGTeco Time Attendance Machine


Compumatic XLS Bio v2


Timedox Silver Snow WiFi Timeclock


uAttend BN6000 TimeClock


How does a biometric time clock work?

A biometric time clock can automatically scan and recognize an employee by taking his or her fingerprint template and then access the employee’s real working time automatically.

This lessens the risk of employees coming in late, but pretending they started working on time, and to make sure they don’t leave a shift early without accounting for the lost time.

  • First, a biometric time clock captures an employee with their unique body parts like a fingerprint or their face. Then, the machine creates a template inside so it can save the identify of the employee and recognize them each time they clock in or out.
  • The clock keeps track of how many hours an employee worked all week. It also calculates the employees’ weekly, or biweekly, wages because you can input their hourly amount, and then the machine completes the math.
  • When an employee clocks in using a fingerprint, the machine keeps track of the time clocked in. Likewise, when the employee departs and gives a fingerprint, it will stop counting the employee’s working hours.
  • The recognition process is swift and only takes a few seconds.
  • An employee clock can work by wire or various wifi networks like LAN, WAN, VPN. It connects to your computer and sends the information there. By downloading the app on android or ios, you can download and email data. When there is no electricity in your office, the biometric clock doesn’t stop working.

5 reasons you need an employee time clock

Calculate time and reduce the possibility of dishonesty

Unfortunately there are many dishonest people in the world, including those who try to work less hours and make more money. It is imperative to have a biometric clock to ensure employees are being truthful about their hours worked, and to make sure you as a business owner aren’t getting ripped off. With a fingerprint detection, it’s impossible for employees to be deceptive.

Automatic calculations

All the data and calculations will be done automatically by this clock. Usually, the employee clock has USB, wifi, or network connections.

Through all this, the data will be saved on a computer. You don’t have to make a spreadsheet or write data on paper.

Attendance monitoring

This clock has an individual authentication system, thus, no one can give a proxy of others. It isn’t possible to have someone else clock in for another person, so in order to be marked present at work, an employee has to clock in.

Save time

Because the fingerprint detection is quick and easy, it takes no time at all for employees to clock in. This saves them time, and means more production is happening at work. Additionally, there isn’t time wasted with another employee walking around to make sure everyone is in attendance and no one is lying for someone else.

Furthermore, since the clock keeps track of all of the date, that lessens the amount of time spent calculating workers’ wages and determining how many hours they worked.

Helps to determine who is eligible for salaries

After a month, you can make a salary list without any possibility of mistakes as the clock tracks activity for the whole month.

Our Recommended Best Fingerprint Time Clock No Monthly Fee for Small Business

1. TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Employee Time Clock       

TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Employee Time Clock 100% Identity Verification on Every Punch

Are you looking for a biometric time clock that can calculate employee time records even if they’re not working at the office and are in remote areas? Then TotalPass B600 employee time clock will be the leading one for you.

This Totalpass clock provides a finger scan and a built-in camera for photo identification. Extra secure! And these systems are 100% effective.

The clock has biometric, PIN, badge, and web punch licenses, it can track your employees whether they’re working onsite or offsite.You can track your employees working in remote areas and calculate their working hours through its 15 web punch licenses.

This method is possible by your computer’s or smartphone’s web browser. If there is harsh environment outside, it will still work the same way it always does.

While your employees are working from outside, they can use the ‘no-touch system by waving the proximity badge over the clock’s face. Although you will need to buy the proximity badge separately, it is well worth the cost.

Comparatively, the finger scanning system in this clock is next-generation that resists so many things like scratches, corrosion, and various stresses.

This device also has various connectivity options, such as USB, wifi, and network. It is a complete time and attendance solution without worrying about any monthly fees.

Additionally, the box illustrates a clock, has 15 web punches, a user-guide, 15 feet of Ethernet and USB cable, power supply, and more.

This clock is good for 50 to 100 employees, but the manufacturer demands that you can connect 250 to 500 employees.

Highlighted features:

  • It has various identification systems like finger scanning and a built-in camera.
  • The clock has biometric, PIN, badge, and web punch licenses.
  • There are 15 web punch licenses in this clock.
  • Can track employees both onsite and offsite.
  • For offsite work, employees can use the “no-touch” system.
  • Can operate 33-time clocks in various networks like LAN, WAN, and Web.
  • No monthly fee is needed.


You have to invest a lot of time to print timesheets. When you want to add, delete or change something, your site may stop working, and then you have to reboot the clock.

To make the clock set up, you may face a problem, so read the guide that comes with the box carefully.

2. NGTeco Time Clocks for Employees Small Business

NGTeco Time Clocks for Employees Small Business

Small businesses usually means there are employees that work a wide range of hours, therefore, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s schedule and when they are actually physically at work. It is essential to have an intelligent biometric fingerprint time clock to calculate the actual time of employees working.

To help with this task, nothing is better than the NGTeco Digital Biometric Time Clock. Unlike the previous clock, this one has both authentications via fingerprint and passcode. It also supports single and multiple modes input parameters.

It is quick to use since employers simply need to long-press the in or out button for 3 seconds.

Also, there is an 8G USB in the clock to download data reports of employers. Through this USB, you’ll be able to transfer data to the computer. You can also download the NGTeco app to see details about employees’ working time.

There needs to be a 2.4 GHz wifi connection for the clock to work. Moreover, the device can memorize 100 fingerprints and up to 10,000 records. Using the clock refrains your employees from recording data on paper time cards.

This device can do a weekly, semi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly data management without any weekly and monthly subscription.

By doing these calculations flawlessly, the device fulfills your business needs and saves you time and money. Markedly, this helps you make a salary list of your employees.

While there will be load shedding in your office, this clock will not stop working. Additionally, it doesn’t need any network configuration.

It can work without wifi too. If your power is lost, then it will still save data through its built-in backup system. Also, it can automatically change time, date, and leap years without any reprogramming.

If you have a small or medium business or have up to 50 employees, this is the perfect biometric time clock for you.

The manufacturer gives you one year warranty and offers free technical support for a lifetime.

Highlighted features:

  • This clock has fingerprint and passcode authentication.
  • Can save working hours automatically.
  • It has an 8G USB to download data to your computer.
  • You can use the app to download information.
  • Works flawlessly even if the power is gone.
  • Can memorize 100 fingerprints and 10000 records.
  • Good for small or medium businesses.
  • Don’t need to invest money weekly or monthly.


The manufacturer doesn’t provide information about how to make the clockwork. And the app most often is disturbing to use.

Why This Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Without Subscription Is Best Than Others

We believe the NGTeco Biometric Time Clock is the most outstanding product on our list. Because it works without any software (has built-in SSR software), network, and data cable.

It won’t stop working and calculating data if the power is gone, and it has a built-in backup process. Its fingerprint recognition is super impressive too.

Installation of this time clock is possible in two ways: hang it on the wall or mount it on the desk.

3. TimeMoto TM-626 – Biometric Time Clock Without Subscription Fee

TimeMoto TM-626 - Time clock with fingerprint and RFID reader for up to 200 users

If you have more than 100 employees, you need a biometric time clock that can accurately manage and calculate employees’ working hours.

The TimeMoto TM-626 – Time Clock is the one that can operate flawlessly. TimeMoto is a new brand that is developed by a brand named ‘Safes can.’

This device is a complete solution to the time clock with cloud management software to log employees’ working hours properly.

It can collect and calculate an individual’s total working hours, absences, and overtime, etc.

Moreover, the employer’s identification system is praiseworthy. Employees can clock in and clock out by various identification processes like fingerprints, face recognition, RFID readers, badges, and key fobs. They can use a pin too.

Installation of this clock is significantly easier as there is no requirement from the IT department, plus, it’s easy to use.

Also, the clock saves your data securely and keeps it private. The clock can be hung on the wall and is easily accessible to all.

This clock can calculate the working hours of 200 employees which makes creating a monthly spreadsheet a breeze since the machine does it for you.

It will save you money and hard work!

Highlighted features:

  • This clock can collect and calculate working hours accurately.
  • There are various employee recognition systems such as face recognition, fingerprint, RFID readers, badges, and key fobs.
  • Can count up to 200 employees’ information.
  • All the data is processed automatically and are reliable.
  • This clock has a cloud management software system.


The device may give an incorrect report after a few years. The software is expensive to operate and doesn’t work so well.

4. Face Recognition Time Clock, NGTeco

Face Recognition Time Clock NGTeco Biometric Time Clocks for Employees

Usually, most of the biometric time clock gives priority to the fingerprint system, but that’s not helpful during the current COVID-19 pandemic we are currently in. The work force has drastically changed forever as numerous businesses have created protocols to keep employees and customers as safe as possible. That being said, a touchless, facial recognition system is much more beneficial than a fingerprint system to avoid spreading germs and any viruses.

NGTeco’s Face Recognition Time Clock is the best one for a non-contact biometric clock. Remarkably, this clock recognizes employees by innovative facial biometric features.

In automatic face recognition mode, it reduces the danger of spreading infection from one person to another. The employee just has to look at the clock’s terminal to clock in and clock out.

It shows the employee’s name, photo on screen, and gives a beep to make sure that the punch is successful, but doesn’t upload information online for privacy reasons.

There is built-in software to shift data and manage data, and it can calculate data or information weekly and monthly too.

The clock saves you time and money since you don’t need to invest money to make a spreadsheet, and no software fee is required. You can download the NGTeco app on Android or ios to download data and email reports. You also need to connect 2.4 GHz wifi.

Although this clock focuses primarily on face recognition, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have other identification systems. It also has a fingerprint and password recognition system too.

This device can store 2,000 photos and 10,0000 data records. Perfect for your medium or small business as it can calculate 200 employees’ data.

The manufacturer provides you a 1-year warranty and free technical support for a lifetime.

Highlighted features:

  • It has an intelligent non-contact face recognition system to avoid spreading germs.
  • Maintains employee privacy since it doesn’t upload photos online.
  • Needs a 2.4 GHz wifi connection.
  • Calculates working hours automatically and accurately.
  • Can store 2,000 photos and 10,000 data.


The price range is comparatively high, but it is ok because it is a very good biometric fingerprint time clock.

5. Compumatic XLS Bio v2 Fingerprint Time Clock No Monthly Fees

Compumatic XLS Bio v2 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System

A small or medium business owner should utilize a biometric time clock with an advanced, top-quality fingerprint sensor that will work even if the finger is wet, moisturized, or rough.

For those who want advanced fingerprint recognition with other recognition systems, the Compumatic XLS Bio v2 Biometric Clock is the perfect choice.

In this device, you’ll get 360 degrees of optical fingerprint recognition. One-touch authentication also allows a pin/passcode for the individual employee.

The identification process is speedy and accurate, and you’ll get multiple services.

You can use both wired (TCP/IP) and wireless connection (2.4 GHz wifi), USB, BioID, Color LCD. Downloading data or reports is possible offline too. And the clock works as usual even if the power is lost.

There is a built-in backup system in this clock so that the data saved remains safe and automatically gets updated when the power is out.

The Complete package includes the clock, a 6′ Ethernet cable, mounting hardware, a setup guide, power supply, attendance software, and technical support.

The critical software feature is easy to set up, and free set up is available for 90 days.

Unlimited punches from unlimited departments are possible per day without any error. The software can manage many clocks at a time.

It can calculate working hours, overtime, double-time, benefit hours (sickness, vacation), etc properly per day. Moreover, lunch is automatically subtracted from the working hours.

So with smart calculation, it can calculate weekly, semi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly working hours, and with no monthly fee included.

The downside to this clock is although it works with Windows 7/8/10, it doesn’t work with Mac OS or tablets.

It can store 3,000 finger templates and has a high capacity memory that can store at least 50,000 transactions.

Highlighted features:

  • Has advanced, 360 degrees optical fingerprint recognition.
  • It can work both in wired and wireless connection.
  • Offline download and information gathering are possible because of built-in backup.
  • Can store up to 3,000 finger verifications.
  • Works with windows 7/8/10, but not with Mac OS.
  • Calculates automatically and accurately monthly working hours without extra fees.


The software can stop working after 1 year or more, and re-installation will cost money. It won’t work with 64 bits computer programs.

Comparison Chart of Biometric Time Clock for Attendance Systems



Required connection

Mounting type

NGTeco Employee Time Clock

50 employee

2.4 GHz wifi

Hang on wall or desk mount

TotalPass B600 Time-Clock

Wifi or ethernet

Wifi or ethernet

Hang on wall

TimeMoto TM-626

200 employee

Wifi or ethernet

Hang on wall

Face Recognition TimeClock

200 employee

2.4 GHz wifi

Hang on wall

Compumatic Bio v2 Clock

25 employee

Wifi or ethernet

Hang on wall

Best Biometric Time Clock Without Subscription 

best biometric time clock without subscription

Before you purchase, you should focus on some essential guidelines.

We hope our policies will help you make the best purchase decision for your business needs.

Set Up Types

The most crucial consideration is how to set up a biometric time clock. Materially, we use a biometric clock so that it works as an attendance monitor.

Similarly significant is how it will work or what its setup type is. Whether it works with electricity or with the network, this is the most fundamental factor.

While you’re thinking of this topic, you should consider how many employees work in your office. This will help you decide which setup you need more.

If your employee has a buddy punching problem, you should go for a network-based one with attendance software. Sometimes employees have to work in remote areas too, so that should be taken into account when deciding which clock is best.

I recommend you select the time clock with wired, wireless, and network-based, all three systems. Then you don’t need to waste time thinking about which setup is good for you.

Types of Identification

Markedly, a biometric clock is most needed to identify an employee and input their data without any error. And this identification has to be proper.

There are so many types of identification time clocks, but the most used ones are fingerprint scanning and face recognition. Our personal preference would be to buy a clock that gives you all of the options including, password, PIN, web punch licenses, fingerprint, and face recognition.

Remote Access

For various reasons such as COVID-19 or certain projects, an employee may need to work offsite or remotely. It is best to purchase a clock that can prompt employees to scan in and out of work via the computer so time can still be tallied through the network system.

Number of Employees

Every biometric time clock has a limited storing capacity, so it is critical to double check how much storage each clock can hold before buying one.

Privacy Issues

Since a biometric clock can identify a person’s unique body part such as a face or finger, the clock can hold private and pertinent information about an employee. These time clocks work with the internet and and provides data to your mobile or computer.

Sometimes, because of network access, an employee’s privacy concerns can remain at risk, so make sure you buy a time clock that is free from any privacy risk issue.

Older companies may still rely on tracking attendance by hand on a print out but this provides no reliable logs and could be easily altered by an employee.


#1. What is biometric?

Biometric is a process that can identify a person automatically with the person’s fingerprint or face recognition. Basically, the biometric process captures a person’s unique body part that can’t be replicated by someone or something else.

Then, the machine makes a template inside and creates a geometry image for later identification. This is far more secure than using ID cards which can easily be faked.

#2. How secure is the system’s communication?

The communication system is extremely secure because nobody else has access to the employees’ information except the employees themselves.

#3. What are the advantages of fingerprint biometric time clock?

A fingerprint biometric system is affordable and saves time for the employees and the employer. This is probably the best process within budget to identify workers’ hours and absences accurately.

It doesn’t match with another person and only identifies the real person.

Also, it can reduce dishonesty and can be a very successful way to calculate working hours and making a salary list.

#4. Can fingerprint images be duplicated?

A fingerprint image is a geometry-image that uses algorithm concept, not graphic format, so the duplication is not possible.

#5. Which is the most popular biometric?

Although there are many options for biometric, the fingerprint is most popular. The reason is it is less intrusive and complicated.

It can work on a small device too. And most importantly, it is budget-friendly and identifies the person quickly.

Final words

Our article aims to clarify the 5 best fingerprint time clocks with no monthly fees and provide some key factors. Whatever you choose from our list will not dishearten you.

Instead, it will offer you a satisfying service. As long as you can choose and make a decision about what will be the perfect one for you, you’ll be the gainer.

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