Types Of Time Clock | How to Choose The Right One for You

We all know how precious time is in our lives and how crucial the flow of time is. Only the wisest person can manage him working with the flow of time in this commercial and competitive world. And a time clock accurately counts his contribution in his workplace so that he gets his actual honoraria.

The time clock is not only limited to the hands of the time, but it also does many other things to help make our busy lives more manageable.

types of time clock

This remarkable invention of science is also known as a clock, the card machine, or time recorder. Moreover, it starts the work of the underlying clock through a switching process and sets a specific time to save energy.

Also, keeps a record of attendance, including all forms of data collecting to make accurate payroll of employees. Accordingly, security is an essential issue that the time clock tries to maintain.

There are many types of time clock that overcome each other obstacles and are used for convenient work. In my article, I will tell you about every available and useful time clock to help you at work.

Different Types of Time Clock with Pros, Cons & More

During technological advances, there have been several innovations in time clocks. Since there are different types of time clocks, it is easy to choose the right time clock for the convenience of work.

Conversely, different organizations use different time clocks because of each time clockwork and its benefits.

Biometric Time Clock

biometric time clock

The term of biometric is associated with unique physical attributes. This biometric time clock method is far ahead of the other clocks.

Biometric data such as fingerprint, voice recognition, palm vein, facial and iris scan in a hardware device confirm every employee’s identity. At the same time, the hardware contains software that helps to activate the whole process.

To place the main gate of the organization so that employees can obtain permission for entry and exit. Great work to payroll and keep all staff information confidential. If you know a little more about top fingerprint time clock have no subscription cost, you can get the best result and stylish look, as we’ve done on our another post.


  • The time clock is extremely easy to set up and use.
  • No pin or password is required to activate the software, quite straightforward to use.
  • To help avoid buddy-punching and provides maximum protection. In that case, it only requires a specific employee’s fingerprint, palm scan, voice recognition, etc.


  • Sometimes the software can’t identify the registered fingerprints. Don’t allow it to activate if you have dirt on finger or hand.

Punch Card Time Clocks

punch card time clock

In the discussion of time clocks, the punch card employee time machine/clock comes first because of its popularity. To stamp time and date on time cards are used parking validation machines.

Furthermore, punch card clock activation starts with a button. Know that a worker can apply pressure on it to stamp it. Moreover, identifying various signs of usage.

In some cases, punch hole cards are used instead of stamping, which helps automate the machine. In addition, there are several benefits to using it.


  • You can collect weekly or monthly recordings if you wish.
  • Identifying various information on working days, time in, or time out.
  • Employees are notified by ringing the bell for a specific time or break.


  • Stamping double on the time clock can get involved in fraudulent activities.

Web-Based Time Clock

web based time clock

Generally speaking, a web-based clock works by accessing a web browser through a computer. Therefore, it requires a strong webpage to use.

Chiefly, it maintains orderly management and records by using pay-based or HR software. Even though all employees need an IP address to log in to the website, they can access the daily work schedule after the login.

Assuredly, include the time of beginning and end of the break. In addition, they can monitor whether all their information is accurate.


  • Remote employees can provide attendance information through any computer as it is easily accessible.
  • Affordable at the lowest price, so suitable for any short capital business or start-up business.  
  • It doesn’t require any separate care.
  • As well, the software is cloud-based, administrators can provide instructions from anywhere.


  • Likely to be hacked the personal webpage for negligence.

Proximity Time Clock  

Proximity Time Clock

Knowing proximity time clocks by different names such as Magnetic swipe card, Barcode, or RFID. Therefore, a card with a magnetic barcode can help employee information by swiping clockwise.

Moreover, employees clock in and clock out of the organization through personal swipe card scanning. Hence, they are responsible for obtaining permission to the time clock.


  • The process of using it is speedy and convenient. So even if everyone clocks in together, they don’t have to stand in line.
  • With proper centralization of management, to place proximity time clocks in multiple places.
  • The software can read the cards accurately up to a distance of 10 feet.
  • Make the clock of a high-security system. Thus, the card is unique to every employee, but it can be disabled if lost or misplaced. Besides, no one can log in to the deactivated card.
  • Helps prevent falling or tearing as the magnetic strip is not attached.


  • There is also the use of buddy punching. Through which an employee can keep a record of attendance or overtime of others.
  • Most likely, the employee may have left the card at home or lost it. But, unfortunately, even anyone can steal the card.

Mobile Time Clock

Mobile Time Clock

App-based time tracking application is a great solution, just like other systems. Mainly, it integrates GPS tracking system software on a smartphone or handheld device.

For all of these reasons, painting or construction companies commonly use it for their labor management so that workers can quickly provide in and out the signal to the organization on their mobile phones.

One other thing, employee payroll services are provided by downloading the mobile applications. Following this, more use of technology influences development among people. This method is inspired people to do a lot of things quickly in a short time.


  • No hardware installation is required. Employers access information from anywhere, just through a mobile phone application.
  • The use of GPS location indicates the presence of employees, which prevents fraud.  
  • Inexpensive and easy to use, so highly suitable for use in business.


  • Having an employee offline has a considerable impact on security.
  • GPS location tracking can be disabled for a while by errors in the network connection.

Key Code Time Clock

Key Code Time Clock

The key code time clock has gained considered popularity like others time clock systems. Indeed, require a hardware device for the punch of the time clock. As a result, when using four or six digit specific pins or passwords, the system will be activated.

Employees have different pin or password to carry their own identities. Specific key code is applied through the machine to record their entry and exits information every day.

For two-factor authentication, the time clock sometimes uses a magnetic swipe or bar code. 


  • Terms of security are pretty faithful.
  • No need to spend money on an ID card or swipe card. Even hardware installation costs are quite inexpensive.
  • Employees can use it easily without taking any hassle.


  • An employee may forget his identity key code. In that case, the executor has to reset the password.
  • Working slower than the swipe card system and employees causes a lot of inconveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, discuss different time clocks relevant questions that help us to be more transparent.

#1. What Security Measures Do Web-Based Time Clocks Offer?

Nowadays, hacking is a very familiar topic to us. To breach security uses high technology. So, you must make sure that all the information or data of the employees in your organization is secured.

Likewise, we need to choose an appropriate time clock that will protect valuable company data. In this case of security, the web-based time clock and other technological methods should consider.

#2. What are the Benefits of a Time Clock System?

There are several advantages to using a time clock system. And the easiest way to find out is which features you need to take from it.

  • Save money.
  • Save time.
  • Easy to payroll.
  • Encourage company growth.
  • Strong security.
  • Few concern health issue.

There is no guarantee that every quality will be in a time clock. According to your convenience, you have to choose the right time clock.

#3. How do I choose a time clock system for a small business?

Considering the limitations, you have to select the appropriate time clock in a small business. Also, the time clock is storing payroll-based information and protecting various documents.

Besides, the time clock needs to be convenient to use and available at affordable ranges, suitable for a small business.

#4. Who uses proximity time clocks?

This time clock is used in large industrial units. Especially those who are involved with large workgroups. Similarly, particular workplaces such as access point companies are listed.

In contrast, business is not far behind, using tracking and access control and use proximity cards for salaried employees.


We are always looking for something that is readily available and works great to overcome all adversity. Since discussing the different types of time clock, it is essential to know that time clocks work like an independent executive function.

The question may ask what is the need for a time clock if hire a person to provide information, records, or security?

Hence, we are all utterly dependent on technology for every job that provides protection and works efficiency. The time clock can do the work perfectly.

In conclusion, time clocks are significant to maintain an organization.

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