Best ID Printer for Fake IDs or Temporary Use in 2023 : Top 5 Picks

Note: This site is intended for purely education purposes and does not condone any illegal activities. Creating fake government IDs is strictly illegal and is not recommended. Please review any applicable laws or regulations to ensure your activities are permitted by law beforehand.

You could be interested in making plastic ID cards if you operate a business, a sports club, or even a school. Nowadays, you may quickly create your own ID card template and add a photo to produce a professional card.

Having a quality printer is essential for making IDs to ensure the end product matches the intended purpose. There are several characteristics such as quantity of desired IDs, card material and other security aspects one must consider as they determine which card best suits their needs.

Best ID Printer for Fake IDs

In our guide we will reviews our top choices for printing ID cards to help you narrow down the selection process. As apart of our analysis we considered the printer size, type, speed, security features and of course price to make the selection process as seamless as possible.

Other key factors include card thickness range, the maximum number of images for each ribbon, and the connections for each of them.

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Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer


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Dual Sided ID Card Printer by Evolis


Top 5 Best ID Printer for Fake IDs Reviews in 2021

#1. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer with Super Supplies Package

While the Magicard Pronto ID Printer is the priciest on our list, it’s built to handle a large volume of cards and can print a full-color badge in only 35 seconds! It also has a bunch of new additional high-end features including proprietary software which makes it super easy to design the layout of your new cards without having to fuss around in Microsoft Word which is a huge plus!

The Pronto can print on CR80 or CR79 card material in thicknesses ranging from 20 to 40 mil. This device can also print on rewritable cards for rapid, efficient, and reusable visitor badges. The compact machine takes up very little desk space.

Furthermore, it has all of the capabilities seen in its larger counterparts, including edge-to-edge printing and magnetic encoding. Additionally, it has HoloKote for extra protection and a full two-year guarantee.

Key Features:

Print color:

It can produce full-color picture IDs as well as black-and-white ID cards. Color printing takes longer than black and white printing. The tool takes around 35 seconds per side. Printing in black and white takes can be completed in less than 7 seconds!

Printing Cards:

PVC cards last a long time and are excellent for printing. It comes with 300 Bodno PVC cards. These cards are made to last the test of time and should provide enough cards to give you some leeway for any testing you want to do in advance.

Safety features:

A watermark is a security element that is required to prevent illegal copying of the design. The security component is included with this printer.

It provides four pre-designed Holokote watermark designs. This feature is useful if your company wants to keep the ID card’s design secure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides colorful prints in 300X300 dpi resolution.
  • Great for high-resolution photographs.
  • Fast printing speed ensures 160 cards are provided per hour.
  • It takes 6 seconds to print a monochrome card, 7 seconds for black and white and 35 seconds for full color printing.


  • Not budget-friendly

Why Magicard Pronto Printer Is The Best Compared to Others

For us the number one reason we recommend this printer above all else is the native software that’s included with the printer. The consumer-friendly design to quickly move elements around the print areas with loads of customizability will save you hours of a headaches!

The handy gadget has been designed for people who are worried about their privacy. You can be certain that your data is secure thanks to basic safety measures like HoloKote visible security and digital shredding.

It incorporates a variety of optional upgrades that may be selected at the time of purchase or later in the printer’s life. Create your own unique safety logo with a custom HoloKote design.

Moreover, the use of magnetic stripe cards or smart card encoding adds even more security. This Printer is a tough and dependable option that can meet all of your printing requirements.

#2. Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer with Complete Supplies Package

Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer is a low-volume single-sided printer that was designed for businesses that print less than 200 cards each year. There are two ribbon variations in this device. It has a 100-print YMCKO ribbon or a 500-print monochrome ribbon.

The printer didn’t come with a monochromatic ribbon in the first iteration. Pre-printed card stock, or other card stocks may be used. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in printing 110 lb cardstock.

At the same time, both ribbon choices print at 300 dpi, resulting in a professional-looking finished output. With a full-color YMCKO ribbon, each card will take around 38 seconds to print, or 95 cards per hour.

Key Features:

Input/Output Hopper:

This small printer has a reasonable Input and Output hopper. It has a capacity of 25 cards that can be printed. The device can store 25 cards as well. It comes with the correct industry-standard holder size for a printer.

However, if you print remotely or with pre-programmed instructions, any discrepancy between the input and output hoppers may cause them to overflow later.

Tiny Size:

The small printer is designed for home and office use. This printer is easy to use and maintain. As a result, it is one of the finest card printers for students. Its compact size makes it convenient to transport.

Easy to use interface:

Pre-installed Bodno software is integrated in this printer. Bodno software has five different plans. There are five of them: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

The features of the bundles will differ. Each of the packages has its own set of benefits. One of the most favorable packages is the diamond package.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • USB cable and power supply are included.
  • Utilizes 20-30 mil card stock.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.


  • Hand-fed printer

#3. Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC1250e Single Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided ID Card Printer is ideal for small companies, schools, and the hospitality industry. It features a simple design that is inexpensive.

The device can produce a full-color ID card in only 16 seconds. It could be your best bet for saving time and money. The incredible speed allows you to print around 225 ID cards each hour.

Compared to other ID card printers, it features a double speed. Moreover, it comes with a handy dual-sided printing option which makes it ideal for printing on both sides of the ID card.

Key Features:

Output and Input Hopper:

Input and output hoppers should be considered if you need to print a lot. Fargo has a hopper with 100 inputs and 30 outputs. This makes it quite useful and reduces your labor when printing several items simultaneously.

Rate of printing:

It has advanced printing technology and a rapid printing speed. Monochrome printing takes around 6 seconds. On the contrary, full-color printing takes about 16 seconds. Thus, ID cards can be produced at very fast speeds.

Various card thicknesses:

If a printer supports several card thicknesses, it will be more cost-effective. You will not be limited to a single print medium size. This printer can print on a variety of materials with thicknesses ranging from 9 to 40 mil. Diversity of sizes has no negative impact on printing quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Upgradeable Ethernet connectivity.
  • Provides high-quality security features.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Works well with a compact 30-card output hopper.


  • Not compatible with Mac

#4. Evolis Primacy Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

This printer allows the user to print on both sides of the ID card. It ensures that printing and designing are made easy for you with its special features. Evolis Primacy has a “card imaging design software” incorporated in it.

Add your favorite background or logo to your card with this feature. Printing speed is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a printer.

The Evolis Primacy printer can print a single side in 20 seconds without compromising print quality. Furthermore, Evolis is one of the few printer brands that offer free technical assistance to its users as well. 

Key Features:

Unique software:

It has built-in software that comes with pre-designed templates. This makes it much simpler to work. A special “card imaging design software” is included with the printer. Customizable backdrop and logo options are available.

Print speed:

One of the most important characteristics to consider when purchasing a printer is printing speed. Print a single side in 20 seconds without compromising print quality with this printer.

Free technical assistance and warranty:

Evolis offers free technical support, although all printer brands do not. Tech support may assist you with printer setup, software instructions, and any other printer-related issues. All of these are available for no cost. They will also give a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Highlighted Features:

  • Inclusion of LAN and USB connectivity.
  • Faster output.
  • Good color grading and performance.
  • Great card coverage


  • Print settings may change

#5. Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer

The user-friendliness of an ID card printer is one of the most important factors that every consumer considers before getting one. Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer has dependable USB and Ethernet connections.

Its plus point is that you may easily set it up and start printing. This printer’s driver is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 7, and subsequent versions. The device also supports a variety of card encoding devices for printing secure data on ID cards.

It has a unique color mapping technology that uses optical sensors. The unique feature helps to interpret the color already existing on the card. As a result, there is improved alignment and print quality.

Key Features:

Printing quality:

Magicard Enduro utilizes dye sublimation and thermal rewritable technology to ensure the finest printing results. It has a print resolution of 300 dpi. The feeding mechanism allows both manual and hopper feeding. It allows for quick printing, particularly on dual sides.

Security and encoding features:

Magicard provides a variety of encoding solutions, including contact chip, iClass®, DESFire®, and MIFARE®. It also has several magnetic stripe features, including ISO 7811 – tracks 1, 2, and 3. This also includes four standard HoloKote designs and a HoloPatch feature.

Printing speed:

The printing engine lets you print more than 100 colored cards per hour. Its monochrome printer is even faster. One-sided monochrome printing takes about 7 seconds. Special features include a 100-card input and a 30-card holder.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use
  • 3-year warranty
  • Comprehensive customer care
  • Affordable price point


  • Ink fades in the sun

Comparison Chart of ID Printer for Fake IDs

Product Name

Time to print a card

Thickness of the card


Magicard ID Printer by Bodno Store

35 seconds

20 – 30 mil

300 dpi

Badgy 100 Plastic ID Card Printer

38 seconds

0.51 mm to 1.02 mm

300 dpi

Fargo DTC1250e

24 seconds

9 to 40 mil

300 dpi

Evolis Primacy Dual Sided Printer

20 seconds

10 to 50 mil

– 300 x 600 dpi (Color)

-300 x 1200 dpi (Monochrome)

Magicard Enduro 3e

30 to 35 seconds

0.51 mm to 1.02 mm

300 dpi

How to Make Your Own Fake ID – Easy Method Explained

How to Make Your Own Fake ID

Printing on Teslin Paper

The majority of government identification cards are produced on a proprietary paper that is unobtainable and should not be attempted. Teslin paper will produce a professional output if you laminate and trim it.

Many medium and high-end laser printers can print on Teslin paper. However, the quality will likely be poor if you don’t use an ID card printer.

Laminating the ID

You’ll need to laminate the ID after printing it on Teslin. This will ensure that it matches the thickness and feel of the original ID you’re duplicating.

Purchase a pouch laminator that matches the thickness of the ID you plan to duplicate. Pouch laminators are available in four different sizes: 3, 5, 7, and 10 millimeters.

Secondly, you would need to get an appropriate ID template from a torrent-hosting site. You might also be able to purchase or download one from the dark web.

It can be possible to digitally alter a photograph for an ID card, but that won’t have a high resolution.

Getting an ID template

The next step is to digitally manipulate the photograph by using Photoshop to make it look real. Adjust the brightness level and the saturation of the photograph so that it looks like a real ID.

Drag the edited photograph into the template of the ID. You may need to crop the photo so that it fits inside the ID card template.

Change the text within the ID card template so that it resembles a real ID card. Include your signature in the newly designed ID card by using a thin paint tool. It may take you some time to get your signature perfect.

Digital Manipulation

Change your ID card printer’s setting to the highest resolution. Ensure that the ink levels of the ID card printer are high. Print the ID card on Teslin paper and fold it into the butterfly pouch.

Place the protective paper that comes with the butterfly pouch on top of the ID card. Finally, laminate the ID card using a laminator and trim the edges.

Other Considerations

Best ID Printer for Fake IDs buying guide

Purchasing an ID card printer is a long-term investment as ID cards are typically not often replaced. As a result, before purchasing an ID card printer, you should keep a few things in your mind.

Printing space

Determine the size of the printer you should purchase based on the area where it will be kept. Since you’ll most likely use the printer frequently, make sure to set it up in a convenient location.

Number of ID cards

Make an approximate estimate of how many ID cards you’ll need for the whole year before you buy a printer. Since all printers have different capacities, you should choose only the best fake ID printer based on the number of cards you need.

You may need to make cards other than ID cards. Many businesses require visitor cards or provide long-term client loyalty cards. As a result, you must take these things into account before purchasing an ID card printer.


The pace at which an ID card printer can produce cards varies from machine to machine. While some ID cards may be printed in as little as 10 seconds, others can take up to 35 seconds. Choose a suitable printer based on how quickly you want your printer to complete the task.

A printer’s speed is also affected by whether you need black and white or colored prints. Monochrome printers print fast since they operate with only one color.


The best ID card printer should be chosen depending on your requirements. One-sided or double-sided id cards require different kinds of printers. One-sided ID cards are sufficient for basic information such as name, designation, ID number, and a photo.

Printers that can print information on both sides of a card at the same time may be required. This would be needed if you wish to add extra information like an address.


Several ID card printers can print in only one color. On the other hand, many of them can print ID cards in multiple colors. Monochrome or single-color printers are more efficient than the other types. Choose a printer based on the colors that you require for your ID card.

Technology and Software

Good ID card printer models generally come with simple software for ease of use. They make it simple to customize templates.

Printers use both DTC (direct-to-card) or reverse transfer technology. In DTC, the printer uses a dye-sublimation technique to print directly on the card. This technology is quicker, but the image is surrounded by a tiny white border.

You may adjust the temperature and color settings with DTC. On the contrary, the reverse transfer technique takes longer since it includes two processes. The text or picture is first reverse-transferred on a transparent film.

Next, the printer provides enough heat and pressure to transfer the picture on the card. Images created with reverse printing techniques are brighter and resistant to water.

People Also Asked

Best ID Printer for Fake ID

#1. Which printer is best for PVC ID Printing?

There are several printers on the market which are good for PVC printing. One of them is the Canon MX922 PVC Card Printer. This printer comes with high-resolution and great speed. Additionally, it features wireless technology.

#2. Is printing fake IDs illegal?

Government fake IDs are unlawful to use, possess, or create. Creating fake IDs can result in significant criminal charges. Moreover, it is difficult to replicate a real ID card with fake ID printers. Please review any applicable rules or regulations before printing fake identification cards.

#3. What is the best ID maker machine?

The best ID maker machine is the Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer. This special device can make photo IDs, membership IDs, and loyalty cards as well. It has a compact design which makes it great for small spaces.

#4. What is the best way to ensure my employees are not using fake identification?

Tracking systems that use facial recognition or fingerprints are typically the best forms of identification verification as they are very difficult to fake or duplicate.

Final Words

You’ve already worked out that there are various kinds of ID card printers out there. Each of them has distinct features for different printing needs. If you’re printing greeting cards a standard printer will usually suffice. Check out our how-to guide here.

In this article, we have intended to provide you with the basic but essential information you’ll need to choose the best id printer for fake ids. Choosing an ID card printer machine requires careful attention. If an error occurs one must be careful removing the printer ink as it could damage the card and make it unusable.

When you know how many ID cards you would need to print each year, it can be easier to choose the device. It may be possible to easily narrow down your options and choose the best brand with the help of this article.

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