6 Best Facial Recognition Time Clock for Attendance Systems

There was a time when the facial recognition time clock was just trendy in Asia, but now people worldwide have understood how vital facial recognition can be in tracking attendance without physically touching any devices and possibly furthering the spread of COVID-19.

With the device, you’re free from the risk of getting affected by COVID-19 as this is a no-touch authentication system and does not require touching or fingerprints to verify identification.

Best Facial Recognition Time Clock

In our article, we included the 6 best facial recognition time clock for your satisfying business purpose.

Our listed products can do everything like attendance monitoring, calculating hourly wages, reducing the possibility of buddy punching.

Each can store massive data and can manage to work with up to 200 employees or more. We also included a buying guideline so that you can choose the perfect time clock for you. So stay with us, my friends!



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Biometric Employee Time Clock


NGTeco LAN Facial Time Clock


Total Press P600 Time Clock


TimeMoto TM RFID reader


uAttend Clock with Temperature Reader


What is facial recognition?

If an automatic identification device can identify you with your face, then this is called facial recognition. A facial recognition device usually makes geometric division of your face.

Then with this geometric measurement, the device makes templates inside it. The template remains saved in, and later when you stand before the camera or the machine, the device identifies you with the template.

Sometimes, powerful devices identify who you are, just calculating your side face too. Even you can be identified in a gathering.

All the geometric calculations are done with the algorithm version. The algorithm is the safest one to identify a real person. If the graphic version is used, then there has the possibility of fraud.

Nowadays, every business owner prefers to use facial recognition devices or a clock to calculate employees’ clock in and clock out time. Although the system was famous before, too, the corona pandemic has made this process more famous.

How does facial recognition work?

Facial recognition works following few steps. Let’s know these.

Step 1 – Face detection

First, the device you’re using will detect your face. To do that, it’ll capture your photo. For a perfect detection, you’ll have to look straight at the camera.

Then the capturing will be started. This process is possible with pictures or video, too. But capturing from photographs or video is not safe.

Step 2 – face analysis

After face detection, the device starts the calculation. Actually, here, the device reads your face. To read the face depend entirely on geometric splittings. Basically, the software does the task of geometry.

It calculates each and everything like distance, depth, eye sockets, length, etc., of your face. With all these calculations, it divides each part like nose, lips, cheek, eyes, cheekbones, ears, chin.

Step 3 – Transforming into data

Now, it is time to transform all the calculations into data. Until now, all the information was analog. So the software will transform these analog data into digital data for more accessible work.

Finally, the device makes a face pro inside for later instant recognition as it successfully transforms the image into data.

Step 4 – Finding match

After completing the image transforming into data, the device will start working. When it finds its accurate match, then it’ll confirm the person. Never it’ll make a mistake recognizing the real person.

Our Recommended Top 6 Best Facial Recognition Time Clock Reviews in 2021

1. Biometric Employee Time Clock with Online Reporting

Biometric Employee Time Clock with Online Reporting - Face, Palm, Finger, Badge, WiFi Ready

For small businesses and calculating employee hourly wages, a biometric time clock is most needed. And corona pandemic has taught us to stay away from touchy things.

Thus a facial recognition time clock is businessmen’s first choice. Allied time USA brand’s biometric employee time clock can be the best hour counting object for your small business.

This can identify individuals by recognizing their faces. Even can identify through palm, finger, or badge. For face and palm recognition, you have to show the camera your face and palm.

Then the clock will make a geometry-image and later will automatically identify you. So no chances of fraud and buddy punching.

Although the device has finger-based identification too, if you use face and palm as the medium of identifying you, then I don’t think you’ll need a finger.

There has a WEB-based built-in software in this clock, so you’re free from the hassles of installing software. So no issue you’ll face using the software.

You can connect the clock with wifi or LAN. If your internet connection is out for a while, the clock will also store punches, and you can download them later.

Using the mobile app that can be installed on any mobile, you can track employees working offsite.

Along with hassle-free installation, the clock is about to give 30-day free service. After 30 days, you’ll be charged. But there have variations in charging. Let’s see this.

  • $20 for 1-9 employee
  • $30 for 10-19 employee
  • $40 for 20-49 employee
  • $60 for 50-99 employee
  • $100 for 100-250 employee
  • +$20 for +50 (after 250) employee

This device can calculate individuals working hours weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly without any error.

The manufacturer will provide you a lifetime warranty and technical support like data backups, upgrades, and free service as long as you’re paying monthly.

Highlighted features:

  • Can identify the employee with face and palm recognition.
  • It has built-in web-based software and can connect to wifi and LAN.
  • You’ll get 30 days of free service.
  • Monthly charge based on your employee number.
  • Store punches if the internet connection is gone.
  • A lifetime warranty is available until you pay per month.


Fingerprint recognition doesn’t work great.

Why This Face Recognition Biometric Time Clock Is Best Than Others?

There is more 5 facial recognition time clock in our list, but we list this as the best one.

Because this time clock offers you various identification systems, it can identify you with face, palm, or fingerprint, and all works great.

You don’t have to install any software as there has already built-in software. Although this clock needs a monthly subscription, it still provides you 30 days of free service.

Data storing is safe, provided data are accurate and automatic backup is available.

The monthly subscription is within budget. Every task it performs is always accurate. That is why we demand it as the best.

2. NGTeco Face Recognition Time Clock

Face Recognition Time Clock, NGTeco Biometric Time Clocks for Employees Small Business In and Out

Do you want a facial recognition time clock that will not charge you monthly but will give you excellent service?

Then NGTeco’s face recognition clock will be the one you’re looking for. The touch-free system of face recognition is upgraded, can surveillance your clock in and out automatically.

Thus reduces the possibility of spreading danger or infection. Even it can identify by PIN and password too.

Simply you can just face you with the terminal, and then it’ll identify you through your facepro and will start being your attendance monitor.

When it recognizes the real you, it’ll confirm you with an audible beep and screen your photo and name. Then the count and calculation began.

If you use this time clock, you don’t have to worry about if your employee is working honestly, are they using buddy punching, or depend on a person to keep an eye on your employee about if they’re working or not.

Because this is the complete solution of attendance and working hours. No need to think of setting up a shift schedule as the clock has schedule flexibility. And it can work overnight.

A built-in software does data management even if you modify everything and recalculate previous records. Being worry about making a salary list is not needed at all. It’ll update you however you want to make a salary list of your employee.

Whether it is weekly, semi-weekly or monthly, semi-monthly, complete calculations of the hour will be done by this clock. Obviously, the total sum will be accurate.

To make the clockwork, you’ve to connect 2.4 GHz wifi connection. For downloading reports and sending emails, you can use the free NGTeco mobile app.

It can work with 200 employees and can store 2000 photos to 100000 records. So perfect for your medium business.

I will say this clock is the complete package of satisfaction for your business.

Highlighted features:

  • Has upgraded facial recognition identifying system.
  • Do calculations automatically and accurately.
  • No monthly fee is required.
  • Can works with 2.4 GHz wifi connection.
  • Modifying the data table will not format previous calculations.
  • Can work for 200 employees and store 2000 photos.


Better you use for the minimum employee; I mean less than 200 people.

3. TimeMoto TM-838 – Time clock with face recognition

TimeMoto TM-838 - Time clock with face recognition and RFID reader for up to 2000 user

An owner needs most such a time clock that is a complete solution of attaining and registering time to monitor his employee. And such a time clock that will identify employees instantly without wasting any single second.

TimeMoto face recognition can be the best choice for an owner who seeks a complete time solution and instant employee identification.

When an employee stands in front of the clock, the 3.5″ TFT display will confirm his identity quickly, and then it’ll start working on counting his clock-in time.

This process will remain to continue per month. It’ll calculate an employee’s working time automatically and accurately. Thus, it helps to make a salary list without any error.

With the help of this clock, you can calculate project hours. An employee’s beneficial hours will be included too, like overtime, sickness, etc., so no compromise and injustice will happen with the employee.

Here in this clock has versatile identification systems, like employees can use RFID badges, PINs, and passwords too.

You’ll need to connect it with ethernet or wifi connection your computer (Windows-7, 8, 10) to be more updated about employee’s working hours.

It’ll provide you cloud solutions (with a free cloud plan), its using process, installations are also easy and no requirement of IT department.

The cloud solution helps you to manage everything related to employee’s working. Moreover, each piece of information in this device remains safe and secure.

So this is a really reliable and perfect time clock for your business. Storage capacity is enormous and can work with up to 2000 employees.

Highlighted features:

  • A complete solution for monitoring and calculating employee’s working hour.
  • It has a color display (3.5″ TFT) to confirm people’s identity.
  • Can calculate overtime, non-attendance, and no monthly fee required.
  • Provide you with cloud solutions and a free cloud plan.
  • Wifi and Ethernet connection required.
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • Monthly fee doesn’t need.


Doesn’t come with any battery. And doesn’t work with Mac or ios computer.

4. Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock by uAttend

uAttend Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock with Temperature Reader

Probably with an affordable monthly fee,  you’re looking for a time clock that has advanced face recognition and a temperature reader to know if anyone is suffering from fever or not.

For you, uAttend voice control and facial recognition time clock will be perfect. This clock can identify an employee with his voice and face both. While an employee takes a leave for break, lunch, and other purposes, he can use his voice to punch in.

As this time clock can read the temperature, it’ll get to know if anyone has a high temperature or not. If it finds a high temperature, it ensures others’ safety, and let’s not punch in the person.

When an employee is wearing a mask, its advanced face recognition can identify him then too. This is how it reduces the opportunity of buddy punching.

There has software in this device that does the management of cloud connecting. Thus it helps scheduling and timekeeping automatically and presents robust payroll reports of employees.

And the reports will include each employee’s working hours accurately. Neither you’ll have to pay more, nor they’ll be paid less.

You’ll have to invest monthly subscription, but that is affordable. Subscription includes uAttend cloud and the uAttend mobile app.

It gives you a lifetime warranty and technical support as long as you pay and also stores your data. But software upgrades are free.

Setting up the system is easy; you’ve to provide wifi or LAN connection.

Good for your business, factory, hospital, and store.

Highlighted features:

  • Has face and voice recognition system.
  • It can read temperature and doesn’t punch in when read high temperature.
  • The automatic calculation is done by cloud software.
  • Advanced face recognition can read face even if wearing a mask.
  • The monthly subscription is affordable.
  • Can store data for the lifetime and provides accurate data.


You’ll have to pay from the first month. Although the manufacturer says the subscription is affordable, it starts from $22.

5. Compumatic CFR-20/20 v2 TOUCHLESS Biometric Facial Recognition Time Clock

Compumatic CFR-20 or 20 v2 TOUCHLESS Biometric Face Recognition Time Clock System

If you want a time clock that has an HD camera and can capture the 3D image of your employees to identify them better, then this is best for you.

This device ensures a no-touch punch for safety reasons. Here has a 3″ TFT screen that shows your color display after identifying you.

As the camera is HD, it captures a clear photo of each employee. Thus, leave no possibility of buddy punching.

On the other hand, it keeps you worry less. Because it keeps reports about how many hours each employee is working, when they’re coming, when they’re going, taking breaks, their time shift or schedule, each and everything.

Also, it monitors their benefit hours (sick, vacation, overtime) and revises the clock in-out to know actual overtime. Since it provides you accurate information, it helps you make a proper salary list.

To set up this clock, you’ll need an Ethernet or wifi connection. Or you can use the USB drive to download information.

In sum, it accepts both wired and wireless connections. Even you’re getting 90 days free set up with technical support. Constant contact with the computer is not needed.

There has software in this device that works with windows pc a built-in data backup system. It can work with 25 active workers, store 1200 face geometric images, and have 10000 RFID cards.

You don’t have to invest in any monthly subscription for this clever device. The manufacturer provides you 1 year warranty for hardware.

Highlighted features:

  • Has HD camera that captures a 3D image for identifying employees.
  • The color display is 3″ TFT and displays a clear picture.
  • Works with Ethernet, wifi and USB drive.
  • 90 days free setup is available.
  • Constant connection with the computer is not needed.
  • Provide every detail about employee’s working hours.
  • No monthly fee.


Comparatively, a 2D image is better for face recognition.

6. Aibecy Intelligent Attendance Machine

Aibecy Intelligent Attendance Machine Face Fingerprint Password Recognition Mix Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Both owner and customer desire quick recognition. And if the identification process takes less than a second, then this is really satisfying.

Aibecy time clock is an intelligent employee clock. It can multiply identify an employee. Actually, this is a mixed recognition biometric clock. Every possible recognition like face, fingerprint, password identification it can do.

Sometimes we don’t prefer modern computers or laptops for our small business. If your laptop supports 32 bit (Microsoft Excel), you can use this time clock.

There has a huge storage capacity of this clock. You can store 300 photos, up to 1000 fingerprints, and up to 100000 records.

This is such a time clock that it is multi-lingual. It supports the traditional Chinese language. English, Spanish and Portuguese. As it supports voice broadcast, it can speak in all these languages too.

Working with this device is more manageable. There is no requirement to install any extra software. Such an excellent attendance monitor imports and export data by the U disk, and all the reports generation happens automatically.

To use this device, you don’t have to connect wifi. Its working temperature is 0 to 45 degrees, and storage temperature is 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

However you prefer to give identification, it’ll use the safest algorithm version, not the graphic version. Because of the algorithm version, your image can’t be used for dishonesty reasons.

If any employee work on a different shift, you can set shift hours for another person. Automatically the calculations will be in the process. Your every data is stored for up to 2-3 years.

To download data, you will have to select the attendance schedule after you insert the U disk. It supports U disk format: FAT32.

You can choose this time clock for your small business, factory, restaurant, and hospital. Markedly you’ll have a satisfying experience.

Highlighted features:

  • Can identify the employee with face, fingerprint, and password.
  • Understand multi-language- Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, English.
  • Don’t require wifi connection, work with a U disk.
  • Works with 32 bit computer.
  • Identify within 1 second.
  • Can store 3oo face, 1000 fingerprints, 100000 data.
  • No monthly fee required


The software is not very updated, can’t be modified.

Comparison Table of Face Recognition Biometric Time Clock


Number of employees

Required connection

Mounting type

Monthly fee

Biometric Time Clock

Unlimited (According to Monthly Fee)

Wifi or LAN

Wall Mount


NGTeco Time-Clock

200 Employee

2.4 GHz Wifi

Wall Mount


Aibecy Attendance Machine 

3oo Face Records

U Disk, Format: FAT32

Desk Mount


TimeMoto TM-838 with face recognition

2000 Employee

Wifi or Ethernet Coneection

Wall Mount


uAttend Facial Recognition Clock

Unlimited (According to Monthly Fee)

Wifi or LAN

Desk Mount


Compumatic CFR-20/20 v2

25 Employee

Wifi, Ethernet, and USB Drive

Wall Mount


Facial Recognition Time Clock Buying guide

Best Facial Recognition Time Clock Reviews

We’re at the ending now with introducing you to 6 best facial recognition time clock. But our article is not finished yet.

Till now we presented you some time clock that can help you in business purposes. Now we’ll give you some basic guidelines that you should follow while buying a time clock.

Because often we skip few essential things just looking at the outlook in purchasing time. So we’re here today so that you do not miss anything.

Employee numbers

Every office or workplace has several employees. When you’re about to purchase a facial recognition time clock, you’ll have to consider the capacity of a time clock.

Along with considering the accommodation, you’ll have to think that you shouldn’t purchase a large capacity time clock if your employee number is not more. That will be just a waste of money.

What is your computer type

You’ll have to be aware of what the bits number of your computer is. If you have ios or Mac computer, and your time clock is 32 bits, then your computer will not adjust working with this time clock.

If you’ve windows 7, 8, or 10, then you can use 32 bits time clock. If you don’t take care of the matter, your money will be wasted for sure.


As an employee clock requires a connection to work with, you should take care of what link your office has or what connection the time clock will work with. Now most popular connection system is wifi or LAN connection.

Most of the offices have a wifi connection. If you choose a wired connection, you’ll face a problem when the power supply is gone. The LAN-based clock will let the cloud software work gracefully.

Even your employee is working from offsite; you can still track them. The nitty-gritty is, you should purchase a time clock of mixed connection.

And it is always not possible to track through a computer. So the connection with mobile is also similarly meaningful.

Monthly subscription

Every facial recognition time clock is not the same. Some require a monthly subscription, and some not. I suggest you give concern on this point according to the size of your business.

If you don’t have more employees, why will you pay monthly then? Yes, monthly subscription time clocks provide a lifetime warranty, but it needs investment too.

My recommendation is if you’ve more employees and you require a lifetime warranty, then go for the monthly subscription one.

Safety maintenance

We all know why people in business are so protective of safety. Corona pandemic has taught us not to compromise with any health issue.

We can be conscious but can’t lockdown everything all the time. Of course, we’ll have to work ensuring that the virus shouldn’t spread.

So you need to purchase that time clock that can identify your face even if you’re wearing a mask, can read your temperature, and can ensure your safety.

Easy using

In the workplace, no one wants to waste time. So the time clock you’ll purchase should be of easy use. Otherwise, the employee will get irritated with it, or you may buy a new one.

The time clock should not only be easy for the employee but also for the owner too. Because the owner needs an accurate report after a month. If the user process is troublesome, then this may occur a huge loss in business too.

Advantages of Face Recognition Time Clock

Face recognition was always widespread for identifying individuals. But the demand has reached the top now. Let’s know the advantages of this system.

Reduce spreading virus

We all know how the corona pandemic spreads. Usually, to clock in, we used to give fingerprints for identification. And this can spread virus one to another. When you use a face recognition system, you’re safe from the risk of viruses.

Fast and accurate recognition

As face recognition devices use algorithm version and make the geometric division of employee’s face, they’re recognized by the time clock quickly and accurately. Thus it saves time for people.

Stops dishonesty

Sometimes,our employees do dishonesty or buddy punching. And this is how they do imbalance in salary list. Face recognition systems let you make an accurate salary list and prevent an employee from committing fraud.

Better attendance monitoring system

It is needed to monitor how much time an employee should work in the workplace. And face recognition system can be the best one to watch an employee’s total working hours for the whole month.

People Also Asked

#1. What is facial recognition used for?

Facial recognition is now widely used to take care of when employees are clocking in and clocking out. This clocking system helps business people providing information about how much time each employee worked, their beneficial hours, and what salary they actually deserve.

#2. Will I be recognized with glasses/ mask / a beard / a new haircut?

A face recognition system can identify you even if you’re wearing masks, glasses, or a new haircut. Actually, this system does the geometric division of your face and makes a duplicate version inside it for later identification. So it can recognize you even you’re in a crowd.

#3. What devices support facial recognition?

Computer, laptop, android, or ios tablets all support facial recognition time clock. But sometimes a time clock is built with 32 bits, which is not supported by Mac or ios computer.

These two supports 64 bits computers. Smartphones can’t work with a facial recognition time clock.

#4. Where is my data stored?

Basically, the time clock has built-in software or cloud software. When an employee’s information is given, the time clock keeps it in the network territory or cloud territory.

Thus, the report of an employee stays secure. But to have access over the network or cloud territory, the company should have better cybersecurity.

Final word

finally, we’re at the ending. In our blog post, we have successfully made you introduced to 6 best facial recognition time clock. All of these are perfect for fulfilling your business needs the way you want.

Your journey with any of them will surely please you. after reading our buying guideline properly, calculate your thought, then purchase the right one for you.

I wish you very good health when the whole world is suffering. best of luck.

Up next: How to calculate hours worked and pay.



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