How To Use Your New Band Saw!

A band saw is a highly versatile and reliable tool in your DIY project. It comes with a long blade and several saw teeth, which can rip planks into smaller widths and do an equally amazing job in cutting fine, detailed, and curved cuts. Uses of band saws are aplenty, and the tool can be used to cut plastic, wood, or metal. The tiny blades allow you to make detailed and intricate cuts and curves and cut irregular shapes. The tool works well in thick lumber and can be used in crosscutting short pieces. A bandsaw is a handy tool in resawing or ripping lumber into thin slabs and making the smoothest cuts.

What is a Band Saw?

A band saw is a power saw with a pair of wheels, a motor, and a thin rotating blade. There are different types of band saws. One is portable, which includes bench-top saws that can be secured on a workbench. You may choose to bolt them onto a stand for support. As opposed to floor models, portable ones don’t have a lot of capacity or resawing capabilities. However, they are an economical option and a handy tool for limited spaces.

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Typically, the size of band saw determines the stock size. There are two dimensions to determine the size of the saw, including distance between the throat and the inner edge and depth of cut. If a manufacturer chooses to go by wheel size, the measurement will be small.

A band saw is the most used woodworking tool that is designed with a permanent band of teeth metal. while many band saws contain two wheels that are constantly at work in a similar plane. Its blade is available in an array of sizes. The tooth is crucial and determines its functionality. It runs on a motor for power. Most band saw models contain a few adjustments. A band saw is immensely useful for miter or angle cutting.

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Features of Band Saw

  • A band saw is a versatile piece of equipment, which can cut wood or metal in curves or straight lines. While narrow blades cut tighter curves, wider ones make better straight cuts.
  • The blades of a band saw ride on rubber-covered wheels. Proper blade tension is important to match the width of the blade.
  • A band saw with more teeth per inch delivers a smoother cut. If you get your hands on one with fewer teeth per inch, it delivers faster result but a coarser cut.
  • As far as the size of a band saw is concerned, it refers to the gap between the throat of the saw and the blade.
  • A good quality product comes complete with roller-bearing guides.
  • The blade guides can be adjusted to complement the thickness of the stock.

Band Saw Uses

Band saws come with different size motors. You may choose a smaller size of motor for cutting only thin stock. However, resawing requires a large motor. Proper adjustment of the band saw is important. This involves tensioning the blade and adjusting the guides. Check the user manual for directions for adjustment.

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You can change or install blades by loosening the tension. Position the blade in the center of the wheels and set the tension as per the blade width. Check the instructions for the same in the manual. One general rule is that a wide blade requires greater tension. The tension is crucial for ensuring that the blade tracks properly. However, you may not want to set the tension too high to avoid the chances of the blade breaking.

You can check the proper alignment of the blade by revolving one wheel slowly a couple of times while keeping the guard open. Make sure the machine is turned off as well as unplugged. Check if the blade is doing its work properly. If so, you may choose to close the guard. Now you can turn the machine on so that the blade continues to track properly.


Woodcutting is the most common use of a band saw, which makes the task of cutting a straight line hassle-free. A clean-cut is easy to get with a band saw, especially when cutting straight through the wood. The cut may go slightly off unless you hold the band saw firm. Many band saw are available with a fence, which makes the task easier, especially if you are finding it tough to hold the saw. One advantage of using a band saw is that you can change the blades of the saw while working on different materials. So it might help invest in a band saw with a fence that can guide while you are cutting for an accurate cut.

woodcutting with a band saw

A reliable bandsaw comes in handy when cutting complex curves, which can be otherwise tricky. Get started with a bandsaw that comes with a thin blade.

If you are trying to use a bandsaw with a large piece of wood, you may not be able to get the piece onto the tool. Some band saws are designed with a small throat that can add an extra layer of complexity. 

You can easily cut the straight wood line in accurate size and shape.

Cutting Metal

It is not easy to cut metal and make angled or curved cuts. A band saw might be a handy tool for the purpose of cutting metal, though it is primarily used for woodcutting. To cut metal, a band saw must be fitted with a blade specifically meant for the purpose of metal fabrication, shaping, and cutting different types of steel.

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Lumber cuts

Since the 1800s, a band saw has been the go-to tool for ripping lumber. It means a band saw can do the job of cutting down large pieces of lumber into systematic and functional parts. The best thing about a band saw use is that it cuts a big piece of lumber into similar size, thanks to its large table and excellent cutting capacity.


A band saw does the job of re-sawing or cutting into smaller parts perfectly, unlike other saws that cannot do the work smoothly.  Re-sawing requires putting pressure on the metal or wood for a better performance.

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Metal cutting

The use of band saw in cutting metal is quite explicit. Its sharp blade is perfect for cutting metal pieces. Unlike many other saws, cutting metal is not a challenge with a band saw. The tool can complete the task without too much hassle. That means you can easily cut through metal sheets or tubing. What’s more, you can even change the blade to cut different shapes.


Band saw makes lamenting easier. If you are looking to make accurate cuts on wood, you will need a band saw that can cut various shapes accurately. Next, you want to make sure that each piece of wood glues together for an accurate cut.

Rip cuts

Rip cutting is another use of band saw. With a slight cutting frame, you can cut the wood in any dimension without the risk of cracking the wood. Rip-cutting and re-sawing are often mistaken for each other. But there are a few differences. The former involves cutting a block across the grain while the latter involves cutting a woodblock across its thickness.

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Circle Cuts

A band saw comes in handy for good circle cuts. It gets easier as the foot of the band saw adjusts with the right height, allowing the wood to cut an accurate circle shape.

Multiple piece cutting

A band saw makes it hassle-free to cut multiple pieces at the same time. This involves piling the wood and locking them with tape. The next step is to adjust the blade and wood to facilitate the task of cutting multiple pieces smoothly.


The band saw uses are aplenty. Used correctly, it can be a powerful weapon in your DIY arsenal. However, it is important to ensure that you get hands on the right blade to make cuts. Better still, you want to make sure that the blade is securely installed with each guard locked into its position. Remember, safety is important when using any tool with a blade.

If you are looking for the best band saw, it might help to invest in different blades, especially if you plan to work on different materials. Look for a new band saw that comes with a fence. This will make your task easier and safer.

Additionally, it is equally important to be extra careful in using a band saw. Before starting to work with a band saw, make sure you have your safety glasses on. Or you could use a face shield to protect your face. Do not ignore the need for putting on protective gloves and earplugs. It is important to keep your hair tied to prevent them from getting caught in the machine. The same goes for loosely fit clothing. Any mistake or recklessness could result in a serious injury. it would help to thoroughly examine the saw before working with it on your DIY projects.


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