Best Adult Trampolines in 2023

Trampolines… For adults?! Life is too short to hold yourself back from one of life’s greatest joys – that mid-bounce moment where you reach the apex of your jump and time pauses for a serene instant!

Check out our guide below to assist you in selecting the best adult trampoline for your house today! 

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Zupapa Trampoline is our Trampoline for Adults in 2022. The price of Zupapa Trampoline varies by size selected, check the latest price below:

Zupapa Trampoline
(8 - 16 FT)

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Best Overall

Zupapa Trampoline

Best Heavy Weight

CITYLE 1100LBS 16FT Adult Trampoline

Best Budget

Skywalker 15 Foot Jump N Dunk Round ADULT Trampoline

Best Basketball Hoop

Jins & Vico Upgraded 14 16 FT Adult Trampoline

Best Rectangle Trampoline

Upper Bounce Rectangle Adult Trampoline

Our #1 trampoline for adults

The price of Zupapa Trampoline may varies, so check the latest price below:

Zupapa Trampoline (8-16FT)

The Zupapa trampoline is arguably one of the best kinds out there in terms of cost, performance and durability. Every cent you spend on this adult trampoline would be worth it, from its build to its bounce, to the safety it provides when you use it. Additionally by offering variably sizing options you can pick whichever size works best for your space!


The galvanized frame of the Zupapa Trampoline provides sturdy and rigid support. This makes it highly durable because the hot-dip galvanization technique the frame was reinforced with ensures that the iron and steel parts of the trampoline are protected by a thick layer of zinc, and can withstand stress, strain and even decades of exposure to the elements without being damaged by rust.

The Zupapa trampoline comes with six wind stakes that hold it firmly in place under any circumstance: Heavy use, strain, stress, and yes, even being left out in the middle of a storm.


The Zupapa trampoline is capable of carrying as much as 425lbs at any given time (varies by size selected, 425lb corresponds to size 12FT+). It has 108 7-inch rust-resistant strings along its perimeter to give you a more powerful bounce. With extra springs included, this model will have that extra “oomph” compared to similar products on our list. The anti-UV mat gives you more jumping power, and the 6ft high enclosure net provides more safety while you use the trampoline. The spring cover and the jumping mat have no gaps between them, meaning that you can jump without any worries of injuring yourself. 


The Zupapa trampoline was made for adults, but that didn’t stop the manufacturers from putting the maximum amount of safety into consideration. Standing at almost 9ft high, the enclosure height is more than enough to keep even considerably tall adults fully enclosed. All of the enclosure poles are fully extended downward, providing even more sturdiness to keep you from falling out. The trampoline does not use screws and has an assembly that is both simple and time-saving. Absolutely anyone can put a Zupapa trampoline together.


The manufacturers of this adult trampoline provided an unbeatable warranty that covers ten years for the frame, two years for the jumping mat, enclosure net and safety net and other accessories, and free replacements for any other parts.


  • One of the quieter bounces of the models reviewed 
  • The max-weight capacity of 425lbs (for models sized 12FT+)
  • Extra springs which provide one impressive bounce
  • Unbeatable warranty (10 years for frame, 2 years for padding)
  • No-gap enclosure net design for maximum safety
  • The latest iteration appears to have resolved the zipper quality issues


  • Earlier versions experienced more tears in the safety net however this appears to have been resolved in the more recent sales
  • Safety padding is sufficient but isn’t as soft to the touch as other models reviewed 

Best heavyweight ADULT trampoline

The price of CITYLE 1100LBS 16FT Trampoline may varies, so check the latest price below:


This is the best adult trampoline that it is good for both adults and kids is the CITYLE 16ft Trampoline. Do you want to enjoy more than just jumping on a trampoline? Do you want something that kids, as well as adults, can enjoy anytime? Well, this one is just for you. Ever heard of a mini basketball court in a trampoline? We have, and we found the perfect one. Check this out.


The CITYLE 16ft trampoline employs high tensile-strength steel frames with a t-joint assembly that provides a sturdy, stronger base for more heavy-duty use.

It has an added basketball hoop design along with protective safety nets that prevent the ball from falling out of the trampoline when you shoot, ensuring that you can spend a longer amount of time getting some good exercise in without getting on and off. It has a convenient and removable ladder that ensures maneuverability when you need to get in or out, and it can be removed when you no longer need it and reattached just as easily.

The basketball frame and pole are also detachable in case shooting hoops isn’t what you have in mind.


The CITYLE 16ft trampoline is capable of carrying a whopping 1100lbs of properly distributed weight at any given time and can hold as many as 7 – 8 kids or 4 adults. The trampoline has 108 7-inch weather-resistant springs that hold the jumping mat 3 feet off the ground. These springs are made of galvanized steel and are guaranteed to last for longer. If you’re looking for a trampoline for the whole family and more— this is the one for you!


The CITYLE 16ft trampoline comes with a 6.4ft high polypropylene-net enclosure that ensures maximum safety while you use it. It has five foam-padded poles and one extra thick pole that works with the UV-proof safety net to keep you entirely away from harm.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be left outside for as long as you require.


  • Rigid and sturdy
  • Safe for children, fun for adults
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Has a basketball hoop
  • Has a durable, rust-resistant frame
  • Can be used even indoors


  • The included backboard is somewhat flimsy and is a bit disappointing

Best budget ADULT Trampoline

The price of Skywalker 15 Foot Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline may varies, so check the latest price below:


When someone talks about top trampoline manufacturers, Skywalker should be on the list because they make the best budget trampolines. Allow us to introduce the Skywalker 15ft Jump N Dunk trampoline and its amazing build for a low price.


This trampoline was obviously built to last. It is framed all around by galvanized rust-resistant steel that ensures that it lasts for years. It possesses six sturdy w-shaped legs to provide support to the entire structure and to hold up jumpers. The trampoline has a no-gap enclosure system and also has a basketball hoop to ensure you enjoy yourself. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be left outside for as long as you need.

The trampoline can be mounted on either side by both parents and kids alike.


The Skywalker trampoline has 96 powerful springs along its perimeter, located outside the enclosure to make sure that the jumpers are safe from pinch points in the trampoline’s openings. The trampoline has a weight limit of 100lbs per jumper and can accommodate as many as two small kids at any given time.


The trampoline features a no-gap enclosure. This means that there are no gaps between the jumping mat and the enclosure net. The enclosure also has a dual zipper and clip closure system for maximum safety. There is no danger of someone making a ‘bad jump’ and accidentally getting launched in the air and out of the enclosure. The poles are properly padded to protect the jumpers from any serious harm, and most of the parts are detachable. It is not only perfect for adults, but for kids as well. Parents with kids jumping in the trampoline can relax knowing that their kids are safe and protected from bodily harm.


The Skywalker Trampoline has a three-year warranty on the frame, and a one year limited warranty on all other removable parts


  • No gap enclosure
  • Rigid and sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Weather and rust-resistant frame
  • Rust-resistant springs
  • Completely safe and easy to use
  • Properly padded poles
  • Perfect for children
  • Basketball hoop


  • Each jumper should only be around 100 lbs
  • Not exactly ideal for adults

Best basketball hoop

The price of Jins & Vico Upgraded 14 16 FT Trampoline may varies, so check the latest price below:


The Jins and Vico upgraded trampoline provide you with comfort and safety that is worth every cent. Like the others on this list, it has a basketball hoop and a large enough enclosure to keep you and anyone else from falling out when you jump.


Safety was first and foremost in the design of this trampoline. It has four w-shaped legs on all sides, as well as a balance bar that ensures that the legs stay connected. This makes the trampoline have an even stronger connection to the ground, making it steadier.

It has a galvanized steel frame that helps it withstand heavy use. 80 heavy-duty and high-quality springs that provide an even higher bounce and an especially thick spring cover pad that leaves no gaps or room for injury. The trampoline also comes with a basketball hoop that gives you or your kids more fun as you jump and shoot. It also has a convenient and easily detachable ladder for going in or out of the enclosure.


The Jins and Vico trampoline has a jumping mat that is made out of a strong polypropylene fibre that provides an unmatched rebounding force to the jumper(s). This mat is strong enough to hold up to 780lbs at any given time and has 80-heavy duty galvanized steel springs to give you a good jump, and an even higher rebound.


The polypropylene spring pad is extra thick, fade and water-resistant, and is heavily padded with foam. There is absolutely no room for injury when jumping on the pad.

The springs and frame are powder-coated, making them rust-resistant, more durable and less prone to breaking due to age or prolonged exposure to the elements. Each spring is highly elastic and highly durable.

The enclosure net is made of polyethene fibres that are UV resistant and can withstand prolonged stress without breaking. The force at a single point is up to 20kg, and the dual zipper and latch clip closure system is capable of keeping you or your kids fully enclosed.

What’s more, the Jins and Vico trampoline comply with the ASTM F381 and F2225 standard safety guidelines. The trampoline’s accessories are properly labelled with the appropriate warnings to prevent any injury, whether minor or otherwise.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Rust-resistant design
  • Extra thick, rust and fade resistant spring pad
  • Strong enclosure net
  • Basketball hoop
  • Convenient assembly and disassembly


  • One drawback is that the package comes in two boxes

Best Rectangle Trampoline

The price of Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline may varies, so check the latest price below:


For the ones who prefer a more wear and weather-resistant trampoline with a stronger design, a more professional appearance, and a longer lifespan, you should seriously consider the Upper Bounce’s trampoline.
You will not be disappointed, they have really stepped up the game with this latest version.


Unlike the others, this trampoline is made of heavy-duty black steel and can withstand even more strain. It doesn’t matter how often or how long kids and adults enjoy jumping on this unit because it was built with high-quality rust and corrosion-resistant materials, and designed to last. One downside here though is that this will increase the weight of this trampoline, bringing it in at almost 90 lbs!

The heavy-gouged steel used in making the frame does a perfect job of preventing damage from twisting or bending as it’s being used. The trampoline stands 106-inches above the ground and is capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to the weather conditions outside. It requires no complicated hardware for assembly or disassembly and can be put together by almost anyone. This trampoline features welded sockets on its black-coated steel frame to hold the upper enclosure poles and keep you inside.


This trampoline has heavy-duty, ultra bounce, galvanized springs that score a perfect ten out of ten when it comes to performance and strength. The jumping mat is made from high-quality polypropylene mesh material with 8-row stitching that provides extra strength and prevents tearing.

The Upper Bounce Trampoline has a weight capacity of 500lbs and can carry as many as three adults. 


The poles of the trampoline are extra padded with foam and vinyl material, making the enclosure a lot safer. This protects you and your kids from injury due to accidental impact against the steel bars.

The Upper Bounce trampoline is built with ASTM standardized steel frame. The thick jumping pad and the 71-inch high enclosure makes the trampoline many degrees safer, especially for kids who are hyper and rambunctious.

The frame, spring, jumping pad, and enclosure are made with long-lasting  materials, preventing wear, tear and damage due to age or exposure to the elements and feel smooth to the touch.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can accommodate up to 500lbs of weight
  • Safe to use
  • Great bounce and rebound power


  • It doesn’t come with a basketball hoop
  • The enclosure is not UV resistant

Trampolines... For Adults?

People usually associate bike riding, going to the gym and doing squats as exercise, but trampolines have long been proven to be just as effective. The g-force produced from using trampolines as a form of exercise helps to build muscle and burn fat quickly. What’s more, you get to enjoy yourself while at it. Why more adults don’t opt for workouts on their trampoline is beyond us!

Did you know that jumping and moving on an adult trampoline for as little as five to ten minutes has been proven to be 67% more effective than a half an hour jog? It might sound too good to be true, but as little as twenty minutes of trampolining burns the same amount of fat as running 10km/hour for the same amount of time. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has facts to back this up.

Best Adult Trampoline

Overall, you do not necessarily need to head to the gym as often, or at all,  to reap the full health benefits of owning a trampoline.

  • Better blood circulation
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased physical stamina
  • Better physical coordination and balance

There are countless trampoline options out there to choose from, and picking the right one might prove to be quite a task. That is why we have created this list of the best adult trampolines in 2022 to get you out there bouncy and enjoying the little moments of life!


There are many features you should consider when looking for an adult trampoline from build to bounce, and from the frame type to the amount of weight the trampoline can carry. Considering the brand of a trampoline when you make your choice is also a smart idea, as some brands put more consideration into aspects like safety, bounce, aesthetics and overall build.

So here are a few categories you should consider looking into when you make your choice.


It is highly important to choose a trampoline with a frame that can withstand heavy impact from use by adults or children.

A trampoline’s frame makes up a significant part of the entire unit. The sturdiness and strength of the trampoline depend on the frame, and weak or poorly assembled frames can drastically reduce the level of safety you can get from your trampoline.

You should consider only choosing trampolines with steel or galvanized frames with the proper coating, both on the inside and the outside. The frames with the right kinds of coating are usually resistant to rust and corrosion and simply last for longer.

  • Only choose trampolines with the right kind of frame
  • Be on the lookout for steel or galvanized steel frames. These are the best and strongest kinds which will help prevent the trampoline from blowing away.


The size and dimension of a trampoline matters because different individuals have different needs. Choosing a trampoline to be used by one person is a different ball game than choosing a trampoline to be used by several adults and multiple children.

Physical dimensions and properties such as shape, size, height away from the ground, and total height are important factors to be considered. A 17ft trampoline can provide you with enough room to jump freely, even if what you need it for is purely gymnastics-related.

Aside from the physical dimensions of the trampoline itself, you should also consider the amount of space available for the trampoline in your yard or gym, before making your choice.


Most trampolines usually come with weight limits; the maximum amount of load or stress the jumping mat can withstand before sustaining damage. Regardless of your weight or the weight of the potential trampoline users, it is usually smart to go for trampolines that are capable of carrying more than 300lbs.

Even better, if you get one that can carry as much as 500 – 700lbs at any given time is the best. And regardless of the weight of the jumpers, you should ensure that an absolute maximum of two or three moderately sized individuals only are jumping on the trampoline at a time.


The enclosure net of the trampoline you choose should do an excellent job at keeping you safe inside the trampoline when you jump. It is just as difficult for adults to keep their balance as they jump as it is for children. Children may be more carefree than adults, but it is a bit of work for an adult to shift their weight properly and to control their landing when they jump. Be sure to check out our tips for trampoline safety to ensure you don’t have any unfortunate injuries!

The enclosure net should be there to protect you at all times.

And Finally,


The market has many trampoline types to choose from, and it is your responsibility to make sure that the one you choose is the right kind. Looking for a smaller trampoline for exercising? Check out our exercise trampoline guide after this article!



Round trampolines are great for a group of jumpers. Due to the design, the jumpers are usually guided back towards the center, away from the net. This design is perfect for small children and jumpers who are not so agile and has a perfect score on any safety test.
Rectangular ones are great for more agile jumpers and for people who use them for gymnastic purposes. It allows you to change your bouncing pattern at will and can hold even greater amounts of load. Round trampolines may not be the perfect bet for non-professionals who are in only for the fun and exercise, but they are perfect for more agile adults like gymnasts and cheerleaders.
Square trampolines are more like hybrid trampolines. They combine the benefits of both rectangular and round trampolines, guiding jumpers back towards the centre and allowing you to change jumping patterns and directions however you like. They are great for indoor and outdoor use and will be thoroughly enjoyed by professionals and nonprofessionals alike.
Octagonal trampolines have a larger surface area than the others, allowing several people to enjoy jumping on them at once. They provide higher bounces and can support more weight due to the greater amount of springs they possess. Most octagonal trampolines come with a stronger jumping mat that can help jumpers enjoy themselves even more, and achieve higher bounces.

These are also known as exercise trampolines, fitness trampolines, or rebounders. These adult trampolines are perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Because of their size, they are preferred by individuals who have limited yard or gym space. A trampoline like this can even fit into your apartment. Regular workouts on a rebounder can help you to burn calories and lose noticeable amounts of weight even faster. Rebounders may not be ideal for kids, but they are perfect for adults.


This type of trampoline does not use springs and instead uses elastic bands. These trampolines are capable of carrying more weight and are less prone to damage from broken parts.

Even better, these trampolines are considered a lot safer to use because improperly covered springs are one of the leading causes of injury when a person uses a trampoline.

Caged trampolines come extra fortified with a safety mesh that ensures that jumpers stay fully contained, and accidental falls are prevented. They are perfect for small children as well as adults in terms of safety because despite being strong enough to keep jumpers in, the trampoline’s safety net is designed to be transparent as possible.