Trampoline Safety Tips for Kids & Adults

How safe is a trampoline? If this question has been troubling you, then you might be interested to learn about trampoline safety tips for kids and adults alike. A trampoline is often used as a recreational device that uses a thick mesh fabric attached to springs which makes it ideal for jumping. It is for this very reason that trampoline safety doubts arise. When used incorrectly, trampolines can cause injury, but with proper guidance and following rules, trampolines are just as safe as any other equipment.

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is trampoline safe for kids

Mini trampolines can be used as ideal fitness equipment for several gymnastic and fitness activities. Even clinical trials [i]have linked trampoline rebounding exercises with improved overall health, including a better lipid profile, lower cardiovascular risk, and healthy blood pressure.

Jumping is not only fun, but it is also an amazing form of exercise. It pumps blood and increases your heart rate. That means a bouncy workout like trampoline jumping is good for better cardiopulmonary function. Jumping also involves muscle strength and works as a form of fitness training. Designed for individual workouts at home, mini trampolines, otherwise known as rebounders, are relatively low in height and are stable, thus reducing the risk of trampoline injuries.

Trampoline Benefits

Studies by NASA scientists prove that trampoline jumping is a more effective form of exercise than jogging while requiring less effort. Additionally, the NASA report finds that 10 minutes of rebounding on a trampoline is beneficial for the heart. The research claims that it has even better results for individuals running for 33 minutes a day.

Rebounding is a low-impact exercise that puts the least stress on joints, relieves stress, and improves coordination. This is due to the springy, shock-absorbent trampoline surface that increases oxygen uptake and benefits the body at the cell level.

trampoline benefits for kids

Muscle & core strengthening

Jumping involves the use of multiple muscles simultaneously. The up-and-down jumps create abs and increase muscles and strengthen the core[ii]. Jumping encourages motor development. Not only this, trampoline training is one of the most effective exercises to build muscle, increase stamina and blood flow, improve physical coordination, and burn fat. Besides, there are many other benefits of trampoline jumping.

Better bone density

Furthermore, research finds that regular trampoline training is an effective exercise to increase bone density at the hip and spine, strengthen bones, and reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

Improved balance

According to a research study, regular mini-trampoline training has the potential to improve the ability of seniors to regain balance and reduce the risk of falling. The study outlines the fact that rebounding helps improve motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Heart strengthening

Moreover, trampoline jumping is a form of cardio activity that strengthens the heart muscle. As a result, your body has a lot less to do in terms of pumping blood, thus lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and resting heart rate. Thus, rebounding exercises on a mini-trampoline can prove effective for your overall heart health.

Stress relieving

Jumping is a way to exercise your muscles which helps in muscle contraction and relaxation, and when your muscles feel relaxed, your mind feels relieved and can easily overcome stress.

Research studies find that subjects who participated in trampoline exercises had higher bone density and muscle strength.[iii]

Back pain relief

A Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism research report finds that consistent rebounding training on a trampoline may help reduce the risk of back pain. According to the study, middle-aged participants reported improved functional capacity after 21 days of consistent training on a trampoline. The research report reveals that this group of adults experienced reduced lumbar back pain. To increase trampoline safety for adults, it is always better to consult with your doctor first if you are already suffering from a medical condition.

Lifts Spirits

Nobody can deny that jumping on a trampoline wakes up the kid inside of all of us. There’s nobody who does not experience fun in jumping; it’s a good way to lift your mood and breathe in deeper.

On the other hand, this type of exercise and fun can be dangerous unless you follow trampoline safety guidelines.

Trampoline Safety Risks, Injuries

Trampoline jumping is a low-impact exercise to boost physical fitness. It is highly effective in strength and stamina building, but trampoline safety risk increases when it involves kids less than six years of age. While children love to jump on a trampoline, they are at a high risk of falling, especially if left to jump unmonitored.

Kid on Trampoline

Some of the causes of trampoline injuries include falling on the mat, frame, or springs. Trampoline jumping is safe as long as you don’t attempt flips, somersaults, or any such risky stunts that pose a high risk of falling on the ground. The risk of injury increases if you fall on a hard surface.

Some of the most common trampoline injuries are sprains or fractures. Head and neck injuries can be more severe if you land incorrectly on a hard surface. Caution is advised against doing any high-risk maneuvers or somersaults that may cause serious injuries, paralysis, or even death.

Trampoline Safety Tips for Kids

When we talk of trampoline safety risks, that does not make these devices any less useful. In fact, improper maintenance of a trampoline is one of the major causes of accidents. Therefore, it’s important to focus on maintenance to increase safety and reduce the risk of trampoline injuries.

Trampoline safety tips for kids are especially important because kids tend to use trampolines more than anyone else. They are always enthusiastic about jumping, and jumping tends to be one of their favorite activities to release energy. Parents are typically happy watching their kids being active and having fun, but they must implement safety rules too, such as the ones below:

trampoline safety risk for kids

  • Before jumping, check the device’s springs and supporting bars. You want to make sure they are in place and not worn out. Besides, you want to ensure that the surrounding area of the trampoline is padded adequately as a protection.
  • Check the device regularly for any signs of damage, wear and tear, detachments, and deterioration. Look for replacement parts if there are any worn-out or damaged pieces.
  • As far as trampoline safety of kids is concerned, make sure they are being monitored while jumping. They should not perform without supervision and instruction. For adults, it is best to perform somersaults or any such high-risk maneuvers with protective equipment.

Trampoline Safety Tips for Adults

Start small

If you are worried about trampoline injuries, then you want to start with the basics.  Take baby steps and start small. Simple but impactful moves are a safe way to acclimate yourself to the mini-trampoline and reduce the risk of falls.

Maintain your balance

When practicing on a trampoline as a beginner, try jumping barefoot. This will help maintain balance. Or, you could use a pair of grippy socks for better stability and balance.

trampoline safety for adults

Other important trampoline safety tips for adults:

  • Trampoline professionals recommend safe ways for a rebound workout. The correct form of a trampoline workout is to lean forward slightly, bend the knees, brace the core and push down into the equipment as you jump. They caution against bouncing high up into the air, especially with flat feet. Experts suggest jumping from the balls of the feet to avoid any injury.
  • Do not depend on a trampoline safety net enclosure alone to prevent injuries; the majority of injuries actually occur on the mat of the trampoline.
  • Placing trampoline at a higher surface raises the risk of injury. It is best to place the equipment at the ground level to avoid the risk of injury from a fall.[iv]

Tips to Choose a Mini Trampoline

Now you are all set to invest in a mini trampoline for home use. Congratulations. That’s the best decision you could make for better health, but make sure you research trampoline models to ensure you’re buying the best one for your objectives. Remember, you get what you pay for, so you don’t want to end up with average training equipment that often wears down and has a higher trampoline safety risk. One with a low price tag may not be the best choice. Explore the features of different trampoline equipment out there before spending a cent.

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tips to choose a mini trampoline

Here are a few considerations:


You may want to invest in a spring-based trampoline if you are on a low budget. On the contrary, if you are looking for a quieter and sturdier trampoline, then you should not hesitate to spend a little more on bungees vs. spring trampolines. Bungee trampolines get an upper hand for their softer, deeper bounce. If you seek something that is not hard on your joints, then bungees are the right choice.


Now you want to decide on the size of the trampoline before investing in one. Unless you want a mini trampoline that gives you a better exercise experience, a smaller piece of equipment might be a good choice. This is especially true if you want to buy it for kids since there is a reduced trampoline safety risk. Again, if you have active adults who want to try different exercises and have more room, go for a larger trampoline. The larger the equipment, the better the bounce. Besides, there is more room to try different exercises.


You definitely don’t want to buy a trampoline that does not support your weight. Remember, there are different weight limits for each trampoline. Do your research so you are aware of the weight limit before making a purchase.


It’s always better to do some research on the equipment you plan to buy so you know about their specifications. You don’t want to buy a trampoline that does not fit in your limited space. Rather, your goal should be to find one that can be folded in half without reducing its integrity. Do not hesitate to read product reviews to get an idea that you are making the right purchase decision.

If you are seriously looking for rebounders at the best price, explore our trampoline buying guide is meant just for you. There are a plethora of products on the market. When you want to buy the right product and reduce the trampoline safety risk, let us help make the choice easier for you.


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