Rotring Rapid Pro Vs 600 : Head to Head Comparison with Review

Rotring is a popular brand in the writing instruments and drawing tools industry. Their tools are designed for optimal ink flow and fitted with ultra-fine nibs. This allows you to write and draw with excellent perfection.

They started as a fountain pen manufacturer. But they produce various mechanical pencils and pens now. And two of their products rotring 600 vs. rapid pro are considered the best mechanical pen or pencils in the market. Both pens are well-built, durable, and even look similar to some extent.

Rotring Rapid Pro Vs 600

Unfortunately, distinguishing these pens from one another can be quite difficult. However, if you’re careful enough, you can easily note that these pens aren’t exactly the same.

Knowing their differences will be essential when choosing a pen for your daily tasks. So, why don’t I start from there then?

Rotring 600 vs Rapid pro: What’s the difference?

Both mechanical pencils may have the same exterior look. However, they are available in different sizes and features. To help you distinguish them, consider the following factors;

rotring 600 vs rapid pro

1. Dimensions

Rotring Rapid pro and Rotring 600 have a retractable sliding sleeve to make them pocket safe. Besides, both mechanical pens have a hexagonal design. But in terms of weight and size, they’ve some notable differences.

On one hand, Rotring 600 weighs about 23.7 g. On the other, Rapid pro weighs 25.3 g. Therefore, Rotring 600 is slightly smaller in size as compared to Rapid Pro.

Moving on, Rapid Pro has a length of 145 mm, while Rotring 600 has a length of 137 mm. For this reason, Rapid Pro is a better option for writers and artists with large hands since it’s longer. Note, both mechanical pens have the same width of 9mm.

2. Build Quality

At a first glance, both mechanical pens have an amazing finish and nice design. Even better, both have a reasonable weight and even feature a non-slip knurled handle. Therefore, you’ll not feel any discomfort when holding them for a long time.

Regardless of the knurled grip and balanced weight, their construction isn’t the same.

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice that Rotring 600 has a solid full-metal body construction. This includes the threading connecting the grip and barrel. Also the barrel has a hexagonal style to prevent it from rolling off a flat surface.

On the contrary, Rapid Pro does not have metal threading. Instead, its body is metallic, but the entire connector is made up of plastic components.

As a result, it’s not too lightweight or heavy and lacks that metallic feel. One issue with plastic parts is that they can crack or snap if you sit on the pen or drop it accidentally.

That issue will never happen with Rotring 600, thanks to the durable full-metal body. On the bright side, Rapid Pro has a 2-year warranty against defects and damage.

3. Performance

When it comes to performance, both mechanical pens are excellent for writing. Even better, they’re quite comfortable to write with. Nonetheless, Rapid Pro seems to offer better writing performance than Rotring 600.

Here’s why!

If you remember, I stated that Rapid Pro is slightly longer than its counterpart. This provides a larger holding area, making it more comfortable in your hand.

Also, it has a wider grip and even features rounded edges on the hex barrel. This will prevent you from feeling any fatigue while using the pen to sketch, draw or write for a long period.

4. Refill

Like most pens from Rotring, both Rapid pro and 600 have superior metal jumbo refill systems. Yet there are a few differences between the 1.0mm refills used by both pens. For instance, Rapid Pro uses blue ink, while Rapid 600 ballpoint pen uses black ink.

Moreover, both pens are compatible with Parker-style G2 refill systems. Rotring 600 works with Parker-style refills like OHTO flash dry gel and Schmidt.

Nonetheless, Rapid 600 may not be compatible with some refill systems. This can be a little frustrating since you’ll be forced to try out a few refill systems.

So, if you’ve got a Rotring 600 mechanical pen, choose your refill systems carefully. More importantly, try out the refills before you make a purchase. Thankfully, if you have a Rapid Pro, you’ll not have this problem.

5. Cost

Like any other product, the price of Rotring 600 and Rapid PRO be influenced by various factors. Some of these factors may include; season, type of pen, demand, and so on.

With that in mind, Rapid Pro was originally more affordable than Rotring 600. But, that’s not the case anymore. Today, market forces have made the price of Rotring 600 decrease, making it less costly than Rapid Pro.

Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil Review

rOtring 1904255 Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil

Rotring 1904255 Rapid Pro is one of the most popular alternatives to the company’s Rotring 600. Thanks to its aesthetics and outstanding design. Better still, it comes as a pencil and pen, making it ideal for various writing tasks.

You’ll also be glad to know that this mechanical pen is loaded with other incredible features as well.

First, it comes with a sliding lead sleeve that you can use to protect the pencil from breaking. Although this feature may not be that effective, it’s a nice addition to the pen.

Looking at construction, this pen feels quite strong and well-balanced. It’s made of high-quality metal, so it’s quite durable. Moreover, metal construction means that you don’t need a lot of effort to use it.

The grip features a series of ergonomic raised metal crisscrosses, making it easy to hold. While the tips have a cushion design to give it an anti-lead breaking allowance. This will allow you to use the lead for some time before it snaps.

Another great thing about the Rapid Pro series is that it comes with various lead sizes. This model is available in 0.5mm lead, 0.7mm as well as 2.0mm lead Holder.

Note, each click ejects around 0.8 mm of lead. The product comes in different colors including; silver chrome, matte black, and black.

As a drawback, the paint scratches easily and they are visible. Moreover, the eraser cap can easily fall off since it’s quite loose. That aside, Rapid Pro is ideal for writing, sketching, and drawing applications.

Highlighted Features:

  • Precise cushion lead advance system.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Full metal body construction.
  • Ergonomic non-slip knurled grip.


  • Scratches easily.
  • Loose pencil cap.

Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil Review

rOtring 600 Mechanical Pen

Over the years, Rotring has developed a reputation for making well-built & authentic pencils. Well, their Rotring 600 ballpoint pen is no exception!

Although this pen was re-released in the market in 2018, it was initially released in 1989. Yet it is still one of the most popular ballpoint pens in the market right now.

Here are some notable features that define this remarkable pen!

Rotring 600 ballpoint pen has an all-metal body construction. To be precise, it’s crafted from brass, available in a black finish. This premium construction ensures minimal breakages and increases its longevity.

Although this may seem weighty, it’s well balanced, so it’s comfortable to use. The knurled grip will also allow you to use the pen for several hours without getting hand fatigue.

Not to forget the hexagonal body design that helps to minimize finger soreness. More notably, this innovative design prevents the pen from rolling away.

Another great addition to this pen is that it’s fitted with a clicker. It uses a standard lead advancement system to push the ballpoint through the barrel.

Better still, this makes it easy to carry around. You can retract the ballpoint to prevent poking the legs or leaking your pockets.

Overall, this pen is a great precision tool for frequent drawing, sketching & writing. The fixed lead is consistent and glides through the sheet smoothly to meet your needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-metal body build quality.
  • Comfortable non-slip knurled grip.
  • Comes filled with premium black ink.
  • Retractable design.


  • A little pricey.

Which mechanical pen is better for what circumstance?

rotring rapid pro vs rotring 600

As I said earlier, Rotring is among the most popular pencil and pen makers. Moreover, they’ve got various models including Rapid Pro Vs Rotring 600. Professionals prefer these models for their daily drawing and writing needs.

Unfortunately, no particular model is generally better than the other. This is because each model is unique and better than the other in one way or another.

That said, here’s how Rapid Pro and Rotring 600 compare in different circumstances;


If you’re looking for an affordable pen, Rotring 600 is a better option. However, you need to keep in mind that price is subjected to fluctuation from time to time.

So, don’t be surprised if you find Rapid Pro being more affordable than Rotring 600 at some point. The price of these pens is influenced by various factors like sales and demand. So, make sure you compare their prices before you make a purchase.


Rapid Pro has a long and wide grip, making it easier and more comfortable to hold. Therefore, you’ll not experience any issues while using it to write for an extended period.

So, if you want an ergonomic and comfortable pen for daily use, Rapid Pro is an excellent choice. It’s more comfortable to hold and delivers a fatigue-less performance.


Both pens are crafted from sturdy and durable materials. However, Rapid Pro contains some plastic components. While Rotring 600 has a full-metal body.

For that, Rotring 600 has a stronger and more durable body than Rapid Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is rOtring Rapid Pro worth it?

Rotring Rapid Pro is a little pricey than most mechanical pens available. However, it has many incredible features that make it worth the price. For instance, it has a comfortable knurling, superior construction, and provides excellent performance.

#2. Is the rOtring 600 worth it?

Rotring 600 has outstanding features and a sleek, full-metal body design. This makes it more durable than most mechanical pens out there. So, if you want a pen that’s both affordable and durable, Rotring 600 is worth it!

#3. Which mechanical pencil rOtring is best?

Rotring 600 is the best mechanical pencil from this brand for daily use. It has a precise tip, a full metal body, and a non-slip knurled grip.

#4. Is the rOtring 600 good for drawing?

Rotring 600 is one of the most versatile mechanical pens out there. It’s ideal for sketching, drawing, as well as technical wring.


There is a wide range of mechanical pens in the market today, but Rotring produces some of the best ones. This has made their products so popular among students and professional drafters. Their superior pens are ideal for sketching, calligraphy, drawing, outlining, and artwork.

However, this popularity has seen the comparisons between their products rise as well. Hopefully, after going through this rotring rapid pro vs rotring 600, you’ve found the right pen to suit your needs. Regardless of the pen you choose, both options will make your work look elegant and more refined.

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