Office Supply Inventory List for Your Small Office Or Business


The office is the place where you work and that produces your money. There need so many things to run an office. By observing your office, people will judge your quality. So it would be best if you needed every piece of stationary organized in your office whether the office is small or cozy.

If you’re new, then you must get an idea about the stationaries of office. An office is not run only through pen, pencil, or paper. There are colossal left to consider. Your office should be of a better environment, well furnished, luxurious, and plenty of services.

To ensure all of those, you will have to give your office everything that it needs. Today we are here to help you deciding everything about your office. We have included here every detail of the standard office supply inventory list. I hope this article might help you.

Basic office supplies inventory list everyone needs

There are hundreds of different items you need for your office. But every office needs basics and essential office items. We focus on those office supplies list.

Writing equipment

Without writing tools, we can’t even imagine any office. Here are the writing pieces of equipment you must need.

1. Pens and Pencils


Pen and pencil are a fundamental part of running an office. We have to write down something on paper, like our client’s address or phone number. To make any list, we must need a pen.

The pencil is alike essential. By using a pen, you can’t skip the mistakes you make, but pencils can cut. Even if you don’t need a pen and pencil, still these are the first things for the office.

2. Markers and Highlighters


Marker is for writing on whiteboard. Assume that you’re in a meeting and something you’ve written that should attract everyone, you can not use pen there. Marker is a must, then.

Highlighter’s job is the same. So many times you’ll feel that something needs to be marked. You’ll require a highlighter at that time.

Sometimes you may need to highlight from newspapers, books, documents something interesting about your office.

3. Eraser


Mistakes or error is a part of work. Using a pencil, you’ve written something wrong; then you need an eraser. If you make any mistakes while writing on a whiteboard, then you’ll need a whiteboard eraser.

It is not like that if you use pen, you won’t write wrong. For that has pen eraser too. So in the office, you’ll need the multi-type of eraser.

4. Notepad and Notebooks


These things are a must in the office. Your employers will work in your office. They’ll have to write down official objects somewhere. For that purpose, nothing is better than your official notes and pads.

In pad, you’ll be able to cover little writing objects. As the notebook is large, this is for the particular use. But this can do the job of the pad also.

Note: Whiteboard, dry erase markers, chalk and chalkboard are also essential.

General office supplies equipment

To run an office, only writing tools is not sufficient. There are more to consider.

5. Stapling items


In-office this is a typical chapter to attach lots of papers altogether. The pin is a must to attaching so many documents, which is impossible without a stapler. So stapler is a common thing in the office.

Usually, sometimes we need to remove one or a few papers from a bundle of documents. Then we need to remove the stapler pin. Then a stapler pin remover is a must object.

6. Paperclips and binder clips


Sometimes stapling items can not do every task. Paper clips will hold those vital paper together in which we are unable to use a stapler because stapling can damage those essential papers. Likewise, if you need to exchange documents with clients, then paperclips are the best choice.

Similarly, binder clips will help you holding so many papers safely without damaging them.

7. Folders and binders


Official documents are the key to run an office entirely. But those documents are so unsafe without any folders and binders. Each staff has to do so many works with papers.

Sometimes documents need carrying from one to another table. For the safety of documents, those should keep in folders and binders.

8. Desk organizer


Your office desk needs to be neat and clean. A desk organizer will help you to removing clutter from the desk. Otherwise, clutter will hamper your concentration. Without a desk-organizer pen, pencil, and other suppliers will remain here and there on your desk. A neat and clean desk will add elegance too.

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9. Glue, tape, and scissors

Glue tape and scissors

As office accessories glue, tape, and scissors are a must. Glue and tape will help to stick things together. Uses of the envelope without glue is impossible. We need glue to attach stamps too. Check our article about watercolor paper tape.

Scissors are likely necessary office supplies. For so many uses like cutting papers, tapes, images, you will need scissors in the office.

10. Calculator


The calculation is a daily part of office work. Whether it is complicated or simple calculations, all must have a calculator on the desk to save and utilize time. Scientific and small, both type of calculator is equally essential for every office.

Note: Printer paper, planners, calendars, rubber bands and printer ink are necessary too. Similarly significant are envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape.


Official work is unthinkable without technology as today’s world runs through the magic of science. So let’s know what you require.

11. Computer and laptop


In this technology era, an office cannot function properly without computer or laptop. On your desk, a computer is a must. You can not do official work without a computer. So is the importance of a laptop. Employers will be unable to work without those.

For any presentation, you must need a laptop. As it is easier to carry, it is helpful for official work.

12. Tablets and smartphone


Sometimes in presentation, tablets will serve you better than a laptop. And the smartphone is just not smart by name; it is smart enough for official work too. And nowadays, who don’t have a smartphone? You can use your phone in your official work also.

13. Printer, scanner, and copier


Official work is just papers and papers. Often we need information from the internet. We can not just sit with the data. Hardcopy is always essential. With the help of a printer, we can print the informative papers.

Scanning is a daily part of office work as this image file provides better service. In-office one paper can need in so many ways. But working with one piece is not possible. Copier solves the problem.

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14. Wi-fi connection


For better collaboration, there is no alternative to the internet. Wi-fi gives better internet service. From the internet, we can get information and clients. Always face to face meeting with the client is not possible. So often, we need to rely on the internet. The router will ensure better wi-fi service.

Note: Externals hard drives, shredder, surge protectors, projectors and time clock for better attendance systems are equally important.

Furniture and decoration lists for office

Decoration of the office is essential because nice decoration somehow keeps peace of mind. For decoration, furniture is needed.

15. Desk and Rolling chair


An office without a desk is like a dessert. The desk is the center of work. Documents and other things stay on the desk. The desk also decor your office.

Without chairs, the desk is of no use. For office, the rolling chair is best. You should arrange chairs in good numbers for employers and clients too.

16. Wooden shades for window


An office should be a classy place. Clients can judge you by the way you decorate your office. Forget about the client. To work attentively, you also require a becoming environment.

Your office must be decorated with wooden shades for the window that just put some extra aristocracy for an elegant look.

17. Filing cabinet


To organize your files and documents safely, you require a filing cabinet. Each file contains so many things about your office. You can not just keep them here and there. This may hamper getting files in time of need. So filing cabinet will secure and easier your works.

18. Attractive small space coffee table


When clients visit your place for work, you will have to offer them coffee for courtesy. I won’t say an attractive coffee table will give you projects, but there is something to think about beautiful decoration. A gorgeous coffee table provides a nice decoration.

19. Shelves


Your office is not just for files. Now and then, you and your employers have to keep some personal things in the office too. Likewise, for extra decoration or showing your class or interest you can organize some books in your office. Then you require shelves.

Note: Meeting table, lamp, standing desk, drawer dividers are good as office furniture. And most importantly bin to neat and clean the office.

Kitchen suppliers

Kitchen suppliers for office

In the office, some kitchen suppliers are mandatory. A coffee maker is for making coffee at the office. Mugs and cups for drinking any beverage. Refrigerator for keeping food fresh and microwave oven for making food hot.

Remember that office is 2nd home and there you need to have food. Thus it would be best if you had a few kitchen suppliers.

20. First-aid supplies


We all should keep first-aid supplies near to hand because accidents have no time table. Caution is a must in every situation. On every desk of your office, you need to keep a tissue box, sanitizer, etc. For serious issues like cutting hand or minor injury, primary treatment is very beneficial.


For a well-organized and perfectly equipped office, you must need those office supply checklist item. You may skip a few things if you have a low budget and want to start a small business.

But these list of common office supplies will make your office work more comfortable and time-saving.

You’ll be delighted if you find everything close to your hand at the office. Those will help you working passionately.

So we hope this article was helpful to you. Best wishes for your startup, my friend!

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