How to Print Polaroids from iPhone? [5 Easy Step]

Traditionally, you needed an instant camera or polaroid film to print instant photos. Then smartphones emerged and everything changed once and for all. Today, provided you’ve got an iPhone, you can take as many pictures as you want.

However, printing pictures from your iPhone means you’ve to wait until you get to a computer. Well, not anymore! Thanks to the introduction of polaroid printers for iPhones!

These portable devices allow you to print pictures from your iPhone, while on the move. This will come in handy when you’re traveling or partying.

But, how exactly do you print photos instantly from an iPhone? This article explains how to print polaroids from iPhone in detail.

Size of a polaroid picture

Size of a polaroid picture

When talking about other cameras, pictures usually have dimensions of standard business cards. The entire image has different sizes ranging from 24 X 36mm to 50.8 X 61cm.

Most instant cameras print images that are 83 X 108mm. This is not the case with polaroid films though! Polaroid photos have a unique format style and size.

The dimensions of the original pictures from Polaroid Originals were 3.108” X 3.024”. Note, these dimensions refer to the main photo only. The entire area of the picture measures 4.233” X 3.483”.

In centimeters, the whole photo is 10.752 X 8.847cm. While the photo area is 7.894 X 7.6801cm. You can adjust the dimensions of the polaroid to create different sizes and shapes.

Remember, the size of the photo will depend on the portion of the picture you’re referring to. For instance, there is the ‘outer’ portion and the ‘inner’ portion. The outer portion refers to the white border area surrounding the image.

How to Print Polaroids From An iPhone (step-by-step)

Step 1: Go to App Store and download the polaroid print App

Download and install the Polaroid App onto your iPhone. The best thing about this app is that it’s compatible with Android devices as well. So, if you’ve got an android mobile, go to the play store and install it.

This App allows you to take your shots with your mobile devices. More importantly, it’s designed after the actual instant film and features a white border.

You can use it to print various pictures. This includes; poster-sized pictures and traditional prints. It can also print canvases, accordion-fold print books, mini photos, stickers, and magnets.

Moreover, the application allows you to choose the pictures you want to print. Not to forget that they’ve got a few editing features as well. This will allow you to add captions, customize and crop your photos.

Also, the app overrides the color balance and brightness setting of your iPhone. This ensures that you always get perfect exposure.

Step 2: Insert a film pack into your polaroid printer

Insert a film pack into your polaroid printer

Most instant printers come with instruction manuals. This is intended to help you understand how the device works. Before you start using the printer, carefully read the instructions on that manual.

Also, it’s good to familiarize yourself with various components of the printer. After that, insert the film pack into your printer. Then press the printer’s power button and hold it for 4 to 5 seconds to turn it on.

Step 3: Connect the printer to your iPhone via Bluetooth

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and connect it to the instant printer. This process is pretty straightforward. Make sure your iOS device is in discoverable mode and set it to Bluetooth scan. Once the ‘Polaroid printer’ appears, tap it to pair.

Step 4: Open the companion app and select the images

Once you open the app, choose the pictures you want to print. As I said earlier, this app allows you to customize the images with text and filters. This will allow you to get bright and personalized photos.

Step 5: Print

Print photo fromPolaroids printer

Adjust any other options you want and tap print on the accompanying iOS app. Put your iPhone screen onto the printer and allow it to process. After about 1 minute, images in the form of 2.3 X 3.4” photos will come out.

More notably, these photos have adhesive backs to help you stick anywhere you want. Remove the pictures from the instant film shield and leave them for about 15 minutes to process.

Within this duration, don’t bend or shake the photos. By following these steps, you’ll have transformed iPhone pictures into memorable Polaroids!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which is the best Polaroid printer for iPhone?

Many printers in the market are compatible with iOS devices. The most popular ones are; Fujifilm Instax Share, Canon Ivy, and Lifeprint Hyperphoto.

#2. What’s a Polaroid photo?

A polaroid is a photographic film that produces a visible image within seconds of exposure.

#3. How do I choose the best iPhone photo printer?

When choosing a photo printer for your iPhone, there are factors you should consider. They include; portability, running costs, and print quality.


Printing instant films allows you to turn digital photos into physical memory. Even better, there are many pocket-sized printers available. Therefore, you can shoot photos with your iPhone outdoors and print them instantly.

If you’ve any questions or comment about this topic, feel free to share your opinion below.

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