How to Print A Folded Card in Word? Easy Guide with Video

We are living in 21st century, where tech is celebrated, and pen is untenable. Making handmade cards with pen and paper is long gone.

You can now easily make any type of greetings card with the help of technology, more specifically Microsoft word. You can even design and print a folded card with MS word.

How to Print A Folded Card in Word

So why not have tech and pleasure in one place? Instead of using a mere pen and pencil, you can make your own beautiful cards with your own design.

So, today I will guide you on how to print a folded card in word step by step.

How do I create a greeting card with MS Word?

There are two types of cards you can make using ms word – Folded and plane cards.

Below I am giving the process. Follow the exact steps to make your own greeting card.

1. Pick up a template and set up the page

When you first open the MS word you will see a blank page. You have two options to get started.

a. If you don’t wanna use a ready-made template, you are free to design your card as you please. On the blank page, you are free to put any picture, shape, text art, or 3d models.

In the ribbon, there is a layout option. Go to layout and then set up the page.

You can orient your page landscape or portrait. To do that –

Ribbon > Layout > Page Setup > Orientation > Landscape/portrait.

In the page setup option, you can also set size, color and margin.

b. If you want ready templates,  you need to start the publisher. Choose any template you like from the ms publisher.

If you don’t have much time to edit, you can select the exact occasional cards. You can also choose additional templates online via

If you want to change the picture of the template then –

First, choose the template picture and select “change picture” from the ribbon.

For adding a new picture –

Insert tab > Illustration > Browse

2. Personalize your card

a. Make global design changes

  • Color change: Ribbon> Page design tab > Color scheme
  • Fonts: Ribbon> Page design tab> Fonts
  • Size: Page design tab > Size

b. Work with the pictures

To add a new picture go to –

Insert tab> Illustration> Browse

Tips: Try to use a png image. Pngs are borderless images, therefore only the object will be inserted into the card. So it is the best fit for any card.

c. Work with the text

For changing the text of the template,  you only need to click on the text. Then a text box will pop up. Write your text there. The template’s text will be auto-removed.

If you want to add an extra message on your card, go to –

Insert tab > Draw text box

Drag your text box to your desired place.

You can customize your text fonts, shapes, colors, effects, etc from the text group. You can also vanish the border of the text box. Click on shape fill – select no fill. Then go to shape outline-select no outline.

Tips: You can also add verses to your card. Go to the page design tab. Click on options. Select a category and you will see a list of verses. Choose a verse and it will be added to your card.

d. Preview and make changes –

At last preview your greeting card and make any changes you wish.

3. Your card is ready: Print and finish the card

After you have finished, you’re just one step away from printing your precious greeting card. Go to the file menu and click the save button. Then again go to the File menu and select the print icon.

Before printing, ensure if your card’s format, shape, gridlines are perfect or not. After ensuring, press the print button. Your card is set to print.

Tips for Printing a Folded Card

How to Print A Folded Card in Word step by step guide

Step 1: Not every printing paper is fit for printing objects on both sides. So at first choose your paper carefully.

For a handmade folded card, letter-size paper is perfect. If you want to insert pictures on both sides, double-sided (C2S) paper is the best choice.

Step 2: Printing folded paper is tricky. But templates can make this a lot easier.

Step 3: Before printing on the actual paper, test print on plain paper several times. Keep your plain paper’s size close enough to the actual paper.

Step 4: While test printing, notice which side is coming up, down and which is beneath the fold.

Step 5: Check the orientation, graphics, text size fonts etc.

Step 6: Also, be sure to check the color of the images.

Step 7: It’s best to print the image side last. This way your image doesn’t go through the printer twice. It reduces the chance of getting your picture scratched. Set your layout setting so that the image side comes last.

Step 8: When you become finally satisfied with your test prints,  you can put your actual paper to work.

Step 9: Make sure to keep your printer clean. Though it’s nearly impossible to keep your printer free of ink, try to be careful while printing the main copy.

Step 10: Fold your paper correctly. Make sure the ink has dried otherwise the inner pages will get stained.

What to include on a Folded Card?

  • Eye-catchy front page to make your card attractive 
  • Colorful images
  • Proper color combination
  • Gentle Texture of image and text
  • Proper space
  • Perfect size of margin and gridline

Tips: If your folded card is for business purposes, try to include info as much as possible. This will add more value to your card.

Benefits of a Folded Card

  • Attractive – Folded cards are often more eye-catchy than any other plain cards.
  • All in one card- One folded card has 4 parts. Therefore there are more spaces to include more information. You can put way more elements in one folded card than any plain card.
  • Added value- Folded card for business works very well. This way you can attract your customer. At the same time, you can give much info on one card which can help people understand your business properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is Ms word?

Ms word is a Microsoft-based software for writing and formatting texts. It has several features such as-

  • Text formats
  • Insert picture
  • Word art
  • Page Layout
  • Printing options
  • Bullets and numbers
  • Templates

Ms word does plenty of work altogether. It’s easy to use, flexible and accessible in all formats. Therefore it’s widely used for daily editing and writing.

#2. How do you print half-fold cards in Word?

  • First, save your fold card in ms word. Then go to the file menu and click the print option.
  • You will see some sections in the print option such as paper size, orientation. Set these features as you want.
  • You need to understand your printer’s direction as to how your printer feeds the paper and in which serial.
  • To print a half-fold card, you need to print one side first. It’s best to print the text part in the beginning.
  • At last print the other side where images are included.
  • Be careful while folding the paper. Make sure the ink is dried.

#3. How do you make a foldable birthday card on Microsoft word?

  • Open the ms word.
  • Pick a template or create your own.
  • Customize fonts, shapes, gridlines as you want.
  • Insert pictures. Drag the text box to write any messages.
  • Save your card and then print.
  • While printing, make sure to print the card in the correct order. Follow the above steps to print your foldable birthday card.

#4. How do you print a four folded card in Word?

  • To print four folded paper, first, you need to ensure four parts of your card are placed correctly.
  • You must keep your inside pages upside down. It shouldn’t be straight. You need to rotate it 180 degrees.
  • Home > rotate > objects > rotate right 90 degrees twice
  • After completing,  press the print button. This card will only go into the printer once.
  • After printing, fold your card in the right direction.

#5. How to print a horizontal folded card in Word?

Printing half-fold cards and horizontal cards are similar. Here are the steps to print a horizontal folded card.

  • First, save your fold card in ms word. Then go to the file menu and click the print option.
  • To print a horizontal folded card, you need to print one side first. It’s best to print the text part in the beginning.
  • At last print the other side where images are included.


Making a folded card is tricky and tedious. But once you can figure out the basics, it’s not a tough nut to crack. Several times of practice will make you an expert in making perfect folded cards.

Hope this article how to print a folded card in word will help you toward your journey to design and print folded cards in MS word.

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