How To Organize Craft Supplies In a Small Space

Crafts is a long-expanded department with a lot of tools and materials to explore. Many people have the misconception that only pens, pencils, tapes, and a few other materials belong to handicrafts, but that is not logical.

Generally speaking, everyone has a small amount of craftsmanship because they are essential items in our daily lives, but we don’t need too much space to organize them.

How To Organize Craft Supplies In a Small Space

However, if you are involved in handicrafts, you must have almost all the tools and materials you have, and organizing cannot be avoided.

Probably, you don’t need to go into detail about the tools and equipment, but if you don’t know how to organize craft supplies in a small space, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whereas we will give you all the perfect descriptions about craft supplies step by step that will not disappoint you but will encourage you to organize, so let’s get started.

How To Organize Craft Supplies In a Small Space or Place | Easily Do It Yourself

How To Organize Crafts Supplies In a Small Space

Indicate the appropriate place set for work

Chiefly, choose a place that is clean and light, and airy to work in, even if it is a small place, but specify a few places step by step to keep the handicraft tools together there. Moreover, the space will be very close to your computer desk or near the reading table.

Furthermore, the small space should be in one corner of the room so that there is usually no interference from other people. In particular, it will be a suitable place where you will feel comfortable working with the craft tools and will find the crafts at your fingertips.

Choose craft closets

craft closets

Many low-cost closets are available in the market that can be chosen across the wall and do not waste any extra space in the house.

Thus, you can make proper use of the walls to collect the crafts in the house. But if you cannot buy these wall cupboards, you can make them yourself, using different DIY methods to make such closets.

Choose a cabinet with a lot of small storage or drawers where a lot of stuff can be stored and does not require much space.

Use open container

Use open container

Since you have to organize several crafts in a small space, you can use open craft containers as they are pretty affordable and help separate different items.  Certainly, many different sizes of craft equipment can be easily hung on the wall without taking up any extra space.

Plus, you can make these yourself, so you need cork boards, rubber bands, hot glue, magnets, and loose stamps. Next, you can make them into baskets or pots, fix them with glue, and attach them anywhere with a magnet.

Keep similar items together

Keep similar items together in craft organizer

Find all your crafts and put them all together in one place. Then divide them into different sections like pens on one side, needle thread on one side, color pencils, markers, and all other things.

Next, store them in separate boxes, bags, or containers. Indeed, keeping the same items in the same place makes it easy to find very quickly, and this method will be advantageous when you replenish them later.

When these items are put together in a case or container, it isn’t easy to find them in time. However, organizing the crafts is not the end; cleanliness is a must, so always clean the crafts.

But if any unnecessary crafts are not likely to be used later, get rid of them and clear the space.

Use jars for small items

Use jars for small items

The use of transparent glass jars is one of the great ways to store small to medium crafts as well as play an important role in enhancing beauty.

The craft is not confined to any particular tool, and there are many things from small to large that can be kept in this glass jar, such as; needles, thread reels, stones, colorful pumps, small glitter boxes, pins, staples, so on.

Indeed, these types of crafts are more likely to be lost because they are smaller, so they have to be kept separate from more significant components.


Labeling for craft organizer

Labeling means naming something, just as it is vital to select and name tools. After dividing the crafts into separate sections, you are more likely to forget where you put them next time you use them, so a great finishing touch is labeled on where you are storing them.

Correspondingly, put a piece of tape in the drawers and bins and write the name of the craft with permanent marker ink; it will be easy to find you or anyone else as needed. For example, you can label the sewing materials as sewing, various glue or attachment materials as tape.

Gather the colored papers vertical

The craft includes construction paper, scrapbooking paper, sketchbook paper, wrapping paper, and other documents organized in our collection.

But to keep these significant papers in a small space, you can place them vertically on the top or in the corner of the shelf truck. But if there is no space left for that size, roll up the craft papers in long baskets and arrange them vertically.

Nevertheless, do not roll the flat papers, so they may not be usable later. Leave them flat in a white container box in one corner of the shelf.

Utilize build-in surface

If your desk is on the opposite side of the wall, place the shelf there to hold the craft room essentials so you can use the wall to create extra space.

Thus, the books, magazines, files, all these crafts can stand still without any mass, in which case you can keep them leaning against the wall. It can hold other crafts on the shelf or closet.

Besides, you can hang some knives, scissors, scales, etc., on the wall with thick tape, but be careful as these are sharp.

Enable hidden places

Since you have to organize in a minimal amount of space to access the craft, it makes sense to adopt some strategy. Now that your craft has become much more than space and there is no space left look for slightly open spaces where you can organize additional crafts.

Small and large items can be placed under the desk, above the desk, in different places on the walls, and by adding small containers between the cubes.

Moreover, you can attach it with a metal strip or magnet sheet and place it anywhere. For example, you can put everything in the hanging holder, including everyday pencils, pens, erasers, cutters, color pencils.

Use Transparent Boxes

Use Transparent Boxes for crafting products

There are many sizes of transparent plastic boxes available in the market for storing the crafts in which many things can be put together effortlessly.

I would recommend using transparent plastic boxes for this reason because you can quickly see from the outside where the crafts are, where it helps to get to work time faster.

But another advantage of using transparent containers is to showcase your organized craft. One’s purpose is not always to collect or store. Sometimes, colorful crafts are arranged to show off to outsiders or enhance the room’s beauty.

Additionally, giant crafts are limited to drawers. Still, colorful pens, colored pencils, and colored yarns make such items much more attractive to look at in transparent containers from the outside, so try to use transparent boxes as much as possible, as they are available at low prices.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is craft material?

The craft materials are various types of craft paper, thick and thin cardstock, soft pencil, eraser, cutter, glue stick, masking tape or artist tape, pin, painting brush, scissors, dual-tip marker, a paper punch, etc.

In detail, the craft materials include a variety of paper, paint pens, paint brushes, and many other items related to handicrafts.

Craftsmanship is the expression of creativity to create something interesting with crafts on a piece of paper, a canvas, a mirror, an old door, or a hard surface.

2. Where can I store my hobby items?

A Pegboard is an excellent option for storing your hobby crafts. Even if you can use this simple method when you do not want to spend extra money to save hobby items.

First, buy a board panel from a hardware store and cut it to size as needed. To make it more classic, paint the whole board with the color of your choice, and you can design as you wish.

Then let it dry for a while and hang it on the workstation. Furthermore, many hooks come in a variety of sizes to attach to pegboards, which you can use to hang crafts, along with cut-out cardboard shelves.

3. How do I reduce craft supplies?

Sometimes the crafts become more than necessary, and there is a lack of space to organize them. Well, it is crucial to reduce the crafts as needed in a timely manner, so you need to follow a few tips.

Accordingly, purchase all the crafts you enjoy doing, and reconsider whether you enjoy the activity. Make a list of what you will provide next.

If there are unwanted craft items in the house, return them, give them to those who need them, resell them this way; you will get rid of some extra craft. Moreover, do not buy without thinking, but value the need.

4. How do you organize crafting paper?

Sometimes it is challenging to organize the craft because not everyone has the same size as well as different colors and features. Since it is imperative to keep it organized, first of all, clean the paper stash and make a place to keep the papers.

Put the necessary ones aside from the piles of paper and remove the unnecessary ones, and this will create space for new paper sheets. Ask yourself to decide if it is necessary.

Whether to use the papers in the future, find out specifically between the papers, there are many papers of the same design and color, and the papers are to your liking or usable condition. All these questions will help you make the right decision.

Wrap Up

Will you stop gathering necessary crafts if you run out of space to buy them? Obviously not. Just as after purchase, you could not get that how to organize craft supplies in a small space.

Everything is perfect for planning and creativity because even a tiny corner in the room can be wonderfully engaging if the strategy is known.

The walls, the empty space around the desktop, the baskets can all be used where different craft supplies can be arranged according to size.

After organizing, refine the system to improve your craft supplies and make them more efficient for use. However, you should try your best to avoid extra and unnecessary ‘crafts’ so that you can organize the crafts in a short space of time. Hope all our information will help you the most.

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