How To Make A Pen Holder With Paper at Home? [With Video]

how to make a pen holder with paper

Hobby and crafting, are those same to you? I do connect both very lovingly. Crafting with paper is just incredible. Let’s learn about making something beautiful and very useful.

A pen or pencil holder is a must thing in your daily life, especially in your reading room or in your office to arranging messy components. Usually, we buy it; let’s make it today by your’s own.

But you don’t know how to make a pen or pencil holder with paper at home? Don’t worry!!! We comes with a comprehensive guideline to make it easy to make. The pen holder today we are going to make will give extra beauty to our desk. We’ll be able to store a phone here too. So let’s start now.

What do we need to make this homemade pen holder?

We require some paper (recommended A4 size), hard paper, a stick to roll paper, a ruler, scissors, glue stick, color paint, and art brush to make this holder.

Step by step guideline to make your own pen holder with paper:

This pen holder helps you out with all these features a good quality pen holder have. So, make an exciting pen or pencil holder by following our steps properly.

Step 01: First, take paper and scissors. Cut the piece into 10 x 19 cm. we will need 64 cutting paper with that measurement. Ensure cutting paper in proper length.

Step 02: Use a stick to roll the paper. When rolling is almost done, apply glue on the remaining unrolled paper. This is how we’ll roll all the papers. Now the rolling is perfectly done and secured by glue. After rolling, the length will be 10 cm.

Note: The length of the rolling paper will be 10 cm.

Step 03: Similarly, we’ll have to roll more 10 papers. But now the measurement will be 9 x 19 cm. our rolling is complete by now.

Step 04: Then let’s divide by 64/8=8 rolls to make 8 walls using rolling paper when the rolling is done. Now take 8 paper roll aside, unit them using glue like that we’ll make total 8 walls. Now we will divide the remaining 10 paper rolls. Take 8 rolls and unit with glue; at last, take 2 rolls and join by glue.

Step 05: Now we need to make 2 boxes using 8 walls. Each box will require 4 walls. By applying glue, we’ll prepare a box. In the same way, we’ll prepare another box. Each box will be 10 cm in height.

make pen holder with paper

Step 06: To make the boxes we have used 8 walls. So it’s time to join both boxes. For that, we’ll require a 9 cm wall. At this situation, we’ll not use the height; we’ll use the width. Applying glue on both sides of the border, we’ll attach boxes ending part at both sides. At another ending part, we’ll attach the remaining 2 rolls. Our structure is entirely ready.

Step 07: Then we need to put the prepared structure above a strong base. For that, we’ll have to prepare the base. We need a hard paper of 6.5 x 26 cm. The hard paper needs to place on a paper. For making the next step easier, attach the base with paper using glue. First, cut the paper according to the base’s measurement, but we’ll have to keep in mind that the paper size should be more significant than the base.

Step 08: It’s time to put glue on the base’s upper side and attach the paper’s remaining part with the hard paper. Our base is completely ready.

Step 09: Let’s put the structure on the base. Our pencil holder is almost ready.

Step 10: Now painting time, my friend! Take any color you like, and start using a brush, paint the whole pen holder.

painting how to make a pen holder with paper

Step 11: After the painting is done, for some extra elegance, let’s decorate it now. You can use some stone to decorate it. Also, you can use a little paper flowers. Apply the flower or stone with glue.

Your beautiful pen holder is in front of your eyes. So, happy time!

Here is the video guide that you can follow:

Final Word

That is all about how to make a pen holder with paper. Hopefully, this in-depth guide has been helpful to make it easy. You can store your pencils or makeup brushes inside the boxes. At the joining part, you’ll be able to keep your phone and short notes.

So this is what you made it just not a pen holder; it’s magic too. It’ll incredibly increase the beauty of your room.

If you need an immediate pen holder and have leisure time, make it yourself. Nothing compares to this item. Good news!!! You can do it at home with waste material. You can use this item to be sure that you have a well-decorated room. So don’t hesitate and start to make this item for your reading room or office desk.

Speacial thanks goes on Bir Parça Kağıt youtube channel for this amazing video.

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