How to Disassemble a Trampoline: Steps & Tools

A trampoline is fun and fitness equipment often installed in the backyard. With a trampoline in your yard, your family can enjoy year-round workouts. But that does not mean the trampoline will remain fixed forever. You might need to disassemble the trampoline for reasons galore. Now you might be wondering how to disassemble a trampoline for winter or any other reason. Here’s what you should do to take down the equipment and move ahead with the trampoline disassembly process.

How To Disassemble A Trampoline

A trampoline can last decades with proper maintenance. Since a trampoline is mostly designed for outdoor recreation activities, the materials are UV resistant. That means they can withstand heat and sunlight. But in extreme circumstances, wind, storm, heavy rainfall, or snowfall, it is in your best interest to relocate the trampoline to a better place.

trampoline disassembling

However, before moving on to the trampoline disassembling process, let’s discuss the most common reasons to do so.

  • Backyard renovation is one of the main reasons when you want to prevent any damage to your equipment.
  • You may also want to protect the trampoline from harsh weather ahead when seasons change. Exposure to snow or wind might prove damaging to your fitness equipment.
  • You may be relocating to a new home.
  • You may be looking for some extra space for a new playset. In that case, moving the trampoline might be the only solution.

Disassembling the trampoline is one way to save on repairing and maintenance costs and extend the trampoline’s lifespan greatly.

Tools to Disassemble a Trampoline

tools for trampoline diassembling

A trampoline often comes complete with custom tools for installation, which can be used in the disassembling project too.

Here are some necessary tools for trampoline disassembly without damage:

  • A power drill
  • A screwdriver
  • A spring puller/trampoline hook
  • Gloves
  • A spanner

Spring Puller

You need a spring tool or puller to remove springs easily and remove anchors of the trampoline. Using a spring puller while measuring the springs will ensure accuracy. A trampoline hook comes with a plastic handle and finger grooves for a firm grip.

Working with a pair of spring pullers makes the whole process easier, ensuring comfort and flexibility. For anyone doing this for the first time, double spring pullers give added flexibility.

Screwdriver and Spanner

If you have both spanner and screwdriver handy, it will make the whole process of disassembly faster and easier. Screws and nuts are an integral part of a trampoline to hold it firm. A screwdriver and spanner make it easier to unscrew bolts and screws. If you are wondering how to take trampoline springs off without tool, then it is advised to use a screwdriver to do the needful.

Electric Drill

Investing in a power drill will make things easier when disassembling a trampoline.


Now you don’t want to injure yourself in the process of taking apart the play equipment. Remember, trampoline disassembling is a manual task. It can be extremely painful if your hand is caught in a coil. You need a pair of gloves so you can confidently work on the disassembling without the fear of injuring yourself. Even better, you can invest in a pair of work gloves that come with double coats.

How To Disassemble A Trampoline Without Damage

trampoline safety tips

Clean the Trampoline

Now that you have decided to take off the trampoline or relocate the equipment, it is recommended to clean it up first. A trampoline can easily accumulate dirt so cleaning it up with clean water will do the trick before you start to disassemble the equipment.

Remove Nets

Begin with removing the tent and clubhouse along with any other components that block your access to the nets. But if your trampoline’s safety net is fastened with poles, then you must first separate them from the poles. Sometimes poles are attached to the trampoline frame. In that case, you may need to detach them with the help of a screwdriver or power drill. Remove the poles and untie the nets. Some poles have screws so you want to keep them safe for the reassemble project.

Take Off Safety Padding

Since safety pads are tied on, remove the worn knots. Once the safety net is detached, remove the safety padding. In some trampoline pieces, safety padding may have knots under the trampoline. In that case, it requires bending. Use a screwdriver to untie the knots.

Remove Springs

When it comes to removing the springs, trust the spring puller. But before that, do not forget to check the condition of the trampoline springs. Check if the springs have caught rust.  In that case, removal will be different. But if springs are in good condition, you must remove them safely.

disassemble a trmpoline

Check if the spring hooks to a V-ring or a D-ring. It varies from one trampoline to another. Hook the spring tool and pull the spring toward the middle of the trampoline. This will unlatch the spring from the hook. Repeat the process for the remaining springs while skipping every 3 springs. The goal is to distribute the spring force evenly over the remaining springs. Sometimes you can easily remove all springs by choosing to unhook one spring.

If you cannot get your hands on a spring tool or have lost it, worry not! It is still possible to remove the springs. All you need to do is remove one spring. This spring can work as your tool. Guide the hook of the spring into the corresponding hole that meets the frame. Now you can easily pull it out safely. Be very careful as there is a risk of bounce from the spring when it is pulled. A good pair of gloves can be your best friend here.

Fold the Mats

Now that you have unhooked the springs, it’s time to fold the trampoline frame and mat. The most challenging part is to stretch the mat and connect the springs to the frame. Don’t ever attempt it with hands because you need superhuman strength.

Find a dry space to store it. When the springs are removed, only a steel frame is left. Now, all that you need to do is to fold the mat carefully.

Straighten the mat and fold it in half. Again fold over and repeat until the trampoline looks perfectly folded enough to fit into the storage box.

Remember you do not want to fold or store a worn or torn mat. In that case, get the mat hole repaired before folding and storing it.

How To Disassemble Trampoline Frame

trampoline assembly process

The trampoline assembly process may take anywhere between two and four hours. Taking apart a trampoline is just the opposite, that is, it is the reverse process of installation. If you have assembled it in the past, you can disassemble the equipment easily.  During assembling the equipment, your foal was to tighten all screws to make the trampoline safe, now the target is opposite – unscrew everything.

A screwdriver will make the process easier. Better still, the process will become faster with a power drill. Besides, a can of greasing agent can come in handy in the case of some rusty screws. Once the screws have been removed, carefully detach the legs from the outer ring. Exercise utmost caution while doing this to prevent the bulky legs from falling on your feet. Now twist the outer ring and take them apart from T-joints. When you are done removing the components, store them in designated boxes for safe storage.

Do You Need Help To Disassemble A Trampoline?

Well, you can take up the trampoline disassembly project on your own but it won’t hurt to get help for the task. When two persons are involved, the process becomes easier and safer especially if you have a large trampoline. It might be difficult to handle a big trampoline alone. In fact, you might end up damaging the equipment or injuring yourself in the process. So taking someone’s help will do the trick.

How Long Does Disassembling A Trampoline Take?

There is no specific timeframe for a trampoline dismantling project. Remember, dismantling a trampoline typically depends on its size and type. Unless you have proper tools, the task might look tough. A typical disassembling project may need two to four hours, depending on the size of a trampoline.

Before starting the trampoline disassembly project, you may even want to read the trampoline manual.

Once you are aware of the steps to take to disassemble a trampoline, it becomes easier. In fact, you don’t need any technical knowledge either. With the right tools and caution, you can dismantle a trampoline and relocate to its new destination safely.

How to Move a Trampoline Safely to Your New Home

relocating a trampoline

If you are relocating to a new home, moving a trampoline safely is your top priority. The task becomes easier once you have safely disassembled it. To be on the safer side, store each of the trampoline’s components and accessories separately in designated boxes. Remember, the steel parts should be kept inside to prevent them from moisture and catching rust.

So there you go. Disassembling a trampoline need not be an arduous task if you have the right tools available. Your exercise trampoline is your favorite workout equipment and you want to keep it protected.

Start with the trampoline disassembly project now if you plan to relocate or move elsewhere or are just keen to secure your equipment from harsh weather.


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