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The world has so many types of paper it can all be a bit confusing. We have plain paper, art paper, offset paper, wrapping paper, and the list goes on…

The paper that seems to drive the most questions is cardstocks. Like other types of papers, there are variations in cardstocks too.

How thick is 110 lb cardstock

Cardstock’s measurement is usually calculated by pound or weight. Among all the cardstocks, widely popular is 65 lb, 67 lb, 80 lb, 100 lb, 110 lb, 130 lb, 160 lb, etc., and these are mainly for greeting and invitations cards. But the most popular cardstock among all of these is 110 lb cardstock.

So let’s start discussing how thick is 110 lb cardstock in inches.

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What is 110 lb cardstocks?

What is 110 lb cardstocks

A piece of paper simply will not be 110 lb, right? Usually, cardstock’s weight is considered by 500 uncut sheets weight. So when the total of 500 uncut sheets weighs 110 lb, it is called 110 lb cardstocks. The exact weight measurement is applicable for other cardstocks, too, like 65 lb or 80 lb.

The measurement of 110 lb cardstock is 8 1/2″ x 11″, and the weight is 298 GSM (grams per square meter). And this cardstock has great thickness and sturdiness. Actually, 110 lb cardstocks is a heavier paper with a definite thickness requiring special printers to print on and looks pretty formal and official.

Why 110 lb cardstock is used?

Why 110 lb cardstock is used

As these weighted cardstocks are remarkably thicker and sturdier, this type of cardstocks can fulfill your requirement significantly. Usually, 110 lb cardstocks are mainly used for printing invitations and greeting cards, as everybody wants the touch of perfectness in their party or ceremony, even if it is a card. If you know a little about to print greeting cards at home, you can get this greeting card creative and make a little more stylish look as you want, as we’ve done on our another post.

With the circumambulation of time, the uses of 110 lb cardstocks are getting wider and wider day by day. For example, now, in most restaurants, the menu chart is 110 lb. Also, creatrix people love crafting with these cardstocks since these have an appropriate thickness for comfortable and longer existence work.

Whatever you make using the 110 lb, it’ll be elegant enough and stay the way you keep it.

How thick is 110 lb cardstock | Weights Explained

How thick is 110 lb cardstock in inches

What makes the 110 pounds cardstock so perfect? Is it only the weight and the measurement? No, the important component that makes the cardstock so elegant is its thickness.

Because of the thickness, the cardstock is so sturdy, convenient, and use-worthy.

Caliper is the unit or point that tells about cardstock’s thickness in thousandths of 1 inch. A caliber point for consistency is 1/1000 of 1 inch.

Additionally, a 110 lb cardstock’s thickness is 0.013 in caliper and 0.33 in millimeters. This thickness is the prime reason for the heavyweight of cardstocks.

Thus printing 110 pounds often face problem with a home printer. Not every type of printer can print this type of paper. Some regular printers do not feed this cardstock and create jam inside it.

Even a regular printer is not perfect for printing 110 lb papers because a traditional printer can’t print borderless.

Like a regular printer, an expensive laser printer is also not perfect for printing these thick cardstocks. However, HP Color LaserJet, Brother HL-L2300D printer, and Xerox phaser 6510/DN printer can somehow print 110 lb papers among so many laser printers.

But still, we recommend using an inkjet printer for 110 lb cardstocks. This is because only inkjet printers can manage to work with this type of thick paper.

Best inkjet printers for thick 110 lb cardstocks

printer for 110lb cardstock

As 110 lb cardstocks are super thick, heavy, and exclusively sturdy, we also need an exclusive and covenient printer to print 110 lb cardstock for these interns. So we’re mentioning about 6 best printers for you. But, these 6 printers are inkjet printers; as we said before, inkjet printers are convenient for 110 lb cardstocks.

  1. Canon Pixma iX6820
  2. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Printer with Scanner
  3. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Printer
  4. Canon TS9521C Crafting Photo Printer
  5. WorkForce WF-7710 Wide-format Inkjet Printer
  6. HP ENVY 6075 Wireless All-in-One Printer

All the 6 printers are perfect for printing so thick 110 lb cardstocks. Your cardstocks will not crease when you use these printers!


In our precise but informative post, we tried to provide an informative guide regarding the thickness of 110 lb cardstock, including also weight, and other vital things in a brief format. We hope our post is helpful enough for you and has provided important information to you.

All the topics we discussed here are the most asked topic about 110 lb cardstocks. So we have a firm belief that our provided information will extend your knowledge about 110 lb cardstocks. Thank you for staying with us.

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