Cricut Bright Pad Vs Light Box: Which One Should You Use?

Darkness cannot defeat darkness; only a single ray of light can do it, even only light rays can reshape our lives.

Have you ever wondered that there is a touch of light in everything around us? Of course, you know.

Well, if you are involved in any fine craftwork, but you must have heard at least a bit of Bright Pad or Lightbox. However, Cricut bright pad and lightbox are not just light radiation because they have their qualities and different uses.

cricut bright pad vs lightbox

The bright pad and lightbox are both great, but one can make the extraordinary from you.

Are you ever confused about which would be the right choice for you, the circut bright pad or the lightbox?

Then, you come to the right place because we will try to give you a complete idea about both cricut bright pad vs light box to make the right decision.

Let’s head on to collect all the information and make sure that you don’t skip anything.

Is Cricut Bright Pad The Same As LightBox?

Although Cricut bright pad and lightbox come from the same source, this does not mean that their features are the same. Even though their ability to work may seem unintentionally the same, there are significant differences between multiple aspects that are not interchangeable.

cricut bright pad vs light box

And the leading role of these tests will be conducted according to your own choice. For this, you need to know in detail about the specific items about Cricut Bright Pads and Lightbox.

Undoubtedly, the two are tied in different formulas. So, let’s start discussing it then you can come to a conclusion.

What Is Cricut Bright Pad?

what is cricut bright pad

Cricut Bright Pad is a crafting tool that is an illuminated workspace. In detail, a lightweight, low-profile tablet that will help you know all the details, from quail blogs to complex building of intricate arts or crafts projects to model building. These can also be called light pads. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in light pad for diamond painting help you to improve your art level.

However, this helps works in dark rooms or by using this pad see all the details related to weeding vinyl and iron-on from tracing. They illuminate projects to reduce eye strain, as well as crafts suitable for artisan work.

Moreover, circut Bright Pads are incredibly comfortable and portable as well as thin, light, and durable.

What Is Light Box?

what is light box

Lightbox is an electronic device that helps to provide intense uniform light on a surface for negative or transparencies testing. It is illuminated behind a transparent surface where the object placed above the surface is higher.

Lightboxes are also called light boards. They are usually compared to light tables that are versatile and easy to carry. Its specialty is that it is made of extraordinary properties which produce incredibly soft and steady light.

For the most part, the lightbox has a standard wavelength of light with an intensity of about 10000 lux to be effective.

Cricut Bright Pad Vs. Light Box : Which One To Pick For You?

Both the Cricut Bright Pad and the Lightbox can do most of the work from their respective places. Generally speaking, these are not the same, and there is no reason to think that their basic definition and how it works have been analyzed.

The main reason they are not the same is their effectiveness and use. Moreover, the prices are considered to compare the two similar ones available.

Bright pads are great products at a moderate price, while lightboxes are cheap but not solid or durable.

Correspondingly, the lightbox has a brightness button, so a USB is used to avoid accidentally hitting the settings. Again it is slightly larger than Cricut Bright Pad but easily portable. We do a deep dive into cricut bright pad alternatives in our article that also be used as an alternative to lightbox.

What Is The Difference Between Cricut Bright Pad And Light Box?

what is the difference between cricut bright pad and light box

You can choose the light you need by asking someone here and there, but the problem will remain because that person will not advise you from two usage experiences.

So far, we have learned that Cricut Bright Pads and Lightboxes are different, but we need to go into more detail to know about their differences. Moreover, what kind of work is suitable, even you need to know which one you will feel comfortable using.  

Let’s find out the other differences between Cricut Bright Pad and LightBox in depth.

Key Features of Cricut Bright Pad – Ultimate Guide to Cricut Light Box

key feature of cricut bright pad

If you want to know more about the features of Cricut BrightPad, you need to check out the ones given below:


Cricut Bright Pad is a very smooth machine, no hassle to set up, only start by plugging in and holding down the power button. However, there are two buttons to control the brightness of the light +, -. You must forget to look at the manual.

The white borders of the Bright Pad and the rounded corners have a smooth, attractive design. The edge is 0.35 inches thick and super slim where it is suitable for use in laptops or vinyl cutters. It also fits easily and is extremely strong so you can work safely.

Markedly, it has a non-slip base that keeps your desk securely flat when working with sharp knives or significant birthday gifts.

Now let’s come to its color; the market now comes in three types mint, blue and pink. Also, it allows you to match the Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 easily!

Above all, the design of the Cricut Bright Pad is very simple and beautiful as well as very lightweight.


Taking the X-Acto knife to the surface of the new device, which can be slightly nerve-wracking capable of withstanding the sharpest tools.

The light polycarbonate region in the bright box is proud to give a 6H rating on the Mohs hardness scale, which is as hard as titanium. Cricut Bright Pads are rated up to a maximum of 3.5H. However, sometimes heavy use can scratch the surface, which will not reduce the light or utility.

The Bright Pad measures 11.5″ wide and 9″ long, used in standard letter-size projects.


The light on the Cricut bright pad is highly adjustable. There are five distinct levels of light where the brightness can be controlled. Brightness settings range from low to high of 400, 1300, 2200, 3100, and 4000 lumens, respectively.

Furthermore, in the bright setting, you will easily see the drawing of watercolor paper. You will definitely appreciate the bright pad light as it allows you to control the brightness of your choice.


Cricut BrightPad is a USB-powered device, the presence of a plug with a six-foot USB cable. However, it does not come with any rechargeable battery, and you need to connect it to a power source 6 feet away.


Like other Cricut devices, the warranty is only for one year after making the bright pad. However, its lifespan is extended.

LITENERGY Portable A4 cricut bright pad

Key Features of Light Box – An LED Light Box for Weeding Vinyl

key feature of light box

The key features of the LightBox are very light and highly convenient to use. So, let’s take a look at its features below.


When it comes to the design of a lightbox, the first thing to talk about is its size which is square or rectangular. The box has a button to turn it on. If you want to copy a picture, place it on top of the glass and place the paper on top.

The screen size is usually from A4 to A2, depending on the sheet of paper suitable for drawing. It has a slip-resistant surface that helps your project stick to light with the help of lightbox magnets.

Although these devices are called lightboxes, they are not like large boxes but are much sleeker and thinner, often like light tables, but they can be called notepads or iPads.


The surface of the lightbox was previously made on top of the glass, which has been changed to avoid the risk of heat and cracking of the bulb.

Currently, the surface of the lightbox is made of plexiglass. However, an excellent top surface must be acrylic which will make the table surfaces flexible and shatterproof. Lightbox surface hardness is the most important, which is probably 4.0 or higher.


The most important thing about a lightbox is its brightness. The brightness of the light in the lightbox is measured in lux, which is usually capable of supplying 3000 lux or more in a lightbox.

The next light will help you see the image clearly so that it can be identified. However, you may have to turn on your studio lights depending on the thickness depending on how much light you need.

The lightbox contains LED lights that are environmentally friendly and not harmful to the eyes.

The most exciting aspect of the lightbox is that it provides light brightness settings for various tasks. If you do not need more light, you can change to a dimmer setting. All these features of LightBox will make your work environment more favorable.


One of the advantages of the lightbox is its power supply. The lightbox has both a USB adapter and rechargeable features. But rechargeable is always good, and it can be easily carried without any hassle.

The alternative is a USB cable that you can plug into a laptop or any outlet. However, if you select the USB lightbox, you can also keep the battery as an alternative. The power supply is entirely up to you, and you can use anyone for the convenience of your work.

tiktecklab A4 Size Ultra-Thin Portable light box

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is the Cricut BrightPad worth it?

Bright Pad is a tool that will amaze you. Undoubtedly, it is extremely thin, lightweight, and durable. Its use also has many advantages five brightness settings, (11.5 x 9) inch scratch resistance screen.

Similarly, it has a non-slip base and 6 feet power cord with an adapter. Above all, its use is tremendous, so Cricut Bright Pads are worthful.

#2. What is a Cricut bright pad used for?

There are many uses for Cricut bright pad, but most benefits are;

  • Weeding iron-on and vinyl
  • Create model building.
  • Tracing pictures, lettering, drawings,& more.
  • Making paper piecing quilt blocks.
  • Exclusive jewelry design, so on.

#3. Why do artists use lightboxes?

Artists usually use lightboxes for various art-related works. A lightbox is an illuminated flat workspace used to locate images or exhibits from one source of light to another.

Artists need different light appearances to outline different colors on a piece of paper that can be easily controlled via a lightbox.


The above section tries to give all the details about Bright Pad vs. Light box. You don’t need much research to get a good quality product. All you need to do is follow the instructions and consider what you will do.

Bright box features and qualities are tremendous and adept at doing the finer things. On the other hand, lightboxes are no part went less, their functions are sophisticated and readily available.

Up Next: How do you use a weeding vinyl with tips.



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