Cricut Bright Pad Alternative | 4 Substitute Picks & Reviews

When you have passion with art, vinyl cut, iron-on vinyl, craft, and want detail, flawless work, then you require something that will help your surface to become bright and let you create the best work you ever can.

Believe me, if you’re in love with your work and always want it to be perfect, then you badly need nothing else than a cricut bright pad alternative.

Cricut Bright Pad Alternative

Bright pads will provide excellent results for your various work, including crafts, weeds, designing, etc. However, the great thing is that lightboxes work great as an alternative to bright pads.

Nowadays, different types of light boxes are supplied in the market, keeping the highest quality per the buyers’ demand.

You should take a look at the Bright Pad options so that you can choose the suitable lightbox for your work.

Let’s go to collect all the information about Bright Pad and its alternatives in depth.

What is Cricut Bright Pad?

The bright pad is an illuminated workspace used in arts or craft projects. Technically, the Bright Pad creates a special light that helps to see all the finer details related to iron-on and vinyl, from piking quail blogs to model building.

what is cricut bright pad

It is a very lightweight low profile tablet that illuminates small lines during tracing.

Whether it’s crafting or tracing drawing is all work bright pads act as backlights. Moreover, the wide scratch-resistant surface of the Bright Pad is exceptionally fabulous. There is very little difference between cricut bright pad & light board/lightbox, that’s why you can use light pad as an alternative of cricut bright pad.

How Does the Bright Pad Work?

how does the brightpad works

We got the initial idea about Circuit Brightpad, but it is imperative to know how it works. It is basically enclosed in a box that contains a simple item such as a product information guide, bright pad, and 6 feet USB power cord.

It’s straightforward to use, and there are only three buttons to activate – the power button, A +, and a button to adjust the brightness. Moreover, it is effortless to set up, and you only need to plug it in, then the whole process will be effective.

However, if there is any difficulty, you can easily understand by reading the information guide about the product.

Uses of Cricut Bright Pad

uses of cricut brightpad

If you are a creative person, you can make the most use of Bright Pads. Since it is a versatile crafting device, you can face it with confidence.

Cricut bright pad can be a comfortable workspace for specific artworks. Bright pads have all the lighting arrangements to get all the important details to make jewelry, model, or engage in fine work.

Iron on or vinyl is used to remove weeds. In this case, you can provide bright pads that use a sharp and non-sliding surface to cut the weeds. You can tap the edges of the bright pad for a better experience.

Bright pads work great for tracing. Because it has an ultra-slim design to sit comfortably at the work desk and draw easily, you use it sitting anywhere conveniently since it is very lightweight.

The glitter iron-on the bright pad is operated on, which is a perforated component. Moreover, the light of the bright pad can go through, making it very easy to cut the lines, making it look more visible and comprehensive.

Drawbacks of Cricut Bright Pad

drawbacks of cricut bright pad

No product is self-contained; everyone has some disadvantages, just as bright pads do.

One of the advantages of Bright Pad is that it has no built-in rechargeable battery. The USB cord has to be constantly plugged into the power source.

It wastes a lot of energy. Moreover, the cord is likely to break quickly, so you have to buy cheap extension cords.

What features affect the bright pad?

features of cricut brightpad

Some ignorant people fail to give accurate information about Bright Pads due to misconceptions. There are many things to consider about bright pads. It has several key features that have a significant impact on Bright Pads.

Not only that, you need to have an idea about the bright pad options that will help you choose the right Cricut bright pad.

Let’s take a closer look at which features have the most impact on the Bright Pad in depth.

Brightness: LED Light

The main thing is how good the light is on the bright pad. The primary purpose of this device is to provide good lighting. It has five brightness settings that can give light between 400, 1300, 2200, 3100, and 4000 lumens, respectively. LED backlights provide uniform lighting, but older lights, including fluorescent bulbs, are more convenient and do not overheat.

Requiring the Cricut bright light to provide uninterrupted light at the edges and weeds in the heat transfer vinyl is possible with compatible LED lights.

High-Scratch Surface

The higher the surface hardness of the Bright Pad, the higher its device scratch resistance. Scratch hardness is a concept used to verify how abrasive and harsh material is.

The hardness scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level limited to diamonds. The Bright Pads achieve 6H levels of pride, which is high for electrical devices.

On the contrary, other lightbox devices provide a maximum of 3.5H.

Non-Slip Base

The bottom of the bright pad has an anti-slip cover to avoid any risk of accident or spill. For this remarkable non-slip base, the device can be placed on the lap or anywhere.

This part of the bright pad plays a vital role in providing a stable work surface.

Power cord

The Bright Pad is activated with a USB power cord. The product comes with a plug and a 6-foot USB cable that allows you to connect the device to a power source at a distance of 6 feet.

Top 4 Cricut Bright Pad Alternative Reviews in 2022

cricut bright pad reviews

#1. Voilamart A2 LED Tracing Board Light Pad with Illumination Light Panel

Voilamart A2 LED Tracing Board Light Box Light Pad Illumination Light Panel

Voilamart A2 LED Tracing Board Light Box Light Pad is the fastest, affordable, and easiest tracing lightbox. The Tracing Board is a light panel of illumination and more used for drawing or craftworks.

Even though LED lights are used for brightness that is highly transparent and suitable for tracing work, the device has a touch sensor switch to turn the device on or off. Also, a button to control the brightness and a USB cord power this lightbox with a power adapter.

Key Features


The maximum brightness of the lightbox is 3100 cd / m2, which is much higher than any USB-powered lightbox. There are three steps to control 12v extra brightness. Moreover, Brightness is enough up to the second place among the three levels.

Easily trace through heavy watercolor paper or sketching paper under 4 mm thickness.


Used A2 paper with a visual work area of 23.8 inches in length and 17 inches in width. The lightbox may not quickly adapt to the backpack, but its carrying case is highly convenient and portable.


Also, the illumination pad is very comfortable, providing bright white with color temperature from 10000 to 12000K. Special filters that help prevent eye fatigue. Even after working for a long time, there is no flash of light, no shadow, and no damage to the eyes.


Having a super-bright, energy-efficient LED lamp that lasts for more than 50000 hours. Provides 100% guarantee of protection of use with UL and FCC testimonials.


In many cases, they have particular uses but ideal for 2D Animation, 5D Diamond Painting, Calligraphy, Embossing, Drawing, Sketching, Scrapbooking, and X-ray viewing, and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • No need to rotate the image for illumination, and the prominent image is easily consistent.
  • Easy to move the copy of sketching or sketching by placing.
  • The paper instructions and width work great during paper piping.
  • Suitable for detecting Quilting Applique backgrounds or tracing designs on freezer paper.
  • Flat surface and light intensities are very comfortable to work with.
  • Do not allow IT FLICKERS and excellent in brightness.


Sometimes flashes off and on, and you have to unplug it again. Do not possible to do all the work of one device; the customers face some issues.

#2. Dasher Ultra Thin A4 Light Box

Considered as the best tracking lightbox to take the arts to the next level. The surface is ultra-thin 19″, which makes your work smooth.

Likewise, helping to make your weeding vinyl, tracing, stenciling, 2D animation, tattoo art, and many more hobbyist works. In addition to the light source, everything needed for the various project is provided.

The light table is an enjoyable and versatile tool for artists and experienced artisans. Artists usually use it more to innovate the creative side.

Key Features


The Tracing Light Board has three settings for controlling the brightness of the light, which is exceptionally bright and flicker-free.

You can sketch or craft at any time of the day or night, even customize the light according to the project. Light pad provides perfect lighting for diamond painting, drawing projectors, draft boards, and tattoos.


The thickness of the art pad is 1/8 inch, and its edges are nicely curved. It will be stable in all areas of the artwork, sketching, tracing, animation or calligraphy. The ultimate accessory for artists, drafters, architects, and designers.


A substantial 4-inch clip and a ten-foot cable are provided to secure the projects that allow extended access to any outlet. Moreover, you can plug in any power bank, USB outlet, or laptop.


Light pads are carefully packaged to prevent scratches from carrying the protective film to ensure protection during shipment. Proud of our craftsmanship and strive to provide quality products to customers. However, if you face any problems, feel free to contact us.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a free USB cable, adapter, tracing paper and clip.
  • The levels of intense illumination work great in diamond painting.
  • Extremely thin, transparent, lightweight, and easily portable.
  • Able to draw a quick base on a master sketch on watercolor paper.
  • There is a clip to keep the surface stable even when used at the edges.
  • The cord is long enough, no need to sit with any power source.


The light Box occasionally takes some time to connect to the power source. Not a significant problem at all.

#3. HUION L4S Light Box [A Great Cricut Bight Pad Alternative]

HUION L4S LED Light Box A4 Ultra-Thin USB Powered Adjustable Light Pad for Tracing

This Light pad is constructed with the standard for tracing and an LED light settings that will get your job done perfectly.

Having a super thin and flat surface, working in the corners doesn’t hurt your hands on your desk and works great on everything without any hassle.

Its wide range of uses, such as artwork tracking, scrapbooking tattoo transfer, calligraphy, is made of the light pad for easy use in various tasks. Not only that, it can be used to watch the negative film or X-ray film.

Moreover, in case of any inconvenience or concern to the customers, there is a possibility of refunding the product and one-year warranty.

Key Features


Uses protective film and eye-protective LED lamps that will ease your eye strain. Brightness is 1100 lux, and its thickness is only 5.1 mm. Moreover, uniformity illuminates it at 745 cd / m2.


Touch sensors are used to control the adjustment of light freely. It serves as the ideal for finding the light. Of course, when you use it, you will remember its optimal brightness.


The product comes with a USB cable that can easily connect the light pad to a power source directly from any laptop, power bank, or USB Plus.


Huion L4S light pad is slimly designed, and the work surface is 12/8 inch. Even lightweight, only 0.60 kg, which is an easily portable and sleek design.

Highlighted Features:

  • The flat surface is great for hand lettering and sketch practice.
  • Holding down the power icon slowly fades the light level.
  • 140lb gives pleasing results on watercolor paper.
  • Using more time still does not cause any damage to the eyes.
  • Bright enough to work on Bristol paper or card stock paper.
  • For calligraphy, it is ideal for tracing the guideline underlay.


The USB cable is not long enough, so you can use an extension cable if you need it. Make sure you have a wall power adapter.

#4. A4 Ultra-Thin LED Light Pad for Tracing by Luditek

A4 LED Light Box Tracer Ultra-Thin USB Powered Portable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad

This one is a versatile, LED Box tracer that won’t let you down. Transparent acrylic organic glass helps to make your work more excellent.

Light Pad works incomparably to turn artists’ unimaginable works into reality. Professional architects commonly use it for drawing or design.

Are you looking for a fine pad for embroidery, sewing, or crafts? These come with easy to set up and standard size. However, this device is suitable for your work.

Being thin and slender so you can carry it anywhere in the bag. Its dimmable option is excellent in brightness, which you can use as per your work needs.

Key Features


The illumination pads are super bright and distribute light evenly as well as flicker-free. Moreover, it is very thin and lightweight, only 5mm, which is easily transportable everywhere.

No radiation, no damage to the eyes even if you work long hours.


Has to press the on/off button for a long time to adjust the brightness.  Next, it can give you a signal for brightness after turning it on.


The dimensions of the entire lightbox, including the black frame, are (L14.2 x W9.5 x H0.2) inch. Similarly, the area of visual work is equal to A4 paper, which is (12.2 x 8.2) inch.


A USB cable provides power and any device such as any 100/240V-50HZ adapter or computer, laptop, the power bank can be connected directly to the wall with a USB port.


Extremely affordable, 100% Satisfaction, and Return Guarantee within 30 days. Can return within 60 days without question. Try to keep the lightbox tracer free.

  • Clearly seen diamond painting projects without any eye strain.
  • Great for weeding plastic vinyl.
  • Suitable for transferring needlework types on cloth.
  • Much easier than typing patterns and fabric in a sunny window.
  • LED lights are great for tracing, and the touch stays cool during use.


After turning on the pad, the surface looks like a black mesh. Using the same buttons to turn on or off and adjust the brightness can be a bit of a hassle.

Final Words

Hopefully, after reading the full description above, you probably got a good idea about great cricut bright pad alternatives and how they work. But keep in mind that the options on the Bright Pad will be able to give you just as great results.

There is no need to worry about which product you will use for your work because all the information here is as clear as glass that will help you choose.

Feel free to use it for the quality of the lightboxes, and you will be compelled to appreciate it.

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