Best Woven Wood Shades Reviews in 2023 [Top 6 picks]

best woven wood shades

We all find heaven on the earth in our dream house. Our one eye is always on how to décor home so nicely that it will melt the heart. We do so many things to give the place the best look. For the decoration of our house we arrange Sofa, center table, coffee table, flower vase, etc.

But room decoration is not enough for elegance and a classy look. Like a room, decoration of window is equally important. For window decoration, we use the curtain. But to add more aristocracy in our house, wooden woven shade is really the best choice.

There are lots of woven wooden shades in the market. Sometimes seeing so many products, customers get confused about the best woven wood shades. Today in our article we’ll let you know about the best products with every detail. Our mission is to invest your money in the right product.

So let’s start now.



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Cordless Woven Wood Shades


Arlo Tuscan Roman Shades


Radiance Cord-Free Shade


ALEKO Bamboo Roll Up Blinds


Chicology Magnetic Woven Shades


Top 6 Woven wood Shades Reviews in 2021

1. Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades

Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades

Your well-furnished drawing room or office seems so empty if the windows of your room are not decorated. For decorating windows, what can be best than woven wood shades?

Windowsandgarden brand offers you the best Roman style cordless woven wood shades. 100% natural material is its ingredients and made in the USA. The appearance it has is very smooth and heartwarming, which provides you natural woven materials.

You are recommended to follow 8 easy steps before ordering this. There have various colors of the shades, and you can choose your one. The more critical part is ordering the size. Whatever size you need in height and length, order one inch more.

For example, suppose your window’s height is 46 and width is 24, then order 47 x 25. But one thing to notice is, you’ll have to mention your shades are for the inside or outside part.

They’ll customize according to your measurement. Moreover, even they keep the option of customizing for customers. Even customers can customize materials as the brand has 4 materials. Price range varies from size. 

They’re always next to you for providing better service. These woven shades give easier, trouble-free operation and add aristocracy in your place. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The coffee table will provide you multiple services.
  • As it is made of veneer wood, it is sturdy and durable.
  • Two stored table helps you keeping organized so many things close.
  • On the bottom shelf, you can keep books too.
  • With your existing home decoration, the coffee table gets fits easily.

2. Arlo Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shades Blinds

Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shades Blinds

If you are willing to furnish your window with roman style window shades that will be cordless and easy to use, then Arlo Blinds can be your best choice.

Bamboo is the material of this woven shades, and the color is Tuscan. One thing that should be added that the color may vary from computer monitors. Since those shades are of real bamboo, color variation can be mild greenish to more natural brown.

Each shade’s measurement is 34.5 inches wide and 60 inches in height without the hardware width to mount. But for inside mounting, the size will be 34.75-inch width or more great. If you purchase, then mounting hardware for both inside and outside will be included here.

This cordless lifting system is easy to use and ensures safety. As well as, the bamboo blinds filter sunlight gently into the room. But the fact is this bamboo blind is not for outdoor use; only indoor use is acceptable. You are not allowed to mount the shades in the damp and moist environment. If you do so, then the lifetime of the shade will decrease.

The shades provide trouble less operation system. The Pulley system it has is straightforward. You have to pull the bar at the bottom to lift it. I am sure you’re about to get a user-friendly experience if you purchase.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is made of natural material hence provides the natural color.
  • The size of the shade is 34.5”W x 60”H.
  • Mounting hardware tools will be included with the purchase.
  • Gently let come natural light into the room.
  • You’ll have to avoid the moist and damp environment to mount this shade.

3. Radiance Cord-Free, Roll-up Reed Shade

Radiance Cord Free Roll up Reed Shade

Are you planning to buy differently designed woven wood shades at a reasonable price? Then I recommend you Radiance Cord-Free, Roll-up Reed Shade. This will be your best choice for woven wood shades.

The specialty of the shade is its unique cocoa color, which is impossible to duplicate. Measurement of the shade is 60″ W x 72″ L. With a unique design, the bamboo shades ensure long-lasting durability.

Since these shades have small gaps, they let enter sunlight and breeze to your room or balcony and give a natural glow. The shades are easier to install and move. It has inside and outside mounting type.

Another best part is it is not a typical pull system based shade. The shades are cord-free and removing drawcord; an innovative faster roll-up system has been replaced here. You can adjust and set any height with the help of that roll-up system. The cord-free system allows you having as much as shade you want any time of the day. Moreover, this system is certified for kids.

Radiance brand provides you the best amazing looking product. The material is so reliable that under any circumstance, this shade remains in primary condition. Even it keeps away harmful sun rays from coming into your house.

Highlighted Features:

  • This bamboo made shade has beautiful cocoa color.
  • The measurement of the shade is 60×72.
  • It has introduced a cord-free, more comfortable, and faster roll-up system.
  • The design it contains is undoubtedly beautiful.
  • Since the shade has little gaps, it provides light and breeze nicely.

4. ALEKO Light Brown Bamboo Wooden Roll Up Blinds

ALEKO BBL36X72BR Light Brown Bamboo Roman Wooden Roll Up Blinds

Brownish wood color can give your living room, office, or balcony a real classic look. Like me, if you think so then now I am about to introduce a best woven shades to you.

ALEKO BBL36X72BR Light Brown Bamboo Roman Wooden Roll Up Blinds Light Filtering Shades is the product I am talking about. The measurement it contains is 36 W x 72 L. It is made of beautiful bamboo. The most charming and eye-catching part is the silk type woven on the shade.

Pulling the shade is easier as it is of Roman-style. You can pull and roll-up the cord as you want or the sunlight you want to let into your room. This bamboo shade installation and operation is very comfortable. Even if you do not roll this shade, you can keep a perfect balance between light and privacy; because the shade has this system.

Wherever you hang it, it will complement the place with its design as it is entirely natural. The service you are about to get, sure going to give you fun.

Highlighted Features:

  • This Roman shade is made of natural bamboo and gives a brown wood color.
  • On the shades, there has silk type woven work.
  • It has a more comfortable pulling system for letting enter breeze and light into the room.
  • The shade has an opaque design to make a perfect balance between light to privacy.

5. Chicology Cordless Magnetic Woven Shades

Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades Privacy Fabric Window Blind

Usually, we are introduced with best woven wood shades or blinds that provide us light or breeze. Most often, we skip the part of privacy. But like light, privacy is equally important. The chicology brand is concerning you about privacy. They deserve extra thanks.

They provide product variations keeping a balance between light filtering and privacy. For this purpose, they have three different products.

One is Jamaican Gold that is mostly for light filtering. This secure less privacy, but from outside, one can not get a real definition about what is actually happening inside.

Another is Mountain Snow that is white but actually for room darkening. This is made only thinking about privacy. The most interesting part is this mountain snow is a thermal material that controls temperature and insulates heat in your room.

Third is Daily Canvas, which is comparable to Jamaican gold and mountain snow. It filters less light than Jamaican gold, and secure less privacy than mountain snow.

Their product is made of 100% polyester. The best part is they have magnetic Roman shades which make it completely cordless. Each shade has four magnetic rows in the series of height, and each row has two magnets. This made the product different than any other shade.

Moreover, they have inside and outside mounting type. They recommend minimum 2 inches depth for the inside mount. This means for the inside mount; you need an accurate measurement of your window. For outside mount, they suggest a couple of inches more than your window size to order.

This shade is easier to use and really economical. It will give your house an elevated look for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • This Roman shade is magnetic and cordless.
  • Give priority to privacy and keep a perfect balance between light and privacy.
  • Polyester is the material of this shade.
  • Some products have heat insulation.
  • They provide an inside-outside mounting type.

6. Radiance 2208836E Cordless Roman Shade

Radiance 2208836E Cordless Roman Shade

If you’re a black lover and think why window shade won’t be black, then Radiance is here. But, this is not pure black, just black type.

This shade is cordless Roman shade. Bamboo is its material, but bamboo is used here as flat sticks, which add a different look. Easily get a match at your cottage, lake house, or beach house and home.

The color it has seems like this product is made for privacy keeping, but actually not. Instead, it lets enter enough light streaming through a tightly woven blind in your room and also secures your privacy.

They provide inside and outside mounting type. For inside mount, they demand the accurate size of your window. If you want outside mount, they recommend you order 1/2 inch more wide than the overall window size.

People may question why the shade is of bamboo. But if you overlook it, you’ll find that people are loving bamboo products nowadays. The shade is really good looking.

Another thing is that this shade can insulate energy efficiency. Even this bamboo shade will hamper entering so much heat into your room.

Highlighted Features:

  • The size of the shade is 35” x 64”.
  • It has a unique color.
  • Bamboo is used more beautifully in this shade.
  • This shade is certified for kids.
  • Let the light enter your house and keep privacy too.
  • It has inside and outside mounting type.

Buying guides of woven wood shades for you

woven wood shades reviews

Buying is easy. Just order and get the product. But selecting the right product is a bit of a twist. Before buying woven wooden shade, each customer needs to concern a few things. Because nobody wants to waste money. We hope we’ll make buying easy for you with some guidelines.

Fixing the budget

Everybody keeps a budget before purchasing anything and feel comfortable buying within budget. Suppose you like a wooden shade, but that is out of your budget. Obviously, you’ll not buy this. In our article, we have described the six best products of different price tags. Choose the one that is within your budget.


Although we have shown you six different designs, I am sure your eye is on one or two best woven wood shades reviews. Select the design that you like the most. If the design goes with your budget, then you must not think twice about purchasing.


Remember my friend. Choosing a design is very easy. But you’re about to buy best woven shades for your window. Size is the most important part here. Each shade has the option of inside and outside mounting type. Wherever you mount, inside or outside, the size you’ll order must have to be accurate. Otherwise, the purpose of your buying will just go in vain. For inside mount, keeping in mind the depth, you’ll have to give your window’s accurate size. You’ll have to order one or two inches more size than the window for the outside mount. The same advice is for height.


Woven wooden shades are usually made of bamboo, so the color is also bamboo type. But there have variations too. Some will be accurate as of the monitor’s color, and some will be of greenish bamboo type or more of wood color. We have tried enough to mention nicely about color. Choose the one you really like.

Lifting or roll-up system

In our list, there has every type of lifting and roll-up system wooden shade. If you do not like the cord pulling system, then you can go for cordless shade. There has magnetic Roman shade too. Choose the method you prefer most.

Final words

So we tried our best to describe the 6 best woven wood shades for you. We assure you that every product we listed is going to give you a very user-friendly experience. Our buying guidelines will provide you with proper direction about which one you should choose. Before buying, must-visit every detail. Be sure about ordering the size. So, at last, we wish you best wishes. Happy buying, my friend!



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