The Best Tape for Watercolor Paper in 2023 [Top 9 Picks]

Nowadays, intelligent people do not like depending on others for work like painting, decorating, and crafting. Instead, they want to do it by themselves because they feel an emotion with these work. Thus they find things to make their job easier.

As color is most important for painting, paper for crafting, similarly masking tape is essential for both of them.

Best Tapes for Watercolor Paper

However, people can’t manage to find the best tape for their specific work. We can’t help in their work but can provide them information about the best tape for watercolor paper.

In our article, we’ll make you familiar with the top 9 masking tape. Here we’ll try to make you understand which tape is perfect for what and give you some helpful buying tips.



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Scotch General Tape


Mr. Pen – Masking Tape for Art


STIKK Blue Color Tape


FROGTAPE Multi-Surface Tape


VIVIQUEN 20 Washi Tape


Top 9 Best Tape for Watercolor Paper Reviews in 2021

1. Scotch General Masking Tape

Scotch General Use Masking Tape for Basic Painting

While people think of buying masking tape, they want their tape to be easily applicable and removable without leaving any sticky residue. Thus they look for a good quality masking tape.

Scotch Masking Tape is this type of tape that satisfies customers mostly. Mainly, it was designed to use both on sturdy and flexible materials. That is why, can be used on vinyl and plastic, also on carpet and metal.

Wherever you use this, it will vigorously and aggressively get bonds. Applying it also easier; if you apply it on any surface, it will barely leave any mark unless you’re not careful.

Although this tape gets adhesive aggressively, still unwinding it will be smooth. Particularly, if you remove it within 3 days after your application, it’ll not leave any single sticky marks.

Some essential tips you should follow before tape application. Make sure your surface is clean enough when you start the application; press firmly on where you apply the tape so that you may not entangle the tape carelessly.

When the application is completely made, wait at least 30 to 60 minutes, this is how your painting surface will be ready.

And when it is about tape removing, do not remove until your painting is arid. To remove, slowly pull back the tape and use a 45-degree angle.

Highlighted Features:

  • This paper material masking tape gets adhesive strongly.
  • Can be used on a both hard and flexible surface.
  • Has a perfect size of 0.94 in. x 60.1 yd.
  • Removing after 3 days doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

2. Mr. Pen – Colored Masking Tape Art

Mr. Pen- Colored Masking Tape, Colored Painters Tape for Arts and Crafts

Sometimes artists or non-professionals require color tape for crafting, decorating, drafting, labeling, and so on. Mr. Pen has given priority to all these facts and launched colored masking tape.

In a package, there have 6 vibrant colored tapes. All the colors are- orange, blue, yellow, green, red, and pink. Each tape is 0.6 inches thick, 15 yards long, and ½ inch wide.

The material of these masking tapes is paper; thus, you can write on it too. As it sticks firmly and strongly, you can apply it to any glass material for decorating. Also, you can paint using them, craft and make beautiful wish cards or thanksgiving cards.

Another quality feature of this art tape is it is acid-free, so it’ll not lose its color. Tearing and removing this is also easier.

After extracting, you’ll see no glue marks. Moreover, you can use these masking tapes for regular use too. There has no mandatory to use only on art or craft-related work.

If you purchase this, indeed, you’ll have a fun and satisfying experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • The package includes 6 vibrant color art tape.
  • Six colors are red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange.
  • Length, width are 15 yards, ½ inch, and thickness is 0.6 inches.
  • Perfect for labeling, crafting, drafting, decorating things.
  • Easily applicable, removable, and you can write on it.

3. STIKK Blue Tape – Best Tape for Watercolor Paper

STIKK Blue Painters Tape

Are you looking for a masking tape that will not leave any marks if you keep it on the surface for a long time? Then Yard STIKK Blue Painters Tape will give you outstanding service.

It is such a watercolor masking tape that helps you creating sharp and neat paint lines. Finely it gets adhere to the paper, wood, glass wall and trim. The more finely it gets stuck, the more easily it comes out.

Basically, before removing tape from any painting, we wait until the paints get dry. If you let the tape stay for 14 days, and then you think of removing it, you’ll not find any sticky residue. But better if you remove it within 7 days.

In a set, there come 3 blue masking tapes that are UV resistant. The length and width are 60 yards x 1 inch.

Simultaneously, this tape is useful for both interiors, exterior application. These will give you a friendly experience of painting on any surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for creating sharp, neat, and clean lines.
  • Leave no sticky residue even after 14 days of removal.
  • This blue tape’s size is 60 yards long x 1 inch wide.
  • Comes 3 pack in one package.
  • Suitable for interior, exterior application.
  • Get stick easily on wood, wall, trim, paper, and glass.

4. FROGTAPE 1396748 Multi-Surface Tape

FROGTAPE 1396748 Multi-Surface Painting Tape

We all have a fascination with decorating or painting our house or office. Most often, we want to paint our home with our hands. But if we don’t follow proper cautions, then rather beauty, the opposite can happen.

We require painting tape for painting walls so that the paint may not bleed on the area we cover. FROGTAPE is a quality painting tape that prevents bleeding of color and provides paint lines like professionals.

Mainly, this tape has PaintBlock technology that saves time and doesn’t give importance to touchups. And it is a highly absorbent polymer that releases gels after getting touched with water or latex paint. Likewise, this tape seals edges and provides you neat paint lines like professionals.

There comes a reusable container with the tape to protect it from dust and stay damage-free. The length, width, and thickness of the tape respectively, are 45 yards x .94 inch x 0.1 millimeters.

Moreover, this tape works nicely on wood trim, any metal, and glass also. It leaves no marks if you remove it even after 21 days, but better remove it within 7 days if it stays in direct sunlight.

Using this tape on watercolor paper is preferable to some, but some people do not prefer it as it is very sticky. We recommend you to experiment on watercolor paper, then paint.

Highlighted Features:

  • This tape has paint block technology to prevent paint bleed.
  • The highly absorbent polymer seals edges.
  • Can give neat, clean, sharp professionals paint.
  • Length x width x thickness are 45 yards x .94 inch x 0.1 millimeters.
  • Leave no marks after 21 days removal and 7 days removal in direct sunlight.

5. VIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Washi Tape

VIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set Colored Masking Tape Pack Decorative Thin Tapes

Those who craft and decorate regularly feel the necessity of enormous quantity tape with so many colors in a single purchase. For them, VIVIQUEN Washi Tape is most beneficial.

First of all, there comes 20 bright rainbow-colored tape with two randomly designed 2 rolls. In sum, you’ll receive 22 rolls. Each roll’s size is 0.3 inches x 16.5 feet in width and length.

All the tapes are made of paper, and you do not need to use scissors to cut them. Simply hand is enough to tear the tape. Even if you tile wrong, it will not leave any glue residue. Since these are repositionable, you can pull back and apply them again on the surface. Over and above, they get stick so nicely.

Writing on these tapes is super fun. You can decorate any notes, give headlines to any important thing. Also, you can make cards or decorate envelopes, children’s rooms, day-planner, blackboard using these beautiful tapes.

As all the colors are vibrant, if you write anything, then it looks so pretty. These can be used for watercolor paper tape too.

These rainbow tapes are made with durable material and thus maintain excellent and hi-graded quality. Children to adults, anyone loves using these tapes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes 22 rolls in one package.
  • All the tapes are of vibrant rainbow color.
  • Easily tearable by hand and repositionable.
  • Good for giving shape of painting, crafting, and drafting.
  • Consisting size in length and width are 16.5 feet and 0.3 inch.

6. Feeke Colored Masking Tape

Colored Masking Tape Colored Painters Tape for Arts & Crafts

If you desire some colored masking tape that will have a more vibrant color and you’ll use them not only for just crafting but also for painting, then Feeke Colored Masking Tape will be your leading choice.

This tape has 1-inch width, 13 yards (36 feet) length, and acrylic material. You’ll get 6 colored (red, orange, yellow, green, navy and purple) masking tape in a package.

Notably, these tapes are versatile, can easily tear by hand. As it is very sticky, it gets securely adhesive to any surface. Even you can reposition this tape.

Gets smoothly fits any objects like paper, glass, wall, and you can create sharp lines on painting using these.

Being acrylic and durable color tape, it maintains high quality. And the brand assures you about their satisfying service.

Crafting is so fun with this tape as all the colors are plangent. You can decorate phone cases, pen holders, boxes, tables, and photo frames. Also, you can make gorgeous wall art with this.

Kids love this tape so much, and craft lovers too as they get fun and can create anything they want.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used on any objects like glass, watercolor paper, and wall.
  • 6 plangent colored masking tape comes in one package.
  • All the colors are red, green, navy, blue, purple, orange.
  • Tearing, sticking, and repositioning is quite easier.
  • Best for decorating, crafting and painting.

7. Molshine Natural Color Washi Masking

Molshine Set of 6 Natural Color Washi Masking Tape

Crafting has become very popular nowadays. Some people take it as a profession, and some do this to taste their soul. Whatever the purpose is, meritorious always want to try something new. And for them, Molshine’s natural color set is most useful.

When you see this tape, you’ll fall in love. Here has natural colored paint on the tape that makes your crafting more manageable and beautiful as you don’t need to paint on them.

The package includes 6 beautiful rolls, and the size of each is 15mm x 7m, which means 7.6 yards long.

All the tapes have beautiful natural light colors, and they are waterproof. Get easily adhere to any surface, paper to material, and take off easily without leaving any glue marks.

So these tapes are favorite to DIY lovers. And these are usable on water-based marker paper for painting too. As these tapes are manufactured in Japan, there has no compromise with quality.

We all know how Japan’s products are. You can have a user-friendly and fun experience with these tapes. Everyone will love your work if you use these.

Highlighted Features:

  • You’ll get 6 rolls in a single purchase.
  • All the colors are natural and have the natural painting on them.
  • Each tape’s size is 15 mm wide and 7.6 yards long.
  • Strongly get adhesive, and taking off ensures no glue marks.
  • Application is accepted on any surface like watercolor paper, metal, glass and walls.

8. KOVANO Washi – Paper Tape for Painting

Washi Masking Tape Set of 24 Decorative Masking Tape Collection

Do you want your craft tape to have different colors, styles, patterns, and natural or artificial painting? Then after seeing KOVANO washi masking tape, you’ll maybe dance in happiness.

One is to fall in love must with these beautiful tapes. There have different types of designs and painting on these tapes. You’ll get 24 rolls in one set. And each roll has a various design.

In some, you’ll see realistic paintings like the maple leaf, lotus, snow, mountain, green grass, beautiful flowers. Some have butterflies, birds, deer. And few have seasonal painting, night pictures, sparkling stars, moon, etc.

Using process of these tapes is very easy. You can tear using your hand, reposition them, leaving no residue, get adhesive firmly, and don’t damage any furniture or walls.

All the tapes can be widely used to craft like decorating gift cards, packaging, and wrapping gifts. If you decorate your photo frame with these, it’ll look extraordinary.

You can also make cards by your own, decorate your sketchbooks, calendar, day-planners, favorite notes, make wallpaper, and do any event decorating. Moreover, writing on them is also possible.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has pretty design and natural painting on the tape.
  • The package comes with 24 beautiful crafting tapes.
  • Width is 15 mm, and length is 4 meters.
  • Easily applicable and removable without any sticky residue.
  • One can use these for multi-purposes.

9. Zonon Fruits Candy Dot Washi Tapes

Candy Dot Washi Tapes 800 Dots Writing Washi Tape Circle Stickers for DIY Decorative Diary Planner Scrapbooking

If you can decorate your favorite things with dot stickers that seem like candy, and there comes candy scent from them, how you’ll feel? I understand how your feelings will be.

Zonon fruits candy dot washi tape is such a tape that fulfills your decorative needs the way you want with 8 different candy scents, including mint, strawberry, lemon, and cola flavors.

There have 4 coloreds (blue, green, orange, multi) rolls in the package, and each roll holds 100 dots. And the colors seem like these are not dots; these are real candy.

All the dots are made of durable papers, and clear, vibrant, glossy, transparent texture makes these look like real candy. These provide you with more decorative DIY hacks.

Application of dots is easier, and if required, you can reposition them, and they’ll leave no glue residue. To decorate your mobile, laptop, makeup boxes, and penholder, you can widely use them.

Also, you can decorate your notes, envelopes, or cards for family and friends, mark your important dates on the calendar, favorite coffee cup, and gift boxes. Whatever you decorate with these dots will look so pretty.

Highlighted Features:

  • This tape is mainly dotting stickers that looks like candy.
  • In a package, there have 4 colored rolls, and each roll has 100 dots.
  • You’ll get 8 flavored scents from these candy dots.
  • The dots are made of clear, transparent, glossy, durable washi papers.
  • Available colors are blue, orange, green, and multi.

Top Watercolor Paper Tape Comparison Table





Scotch Masking Tape

0.94 inch x 60.1 yards



Mr. Pen Colored Tape

0.6 inch x 15 yards



STIKK Blue Painters Tape

1 inch x 60 yards



FROGTAPE Multi-Surface Tape

.94 inch x 45 yards



VIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Tape

0.3 inch x 16.5 feet



Feeke Colored Masking Tape

1 inch x 13 yards



Molshine Washi Tape

0.6 inch x 7.6 yards



Kovano Masking Tape

15 mm x 4 meters



Fruits Candy Dot Tape

0.5 inch x 100 dots



What To Look Before Buying Tape For Watercolor Paper

Best Tape for Watercolor Paper

My dear friends! We have made you introduced with the 9 best tape for watercolor paper. Although our title is for watercolor paper, most of the tape in our list can be used for multi-purposes.

Before buying any of the tapes you like, we would like to give you some guidelines to choose the perfect one for you. Because sometimes we blame product not for fulfilling our demand properly. But we often forget that selecting the right product is in our hands.

So stay with us till the last to know some magic tips.

Decide your requirement

Why do you want to buy a tape? You want to do painting, crafting, or decorating? Suppose you need to craft something, and now you have purchased a wider tape in size and has no pretty color to decorate your surface, then you can’t blame the tape.

Similarly, if you want to create sharp, professional lines, you can’t choose craft tape or art tape instead of masking tape.

Now decide where you want to paint? On paper or wall to decorate your house? If you’re going to paint the wall, then choose wider tape. And for paper painting, sometimes a few art tapes also work.


The quality of masking tape plays a vital role in your work. Imagine you’re doing painting, your masking tape soaks the color, and it gets spread on your wall. How you’ll feel? Never choose a lousy quality masking tape for both painting and crafting. It will disturb you a lot.

Another feature justifies the quality of masking tape. And that is leaving no sticky residue. Make sure you choose the tape that doesn’t leave any glue marks.

Tape’s dimension

You better know why you need masking tape. Give importance to your current work and likewise to the dimension of the tape. If your primary purpose is painting, choose a broader tape to cover the area you want.

Measure the area you want to cover first, then choose which tape will most serve your need. On the other hand, if you desire to do crafting, then choose colorfully and painted tape according to your desired dimension.

Try to select this tape that has much length; then, it’ll serve you long.

Understand tape’s manufacture

Generally, beautifully designed and painted tapes come huge in quantity; this is actually crafting masking tape. Thus it helps to decorate and preparing funnier beautiful things.

And if you see a tape that has no charming color, comes single in a package, then this is basically perfect for doing painting on wall, wood.

But few tapes help both in crafting and painting. The manufacturers mention this in their product description.

Acid-free or not

Try to buy acid-free masking tape. If the tape has acid, then it’ll get fade after some days, which will destroy the beauty of your crafted things. Acid-free tapes are suitable for painting too, as they do not harm the surface.

People Also Asked About Tapes for Watercolor Papers

Best Tape for Watercolor Paper buying guide

1. What kind of tape doesn’t rip paper?

Usually, we do a painting giving hours after hours. As we need transparent borders to make our artwork look more vibrant, we use masking tape. Sometimes a masking tape destroys our painting.

But if you choose an expensive brand tape like draft tape or art tape that gets adhered to nicely, remove easily without leaving any glue residue, then this is the best tape and will not rip your paper.

2. Can you use washi tape for watercolor?

Washi tapes are mainly decorative tape. That doesn’t mean you can’t use these for watercolor. Yes, you can, but without the hope of getting very sharp and neat edges.

With washi tape, somewhere watercolor will get spread, and you’ll not get the very perfect edge. When you don’t require sharp edges, do use washi tape. But you’re not recommended to use washi when your painting is related to your profession.

3. What kind of tape do artists use?

Usually, artists use masking tape in their paintings. Because masking tape adheres nicely, also remove easily. Sometimes when you need repositioning of tape, this is also possible by masking tape.

4. Can you use masking tape to stretch watercolor paper?

Stretching watercolor paper is possible by masking tape, and sometimes stretching paper becomes essential when you use a sheet of 140 lbs or less than it.

Make sure your paper is cotton; find a bigger board than the paper you will strectch, now you’re ready to stretch your paper.


Our article has reached its end, and we tried to lay bear 9 best tape for watercolor paper. We are hopeful that our provided information and tips will be helpful for you.

Read every detail of each product, highlighted features, and our buying guides. Do not choose the wrong tape for you. Make sure if you want to use it for a single purpose or multi-purposes. This will help you decide the best tape for you.

So at last, we hope you invest your money in the right product—You are going to be amazing!



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