Best Sketchbooks for Alcohol Based Markers in 2021 [4 picks]

Best Sketchbooks for Alcohol Based Markers

We all have passions in life for something specific. For an artist or art lover, the passion is doing the painting. Artworks like magic for mental health, especially for the people to whom art is passion.

Nowadays, artists have become conscious of easy art tools. And they give a try to every possible thing. So using markers in art has become a common object.

But sometimes artists or beginners face a problem using markers because of a quality paper. They find that the markers start bleeding on pages, or sometimes the paper does not soak marker ink properly.

Some paper turns yellow and makes painting bad. The worst part is that some paper is so thin that it tears if you scrabble by a rubber.

That is why today, we are here to let you know about 4 best sketchbooks for alcohol based markers. We do not want your investment to go in vain.



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Canson XL Paper Pad


Bianyo Bleed Proof Marker Pad


Ohuhu Art Marker Pad


Bee-20001 Creative Marker Book


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Our Recommended Best Sketchbooks for Alcohol Based Markers Reviews in 2021

There has no deficiency of papers in the market. You’ll find both good paper and bad paper. So choosing the right paper for you is really a bit challenging in the big world of papers.

Even experienced artists sometimes mistake choosing the right one by reading mesmerizing product features, then later find that the investment went wrong.

But we only believe in good sketchbooks. So today, we’ll make you introduced to the 4 finest lead art supplies. Our recommendations are:

1. Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad

Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad

Drawing is another term of love. The people who love drawing so much always look for a pleasant experience of drawing. As artists do drawing lovingly, they do not want any disturbance.

Most often, papers become that disturbance. But Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad or sketchbook will ensure you a satisfying experience.

The sketchbook has 9″ x 12″ size and 100 sheets. And the consisting paperweight is 18 pound/70 gram. And each paper is semi-translucent and white. They’re completely acid-free.

Thus the white paper never gets yellow. We, the artist people, must know how important acid-free papers are for us.

Those papers of the sketchpad are not heavy or very thick. But that doesn’t mean your ink will start bleeding. The papers are high-quality paper, and there has no possibility of bleeding.

Even after opening this sketchbook, you’ll find a piece of green paper in front. Torn the paper, and then place it underneath a sketchpad in which you’ll draw.

By this, the extra ink will be absorbed by the green paper, and no ink bleeding is possible here. The sketchbook works comfortably and with quality by alcohol-based markers.

I can say it is one of the best paper for alcohol based markers for painting. And it works nicely with pens, pencils, acrylic paint markers, color brush markers, and graphite.

I recommend you this sketch pad because it is really praiseworthy. You’ll get a fine experience of drawing sketches to full finished form.

Highlighted features:

  • This sketchbook has semi-translucent paper.
  • Each pad has 100 sheets, and the size is 9″ x 12″.
  • Every paper is acid-free, and no possibility of ink bleeding.
  • There has a green paper to soak extra ink while drawing to ensure no bleed.
  • It works nicely with any kind of ink, especially alcohol based markers.

2. Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

Artists feel comfortable doing paint in sketchpads because the pad is easier to carry wherever they want. Sometimes artists do art outside, or if they go on travel, they need sketchpads for drawing because artists can not live without drawing.

Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad is one of the most useful sketch pads for drawing lovers. This pad has 50 sheets, and its weight is 18 LB/ 70 GSM.

The paper’s size is A4 (8.27 “X11.69”), which is perfect for any drawing. All of the white paper is made of 100% cotton. So the papers can soak much ink and do not let marker ink or watercolor bleed.

You can call this sketchpad or drawing pad completely bleed-proof, and those are really quality paper. Another cool part is, the sketchpad saves your marker ink too.

It soaks less ink from the alcohol-based marker. I have experienced such a benefit for the first time that a sketchpad is saving my ink to last long. This sketchbook is outstanding for art markers.

The surface of the papers is super smooth. You can say ultra-smooth and hot-pressed paper for every marker types drawing tool. A marker will comfortably run on the surface, and you’ll get your desired painting.

And yes, those papers are acid-free and pH neutral. So this sketchbook will hold the sign of your talent days after days. The white paper will not be yellow type; it’ll remain the same.

I love this sketchbook because it gives 100% satisfaction. This sketchbook is bound with glue. You can easily torn paper from it, and you’ll find a fresh painting of your own.

Highlighted features:

  • This sketchbook has 50 sheets and 18 LB weights.
  • The white paper is made of 100% cotton cellulose and thin.
  • All of the paper is acid-free and pH is neutral.
  • As it is made of cotton, it has no possibility of ink bleeding.
  • The surface of the papers is ultra-smooth and hot pressed.

3. Ohuhu Marker Pads Art Sketchbook

Ohuhu Marker Pads Art Sketchbook

A lovely drawing pad or sketch pad can give you a beautiful experience of drawing. If a sketchbook itself is classy, then how come your painting will not be perfect?

We’ll tell you about Ohuhu Marker Pads Art Sketchbook, which is undoubtedly the best sketchpad for alcohol-based marker ink. This Ohuhu Marker Paper is square in size by 8.3″ x 8.3″.

The surface is lengthy enough for painting. As the size is adjustable, it is easily portable and gets fit in a bag easily. The papers of the sketchpad are heavyweight drawing paper.

Like other sketch pads, here, you are not bound to do paint on just one paper. In this pad, you can draw on both sides of a paper. And there are 78 sheets, which means 156 pages.

Those are so heavy that one side’s drawing will not be visible on another side. The whole sketch pad’s weight is 120LB (200GSM). All artists know that how important heavy-weight papers are for drawing.

Every paper has a very smooth surface for comfortable and trouble-free drawing. And the sketchpad’s papers are completely acid-free; thus it holds the evidence of your talent without doing any damages.

You’ll get an experience of an excellent bleed-free drawing on this sketchpad. In this sketchbook, there has an easy tear system. If you make any mess in drawing, you can easily tear the paper.

Or if you want to give anyone your drawing as a gift, you can do so. This sketch paper is suitable for drawing with water-based markers, alcohol-based markers, watercolor, pen, pencils, charcoal, etc.

The cover of the sketchpad seems like nearly a diary. So this sketchbook can be your drawing diary. I will say this is one of the leading sketchbooks in the market.

Highlighted features:

  • The sketchpad’s size is 8.3″ x 8.3,” and its weight is 120LB (200GSM).
  • Each sketchbook has 78 double-sided sheets, a total of 156 pages.
  • Artists can draw on both sides and no possibility of being visible on another side.
  • A smooth surface ensures no bleeding of marker ink.
  • Suitable for any kind of drawing material like pen, pencil & markers.
  • Easy to tear papers and carry wherever an artist wants.

4. Bee Paper BEE-20001 Creative Marker Book

Bee Paper BEE-20001 Creative Marker Book

We, artist people, love holding the sign of our talent for days to years. But sometimes, the beginners face problems choosing a quality paper pad or the lead art supply. Even experienced artist faces so.

But Bee Paper Company BEE-20001 Creative sketchbook will not dishearten you. In this sketchbook, there have 50 sheets, and the size of those papers is 5-1/2-inch x 8-inch. The consisting weight of the sketchbook is 12.6 ounces.

All are white and acid-free; thus, it will never turn your art into yellow shaded paper. This sketchbook’s white paper is extra charming to me because the white catches the eye and very flawless.

The surface of the sketchbook is hot pressed. Your art tools will easily move on this ultra-smooth surface. Artists can use the pen, pencils, water-based markers, alcohol-based markers, paint pens on those pages.

As it is an ultra-smooth sketchbook, you’ll not face any tooth in pages. And the pages are made of 100% cotton cellulose, so they’ll absorb ink perfectly and not bleed.

This sketchpad is a marker pad and also a media art journal. Without any doubt, you can trust the color fidelity ability of the sketchbook. All the pages will flawlessly hold the sign of your talent and love.

The pack is combined by double wire bind. Thus, page removing is quite easier. You just need to turn over pages. So simple. And the cover page has a beehive sign in front, looks beautiful and simple.

Highlighted features:

  • The sketchbook has 50 sheets, and the size of the page is 5-1/2-inch x 8-inch.
  • All of the papers are made of 100% cotton, and they are white.
  • Artists can use any type of art tool here without any hindrance.
  • The markers do not bleed here as the pages soak ink nicely.
  • All the paper is acid-free, and the surface is ultra-smooth without any tooth.

What to Look for When Buying Sketchbooks for Alcohol Based Markers

Sketchbooks for Alcohol Based Markers buying guide

All artists know the necessity of a quality sketchbook for their work. We tried to let you make familiar with 4 sketchbooks for alcohol-based markers in our blog post.

Before investing money in the very lead art supply, you should focus on some essential things. Although all the sketchbooks in our list are so good and you may trust everything.

Based on comfort ness, uses, and considering other facts, you should invest in the right sketchbooks. Our buying guide will help you choose the perfect sketchbook for you.

Remember that paper is the vital ingredient for art; you can not compromise even little with your work. So choosing the right sketchbook is mandatory.

Bleed prevention

Artists love experimenting with different art tools, and the marker is on the top of their choice in the present. Markers are watery type; what if it is a water-based marker or alcohol-based.

If the marker doesn’t contain enough water, it will not give a nice color. So chances of bleeding through marker are quite normal. But bleeding on the page disheartens an artist as the painting gets bad.

A good branded sketchbook can prevent the bleeding of a marker. If sketchbooks have high-quality paper, they provide bleed free comfortable drawing to you.

Paper’s weight

In the matter of art, the weight of papers or sketchbooks plays a vital role. Basically, a good sketchbook has a nice weight and thin paper.

Because thin papers soak and absorb much ink inside a page without bleeding. On the thin papers, one can do art without tension. If you do art on a page, the art is not visible from the other side.

That is really cool. A thin paper lets you experience a perfect blending. But in the markets there is some good branded sketchbook that is not thin; still, they work better.

Texture of papers 

A sketchbook has a nice weight, and it is bleed-proof; you’re happy that you’ve found the best. No, my friend! You’re mistaken. Along with weight and bleed prevention, paper types rely on the texture of the paper.

If a paper is thin, but the surface is harsh, you’ll face problems while blending color. Even your marker will not want to run on the page because its mouth can get bad sometimes.

Usually, ultra-smooth papers are excellent for drawing. A good surface gives one a comfortable art zone.

Binding types

There are two types of sketchbooks based on binding types. One is a journal-type sketchbook, and another is spiral-bound. What is better between the two? The only answer to the question is in which you feel comfortable.

Journal-type sketchbooks hold all the pages with a hardcover by glue or an elastic strap. The binding is secure, but page tearing is quite easy in the process.

Sometimes it happens that you’re about to go on another page, and the other page in your hand gets tear by itself. Otherwise, this system gives a confidential look to your sketchbook.

And spiral bound sketchpads ensure proper binding, and going to one page from another is comfortable here.


As an artist, you always need to stay on the race of art for your professional purpose or practice. If you’re an artist, then a sketchbook is undoubtedly your demand of daily life.

Before buying a sketchbook, be sure why you’re buying this, for regular use or for professional work. Better invest by being sure.

The color of the page is also important. And white paper is better because it highlights the art better. For art, the white paper is widely used.

The material of paper is equally important. If the cellulose is of cotton, then it is one of the best quality for bleed-proof drawing.


Well, the experienced artist may know some of the things we discussed above. Beginners may have become confused, thinking that is it so tough?

Do not worry; it is maybe not so easy choosing the right sketchbook. But if you read this blog, we have a firm belief that things will get easier to you.

We hope our article has given the right direction to both beginners and experienced. Now you know what the best sketchbooks for alcohol based markers are. So buy the one you like most. And must read our buying guide for better direction.

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