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best pen for doctors

If science is magic, then doctors are the magician. They play the role of an angel in everyone’s life. Because of them, we are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet life. If we get sick, without their service, we may not get recover. They are always on their duty for the sake of us.

For those heroes, thank is more than insufficient. Actually, they do not serve us to get thanks. They help us because of their duty and to get blessings. We indeed give them blessings, but we should thank them sometimes, although this is too little.

What could be the best thanksgiving products to doctors- is this question come across in your mind? Well, I’ll suggest you pen. Because for doctors, the pen is mandatory. In the market, there have so many pens for doctors. But to know about the best pens for doctors, you must read our list. We hope it’ll make your decision easier.



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PILOT Dr. Grip Ball Pen


Waterman Black Ballpoint Pen GT


Thanh 39's Personalized Pen


Pentel Ener Gel Pen


Pilot Multi Function Pen


Cross Lacquer Gel Pen


Our Top 10 Best pens for Doctors in 2021

1. PILOT Dr. Grip Refillable Ball Pen

PILOT Dr. Grip Refillable Ball Pen

Are you looking for a doctor’s pen for a doctor to give as a gift? Then you can purchase PILOT Dr. Grip Limited Refillable & Retractable Gel Inks Rolling Ball Pen. 

You can not give whatever pens to doctors; the quality of the pen is a must here. The pilot dr. Grip pen has better quality because it ensures better and smooth-writing. This gel pen has advanced ink and a large barrel, which is very comfortable to grip with less writing stress, although it is a ballpoint pen. The arthritis foundation recommends this pen because of its easy use.

Doctors use pens mostly for writing the prescription. You can name this pen as the prescription of comfortable writing. This is a type of writing instruments which will fulfill all your need. Like fountain pens, you can refill and retract the pen with G2 refills. It comes with a medium point as well as a fine point.

Gel ink that has been used in pen is completely smear-resistant. The pen has no cap, but doctors can easily put this in their coat pocket by the clip. This pen is available in four beautiful colors. You’ll get a convenient writing experience without fatigue.

Highlighted features of PILOT Dr. Grip Rolling Ball Pen

  1. Pilot dr. Grip has the features of a ballpoint pen.
  2. The gel ink is advanced and smear-resistant.
  3. The Arthritis foundation praises this ergonomic pen.
  4. It provides people smooth writing and is thus called a prescription of easy writing.
  5. You can retract and refill the pen with G2 refills.

1. Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen

There are some classy people around us. And yes, doctors are always elegant. If you have not found a classy pen yet in our list to gift any doctor, then I am sure if you read this, you’ll surely find it.

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen is such a pen that you’re bound to love this pen. This pen has a Persian style with a cigar silhouette. The deep and shiny black lacquer finish gets correctly adjusted with the gold trim on the pen. It has 23 karat gold clip to add more aristocracy to the pen.

The dimensions of the pen are 6.89 x 2.75 x 1.57 inches. There has a medium tip to provide a smooth and comfortable writing experience. Although the pen is deep black, the ink color is blue.

To open or close, you just have to twist. And there has a well mechanism of retract twist. One will get satisfy experience using the pen.

For providing more class, the pen comes in a beautiful blue waterman marked box. The pen accepts waterman refills. This is no less than classy fountain pens.

Highlighted features of Waterman Ballpoint Pen

  1. The pen is deep and glossy black and has gold.
  2. It is designed in Persian style.
  3. For smoothing writing, there has a medium tip, and ink color is blue.
  4. It has 23 karat gold clip.
  5. The pen comes in a beautiful luxury blue box.

3. Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Who doesn’t like classy pens? If a pen looks elegant, then it upholds our statement of choice. Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen is the pen I am talking about. This can be the best gift for our doctors.

On the body of the barrel, there has a design of aluminum alloy. As the barrel has gold accents, its looks like real gold. The pen has high technology ink, as it is a combination of liquid ink and gel ink.

So the gel ink pen ensures the best qualities for a better writing zone. You’ll find this gel pen with no smearing, no smudging, and no globbing. Even the grip section is so comfortable to hold that you’ll experience great writing control.

The best part of the pen is that you can refill this elegant pen with any kind of ENER_GEL refill. You’ll be able to write medium lines with a .7 mm metal tip.

This cap-less pen comes in nice packaging with a beautiful gift box. Your doctor friend will undoubtedly love this pen; even a nurse will love this as a gift. They can perfectly fit this in their coat pocket.

Highlighted features of Pentel Ener Gel Pen

  1. The pen has a design of aluminum alloy on the barrel.
  2. On the barrel has real accents of gold.
  3. You’ll find a super smooth experience of writing with the combination of gel ink and liquid ink.
  4. The texture of the grip is very comfortable to hold.
  5. A beautiful presentation box increases its elegance more.

4. Pilot Mult Function Pen | Personalized Pen for Doctors

Pilot Mult Function Pen

The pilot is one of the best brands for the pen. This brand has so many varieties of pens. But for doctors, they have the best pen named Pilot Mult Function Pen dr. Grip 4+1.

You’ll fall in love with the ice-blue colored body of the pen. Plastic is the material of the pen, and there has a rubber grip that is easier to hold. The pen’s body is completely gorgeous, with a dimension of 6.5 x .7 x 1.3 inches.

You’ll be amazed to know that in one pilot pen, there have 5 services. Yes, you have heard right. The ballpoint pen has four colors of ink, like-black, red, blue, and green. And there has a pencil inside too. Yes, it is very true.

The best part is there are pilot refills for the pen, and you’ll find those refills at a reasonable price. This pen is more interesting than a fountain pen. Because of the unique service in one pen, the price range may seem a little bit high to you.

This pilot pen is so perfect for your regular handwriting. As it has many colors inside, you can make perfect notes for yourself with it. You can gift this to doctors and friends. People will love it most as a gift.

Highlighted features of Pilot Mult Function Pen

  1. The complete body of the pilot pen is of ice-blue color.
  2. There have 4 colors and one pencil in this pen, and those can be refillable.
  3. Inside the ballpoint pen, there has black, blue, red, and green color.
  4. The ballpoint pen’s acro ink is .5mm, and the mechanical pencil is .5mm.
  5. This pen is a cap-less pen but easy to carry.

5. Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Pen

Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Pen

I don’t think there has any comparable to rollerball pens in the market. People who know the types of pens must choose rollerball pens. If you’re looking for a perfect pen to give your familiar doctors a gift, I’ll recommend you Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Rollerball Pen.

This pen has a nice purple color, and the ink color is black. It is made of metal and goes with contemporary style. There have a sleek fashion and rich lacquer finishing in the pen. The pen’s dimension in L x W x H respectively is 5.38 x 0.46 x 0.46 inches.

It is such a pen that adds pure delight to your writing. A beautiful curved clip and chrome finish polish design define the beauty and class of the pen.

You’ll be amazed to know that this pen accepts any refill you want to use. It takes gel rolling ball, jumbo ballpoint, porous-point. The ink of the pen gives flow like a fountain pen.

This pen is so beautiful that if you gift this to any doctors, they’ll feel happy using this. It is easy to use and has a dashing look to go with the class of a doctor. So I’ll say this is one of the best items on the list. You can gift this to nurses, medical students and use it for your personal purpose too.

Highlighted features of Cross Beverly Rollerball Pen

  1. The pen is purple in color, but there have color options too.
  2. It was made using metal, and there has chrome polish.
  3. This product’s dimension are 5.38 x 0.46 x 0.46 inches.
  4. It is such a pen that accepts any categories of refill like a fountain pen.
  5. The beautiful pen comes inside a beautiful cross marked box.

6. SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens

SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens

What will you do if you find some cute pens to gift as a thanksgiving to your familiar doctors, nurses, or other medical staff in a very reasonable price? I can imagine how happy you’ll be.

SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens “Thank You” is the pen that will fulfill all your demand. These plastic pens hold a doctor’s shape in the body and available in pink, light, and dark blue. It is a complete set of 36 pens. You can gift this to so many peoples. Your kid will love giving this pen as a gift to their doctor, aunt or uncle, brother or sister.

If you’re a medical student, you can gift this to your teacher. Even your friends, nurses, and other medical staff will love holding this pen in their hand. This is the best pens for medical students to use or a perfect gift for one doctor to give to another doctor. Whoever will get this pen, you’ll find the person smiling by himself.

Even it can write super nicely. Low-viscosity ink (black) and medium point of 1.0 mm, gives a smooth writing experience. The grip section is also easy to hold. This pen’s shelf life is nearly 3 years. Isn’t it amazing? Anybody will love the cuteness of the pen.

Highlighted features SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens

  1. This super cute pen has a doctored cartoon on the body.
  2. The dimension of the pen is 5.8 x 0.4 x 0.67 inches.
  3. It can write super smoothly and fastly with its low-viscosity ink.
  4. The shelf life of the pen is almost 3 years.
  5. In one package, you’ll find 36 pens.

7. Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

A pen will ask for everyone’s attention-if you demand so, then Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen has no comparison in our list.

This pen has a stainless steel body, which looks super cute. And the grip section is made of smooth rubber that helps to hold the grip nicely while writing. The barrel is completely gorgeous because of the stainless steel, which gives the pen an executive look. Even there has a metal clip for the pocket that goes with the pen so well. The stainless steel used in the pen is durable and has no fear of getting scratched.

Zebra f402 is more updated than zebra f301, f701, m701. This pen gives nice ink flow with a 0.7 mm fine point. The color of the ink is black. Doctors feel so comfortable using the pen. They see it as their medium of elegance. As it services well, this helps in their work too.

This pen is well-known for some good reasons. It is the best option for everyday writing and gives flawless lines. Because it has a comfortable weight to enhance your comfort zone of writing and make your lines perfect, one can use zebra f-refill in this pen, and it is retractable.

Highlighted features of Zebra Ballpoint Pen

  1. Zebra f402 ballpoints have a unique combination of stainless steel and soft rubber.
  2. The barrel has durable stainless steel, and the grip is made of rubber.
  3. This pen has a perfect weight of 1.76 ounces for enhancing writing comfort.
  4. It accepts zebra f-refill.
  5. With a 0.7 mm fine point, it gives a nice flow of black ink.

8. “Thank You” Gift Pen

Thank You Gift Pen

We all have some angels in life to whom we want to give little appreciation. ‘Thank you’ is just a word, but with heavy meaning. Sometimes thank you isn’t enough for those angels. Then what can you do? Well, nothing can be better than “Thank You” Gift Pens.

The pen’s specialty is that there has a ‘Thank you” logo on the body of the pen. And there has a push stylus on the top of the pen in which if you push, then the thank you logo on the barrel will lighten up. For making your retraction easier, there has a rubber grip twist.

This pen is a three in one package. Those pens work as multifunctional gel pens that can operate on the smart device, there has a light on the pen, and one can use it as a smart gel pen, although it is a ballpoint pen.

It is made of more sturdy material; thus, it is more durable. You’ll find here chrome accents, barrel with metallic color, twist rubber grip, etc, which ensure its durability. And it has a pocket clip. You’ll find color variations in those pens. Red, purple, black, green, blue, light blue, and orange are available colors.

It can be a perfect gift for your doctor mom-dad, teachers, students, co-staff, and boss. Believe me; everybody will love this. This is one of the best products without any question.

Highlighted features of “Thank You” Gift Pen

  1. This pen is a three in one package.
  2. The barrel is logoed with ‘thank you’ sign and lightens with the push’s help.
  3. As the sturdy metal is used here, it is durable.
  4. You’ll find this pen in 6 beautiful colors.
  5. Perfect choice of gift if you want to thank anyone.

9. Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

Are you looking for something fun to gift science lovers or doctors? Nothing can be perfect other than Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen, which will be the most ok pen among your choices.

There have sixty pens in one package. All are with varieties of color, but the ink color is blue. Those pens are fully functional to give nice writing, and the weight is very comfortable to hold. Every pen is very cool and looks so charming.

 If you gift this to any mad scientist or any kid, then they will just go crazy with the cuteness of those pens. You can gift this to your friends too. Whoever finds this as a gift, his or her joys will know no bounds.

The syringe illusion is so perfect here that by the first look, one can easily get betrayed. If anyone of your familiar person is afraid of the syringe, you can prank with them with this pen. A science lover kid will just fall in love with the look and service because it writes perfectly. The best is, you’ll get 60 pens at a very low price.

Highlighted features of Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

  1. In one package, there have 60 syringe pens.
  2. There have color options, but the ink color is blue.
  3. The illusion of syringe is nicely captured here.
  4. It is made of plastic, and the dimensions are 8.5 x 4.8 x 4 inches.

10. SunAngel Syringe Pens | Best ink pens for nurses

SunAngel Syringe Pens

The pen about which I’ll provide details now is the most funny pen on our product list. The whole package of the pen will entertain you with its witty and cool attire.

We’re talking about SunAngel Pens. Let’s first know what is there in the package. You’ll get 4 syringe pens, 6 pill pens or capsule pens, and 10 bone design ballpoint pens. All those pens are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

The bone designed pens are the perfect gift for Halloween. And the syringe pens will give you feel of doctor and nurse; you can gift those to them. Mini vitamin capsule pens are super cute to see. If you gift this to any kid, they will love it for sure. Every pen of sunangel is a pretty gift for medical workers. I am sure you’ll keep some for yourself too. Of course, you’ll do it because those are such cute.

Among all the bone-shaped pens, five is of black ink, and five of blue ink. Every pill pen has blue ink. And the syringe pens have rainbow ink. They can write nice nicely too. Because of the size, there has an ink limitation. But it doesn’t matter because of the number of pens. You’ll indeed have a fun experience with those pens.

Highlighted features of SunAngel Pens

  1. The package has 4 syringe pens, 6 pill pens and 10 bone pens.
  2. Most of the pens have blue ink, but 5 bone pens have black ink.
  3. Within low price so many pens you’ll get.
  4. The syringe pen is 13 cm, the pill pen is 5.5 cm, and the bone pen is 15 cm.
  5. Those multi-colored pens are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and have a contoured grip.

Buying guidelines

best pen for doctors buying guide

So we’re done providing you the list of the best pen for doctors. But we’re not done yet giving you some useful information about buying the best pen of your choice. Before choosing any pen and investing money in it, you just need to know if this pen will be perfect or not. Well, I guess our buying guideline details will help you.

Looks of the pen

As you’re giving this pen to doctors, or you’re a doctor yourself, you must know that doctors can’t use any type of simple pen. If you’re giving the pen as a gift, then the pen’s look is a matter of serious concern. Doctors have to deal with so many people every day, and they carry a great personalization reputation in society. So the pen they’ll use must look good.

Pens color

Choosing a perfect color for the doctors is a sensitive matter. As he or she has to deal with the patient, the colorful pen doesn’t match actually. The reason is the attractive color will try to catch the attention of the patient or others. This can be not comforting sometimes. Doctors wear a white apron or coat, so a black or white pen will adjust with the apron or coat. But for pediatricians, a colorful pen is perfect. You can gift them a syringe pen too.

How it writes

Why is a pen for if it isn’t for writing? And what is the use of the pen if it doesn’t give user-friendly writing? So it is essential to know that if the pen gives comfortable writing or not. As doctors have to write so many things, or medical students have to do many notes, the pen should give nice and smooth writing.

Stroke of the pen

Although you can not define how the doctor will use your pen, because this is not in your hand. But if you’re a doctor yourself, you definitely know why you’ll use this pen. If we’re going to buy, then we should know about the feature of thin stroke and thick stroke. This is important because both have different services. For regular writing or notes, a thin stroke is best. But forgiving the signature thick one is better. Now you know you’ll give a gift for regular writing or for giving signature.

How will use the pen

Thin and thick stroke pens are respectively perfect for regular writing and signature. But in choosing stroke, we can not ignore on what purpose the pen will be used. As you’re gifting pen to a doctor, I think you have few ideas in your mind that why you’re giving this. If you want that he or she has comfortable writing, you should prioritize that. If you’re going to give a classy and elegant pen for signatures, you can do this too. Choices are yours.

Final Word

So my dear friends! Now we’re at the end of our article. We hope that we have provided you enough data and information about the best pen for doctors. Our article will help you with some best pens, and our most important buying guides will help you decide on a proper investment. In the end, we wish you a happy buying.