Best Pens for Doctors in 2023 | Pens for Gifting and Everyday Uses

Our Best Choice
Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen

Waterman Black Ballpoint Pen GT

Best Bang for the Buck
Pilot Mult Function Pen

PILOT Dr. Grip Ball Pen

Thanh 39's Personalized Pen

Thanh 39's Personalized Pen

Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Pentel Ener Gel Pen

Pilot Mult Function Pen

Pilot Multi Function Pen

Pilot Mult Function Pen

Cross Lacquer Gel Pen



Number #1 in Style

While pricier than other pens on our list, the Waterman pen is the best of its breed with a sleek design, smooth writing style and high quality shell as an alternative to the more pricey Montblanc pens


Longevity at the Right Price Point

This pen ranks the top of our list due to the longevity and reliability it provides. At a fair price with added ergonomic grip there are not many pens that win at this price point.


Best Personalization Features

The Thanh 39 series is their best one yet with the most customization options of any model at a fair price in a sleek wood casing.


Essentials for a Fair Price

With a sleek aluminum finish and textured grip, this pen covers the basics while staying at a fair price point.


Optionality With Multiple Colors

The variable color settings to allow it's writers to inscribe in black, red, blue and green allow for usability in all settings.


For Our Gel Pen Lovers

With a subtle but charming design, this pen is for those that prefer gel ink over the traditional styles



The chrome and gold finish will catch everyone's eye and with the stylish carrying case and three year warranty included, this pen has it all for less than a fourth of the price of comparable Montblanc products. 


The ergonic grip, light weight, fine print and fair price make this pen a winner in our book, especially when compared to prior versions.


The wood finish makes this pen stand out from the rest with its unique design. The added personalization features make this pen perfect for gifts or celebratory events.


Medium size print and a metal body make this pen a fair middle of the road option. With a lifetime warrany included and light weight design this pen works best for those looking for subtlety.


Multiple color options make this pen great if your office has requirements for specific color writing on various documents.


Enclosed in a premium gift box, this pen features a thin metalic design. The turning mechanism in the center is smoother than prior iteratations.



While on the cheaper side of designer pens this model is still relatively expensive compared to standard pens you might find at a Target or Walmart.


This style is less sleek to the eye compared to our other top models. Some consumers have also noted receiving the wrong barrel color.


While wood pens are dipped in chemicals to provide longevity they still must be stored properly to ensure no water interacts with the pen to impact the coloring.


The design is fairly straight forward so the pen is unlikely to garner and second glances or compliments but it gets the job done for a good price.


With multiple colors comes and the added weight and size. Coming in a few grams heavier than our other options with a wider body this pen is less sleek than other models.


As of writing this, Amazon does not carry a wide variety of colors so you may be have to go with a default color choice.

If science is magic, then doctors are the magician. They play the role of an angel in everyone’s life. Because of them, we are maintaining a healthy and balanced life. If we get sick, without their service, we may not recover. They are always on duty for the sake of keeping us safe.

For these heroes, a “thank you” isn’t always what they deserve. For all of their dedication and care, doctors should receive recognition, and sometimes that is in the form of a gift.

It’s not always easy to think of a gift to show your appreciation, but have you ever thought about a pen? This item may some trivial, but in reality, doctors use pens all day long writing scripts, writing reports, and making notes. For doctors, a solid, smooth pen is necessary.

Hopefully this list will help you choose which pen is the best one for your doctor.

Our Top 10 Best Pens for Doctors in 2021

1. PILOT Dr. Grip Refillable Ball Pen

PILOT Dr. Grip Refillable Ball Pen

Are you looking for a reliable gift for your doctor? Look no more. The PILOT Dr. Grip Limited Refillable & Retractable Gel Inks Rolling Ball Pen is a quality pen and a must have. A smooth glide creates bright, and sufficient ink and writing which is a must for doctors, and this pen does that and more!

The gel, ballpoint pen has advanced ink and a large barrel which is very comfortable to grip with less writing stress. Even the Arthritis Foundation recommends this pen because of its easy use and low level of strain on the hand and fingers. You’ll have a convenient writing experience without fatigue.

Like fountain pens, you can refill and retract this pen with G2 refills which is a unique feature. There is no fear for the ink to dry out or run out because it is easy to refill. Additionally, the pen comes with a medium point and a fine point in order to meet all of your doctors’ needs. Most importantly, the gel ink that is used in the pen is completely smear-resistant.

The pen has no cap, but doctors can easily put this in their coat pocket by the clip, and it comes in four beautiful colors so there’s a color for everyone.

Highlighted features of PILOT Dr. Grip Rolling Ball Pen

  1. Pilot Dr. Grip has the features of a ballpoint pen.
  2. The gel ink is advanced and smear-resistant.
  3. The Arthritis Foundation praises this ergonomic pen.
  4. It provides people smooth writing and is thus called a prescription of easy writing.
  5. You can retract and refill the pen with G2 refills.

1. Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen

Doctors are some of the most classy and elegant people in society, so they deserve a classy pen such as the Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen. Anyone is bound to love it because of its sleek, Persian style with a cigar silhouette, and its prestigious look.

The deep and shiny black lacquer finish matches perfectly with the gold trim, and it has a 23 karat gold clip which adds more aristocracy. To provide more class, the pen comes in a blue, Waterman box where it’s nestled in by a strap.

The dimensions of the pen are 6.89 x 2.75 x 1.57 inches. There is a medium tip to provide a smooth and comfortable writing experience, and although the pen itself is a deep black, the ink color is blue.

To open or close, you simply have to twist, and there has a well mechanism of retract twist. One will have a satisfying experience when using the pen.

Furthermore, the pen accepts waterman refills. Although this is a pricier pen than most, it will last a lifetime and is well worth the cost.

Highlighted features of Waterman Ballpoint Pen

  1. The pen is colored deep and glossy black and has gold trim.
  2. It is a Persian style design.
  3. For smooth writing, there is a medium tip, and ink color is blue.
  4. It has a 23 karat gold clip.
  5. The pen comes in a beautiful, luxury blue box.

3. Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Who doesn’t like a sharp looking pen? If a pen looks elegant, then it upholds our statement of choice. Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Liquid Gel Pen is one of the best gifts for doctors.

On the body of the barrel, there is an aluminum alloy design. Since the barrel has gold accents, it looks like real gold. Moreover, the pen has high technology ink, as it is a combination of liquid ink and gel ink.

The gel ink pen ensures the best qualities for a better writing experience. You’ll find this gel pen doesn’t smear, smudge, or glob. Even the grip section is so comfortable to hold that you’ll always have great writing control.

The best part of this pen is that you can refill it with any kind of ENER_GEL refill, and you’ll be able to write medium lines with a .7 mm metal tip.

This cap-less pen comes in nice packaging with a beautiful gift box. Your doctor friend will undoubtedly love this pen; even a nurse will love this as a gift. They can perfectly fit this in their coat pocket.

Highlighted features of Pentel Ener Gel Pen

  1. The pen has a design of aluminum alloy on the barrel.
  2. The barrel has real accents of gold.
  3. You’ll find a super smooth experience of writing with the combination of gel ink and liquid ink.
  4. The texture of the grip is very comfortable to hold.
  5. A beautiful presentation box increases its elegance more.

4. Pilot Mult Function Pen | Personalized Pen for Doctors

Pilot Mult Function Pen

The pilot is one of the best brands for pens. This brand has numerous varieties, but for doctors, the Pilot Mult Function Pen dr. Grip 4+1 is the best.

You’ll fall in love with the ice-blue colored body of the pen and the rubber grip that makes it easier to hold. Although it is made of plastic, the pen’s body is completely gorgeous, and it is more affordable than other elegant pens on the market. The dimensions are 6.5 x .7 x 1.3 inches.

You’ll be amazed to know that in one pilot pen, there are four colors of ink to choose from (black, red, blue, green), and there is a pencil inside too.

The best part is there are pilot refills for the pen which can be found at a reasonable price.

This pilot pen is perfect for every day use, especially busy doctors who need efficient and great quality pens to use all day.

Highlighted features of Pilot Mult Function Pen

  1. The body of the pilot pen is an ice-blue color.
  2. There are 4 colors and one pencil in this pen, and those can be refillable.
  3. The ballpoint pen’s acro ink is .5mm, and the mechanical pencil is .5mm.
  4. This pen is a cap-less pen, but easy to carry.

5. Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Pen

Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Pen

There isn’t any comparable rollerball pens in the market to the Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Selectip Gel Pen. People who know the different types of pens always choose rollerball pens because of their sleek fashion and rich lacquer finishing.

This particular pen has a nice deep, purple color, and the ink color is black. It stands out and looks crisp, fresh, and modern. It is made of metal, so it is extremely durable and dependable.

The pen’s dimensions in L x W x H respectively are 5.38 x 0.46 x 0.46 inches.

A beautiful curved clip and chrome finish polished design defines the beauty and class of the pen. You’ll be amazed to know that this pen accepts any refill you want to use. It takes gel rolling ball, jumbo ballpoint, and porous-point.

The ink of the pen flows like a fountain pen.

It is easy to use and has a dashing look to go with the class of a doctor.

Highlighted features of Cross Beverly Rollerball Pen

  1. The pen is a beautiful deep, dark purple color.
  2. It is made from metal, and there is a chrome polish.
  3. This product’s dimensions are 5.38 x 0.46 x 0.46 inches.
  4. It accepts any categories of refills like a fountain pen.
  5. The beautiful pen comes inside a beautiful cross marked box.

6. SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens

SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens

Right off the bat, you can see that this pen is less elegant and classy, and more fun and cute, but it is definitely a great pen to give a pediatrician or anyone in the medical field that treats children.

SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens are made from plastic and have a clip in the form of a doctor’s body. It is available in pink, light, and dark blue, and is a complete set with 36 pens.

If you’re a medical student, you can gift this to your teacher. Even your friends, nurses, and other medical staff will love holding this pen in their hand. Whoever is gifted this pen will smile from ear to ear and always remember you for it.

Even though this is meant to be a cute pen, it does write nicely. The low-viscosity ink (black) and medium point of 1.0 mm gives a smooth writing experience. The grip section is also easy to hold. This pen’s shelf life is nearly 3 years. Isn’t that amazing?

Highlighted features SIKAO Cute Doctor Pens

  1. This super cute pen has a doctor cartoon on the body.
  2. The dimensions of the pen are 5.8 x 0.4 x 0.67 inches.
  3. It can write smoothly and fast with its low-viscosity ink.
  4. The shelf life of the pen is almost 3 years.
  5. In one package, you’ll find 36 pens.

7. Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

The Zebra Pen F402 Retractable Ballpoint Pen has a stainless steel body, which looks sleek and modern. This pen has an executive look to it because of the steel, and it stands out amongst others.

The grip section is made of smooth rubber that helps you have a steady grip while writing. There is also a metal clip for the pocket. Additionally, the stainless steel used in the pen is durable and has no fear of getting scratched.

Zebra f402 is more updated than zebra f301, f701, m701. This pen gives a nice black, ink flow with a 0.7 mm fine point.

Because this pen is comfortable and writes smooth, it is the best option for everyday writing. It produces flawless and perfect lines, and one can use the zebra f-refill in this pen. It is also retractable.

Highlighted features of Zebra Ballpoint Pen

  1. Zebra f402 ballpoints have a unique combination of stainless steel and soft rubber.
  2. The barrel has durable stainless steel, and the grip is made of rubber.
  3. This pen has a perfect weight of 1.76 ounces for enhancing writing comfort.
  4. It accepts zebra f-refills.
  5. With a 0.7 mm fine point, it gives a nice flow of black ink.

8. “Thank You” Gift Pen

Thank You Gift Pen

We all have some angels in life to whom we want to give little appreciation. “Thank you” is just a word, but with heavy meaning. Sometimes doctors need to be reminded of how thankful people are, and what better way to do that than to give them a pen that says “Thank You” on the body of the pen.

There is a push stylus on top of the pen that when pushed down, causes the “Thank You” to light up.

For making your retraction easier, there is a rubber grip twist. This pen is a three in one package. These pens work as multifunctional gel pens that can operate on the smart device, there has a light on the pen, and one can use it as a smart gel pen, although it is a ballpoint pen.

It is made of more sturdy material; thus, it is more durable. You’ll find chrome accents, a barrel with a metallic color, and a twist rubber grip.

It also has a pocket clip. Additionally, you’ll find numerous colors to choose from: red, purple, black, green, blue, light blue, and orange.

Anyone will love this heartfelt gift!

Highlighted features of “Thank You” Gift Pen

  1. This pen is a three in one package.
  2. The barrel has a ‘thank you’ sign and lights up.
  3. It is made from durable metal.
  4. You’ll find this pen in 6 beautiful colors.

9. Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

If you’re looking for a showstopper and interesting gift, look no further. This is a unique and wonderful gift for any science lover or doctor. The Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen is eye catching, and can also do its job as a great pen.

There are sixty pens in one package with a wide range of colors to choose from; the ink color is blue in all. These pens are fully functional to give nice writing, and the weight is very comfortable to hold.

I’m sure that when patients and family members realize these are pens, they will be amazed and love them!

The syringe illusion is a perfect replica of a real-life syringe. This can be useful if a child is afraid of shots or IVs, and these pens can ease the nerves in people because it can distract them.

The best is you’ll get 60 pens at a very low price.

Highlighted features of Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

  1. In one package, there are 60 syringe pens.
  2. There are color options, and the ink color is blue.
  3. The illusion of syringe is nicely captured here.
  4. It is made of plastic, and the dimensions are 8.5 x 4.8 x 4 inches.

10. SunAngel Syringe Pens | Best ink pens for nurses

SunAngel Syringe Pens

This is the best pen package if you are looking for fun, attention grabbing pens for anyone in the medical or science fields. The SunAngel Pens will entertain patients and providers with their witty and unique looks.

For the low price of $10.99, you’ll receive 4 syringe pens, 6 pill pens or capsule pens, and 10 bone design ballpoint pens. All are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

The bone designed pens are perfect for any doctor, but especially orthopedics, the syringe pens are wonderful for anyone, even a receptionist, and the mini vitamin capsule pens are super cute for children to see.

Among all the bone-shaped pens, five have black ink, and five have blue ink. Every pill pen has blue ink, and the syringe pens are blue ink. They can write nice nicely too.

Because of the size, there is an ink limitation, but that doesn’t matter because of the number of pens included. You’ll indeed have a fun experience with these pens.

Highlighted features of SunAngel Pens

  1. The package has 4 syringe pens, 6 pill pens, and 10 bone pens.
  2. Most of the pens have blue ink, but 5 bone pens have black ink.
  3. Low price for numerous pens.
  4. The syringe pen is 13 cm, the pill pen is 5.5 cm, and the bone pen is 15 cm.
  5. The multi-colored pens are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and have a contoured grip.

Buying guidelines

best pen for doctors buying guide

Before choosing any pen and investing money in it, you just need to know if the pen will be perfect or not. Hopefully our buying guide will help you determine which is the best fit for you and your provider.

Looks of the pen

The look of a pen matters and is a decision maker, especially when gifting the pen to a doctor or medical professional.

Doctors have to deal with so many people every day, and they carry reputations in society, so the pen they use must look good.

Pens color

Choosing a perfect color for a doctor is a sensitive matter. Some doctors would prefer a classier and more professional approach and use simple colored pens such as black, white, or gold, while others may want attractive colors to catch the attention of the patient or others such as pediatricians.

How it writes

It is essential to know is a pen is comfortable to write with or not and the quality of the writing. Medical providers are always in a time crunch, therefore, they need reliable and durable pens to ensure their time isn’t being wasted and so they write professionally.

As doctors have to write so many things, or medical students have to do many notes, the pen should produce nice, smooth writing.

Stroke of the pen

The features of a thin stroke or a thick stroke is important because both create different lines and outputs.

For regular writing or notes, a thin stroke is best, but for writing signatures, a thick one is better.

Final Word

We hope that we have provided you enough data and information about the best pen for doctors.

We wish you a happy buying experience!



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