Best Pen for Addressing Wedding Invitations in 2023 – 5 Picks

A wedding is a kind of materialization of the dream for some people. Some people wait both eagerly and patiently for this beautiful occasion.

When the moment finally becomes true, then everyone wants to keep the touch of specialty in everything of the wedding. Without inviting guests, a wedding is unimaginable. Actually, guests increase the beauty of the wedding with their arrival.

best pen for addressing wedding invitations

However to ensure our guests to come to our wedding, we must invite them with nice handwriting. Printing a beautiful card is easier by giving printing-house responsibility, but addressing them with correct etiquette is in our hands.

The first, most important is to know with which pen we need to write on wedding cards as there are many issues to consider before writing on wedding cards.

We need to use a good quality pen so that the ink doesn’t smear on cards and looks beautiful and gorgeous with our handwriting. This article has tried to let you introduce yourself with 5 best pens for addressing wedding invitations.



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Quill Vimpro Feather Pen


Gold Metallic Marker


PANDAFLY Lettering Pens


Tombow Dual Brush Pen


Our Top 5 Best Pen for Addressing Wedding Invitations Reviews of 2021

1. MISULOVE Hand Lettering Pens

MISULOVE Hand Lettering Pens

Wedding invitations are a sensitive task, and they should be 100% perfect. We can get the cards print, but one of the significant tasks for a wedding planner is to write down the name of individuals by handwriting.

And of course, we can’t use normal pens for the job as the cards are not of regular papers. So the question that pressures us is what could be the best pen to use to address invitations?

Well, I think our only concern shouldn’t be just writing on wedding cards. Is it not 10 on 10 to be able to use for multi-purposes? Yes, this is the best.

I’ll suggest you use to use MISULOVE Lettering Pens. This pen is very good. I’ll tell you how.

First of all, in one package you’ll get 6 pens, and those are like a ballpoint pen, gel pen, and brush pen. So it’s evident that you’ll need to use those for other purposes too.

There are 4 variations of the nib, like-fine nib, extra-fine nib, medium type, and brush pen, concerning your different writing types. You can use those pens for invitation cards, wall-art, calendars, blog designs.

Even you can use those on textile decoration, planners, and book scraps. As it has many nib types, you can use them for different choices, and those are entirely OK for calligraphy. This pen will work excellent on smooth surfaces.

All of the nibs are very flexible and thus provide various types of lettering along with drawing techniques which is an excellent matter of fun for writing

The color of the pens and ink is black. All of the pens have non-toxic ink and easily get blend without bleeding, although the ink is water-based. And like other water-based ink, this do not have any odor. This pen works great on water-based marker paper.

I personally like the fact because if the ink has a scent, I do not like it. Do you know why it is best? It gives 6 numbers pen, and they’re refillable. What can be better than that?

It is ensuring you about your 100% satisfaction as you can use it for a long time. And the pens give nice strokes of lettering and calligraphy. So to me, this is really an excellent choice.


Its have 6 calligraphy pens with 4 types of nibs in one package.
➥ All the pens are refillable for more prolonged use.
➥ This pen is good for practicing calligraphy and drawing for beginners.
➥ The ink is non-toxic, easily blend-able, and bleed-proof without odor.


This is only good for calligraphy practicing, not perfect for calligraphy.
➥ On a smooth surface, the pen will work better.

2. Quill Calligraphy Pen | Best Pen for Writing Invitations

You have printed beautiful or elegant wedding invitation cards, now left is sending cards with envelope. But for such an elegant card, handwriting should be of style too. Otherwise, the invitation envelopes will not match with its grace.

I think Vimpro Pen can add aristocracy to your envelopes. This pen is super gorgeous; you’ll love writing with this pen as it is too elegant. This pen is a unique dip pen that is stylish and shiny. It is a very classy fountain pen.

If you look at the design, you’ll see a stainless steel-base to hold with a beautiful antique design and prevent rust; there is iridium alloy. And the upper part is decorated with a quill feather which is the main attraction.

You’ll have to dip the pen in the ink bottle to write on invitation cards. If you imagine dipping the pen and writing, you may get lost in the world of happiness like me. Once you dip the pen in ink, you can write 20-30 letters that are really time-saving and user-friendly.

This pen does not only look gorgeous but also it ensures high quality too. I think what makes it unique is the feather. And the feather is of goose, which is totally not harmful to any animals.

It is a handmade pen and so lightweight for holding comfortably. I will say this pen will give you pleasure and confidence in writing on envelopes.

The complete set comes with one high-quality goose feather pen, one bottle of liquid ink of 15ml, and with 5 replaceable nibs. So it is obvious that it is money-saving too.

Believe me; you’ll fall in love with it when you find the pen in your hand. This pen will not let your wedding invitation cards compromise with any kind of simplicity.


In one single set, you’ll get a quill pen with nib, 15 ml bottle ink, and 5 extra nibs.
➥ If you dip once, you can write almost 20-30 letters.
➥ Easy to use as it gives a nice flow in writing.
➥ This pen is both economical and classy.


The single bottle of ink will not serve you long.
➥ Take care of the quill.

3. Gold and Silver Metallic Marker Pens

If you look for a pen to address your envelopes that will write perfectly on your wedding invitations and use the pen for further uses, then Silver and Gold Metallic Marker Pens will be your elite choice.

Let’s first talk about the package. In one set, you’ll get 12 pens. Among 12 pens, 6 will be of golden colors, and others will be of silver colors. Isn’t it so economical to get beautiful 12 pens in one package?

If you write with those pens, your envelopes will look gorgeous and pretty. They will give you a smooth writing experience, and the ink gets dry quickly and does not bleed on the paper.

Using these brush lettering pen markers, you can create both thick and thin lines. In one sentence, you can get different line variations. There has no disturbance of changing nib; what has in pen is perfect for writing variations.

Although the pen seems simple, being simple, it doesn’t compromise with quality. The ink it has is waterproof. And the pen is fit for any surface.

As I said first, you can use those brush pens in other objects too, except writing on envelopes. You can do design and style on anything using those beautiful pens.

They’re the perfect object for writing on a dark surface. As the silver and golden inks sparkle, it’ll add extra gloss to any dark paper or sketchbooks.

Multi-application is easier and perfect by those pens. If you write on thanksgiving cards, glass bottles, crafted vases, or on any ornament, it’ll just sparkle. Even you can add extra cuteness to your calligraphy with those pens.

If you decorate your notes with those pens, it’ll look really charming. You can create your own gallery or photo album by decorating with those beautiful color pens.

As the pen has metallic ink, it is fade-resistant and keeps your painting new and fresh for a long time.


This pen works on various surfaces, not just paper.
➥ Each pen works nicely.
➥ Golden and silver colors give festive looks to any surface.
➥ Most important is it looks nice on everything and within such economical price, adds aristocracy to everything.


Writing on the glass will take much time to get dry.
➥ The marker pens inks can get run short fast.

4. PANDAFLY Hand Lettering Pens

Wedding invitation cards are usually gorgeous and charming. But hand lettering can make the invitation card even more attractive. If you want your writing to seek everyone’s attention, then nothing is comparable to calligraphy.

I think PANDAFLY pens can do your handwriting task easier on a wedding invitation card. When we think about best calligraphy pens for wedding invitations, dip pen comes across our mind compare as fountain pen. But using a dip pen is a little bit tough.

After considering the fact, Pandafly black ink lettering pen was made to bring styles in your writing. In one package, there have 9 pens with different nibs for your easier writing.

Here you’ll get .5mm to 3mm sized nib, fine and extra-fine nib, with brush pen and soft brush pen. So many nibs are for making your calligraphy and handwriting task the best.

All of the pens have premium quality pigmented black ink. And the ink is waterproof and fade-proof. There has no possibility of ink bleeding, and it is non-toxic. Even the ink gets dry quickly, and those pens work nicely on any surface.

You can compare the ink with a watercolor marker for drawing and calligraphy. There have both hard tip and soft tip for better flexibility so that you can create your own writing choice. If you want stroke variations, then change the pressure in the brush pen according to your need.

Every pen will give a nice ink flow. So no disturbance in handwriting. You can draw with those pens. If you feel like doing art on your wedding cards, this also possible. I’ll say this is an excellent idea of bringing styles.

Those pens will not just serve you for decorating invitation cards. Other writing or paintings thing will also be quite perfect with all the pens. You can write Chinese characters too with this pens. If you use them, you’ll get fun.


In a set, there have 9 different-sized nibs pens.
➥ Perfect for multitasking like-cards decorating, illusion handwriting, notes decorating.
➥ The ink is safe, doesn’t bleed, fade, and waterproof.
➥ It ensures nice ink flow as the pen has a design of gas tightnesspoit and pigmented black ink.


The pens are not refillable.
➥ If you forget to put the cap after your work, the ink will dry soon.

5. Tombow 56621 Dual Brush Pen

Do you find it irritating to practice different pens for writing beautifully on invitation cards? But you are in love with calligraphy writing, and dip pen is more troublesome. What to do then? Do not worry. Tombow Brush Pen is here to solve your problems.

This pen is a dual brush marker pen. Both sides of the pen, have a separate tip. One nib is of regular size, and another is super flexible for writing with different styles. These two tips work amazingly.

The flexible brush tip deserves more introduction since it is so good. When you use it, you’ll feel like you’re using a paintbrush. It’ll work like a professional paintbrush. If you want, you may give it so much pressure, but it’ll get rotten.

This single brush will fulfill all your needs to create any type of style. To change your brush lettering styles, you only need to change your hand pressure.

The best thing is this single pen can give you variations of strokes like-bold and medium, and calligraphy is so perfect that it seems like you’ve used a dip pen. Even Chinese calligraphy is possible with this cute pen.

The resilient, flexible tip is made with nylon, and the chisel tip is polyester. Both tips are on one end to another part of the pen, and both parts have separated caps so that the ink may not get dry.

This pen has water-based ink, which is easily blendable. You’ll find no odor and the ink is safe and non-toxic, does not bleed, and acid-free. So the ink will not get fade after years.

You can use this pen to address wedding envelopes like a professional, to practice painting and so many other things. I am sure you’ll love working with this pen.


This single pen has two tips.
➥ One tip is a fine tip, and another is a brush tip.
➥ The brush tip is so flexible that it’ll give perfect calligraphy and variations in strokes.
➥ Although it is single in number, it is multitasking.
➥ Painting seems so real with this pen.


The ink may dry quickly.
➥ More extended use is not possible with this pen.

Addressing wedding invitation Pens Buying Guide

best pen for addressing wedding invitations Buying guidelines

Writing beautifully on envelopes is not an easy task at all. And if it is on wedding invitation cards or any other invites card, it is so tough. But in our post, we’ve tried mentioning you best type of pen or ink for addressing invites which will make your job easier.

Still, writing nicely is completely depends on you. But we can give you tips about how you can buy the best pen for addressing on invitation cards. Let’s proceed.

Envelope surface

You’re maybe confused about why I am linking envelope surface with buying pen?

My friend, try to get my point. You’ll buy a pen to write a guest’s name on an envelope or card, and you want your handwriting to look beautiful. If your ink gets a matches the color of your envelope, then the writing will look much beautiful, and it’ll attract guests much.

 So I recommend you buy a pen that will match your envelope surface. If you have a dark envelope, try buying light colors. And if your envelope’s color is light, you must buy the dark color pen.

Waterproof pen

Your invitation addressing pen should be of waterproof ink. Otherwise, the ink will smear on your invitation cards, and it’ll seem not good.

We all know that invitation card papers are made specially, those are not like ordinary paper. Typical papers soak ink quickly, but invitations cards paper do that, taking little time.

If your pen is not waterproof, the ink may get smear if your hand touches the card. And waterproof ink takes less time to get dry. It stays nicely without bleeding on paper.

Before writing on any cards, test the pen to get proof if the pen is really writing nicely or not.

Types of writing you want

What kind of pen you’ll buy is hugely dependent on what type of writing you want. If you want regular writing, then you can even use a ballpoint pen.

But the wedding is special to all and people try to do everything special at the wedding. I advise using a gel pen or marker brush pen on wedding cards.

Calligraphy looks good on the wedding card. If you can’t do calligraphy, that doesn’t matter. 100% calligraphy is not important here; just the type of calligraphy also looks good.

If you want to skip calligraphy, then try writing on bold lines. Because wider and bold writing perfectly matches wedding cards.

Easy writing

Although we want our cards to look gorgeous with our handwriting, after all we want easy writing first.

There are many pens for addressing invitation cards, but few are there for easy and comfortable writing tools. In our list, every pen is comfortable for your writing.

Even if you want to do calligraphy without a dip pen, it is possible too. For your easier experience, every type of writing tool is available here. You can do thick-thin strokes, little painting, and even calligraphy.

Now according to your choice, you know which will be easier for you.

Multiple service or single service

The wedding doesn’t appear the whole year, but we have to experience other writing issues throughout the year. I’m not particularly eager to invest money just for one purpose. Always I think of buying that thing which will variously serve me.

If you feel the same as me, then according to your other writing demands, buy the pen that will serve you in writing on wedding cards, and will help you in other things too, like-in painting, decorating notes, or crafted materials.

People Also Asked

best pen for addressing wedding invitations faq

1. What kind of pen should I use to address wedding invitations?

To address wedding invitations, we can use every type of pen like-ballpoint pen, gel pen, marker pen, etc. But I think the ballpoint pen doesn’t match wedding cards as wedding is a special occasion.

For wedding invitations, nothing is better than a gel pen or marker pen. If I say about quality, then try writing with a waterproof pen for smear-free writing. And gel pen or marker pen gives broader line which looks beautiful. But calligraphy pen is best for addressing wedding cards.

2. Is it OK to handwrite addresses on wedding invitations?

Of course, it is OK to handwrite on wedding cards. Someone does this by their hobby. And printing on wedding cards is a little costly. On the other hand, handwriting is fun on wedding cards.

Suppose you do handwriting then, there can be no mistake in writing on the cards. But printing does not give you this opportunity.

3. What is the proper way to address a wedding card?

First, you’ll have to write the name of the guest you want to invite. To write name, it is better to address them directly by MR. and MRS. with their name. Write the name first with whom you’re very close. If you’re close with both, then use alphabetic order.

Well, this is for married people. For unmarried people, children, or 18 up, address them as Mr. or Ms. If you’ve inner and outer, both envelopes, then be formal with the outer part. And address your guest directly by name in the inner envelope.

Your handwriting should be beautiful.

4. What is the correct etiquette for wedding invitations?

To invite your guests with correct etiquette, you must address your married guests with their full names. If they’ve highly honored occupation, then they must be addressed with their title. Do not include not to bring children, just write those names who’re invited.

Write the address or marriage venue properly with every detail and must include time. Be gracious with your guests while you’re addressing the envelope. Do not forget to send your guests “thank you” note for their nice present after marriage.


My friends! We’ve concluded our post. We tried our level best to help you get introduced with 5 best pen for addressing wedding invitations. Please select the ideal pen for you by reading every detail. So, do not do late. Make your guest list, start writing cards.

We hope your journey with our post was helpful for you. At last, we wish you a wonderfully happy married life. May God bless your marriage life.



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