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Best paper for water based markers

What do you do to cherish your mind? Or what gives you pleasure most? Well, some people find peace in writing, some do dancing or singing.

But some people in the world find the test of heaven by drawing. Whatever my mood is, happy or sad, I love doing the painting. This gives peace to my soul.

Whoever loves drawing requires high-quality papers. Basically, printer paper, media paper, or watercolor paper are known as high-quality paper.

However, do you know what are the features of those to define their high-quality? If you don’t know, then this blog will help you find this.

Because of bad papers, our whole painting can get ruin. Who wants their artwork to get destroyed? Of course, nobody. We need water-based markers, brush pens, water brushes, etc., for painting.

Nowadays water-based markers have become the most popular for drawing. On the other hand, those items can’t be used on any normal page. So to know what are the best paper for water based markers, stay with us.



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Bianyo Bleedproof Pad


Brite Crown Sketch Pad


BEE-20001 Marker Book


U.S. 11" x 14" Manga Paper Pad


Arteza 5.5x8.5 Inch Watercolor Pad


Our recommended paper for water-based markers in 2021

If you look over the market, you can be lost in the huge sea of papers. And you’ll just get confused about which one is your perfect one.

Don’t worry, my artist! We are here to recommend you about top 4 papers for water-based markers.

1. Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

The people who love drawing or art must need a good quality marker paper pad. Marker pens are easier for drawing.

But there has a little bit of problem with the water-based marker because of the possibility of ink bleeding. This isn’t very pleasant for artists.

Considering this significant issue, I recommend you the superb pad. Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad is a very quality product for bleed-free drawing.

Let’s first know about the size and weight of the pad. The pad is 8.27 by 11.69 inches, and 21.0 by 29.7 cm, and weight is 18 lb / 70 gsm.

All artists know the importance of acid-free marker paper. This bianyo marker pad is made of acid-free paper. The thin portion and no bleeding features define the quality of the note-pad.

It is so good that it also cares about your markers so that they may go long. The paper absorbs less marker ink. So it is obvious that you can use markers for a long time.

The surface texture is ultra-smooth which means the paper is perfectly ok for the smooth running of markers. This marker pad is bounded with glue for easy removal of pages.

In one pad there have 50 papers. There has a beautiful dog art using marker pens picture on the front page. You can use art pencils, pens, fountain pens, etc. too with the water-based marker on this paper.

Whatever you use, you’ll get a satisfying art experience for sure. Bianyo tries ensuring high- quality because to this brand; quality is life. They promise you the warranty of 1 year.

Many professional artists recommend this marker pad. However you should use this pad for your raff art, if you think it will hold your art for years to years without any damage, then you’re wrong.

If you do art on this paper, you will see what has been drawn from the beneath part. But be sure of that it’ll not bleed.

Highlighted features 

  • The marker paper pad is acid-free, thus gives bleed-free writing.
  • It accepts water-based markers nicely.
  • The paper has a good size of 8.27 by 11.69 inches and 21.0 by 29.7 cm.
  • It ensures marker pens long-lasting service because it absorbs less marker ink.
  • In one pad, there have 50 sheets.
  • The texture of the paper surface is ultra-smooth and white.

2. Brite Crown Mixed Media Sketch Pad 

What does an artist want? Just a good quality pad that will present his talent to all and will give self-satisfaction. In the world of papers, a beginner artist or even experienced can get lost.

If you choose Brite Crown Mixed Media Sketch Pad, then you’ll win. This is such a high-quality paper that is entirely acid-free and can absorb any art doing tools on its chest.

An artist can draw with sharp charcoal pencil, markers, watercolor paints, pastel, and other wet media on quality papers. The paper is heavier than printing paper which ensures its quality.

The sketchbook has 60 papers. In each paper, you can do paint by water brush and watercolor. It’ll absorb the ink so nicely that no bleeding will happen.

Those papers are so durable that if you do harsh erasing, they will not tear. There has double spiral binding in this sketchbook Giving concern to easy sheet removal.

Even kids can securely easily do the job of paper transport. You know what? This sketchbook is perfect for artists of all ages. From kid to adult, everybody will love the journey of art with this.

Alike the size is perfect with 9″ x 12″ measurement, and it is 120lb/200gsm. The front page has a charming butterfly painting, and everyone will love this for sure.

You can gift this sketchbook to any artist on some special occasion. Everyone will praise your choice.

Highlighted features

  • The sketchbook has 60 papers, and the measurement is 9″ x 12″.
  • One can draw with Pencils, Markers, Paints, Watercolors, Pastels, and charcoal.
  • In this paper, you can use any dry and wet media or watercolor for drawing.
  • There has double spiral binding for easy removal.
  • The paper quality is perfectly alright for both experienced and beginner artists.

3. BEE-20001 Creative Marker Book

Drawing is such a passion that it let us remove our mental-disturbance. An artist finds the peace of soul by doing the painting.

As drawing itself helps release stress, is it not compulsory that the drawing should be without any hinders? Giving priority to this reason, Bee Paper Company BEE-20001 Creative Marker Book is made.

This watercolor book has 5-1/2-inch-by-8-inch measurements and 50 papers with delightful quality. And here has an ultra-smooth surface of white paper.

So drawings with technical pens, pens, pencils, and water-based markers are comfortable here. And those papers are completely acid-free for bleed-free drawing.

This watercolor sketchbook has every facility for your relaxed drawing. The papers have top quality that one can do paint on both sides of one sheet.

And on the paper, the drawing ink gets blended so nicely that you’ll love this. For a better experience, you may use any ink to do a painting.

For ensuring a better paint zone, it has an easy page removal process. And it is based on double wire bind. Because of this, the surface always stays flat; thus, you can paint nicely.

Another facility is that the papers in this pad are like cotton pads or media paper. Thus it can absorb or blend ink without facing any problem.

If you want to do raff art as you’re a beginner or experienced, you can choose this without hesitation.

Highlighted features

  • This pad is consists of watercolor paper and has 50 sheets.
  • The paper measurement is 5-1/2-inch-by-8-inch.
  • Those papers have ultra-smooth surfaces, and they are completely acid-free.
  • It absorbs any ink so nicely as it is a kind of cotton pad.
  • You can use markers or other watercolor effects without having the possibility of bleeding.

4. U.S. Art Supply | Best paper for water based markers

U.S. Art Supply

As drawing heals our soul’s pain and enlightens the mind instantly, so drawing deserves a better quality product. Water-based marker brush tips have become the easiest way for drawing.

Sometimes, artists become anxious about doing art on pad, thinking of if the marker bleed, then the whole drawing can be nasty.

For solving this problem, U.S. Art Supply (Pack of 2 Pads) has launched the premier quality art or media paper. The number of papers in this pad is 24.

With a natural vibe of white paper, it will give you a neat and clean surface for drawing. And the surface is very smooth that your brush tips will feel no hinder while doing work.

The papers are acid-free and neutral pH, thus ensure that the ink will not bleed at all. Even the measurement is also perfect by 11″ x 14″. I would say, for your safe drawing this pad is just superb.

The page removal is also very easy, so there is no disturbance in using the pad. You can use water-based marker pens and tip brush pens, other pens, brush pens, etc. to do safe drawing work.

But you’re recommended not to use alcohol-based markers, if you use this, it will bleed. So purchase a paper pad that suits with alcohol-based marker if you need to use alcohol-based marker.

On the front page, there has a beautiful cartoon girl. This pad is a very cute option for a gift to girls and kids.

Highlighted features

  • This watercolor paper pad has 24 papers.
  • The measurement of the pad is 11″ x 14″.
  • It can easily blend water-based markers, tip brush pens, pencils, etc.
  • The surface is very smooth for safe work with ink.
  • All papers are acid-free and neutral pH for bleed-free work.

Paper for water-based markers buying guide

best paper for water based markers buying guide

So dear art lovers, we mentioned four watercolor effect pads for your easy drawing in our blog post. I know each of them is better, but you’ll still have to consider few things before buying.

Nobody wants their money to go in vain what if it is a pad. And for art lovers, this art material is more than anything else. So we request you to follow our buying guide.


For drawing, the quality of watercolor paper demands deep concern without any question. What will define the quality of papers? Well, for that, you’ll have to notice that if the paper is acid-free or not.

The acid paper will get rotten very soon and will become yellow. If you want to skip this disadvantage, then choose acid-free papers. Also, the weight and surface of the pad define quality.


Basically, cellulose fibers are the ingredients of papers. Wood pulp, cotton is a kind of cellulose fiber. For regular writing, one can use wood pulp-made paper. But for drawing, this is the worst idea.

Cotton-made papers can absorb many inks of marker or water brush, which is better for painting. They work like printer paper or media paper. And cotton-based paper helps your drawing stay permanent.


This is another essential object to get to know how the quality is. As water-based markers can sometimes bleed, so heavy paper should be the first choice of artists or beginners.

Because heavy papers can absorb water-based inks or tip brush pens inks much better. 


There are three types of surfaces for a pad. One is rough, another is medium rough or cold-pressed, and the other is ultra-smooth or hot pressed.

The better one is called ultra-smooth as there has no tooth. Ultra-smooth surface helps you blending inks perfects.

Brush pen lettering is comfortable here as there has no hindrance for moving pens or markers. For painting, an ultra-smooth surface is excellent.

Color of papers

The white paper is perfect for drawing. Yellow or golden or cream type paper have some disadvantages. A white paper will blend colors easily and let the color remain exact.

And the painting you do looks so gorgeous on white paper. Experienced artists prefer white paper for painting—this almost like printer paper.

Binding system

The water-based marker paper pad is divided into two sections for binding. One way is to tear papers from the pad, and another way is turning over the page through spiral binding.

Both systems are alright; you may choose which method you like most for your comfortable work.


1. What markers paper is best for?

Answer: For markers, the best is acid-free paper or neutral pH papers.

2. Do you need special paper for watercolor pens?

Yes, you need it. Because normal or cheap paper will get rotten by watercolor pens as there have lots of water. You need heavy, cotton-type paper so that the paper can absorb watercolor pens ink and do not ruin your drawing.

3. What are the best water-based markers?

The marker that ink has acid-free, blends nicely, and gets dry quickly is the best water-based marker.

4. Can you use Tombow markers on watercolor paper?

Yes, you can use Tombow markers on watercolor paper. They give an extra-ordinary watercolor effect to your drawing.


So friends! Now we’re about to finish our blog post. We tried including everything we know about the best paper for water based markers.

Art is love; we love taking care of our art. And that is why we seek better quality paper. In our post, we have given details about four pads.

Please read our buying guide carefully and choose your perfect pad. We hope you find our article useful.

Happy painting!

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