6 Best Luxury Rollerball Pens in 2023

best luxury rollerball pen

Today we are living in a world where everybody is concern about their lifestyle. All we demand is a joyful, happy life. If I say in a few words, then we all want a luxury life. We all want a luxurious touch in every object around us. 

In our daily life, we don’t give too much priority to pen in the matter of luxury. We consider this as a simple thing. But in this big world, some classy people want to have a luxury pen with other things.

For my those elegant friends, today we’ll show a few luxury rollerball pens. Although there have so many pens on the market, they all are not the best. If you are looking for the best luxury rollerball pen that will amuse your heart and catch everyone’s attention, then we hope in our blog post, you’ll find your one.

Our Recommended Best Luxury Rollerball Pens in 2021



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Waterman Black Pen


Silver Scriveiner Pen


Cross Capless Gel Ink Pen


IDEAPOOL Rosewood Pen




Cross Century II Selectip Pen


1. Silver Chrome Rollerball Pen Scriveiner | Fountain pen

Silver Chrome Rollerball Pen Scriveiner

The pen is a simple thing. But people who are luxurious like you, don’t like any simple item what if it is a pen. If you’re looking for a luxury rollerball pen for your personal use or a gift on any occasion, then Scriveiner is here for you.

London is the designer and owner of this beautiful, classy rollerball pen. With a classic British design, it finely expresses elegance and aristocracy in your writing style.

This rollerball pen has silver chrome brass and 24 karat gold plating finish which adds stunning and true luxury in hand. The ink inside the pen is of Schmidt liquid from German, which is much better than gel ink.

This liquid can run smoothly on any kinds of paper without smudging, hence providing you with a premium writing action with a great ink flow. Moreover, it has the perfect weight of 5.6 ounces to comfort your writing and writes much better than ballpoint pens.

Another surprise is, you can get the feel of a fountain pen although it is a rollerball pen. So this pen is really amazing. As in one package, you’re getting lots of benefits.

The pen comes with a beautiful box with a hidden cubbyhole underneath where it has an envelope with Schmidt black to refill. This is just like fountain pen cartridges.

If you want to use the pen for your personal use, then people around you will admire your choice if they see you in your hand. As it is an excellent writing instrument, it will provide a lovely writing style in your hand.

This kind of rollerballs pen is the best options or items for gifts. You can gift this to any fountain pen lover people. You can please your loved ones, colleagues, and business clients by giving this type of rollerballs.

All people will be amazed by the luxury look of the pen. Nobody will be able to not to comment on this if this is in hand. You will be delighted to know that scriveiner has such confidence in their product range that they give 100% money-back guarantee to the customer.

Even they ensure you to refund you if you’re not satisfied with their services. So you can undoubtedly experience happy purchase from them.

Highlighted features

  • Silver chrome brass and 24 karat gold finishing make the pen luxurious.
  • Better than gel ink pens and ballpoint pens, as the black ink it has is of Schmidt liquid from Germany.
  • A beautiful cover adds more class and more Schmidt ink has in the box to refill the pen, like fountain pen ink cartridges.
  • This brand assures you of safe buying.
  • You’ll get a smooth experience of handwriting using the pen.

#2. Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen GT 

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen GT

Do you prefer blue ink to black ink? If so, Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint Pen GT, Medium Point, Blue Ink can be one of you’s best options.

Waterman has introduced a Persian style pen for the communication of your business. And what gives a Persian style is the silhouette of cigar-shaped. Deep, shiny black lacquer and the golden shipshape combination provides the pen with a gorgeous and glossy look.

All will be satisfied with the face of the pen. 23 karat gold is the material of the luxury pen. The gold and chrome finishing, a wealth of expensive materials, make the pen so aesthetically that it exceeds the highest standards range.

The ballpoint gives you such a smooth feeling that you’ll get a feel of silk and scalpel. With the nib, each line will be so flawless that the paper’s words will also seem elegant.

The best part is the ink never bleeds, and there is no possibility of the ink drying out. Moreover, it has a perfect weight of 1.6 ounces. This pen comes with a beautiful and handsome box. With the waterman sign, the blue box looks so classy.

You can easily celebrate graduation and promotion with the pen and can make the event memorable. Waterman is in the race of writing tools for more than 130 years. You are going to have an excellent shopping experience with them.

Highlighted features

  • Watermark rollerballs have a Persian style and silhouette of cigar-shaped.
  • A shiny deep black lacquer and 23 karats gold shipshape finish define the beauty of the pen.
  • The dimension of the pen is 6.89 x 2.75 x 1.57 inches.
  • This ballpoint pen flows blue color ink and provides smooth writing without smudging.
  • The ink it has never bled and no possibility of getting dry out.
  • A beautiful watermark signed box keeps the rollerballs inside.

#3. Cross Edge Capless Slide Open Gel Ink Pen

Cross Edge Capless Slide Open Gel Ink Pen

Writing is a daily life work whatever your profession is. If you’re looking for a cute and classy pen for your regular writing or professional work, then Cross Edge Capless Slide Open Gel Ink Pen is one of the best rollerballs for you.

This pen has a jet black type of color, and the ink color is black. Metallic resin (cap and barrel), chrome-plate (centre), and brass (centre and top point) are the material of the pen which provides style and class.

The dimension of the pen in LxWxH is 4.92 x 0.59 x 0.71 inches. Innovative and unique technology of click-slide opening defines the pen’s feature. The gel ink procedure it has provides you with something smooth writing experience without the fear of smudging.

It has a refillable design that is quite similar to a fountain pen as it converts the pen into a ballpoint pen. In sum, this pen can accept both gel ink and ballpoint ink. You’ll find comfort in hand using the pen as it has a tolerable weight of 1.06 ounces.

This pen has color options. In a word, you’ll find this pen in a total of 5 colors: those are-jet black, red, octane green, nitro blue, and sonic titanium. You can choose the one you like most. 

The capless pen comes with a beautiful box. You can use this pen as a perfect gift for both professional and personal purposes as it is a nice writing instrument. If you give this as a gift to any doctor or writer or any professional, they will be very glad about your writing tool.

This pen will give all people a beautiful and positive user experience on a daily basis use. You’ll find the pen very comfortable in your hand. If you purchase this, your investment will be successful.

Highlighted features

  • This jet black pen is capless and has a slide-click opening mechanism.
  • Metallic resin, chrome plated, and brass are its material.
  • It is easier for single-hand operation as it has an excellent opening system.
  • Ink color is black and has a gel ink formula for easier handwriting.
  • The pen accepts a refill of both gel ink and ballpoint ink.
  • Best for regular writing and gift.

#4. IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

If you think your pen should be the best luxurious one, I am here to show you one of the best options. IDEAPOOL is one of the best companies for ballpoint pens, and IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen is the luxury pen I am talking about.

Hold on; you are about to get the love at first sight vibe. This ballpoint pen is made of natural rosewood. Handcrafted antique wood gives the look of the pen a gorgeous range.

As real rosewood is its material, the color may consist of natural marks which are normal. Item dimensions of the pen in LxWxH are 6.9 x 1.7 x 0.3 inches. The ink color is black.

A beautiful gift box gives a quality look to the pen. The color of the box is black adjusting with the natural wood color of the pen.

Inside the box along with the pen, there have two ink refills of stainless steel with a writing point of 0.7 mm. so you’ll get a fountain pen feel. This will give you an experience of smooth and easy handwriting without smudging.

As it has a comfortable weight of 3.98 ounces, your long time writing will be satisfied with it. This pen is a complete package of style, luxury, elegance, and aristocracy. Everybody is bound to say something by observing its antique classy and handsome look.

You can use this handsome pen as a beautiful gift box for your loved ones. Even this will be a perfect gift to your business clients and employers. If you use this pen while giving a signature, everybody will notice its luxury.

Highlighted features

  • Real rosewood defines the luxury of ballpoint pens.
  • The dimension of the pen in LxWxH is 6.9 x 1.7 x 0.3 inches.
  • Its ink color is black and gives a pleasant experience of smudging free handwriting.
  • A beautiful gift box holds the pen with two stainless steel ink refill inside.
  • This pen is a perfect example of luxury, style, and elegance writing tool.
  • One can use this pen as an ideal gift.

#5. PARKER IM | Best parker rollerball pen

PARKER IM Rollerball Pen

Do you love luxurious and stylish both? If so then PARKER IM Rollerball Pen could be one of the best rollerballs for your luxury choice.

Parker is the brand that is on the race for 125 years with its innovative edition and craftsmanship. This brand has launched a beautiful rollerball pen that affiliates style, smartness, and luxury equally with a polished and tapered silhouette finishing.

Mate blue and chrome add a gorgeous and eye-catching look to this pen. There has a parker signature at the bottom of the cap that links something extra cuteness to the pen.

The ink it has is effortlessly smooth and gives a nice flow onto the writing surface. It will help you easily expressing your thoughts onto paper with its superior ink that has no fear of smudging.

Even the smooth Rollerball is designed so nicely that it is easier to hold for the user. By looking at the pen, one can easily understand the reliability of the rich heritage the brand has.

The pen has a very comfortable shape and weight (3.94 ounces) for a holder. In a beautiful box, you’ll find the pen with one black ink refill. This is like a fountain pen refilling with ink cartridges.

So the combination of the pen and box is really luxurious to see. This package is a perfect gift. You can gift this to a graduate and corporate occasion. If anyone gets this as a gift, he or she will praise your choice.

You’ll find this pen in some beautiful colors. Parker has made it easier for you to choose your color with their various collection. Each pen you’ll discover with nice and sophisticated finishing.

Highlighted features

  • The pen is of mate blue and chrome color.
  • It is designed with a fine polish and tapered silhouette.
  • The parker pen dimension in L x W x H is 6.97 x 2.05 x 1.46 inches.
  • This pen comes with a beautiful box and a black ink refill inside.
  • Undoubtedly the pen is luxurious and stylish.
  • Users will find a satisfying experience with the writing tool.

#6. Cross Century II Medalist Chrome Selectip Rollerball Pen

Cross Century II Medalist Chrome Selectip Rollerball Pen

You wish if your pen would have shown how luxurious you’re! I will say your real elegance can hold Cross Century II Medalist Chrome Selectip Rollerball Pen with 23KT Gold-Plated Appointments. This is one of the best luxurious rollerballs.

 The century II links-style, grace, and class together with a bold look and wide profile. It has a tasteful polish chrome and 23 karat gold plating finish which carries the best craftsmanship of jewellery-quality.

With its classical design, cross signature, distinctive finish it can snatch anyone’s attention and will surely praise your choice.

The pen is made of metal, and the dimension in L x W x H is 5.31 x 0.36 x 5.31 inches. As its weight is .81 ounces, it is comfortable to hold for the holders.

Cross will offer you various ballpoint refills and colors. One can convert the refill into a ballpoint pen to porous-point by changing the refill any time. They sell refill separately like there has refill for fountain pens.

In this pen, the black gel ink is specially formulated with cartridges, bottled inks, so this pen is no less than a fountain pen. Writing is relatively more comfortable with the ink’s help and gives ink flow like a fountain pen.

A beautiful box holds the pen inside. The combination of the pen and the box is just something extraordinary and presents super luxury. Another exciting part is cross’s shipping system is of boutique-quality.

Their packaging is so gorgeous that you’ll feel so proud about giving this box as a gift to anyone. If you search, you’ll find a very enriching history of the cross. They’re America’s first quality writing products manufacturer.

Cross is in the race since 1846 and successfully holding their position on top with their unsurpassed quality writing instruments. From that period to end, it is known as America’s best writing instruments manufacturer. You can buy without any doubt from them.

Highlighted features

  • Cross II rollerballs have appointments of polished chrome finishing and a 23 karat gold plate.
  • This pen has a black gel ink that is specially formulated by cartridges and bottled-inks, so there is no tension of smudging.
  • One can easily convert the refill into a ballpoint pen to porous-point by changing the refill.
  • A beautiful box keeps the pen inside and the combination shows gorgeous luxury.
  • The pen’s dimension is in Length: 5.31 inches/135 mm, Width: 0.38 inches/9.7 mm, Weight: 1.06 oz/30 g.
  • The pen has the craftsmanship of jewellery-quality, which looks awesome.
  • Undoubtedly this pen is a great tool for writing.

Luxury Rollerball Pen Buying Guide

luxury rollerball pens review

I hope our article can make you familiar with some best luxurious rollerballs and give you some information. All of the pens have the quality to become your first choice and no less elegant than Lamy safari fountain pen.

But still, there are few things left to consider before buying. You’re about to buy an expensive pen. However, there have some normal rollerballs in the market to buy. But as you’re very classy and love luxurious things, you’ve decided to invest some good amount on a pen.

Maybe you’re thinking of giving this pen to someone special or thinking of buying for any corporate events.

So it is apparent that you can not actually take any risk with buying such a luxurious pen. Our team is here to provide you guidelines as we care for you.


Before buying anything, we try to figure out what is the material. In the case of buying the best luxury rollerball pen, you should figure the same thing because material tells about the quality of any product.

Although the quality product we have shown to you, all are of wealth material. But still, you may have some personal choice. As these pens are very expensive, the price range will vary from how enriching it is with wealthy material.

If the pen has chrome brass or made of stainless steel, it is without any question is of good quality. Gold and natural rosewood will provide the best luxury.

The metallic resin will ensure you about the longevity of the pen. Each material is capable of ensuring your best quality. Now it’s up to you which material you’ll choose.

The ink of the pen

We don’t buy a pen just to buy; we buy for writing. Writing is very important. If we buy any pen, I think we should know what ink is inside the pen. Because my opinion is, our pen maybe writes, but actually visible to us is what the ink writes. 

If the pen has gel ink, then you can be sure of safe writing on paper. Schmidt ink is better than gel ink. But that doesn’t mean that gel ink will not write smoothly on any paper.

Gel ink gives better service and has no fear of smudging; you can be tension free. Another fact to notice is that what the color of the ink is. If you like black ink, then choose the pen that has black color.

If you want blue, then choose blue. Everyone has a different choice. Personally, I love black ink.


Design is the most important thing. We spend money on any things if we like the design. As you’re about to buy an expensive pen, you’re spending money from your pocket, and you can not compromise with the pen’s design.

We have shown you some best luxurious pens. I know each design is pretty, but I am sure there has one design that has touched your heart more than any other pen. I will say, if you choose one most, then compromise some other things, but not the design.

With or without the cap

Pen with a cap and without a cap, both are normal. But everyone has different choice issues. I like the pen which has a cap. To me, it looks stunning. Because I think the cap is to protect the needle tip and fulfil the beauty of any pen.

But some people dislike pen with the cap because they have a fear that they might lose the cap of the pen. If you want to skip the part of the cap, then you’ve two other options. One is twisted and another is slide click.

Both can protect the nib of the pen and easier to use. But the twist is a little bit difficult to use and has the possibility of facing unexpected troubles. Handling with one hand is might problematic with a twist.

Comfortable or not

A pen should be comfortable to use. You might be thinking what is there to think about comfort with a pen. Of course, there has to consider. With a pen, you write every day.

And if we come to the point of our discussion, then we can’t compromise with it because you’re buying just a pen with so many dollars. Then why you’ll compromise such an important thing? Remember that your comfort zone will balance your service.

Now, there must be a question in your mind: how come you understand if the pen is comfortable or not. That is simple. You just need to know to do the pen provide smooth writing and the weight of the pen. If the pen has more weight, then you may get tired holding this. 

Another thing demands concern, and that is the grip of the pen. If the grip has a perfect dimension, then you’ll find your best comfort.

People Also Asked About Luxury Rollerball Pen

faqs of luxury rollerball pen

#1. Ballpoint pen, Gel pen, Rollerball pen-which one is best?

Ballpoint pen is relatively easier to use, and it is capable enough to write on a low-quality surface as it has thick ink. It is smudging-free, waterproof, and gets dry quickly. But the writer requires more pressure writing with a ballpoint pen.

Gel pen has smooth ink, and one can easily write for a long time without giving more pressure. But the gel pen is not waterproof and can be smudged easily if the holder is not careful.

In comparison, the rollerball pen’s ink flows better than the ballpoint and gel pen. Even it is more comfortable to use. It requires less pressure. And the best part is it is ok for both low-quality and high-quality paper. It gives you the best smudging free service.

#2. Which pen is more durable?

Actually, there has no definite answer to the question. Because if your pen gets lost, then you can not say it is durable for you. Yeah, you may say you’re not talking about that but longevity.

I can understand, but I’ll advise you to take care of your pen and use a refill in pen the same for a fountain pen. Then your pen will be durable.

#3. Can I use parker ballpoint refill on any other pen?

I don’t think you can. Because each brand has a different design for making a pen, so one brand’s refill will not adjust to others.

#4. Can I refill the pen and from where I can get a refill?

Yes you can refill the pen like you refill fountain pen with cartridges. Some brands provide one or two extra refills with their box. If you want to get more refills, then you can order from their website.


We are now at the end of our discussion. We have a firm belief that our article was helpful for you and can give you the best luxury rollerball pen. Each of the pens is really luxurious and stylish to show how classy and elegant your choice is.

But before buying we request you to consider our buying guides as we do not want your money to get wasted. We always want your investment to go in the right path. So, at the end, we can wish you better luck. Happy buying!



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