Best Light Pad for Weeding Vinyl: Top 8 Reviews by An Expert

When you hear the phrase light pad, the first thing that comes to mind might be something related to brightness. This is true because a light pad is an illuminated platform that makes the fine lines of a project and the elements more visible.

A light pad is not limited to any specific work, and it is suitable for multiple tasks. Moreover, the uniqueness of each box is different and specifically made for particular projects.

Best Light Pad for Weeding Vinyl

Plus, it would be best to have clear illumination for easy transfer of your images, X-rays, negative, and weed vinyl. Professionals use lightboxes for vinyl weeds, medical practitioners, and arts.

Surprisingly, a light box isn’t expensive, and they are easily accessible on the internet. We will analyze the five best light pads for weeding vinyl of good quality, but also affordable.



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Comzler Portable A4 Light Board


HSK Aluminium Frame A2 Light Pad


LITENERGY A4 Tracing Light Box


ARTDOT Pad for Diamond Painting


Artograph Dimmable LightPad


Our Recommended 5 Best Light Pad for Weeding Vinyl Reviews in 2021

#1. A4 Light Board Portable Tracing Light Pad

A4 Light Board Portable Tracing Light Pad

Arts lovers are well aware of the tools they need and are always looking for the best pieces of equipment.

There are tracking light boards for the convenience of professional use, which is very versatile. Moreover, its surface is smooth and shows relevant results for sketching.

The magnetic drawing board comes in a very consistent shape, 14 inches in length and 10 inches in width. This device has a touch sensor for on and off and no possibility of overheating even with prolonged use.

The light board will amaze you for making any birthday or Christmas gift, including streaming, sewing projects, X-ray viewing, etc.

Key Features


The light pad’s built-in LED light is absolutely flicker-free and not harmful to the eyes. There are five levels to control the brightness; the light of the drawing board can be adjusted by pressing the button to keep pace with your background ambient. It is capable of supplying light from mild to maximum 4000 lux.

A significant aspect is that a light pad ensures that light does not leak out of the box from the rim so there isn’t difficulty when drawing. Even 1750 Lumen light intensity can easily pass through a paper thickness of more than 200 g.


The Camzlar Tracking Light Pad has a one pc USB power cable that can be easily connected to any laptop, power bank, or USB adapter.

The USB cable is 60 inches long to increase work speed and requires a type C port to establish a wireless connection to the plug and use the charging system.


The A4 light board is extremely lightweight, and ultra-thin– 0.2 inches–about 5 mm. Moreover, its foundation is firmly made without any distortion, which is compatible with solid material and craftsmanship.

It comes with two magnetic pins that hold the paper to the surface of the lightbox. Even its surface is vertical and horizontal which makes it easy to draw in the appropriate position.


Ideal for all tracking needs such as drawings, pictures, tattoos, and ballpoints. It’s great for calligraphy, quilting, 2D animation, sketching, and stencil work.


The dimness, brightness, characteristics, and LED light source ensure a reduction in calorific value, which is entirely environmentally friendly.

Moreover, its lifespan is up to 20,000 hours, and the manufacturer’s minimum age is more than five years.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly portable; easy to move for kids and adult artists.
  • Lightweight designs on paper or fabric make it much easier to pick up.
  • Appropriate size and works very well for diamond painting.
  • Works extremely transparent and great on any watercolor paper.
  • Ideal for DSLR scan and film negative.


When you draw, keep an eye on the on-off button of the tracking box so that it does not lighten the screen. Occasionally there is a possibility of dimming the light.

#2. HSK Aluminium Frame  A2 Light Box for Weeding Vinyl

HSK A2 Light Box Light Pad Aluminium Frame Super Thin

The A2 lightbox is made with outstanding quality features to improve the rigidity. It has an aluminum outer frame that prevents light from escaping in that disrupts the drawing.

Since the pad size is large, there are clips provided to secure the pad down.

When there is a canvas opposite the light position, the light helps enough to see the symbols on the canvas.

Key Features


The brightness of the lightbox is intense led light. The A2 pad delivers 20w dimmer brightness as well as 4500 lux lead on the surface. The two buttons on either side of the touch button are much easier to adjust the brightness.

The light pad will warm up to maximum brightness intensity when the temperature is 15 to 20 degrees higher than the average temperature of the environment.


The whole pad is made of a high-quality aluminum structure and has side light output. It is super thin at 5mm or two inches, and the full-screen size is 74 cm. The total area dimensions are 25.35L x 18.5 W x 0.3 H inches. There are three buttons to turn the device on or off and control the brightness.


It comes with a 6-foot long cable input that helps supply power: 12v and 2A adapter power cable and foam clip wrap.


Ideal for various purposes such as comics, sketching, diamond painting, sewing projects, making animation, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides much better results in vinyl weeding.
  • Great use for taking old film negative pictures.
  • Easily adjust light levels via Bristol board or Copic Blending Card.
  • It has unexpectedly excellent results when used in diamond painting.
  • Reliable touch control brightness settings help perfect projects.


The light table comes with two neodymium magnets strong enough to hold the surface, but it’s hard to lift.

It can easily ruin the whole project if you do not disassemble it carefully.

#3. LITENERGY Portable A4 LED Copy Board Light Box

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box

LITENGERGY continues to launch great devices using sophisticated work, one of which is the A4 Tracing LED Copy Board.

The intensity of its consistent brightness would undoubtedly fascinate you. Whether you are a professional or a drawing practitioner, you will always be able to control the brightness as you wish.

A tracing lightbox can be used for any art-related work such as sewing projects, stained glass, and tattoos.

It has touch-sensitive buttons to turn on or off, and the quality is unmatched. The power indicator illustrates the power supply.

The extremely slim and lightweight features makes this desirable because professionals can carry it anywhere in a bag. With proper use, you will get great results in every task and become more proficient.

Key Features


The lightbox is ultra-thin and easy to carry. The net weight is only 1.5 pounds. Moreover, the pad is surrounded by a sturdy, black frame which makes the overall dimensions: (14.2xWW6.6xH0.2) inch.

The tracing board is around 14.2 inches long and 10.6 inches wide. The area of visual working is (9×12),” and the thickness measurement is only 0.2.


You can be sure of brightness because it has stepless brightness control. The only light source LED allows light to spread freely.

Moreover, illumination can be adjusted from 0 to 100 percent with memory functions. Its brightness is allocated from a maximum of 3000 to 4000 lux which is more than enough for art-work.

Holding down the touch switch for a few seconds gives the light a fading effect.


The LED trace light pad has a one pc USB cable for the power supply. Micro-USB is the type of interface of the pad. You can easily connect the power cable to any computer, USB adapter, or power bank.


Advanced technology is used to protect eyesight and completely flicker-free with no radiation.

Even if doing long, non-stop work, it will not harm your eyes because you can utilize the touch button for a few seconds to get the desired brightness.


The lightbox has wide applications such as 2D animation, tattoo transfer, calligraphy, stencilling, stained glass, sketching and drawing, embossing, scrapbooking, quilting, and many more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for weeding vinyl, and the cut lines are easily visible.
  • Easy painted on watercolor paper and bright enough to see the outline sketch.
  • Gives fabulous results with the diamond painting.
  • Minimum brightness works for sorting slides and negatives.
  • The surface grip is excellent, quickly sticking to the paper.


The cord is too small to plug in, which honestly is the biggest failure of the lightbox. However, using a portable charger can solve the problem.

#4. ARTDOT A2 LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting

ARTDOT A2 LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting USB Powered Light Board Kit

Diamond painting is a familiar and interesting type of painting that professional artists work on. If you want to work on a diamond painting, the A2 LED Light Pad has all of the necessary features that work as a game-changer for diamond painting addicts.

Having multiple backlights will make your projects 20% more transparent than traditional glass with acrylic panels. Additionally, due to the adjustment stand, you will get the exact viewing angle precisely from any edge.

Diamond printing drills are stored in a large box so that it is easy to keep.

Key Features

ADJUSTABLE Illumination:

There is a touch sensor to activate the light pad. The controller works in two ways: turn the light on or off, and the other is to control the light intensity of your choice.

In addition, the brightness intensity of 66 energy-efficient LED bulbs is rated at more than 50,000. With three levels of brightness control, the brightness will continue to change gradually when you press the button.


There is super bright energy and efficient flicker-free LED technology which eases any eye strain. Light is provided evenly to illuminate the entire surface. There are three levels of brightness adjustment that act as a resistance film.


The LED light pad is extremely thin. It is only 4mm or 0.15 inches thick and weighs just 5.04 pounds which makes it easy to carry anywhere without a hassle. Moreover, its width is 15.7 inches or 40 centimeters, and its length is 23.6 inches or 60 centimeters.


The ARTDOT pad comes with four-piece clips that help to hold it firmly to the canvas, paper, or X-ray. In addition to the clip, they also provide a stand that makes your light pad secure and flexible.

A stand of 12 adjustable angles is attached to the metal frame separately. The area of the multi-angle stand is 23.6 inches or 60 cm X 15.7 inches or 40 cm. Not only does it hold it in place, but it allows you to see it from different angles.


There is a USB cable and AC adapter for the power supply. However, you can connect to a power bank, computer, laptop, wall charger, or any USB-enabled device for multiple power supplies. USB input voltage DC 5V and power rate 4.8 W.


The light pad is widely used, especially to make perfect Diamond paintings, 2D Animation, Stenciling, Sewing projects, Applique, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching and Drawing, Stained Glass, Quilting, Embossing, Calligraphy, and X-ray view.


It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is the pride of this brand. In addition to the one-year complete warranty offer, if the customer is dissatisfied with the purchase for any reason, there is a way to contact the ARTDOT officials who will solve the problem and promise to deliver the right product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specific numbers or letters are visible on the canvas.
  • The screen brightness is excellent for diamond painting applications.
  • Stand and clips maintain the consistency of the lightbox.
  • Highly convenient and portable.
  • Made of acrylic and plastic and eco-friendly.


Since it is a touch sensor device, there may be some problems with the on-off button, and the pad may start heating under extra pressure.

#5.  Artograph Dimmable LightPad [930 LX – 12″ x 9″ Thin]

Artograph LightPad 930 LX - 12" x 9" Thin

Any work of art has to go through many failures and hard work before it comes to perfection. Thankfully, the Artograph Dimmable Lightpad plays a vital role in getting the final result of drawing or tracing.

The primary function of the lightbox is to make great use of art or craft activities. Moreover, artists familiar with art boxes are fascinated by its brightness and improved quality.

If you are a photographer, don’t look for alternative pads for its dimmable settings and the proper brightness of color.

The brand does not provide any power adapter—no special requirements. You can plug it in directly with any electronic outlet.

Key Features


The Artograph Lightpad is exceptionally portable and thin. It weighs around 2.6 pounds, and its overall dimensions are 14.25 inches W x 11.25 inches D x 0.5 inches H.

Moreover, the whole frame is made of Aluminum which is highly durable and attractive. Not only this, but with the help of Double Layer Farm Work Surface, you can efficiently work on thick paper or fabric.


The general area of the LED light is 12 inches x 9 inches. Variable light brightness adjustment from 500 lux to super bright 5000 lux. Furthermore, the color temperature of the pad is 6500k cool white.

Additionally, the super bright LED light can fully illuminate the surface of the pad. The maximum life span of maintenance LED lamps is up to 50,000 hours.


The lightbox works excellent for transferring artwork and tracking. It also specializes in other works such as photographs, embroidery patterns, sewing patterns, tattoo design, drawing, and stencil.


Like other products, the light pad has a limited warranty of 1 year, and it will assure you of 100% satisfaction.

Highlighted Features:

  • The faded feature of brightness is highly comfortable to the eyes.
  • The light intensity is appropriate for drawing.
  • Concern about conditional tracing on watercolor paper.
  • The straight edge on the surface takes less time.
  • Suitable enough to scan film negatives.


There may be a problem with the new Touch Activated power button. There is a possibility that the artist’s hand will constantly slip to draw, which later turns off the lightbox.

Comparison Table of Light Pad For Weeding Vinyl

Product NameThicknessPowerWeight
A4 Light Board5 mm1.68 pounds
HSK Aluminium Frame Light Box5 mm5.06 pounds
LITENERGY Portable LED Board5 mmDC 5V1.37 pounds
ARTDOT A2 LED Light Pad4 mm 4.8W5.04 pounds
Artograph Dimmable LightPad5 mm2.6 pounds

Light Pad for Weeding Vinyl Buying Guide – What to Look Out For

Light Pad for Weeding Vinyl Reviews

There are many models and brands of lightboxes on the market for weeding vinyl, but choosing the best light pad for can be a bit complicated.

The features of each lightbox are different from each other, but it is entirely up to you which options you will narrow down considering your specific needs.

This is a good post with tips for weeding vinyl if you’re interested in weeding vinyl already discussed in another post.

Size & Weight

The size and weight of the light pad are crucial for two reasons. First, it depends on what project you are using and how much area is needed. The other is how easily portable it is.

The size of the light pad must be consistent with the paper used in the project; otherwise, it may ruin the art work in an instant. So in choosing the light pad, you must consider the aspect of size.

For example, the screen size of the a2 lightbox is 25.35 / 18.5 inches which is suitable for all projects. However, the size of the A4 lightbox needs to be at least 14/10 inches.

Be sure about thickness and weight in terms of portability. Professionals prefer to use at least two and a half pounds in weight and thickness 5 mm for weeding.


The primary purpose of buying a lightbox is to have a lot of brightness. Likewise, the main consideration of professionals in choosing a lightbox is its adjustable brightness.

The perfection of brightness depends on what kind of paper you are using in the projects. For example, if you use heavy water-colored paper, it is more appropriate to use a unit with a brightness of at least four thousand lux.

Vinyl weeding requires non-sliding surfaces and high levels of light for fine-tuning, so you need to pay more attention to that.

The light pad has a separate light adjustment button with +/- sign next to the power button to control the brightness illumination. Conversely, in some lightboxes, the brightness is adjusted by long-pressing the power button. Therefore, choose the one that will be more convenient for you to use.

Eye protection

Eye protection is significant when using lightboxes because we all know that prolonged exposure to direct light can cause eye damage.

If LEDs are used for brightness, the risk of eye damage can be significantly reduced. There are many good light pads on the market that make eye strains easy and do not harm the eyes even if you continuously work for a long time.

When the light intensity is flicker-free, there are many benefits to working, and it is also comfortable for the eyes.

Final Word

We hope we have reviewed the five best light pad for weeding vinyl above which will help you choose a suitable model. Each model is different in length, width, thickness, and size, so make sure you check which one you need before purchasing.

If you want consistent brightness, think about the intensity and quality of light. However, keep in mind that brightness is very important in weed vinyl.

Also, be sure about the size and weight of the pad screen, as what paper you are using will affect the lightbox selection.

Please do not ignore the power supply in any way, as this is the only way to activate your lightbox and connect it to any device.

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