Best Light Pad For Diamond Painting in 2023 | Top 7 Picks

If you are into art, you need the best items to bring out your imagination in detail on paper. Sometimes you can’t just plan everything to get started because art comes spontaneously.

So, you will need an arrangement where you can pick up a pen and start drawing right away. To help you achieve this, we are going to introduce you to light pads.

best light pad for diamond painting

These tools have a LED-backlit area for the excellent illumination. When you will work with a light pad, you will instantly feel like a pro and maintain your nuance of creative work.

Besides, by using these tools you can do any creative work for hours without tiring yourself. The best part is your work will come so accurately for your satisfaction.

So you need to find the best light pad for diamond painting. Here we have detailed some of the top-rated light pads in the market for you to have a thorough knowledge.



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Our Recommended Top 8 Best Light Pad for Diamond Painting Reviews in 2021

#1. ARTDOT A4 LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting

ARTDOT A4 LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting

ARTDOT A4 LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting might just be the perfect tool because it is a multi-purpose diamond art light pad. It happens to be very lightweight and portable despite its thickness and heavy-duty function.

Besides, you can do several functions including Diamond Painting, 2D Animation, Sewing Projects, Stained Glass, Calligraphy to Sketching & Drawing, Tracing, Stenciling, and X-ray viewing.

Additionally, you can easily store it since the grids are packed in a big box. You can use it to keep everything in it and double seal. So, your light pad remains protected from dust or rust.

Moreover, you can do everything with the touch of a button, turn it on or off, or adjust the brightness.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

Surprisingly, offer adjustable lumination with decent power. It will last a long time before you need to charge it. The brightness level is given in three modes with eye protection not to harm the eyes.


Lightweight and thin build allow it to be carried around very easily. Notably, it is slightly thicker compared to other products.

Despite having such an attribute, the weight of this model is relatively less. Therefore, it doesn’t feel that bulky at all.

Charging System

If necessary, you can charge it anytime because of its portability. Since ARTDOT A4 LED Light Pad powered by a USB cable, you can connect it to power banks, computers, wall chargers, laptops, and so on for power supply.

Highlighted Features:

  • Portable and lightweight with 3mm thickness.
  • 3-Level brightness adjustment ease with a protective film and LED lamp.
  • 4 pcs clips to fasten canvas/paper/X-Ray, etc.
  • A metal frame holds the pad in place and protects it.
  • The multi-angle stand provides three adjustable angles for viewing.


The USB charging cable is smaller than other models. Anything below 5 feet of length offers less flexibility.

Why ARTDOT A4 Light Pad is Best Compare to Others

ARTDOT A4 LED Light Pad stands out to take the top position among others. Firstly because of its multi-purpose light pad. You can use it for a wide range of functions.

It has a multi-angle stand for fixing your media in the right position. You can also change illumination to having the best light to make your art.

Even if you work for hours, it will provide you with good eye protection. Thin, lightweight, and portable, are the premium features to make it prime product.

Lastly, you can store it to keep it safe and use it with ease. This product is worth your purchase because of its cheap price and one-year warranty policy.

#2. A3 Light Board, Light Pad for Diamond Painting

A3 Light Board, Light Pad for Diamond Painting

Comzler A3 Light Pad for Diamond Painting will help you to improve your diamond art to make you a pro! By using this light pad, you can make good tracing, sketching, drawing, animation, and calligraphy.

Although super thin characteristics features make it portable and looks like a glass panel. Other great features include its very bright LED lamps inside to see through very thick paper.

But this brightness won’t harm your eyes as it has eyesight-protected technology. The product is durable and energy-saving to last a long time. Overall, a great light pad to get started.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

Here we have 6 levels of brightness adjustment, including stepless, long touch adjustment. This feature works better because you can set it according to your convenience in different light conditions.


The super-thin design and minimum weight allow this to be very portable. This makes it convenient and compact enough to store easily.

So you can work with it in any corner and also charge it without the worry of looking for power sources.

Charging System

Type C interface means that this product is compatible with any device that supports a USB cable. This type of charging is also faster than others. You will fully recharge it in no time.

Moreover, you can use it outdoors with adequate light.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 levels of stepless adjustable brightness.
  • A magnetic clip is given to keep the pen and extra magnets support the frame.
  • Type-C port allows fast charging of the device with a 6 feet cable.
  • Available in a large size for a wide range of applications.
  • The material is rigid and durable to avoid damages.


The magnetic parts are only placed in a specific area on the light pad. So, it can’t be used for the whole surface.

#3. LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board LightBox is one of the leading among A4 lightboxes. There is a universal USB port for charging.

The panel is in Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art acrylic style for perfect illumination and brightness. Your eyes will remain protected as the light is glare-free.

But the outstanding part is its multiple uses, from stenciling, 2D animation, scrapbooking, embossing, calligraphy, sketching & drawing, tattoo making to even sewing projects, stained glass, quilting, etc.

Soon, you will feel like a professional tracing in Indoor, Design, and Drawing.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

Stepless brightness control is installed in this one from 0-100 % to adjust to the right level. It also has a memory function to give the same adjusted illumination when you turn it on again. So, you can work even in darkness without any problem.


Unlike traditional light boxes, this is ultra-thin for making it very portable. You can carry it around easily and also charge it anywhere.

This slim design also means that it doesn’t weigh much. The name box means that it weighs almost nothing.

Charging System

Using the long USB cable, you can easily charge it with any device with a USB port. Its portability saves you from searching for a power source in your location.

However, the power is quite less which means charging is frequent, but easy and fast.


  • It weighs very little with a compact design for portability.
  • The touch button can easily adjust the brightness level.
  • Flicker-free LED lamps for eye protection.
  • A memory feature brings back the last used brightness.
  • You can also make animation cartoons, photographs, film, slider transferring, etc.


The cable is short and it doesn’t have a USB AC power plug. This makes it a bit difficult to charge the light pad.

#4. B4 Diamond Painting LED Light Pad Kit

B4 Diamond Painting LED Light Pad Kit

B4 Diamond Painting LED Light Pad Kit is an amazing light pad for next-level diamond painting. It has an innovative design with excellent functions. Take it anywhere and start painting your imagination.

Because of its USB charging system, you can charge it using a long cord. The materials are also of high quality for durability and precision. In addition, the installation is easy and quick.

The brightness won’t hurt or damage your eyes because of the advanced eyesight-protected technology. Due to the high power, you can work as long as you need.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

Flicker-free and perfect brightness is given with the LED light. This brightness is easy to adjust with a simple switch from maximum to low in three levels according to your preferences. Whatever you choose will be enough for a clear view.


It has thin structure and lightweight features to make it portable. And moreover, it doesn’t look bulky. This also means that it is portable so that you don’t need to fix your working space to carry out a wide range of functions. The compact size is also easy to store.

Charging System

The USB charging system is very easy with a simple on or off button. Its stand ensures that the cable doesn’t bend. You can connect it to any device with a long cable.

But this charging won’t be frequent because the light pad stays on for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • A full package product with 59 pieces of items.
  • It provides flicker-free illumination with advanced eyesight-protected technology.
  • Three-level brightness given that is controlled by one switch button.
  • A stand included adjusting different viewing angles.
  • The product is durable, accurate, and easy to install.


The light quality of this product is cheaper than others. For better outputs, you need to use a backlight.

#5. SanerDirect A2 Tracing Light Pad

SanerDirect A2 Tracing Light Pad, Large Size Ultra-Thin Diamond Painting

You need good light levels in your light pad so that you can work more effectively. SanerDirect A2 Tracing Light Pad is just the one you are looking for.

It has a new pinpoint grid design for the right brightness and consistent illumination. The finest part is that the cable is very taut and strong that won’t wear off with time.It has got this light setting from multiple holes on the surface.

Everything written on the light pad is clear enough. Additionally, other parts include a clip to keep the pen and a stand. You can sketch, draw, quilt, emboss, etc, using this pad.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

Unlike others, here the stepless brightness adjustment is done with a mechanical switch from 0-100%. So you can set the lighting to any level for an ideal illumination, without trouble to the eyes. Yet you will receive great illumination.


Unfortunately, in comparison to other light pads, this one is slightly thicker and heavier. So, it doesn’t feel easy to carry it around.

But you can still take it anywhere regardless of the weight because it still isn’t very heavy.

Charging System

When it runs out of charge, you can quickly charge it using the USB charging port with a power supply cord and adapter.

You can power it on and off to charge it and connect it to any device from anywhere and anytime.

Highlighted Features:

  • The power cord is upgraded and wired permanently.
  • Step-less adjusted brightness done with a touch switch.
  • The paper size is large for a wide range of applications.
  • Matte surface to fit canvas or papers easily without any spots on it with touch.
  • It has a power supply cord, adapter, clips, and magnets.


This light pad has 0.23 inches thickness which is slightly greater than other pads. So, it feels bulky to carry around.

#6. Tiktecklab A4 Size Ultra-Thin Portable Tracer White LED Artcraft Tracing Pad

tiktecklab A4 Size Ultra-Thin Portable Tracer White LED Artcraft Tracing Pad

As the name suggests Tiktecklab A4 Size Ultra-Thin Portable Tracing Pad is a super thin light pad and perfect for a 5d diamond painting light pad in the market.

You can easily adjust the brightness with no glare. Similarly, it has an eyesight protection technology and is also eco-friendly.

You can make 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, and several other artworks with this item. To help you make precise tracing, it has centimeters marked on vertical and horizontal planes.

Furthermore, you can do everything with its multifunction touch button, including switching it on or off. The super-easy product will make you a professional in no time.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

The illumination is very stable and flicker-free with no limit brightness adjustment. Moreover, you can do it with a simple touch-sensor button.

Select your preferred light and get a good view even at night time or dim outer light.


It has a super-thin design that makes it very compact and lightweight. So it becomes easily portable to take it anywhere with you and store as well.

As it comes with different accessories, the size will make it less bulky.

Charging System

A USB cable is provided to charge it easily. It is accessible to any computer, power bank, or USB plug to connect to a wall charger. So, wherever you carry the light pad, you don’t need to worry about a power source.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thin, lightweight, and portable with perfect illumination.
  • Super bright display that is flicker-free with a long-lasting LED light.
  • The USB cable allows it to be charged anywhere.
  • You can change brightness with the touch sensor switch.
  • The package comes with necessary accessories for various uses.


The battery is not a rechargeable one and doesn’t include an adaptor. So, you need to use an external adapter to plug it into other devices.

#7. HSK B4 Light Pad

HSK B4 Light Pad Light Box 40 and 30 Centimeter Ultra Thin

The HSK B4 Light Pad is a great product for diamond painting in a different size canvas. The aluminum frame gives it a durable, rigid, yet lightweight feature to make it portable.

In addition, the frame prevents side-light emittance for good focus. The dual light input from both sides ensures that the light level is even for accuracy in the artwork.

When needed, you can adjust the brightness between 1000 Lm and over 4500 Lux. This light pad is ideal for weeding vinyl, sketching, drawing, tracing, X-way Viewing, and so on.

Key Features:

Brightness Level

Light is given from both sides of the frame for even luminosity. Similar to all the other items, this one is also adjustable using a touch button between a given illumination. So bad light will never be an issue in your work.


It is easily portable due to its dimensions and sleekness allowing you to organize it inside a storage bag for safety.

Lightweight enhances its portability and functionality further. This is useful to charge it anywhere.

Charging System

A long USB cable is given to charge this light pad with the touch button. It is compatible with various devices that support a USB port, so you can power your light pad anywhere you go. The power is enough to keep it charged for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in various other sizes for your convenience.
  • Charged with a USB port to any device and doesn’t need much power.
  • Light is given from two sides for equalizing the level of light.
  • Three buttons are given to turn it on/off and control brightness.
  • Solid and improved metal structure for durability.


The light bulbs given are not easily available. So, you need to change the light pad if the lights don’t work anymore.

Comparison Chart of Light Pad for Diamond Painting





ARTDOT A4 Light Pad

3.8 mm

3.5 W

1.4 Pounds

A3 Light Board by Comzler

7 mm

8.75 W

1.94 pounds

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing Pad

5.08 mm

4.5 W

1.5 Pounds

B4 Diamond Painting Light Pad Kit

3.5 mm


1.1 Pounds

SanerDirect A2 Ultra Thin Light Pad

4 mm


6.24 Pounds

Tiktecklab A4 Size Artcraft Pad

5 mm

3.2 W

1.45 Pounds

HSK B4 40 x 30 cm Light Pad

5 mm

10 W

1.54 Pounds

Light Pad for Diamond Painting Buying Guide

light pad for diamond painting reviews

Now you are aware that there are different products in the market for a smooth diamond painting. Undoubtedly, it is an essential tool for your artwork.

Therefore, you need to check some aspects before purchasing the best light pad for diamond painting.

Brightness Level

The lighting is a big factor in this item. You need to have proper lights to make precise grids, sketches, etc. So, its important to get an item where the brightness is adjustable.

The perfect ones will be those that don’t have three levels of brightness only so that you can change brightness with the touch-sensor switch.

The item’s brightness should be enough to work properly at night time.

Eye Protection

A painting may take hours, and you don’t want your eyes to sore or get damaged. Your light pad must have advanced eyesight-protected technology.

It will then feel comfortable to the eyes and you won’t have strains.

Lightweight and Portable

You may not work at a specific place only and carry your lightweight to different places. To make this happen, the light pad can’t be heavy.

Look for ones that are ultra-thin so that they have very little weight and feel comfortable to carry around. Only then, your art materials won’t feel bulky and unorganized.


You may have different sizes of media for your art. So, you need a light pad of a good size that is not too small or big. Usually, if you get big ones, like A2 or A3, it will work the best.

However, it is even best to get ones with an adjustable paper clip to keep the pages fixed in place.

Charging System

For an electronic item, you have to consider the charging system. You don’t want it to stop working while you are in the middle of an artwork. So, look for light pads that have a convenient charging system.

The light pad needs to be charged with a USB cable, and the cable should be very long. In that way, you can charge it with any device from any corner of the house.


Another important factor is the power of the lightbox. Wherever you take it to work, it should have a power source. Any light pad works with one of the three sources, USB, AC adaptor, or battery.

The perfect ones are those that come with an AC adapter because it will give more stable lights and work for longer. If you get battery-operated ones, make sure that it has rechargeable facility.

You can choose one depending on how frequently you will use it.


The luminescence should be strong enough to enter through the tracing templates. Look for light pads with 1500-3000 lux ratings and with adjustable brightness.

Usually, the intensity depends on the thickness of the media used. So, you can easily set your brightness to the right level.


The platform that you use for your diamond painting needs to be strong and durable. Get a light pad that has plexiglass or acrylic panels. They are rigid and lightweight and also allow soft lighting.

People Also Asked

#1. What’s the best light pad for diamond painting?

Out of all the products in the market, Awersy Diamond Painting Light Pad can be called the best one for diamond painting. The main reason is that it is a full kit, with various accessories. You can also connect it with different gadgets for charging it.

#2. What are the sizes for light pads for diamond painting?

You can get light pads from small (20x17cm) to Large (60x45cm) sizes. The products usually mention the given size, from A2 to B4 for understanding the media size. But it’s best to get a large light pad.

#3 What is the difference between diamond painting and 5D diamond painting?

The difference between them is due to the number of facets in the gems. The 5D has 5 facets while the regular one has 2 facets. Since 5D has more facets, they have a greater sparkling effect.

#4. What is the difference between A4 and A5 light boards?

A5 is half the size of A4 light boards. So, you can use A5 ones for smaller and detailed works. But the A4 size will be a universal size for any type of artwork.

Final Word

Diamond painting is a fun activity, and if you are a beginner, then light pads will be very handy items. You can work for hours and remain comfortable. The final product will be very accurate and leave you satisfied.

Because of the illumination, it gives a clearer view. Countless brands make great light pads. Here we have compiled the best light pads for diamond painting out of many. So, follow the buying guide and get your one right away.

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