Best Jinhao Fountain Pens Review 2023 | Cheap & Luxury Looks

While we talk about the best fountain pen, Lamy Safari, Pilot, and Jinhao pens come acroos our minds. But comparatively, the pen that gives us budget-friendly choices is the Jinhao fountain pen.

Correspondingly, you’ll get a comfortable writing experience. Yes, they do not write like Lamy safari or pilot pens, as there has a huge difference in the price range. Still, the feature that makes Jinhao best is it is less than $10.

best jinhao fountain pen

People often show curiosity about what is the best Jinhao fountain pen and why these are cheap. Cheap because of the Chinese manufacturers as they produce so many pens altogether. That is why the price range comes low.

Sometimes you get more than one pen, sometimes these come with so many refills, and they provide good service within this price.

People are happy with the low price but get confused about the most demanded fountain pens. Today in my article, I’ll try to introduce you to the 6 Jinhao fountain pens.



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Jinhao 450 Fountain Pen


Jinhao 599


Jinhao Chainmail


Jinhao Blue Chessboard Fountain Pen


Dragon Phoenix by Jinhao


Top 10 Best Jinhao Fountain Pen Reviews in 2021

1. Jinhao 450 Normal nib Fountain Pen

Jinhao 450 Normal nib Fountain Pen Dark red with 5 color Gullor Ink Cartridges

Most fountain pen lovers ask for the finest quality in pen but within a price of mid-range. And Jinhao 450 fountain pen is such a pen for them.

You’ll find one pen in one package, including 10 pieces cartridges of 5 colors (blue, brown, green, purple, and red). There have two ink cartridges for each color.

Especially, the pen is designed under stringent standards. If you see the craft, you’ll find it meticulous. And its design is really charming.

You can use its standard ink cartridges in other fountain pens like demonstrator fountain pen. Moreover, this pen will give you a satisfying experience of smooth writing. Even the ink will get dry fast, and there has 0% possibility of clogging.

Some people do not get how to use this pen. You do not need to do anything except screwing. First, remove the upper part by screwing. Then put the cartridge and then screw the lower part of the cartridge.

At last, dip the nib in ink and screw back. Follow the same step to make ink out. Now the pen is ready to write.

Highlighted Features:

  • You’ll find this pen very economical.
  • In one package with one pen, there have 10 cartridges of 5 colors.
  • Filling ink is easier by screwing.
  • It ensures comfortable writing.
  • The nib size is medium.


The cartridge inside the pen is not conventional.
➥ This pen is a bulky pen.

2. Jinhao 599 Fountain Pens

Jinhao 599 Fountain Pens Diversity Set Transparent and Unique Style

In this big world, some people love cheap goods and look for better quality. Thinking of them, Jinhao has made the best fountain pen that provides outstanding service.

You’re about to get 8 multicolored transparent and stylish pens. The body is made of plastic, and the nib is of stainless steel. In the cap of this pen, there has a steel clip sealed with Jinhao horse and carriage.

Each pen’s diameter is 12mm and consisting weight is 20g. Hence, it is comfortable for regular writing.

Subsequently, all the pens have cartridge converter to refill by bottle ink, but it doesn’t come with any ink inside. Thus, customers can enjoy various ink colors as refilling is easier.

Even the barrel is large enough to hold sufficient ink, and there has a Jinhao logo too. Actually, these pens were designed after Lamy Safari fountain pens.

Maybe these are not so perfect as Lamy safari but can write comfortably no less than Lamy safari.

Users say this pen is of great value, and most people find it easier in writing. A pen’s first and foremost work is writing; if this is good, then the pen is really good.

Highlighted features:

  • 8 colorful transparent fountain pens come in a package.
  • The nib size is medium 18KGP.
  • Designed after Lamy Safari pens.
  • Each pen comes with a cartridge converter.
  • You can use a variety of ink colors.


These may break by much pressure as the plastic is very hard.
➥ You should avoid the risk of falling this pen.

3. Jinhao [Chainmail] – Best Jinhao Fountain Pen

Jinhao [Chainmail] Fountain Pen

What can be better than that if a fountain pen has extraordinary design and comfortable writing skills?

Jinhao has a [Chainmail] Fountain Pen that will mesmerize your eyes with its elegant look.

Anyone will be amazed at its spectacle. You’ll see a copper-made barrel in the design, an elegant arrow clip of gold-made trim, and a chain mail pattern. In sum, it has a lovely and stylish classy design.

The fine nib is made of stainless steel and capable of providing you pleasant experience of a fountain pen.

And the weight of the pen is calculated soberingly so that it may be comfortable to hold for all.

The ink refilling system of the pen is more accessible. In the set, a vintage converter is included. Also, there has an international ink cartridge. You may choose to use both ink cartridges or liquid ink.

But whatever you use, you’ll find rich pigmented ink and an effortless writing experience. To refill the pen, you have to unscrew the nib and make the cartridge seat in that section.

If you want to refill by ink, after setting the cartridge in the nib section, you have to screw the cartridge end, and then after dipping the nib in ink, screw back the last section of the cartridge.

Highlighted features:

  • This pen has a stylish body and an elegant design of a gold arrow clip.
  • Its nib is of stainless steel and a fine nib.
  • Has a comfortable weight to hold.
  • Can write smoothly and provide nice pigmentation.
  • In the box, there have a vintage converter and international ink.


After using a couple of months, the ink flow can be irregular.
➥ Writing with this pen is ok, but not 100% ok.

4. Jinhao Classic Fountain Pen Blue Chessboard

Jinhao Classic Fountain Pen Blue Chessboard

A classic designed fountain Pen attracts users more. Thus, giving importance to classic look, Jinhao has accomplished a royal design that people are bound to love it.

What attracts customers most is its white marble design. But natural marble is not its material. Somewhat the design is neatly customized by acrylic resin that it seems like it is accurate. In the manufactures of the pen, you’ll not find a single mistake.

The pen seems like it is heavy as there has an illusionary design of marble. But nothing like that, verily it has a very relaxed weight. It has a glossy polish without any burrs.

There comes a bit of shine from the pen, which looks really beautiful. The medium nib is made of gold plate and writes gracefully with smooth ink flow.

This pen accepts both cartridges (2.6 mm) and bottle ink. But it does not come with any ink; you have to buy either cartridges or bottled ink.

Highlighted features:

  • The pen has a beautiful white marble design.
  • Its body is made of acrylic resin that gives an illusionary look of white marble.
  • Comfortable Enough to hold and write.
  • Can accept both ink cartridges and bottled ink.
  • The nib is medium and gold plated.


Some people may find this pen bulky.
➥ To whom it’ll seem bulky, they will be a little bit uncomfortable.

5. JINHAO X750 Fountain Pen

JINHAO X750 Fountain Pen M Nib

Now, this fountain pen is for black lovers people, but I guess everyone likes black. In a dark sky blue box, you’ll get the eye-soothing black frosting pen.

While you observe the design, you’ll find it simple but still carries an aesthetics look.

Assuredly, there has no doubt about the quality of Jinhao’s pen. Likewise, no difference in this pen. It writes so smoothly that you’ll see the touch of professional research and the craft team’s effort in this.

The pen has a push cap and screw-based converter. Sturdy material and stainless steel make it durable. Furthermore, the nib of the pen is stainless steel and of medium size.

Whereas there has a screw converter which is terrific as it never leaks, people can refill the ink by bottle ink. Also, the pen accepts ink cartridges. Likewise, you can change the nib with a flex nib, #6 nib. And its weight is very comfortable at 1.27 ounces.

What can we expect more from a pen! Reviewers are very pleased using this pen and they say it is very economical.

Highlighted features:

  • The black frosting look makes the pen aesthetics.
  • Its body is made of metal, and the nib is of stainless steel.
  • Size of the nib is medium, and it is changeable with #6 nib.
  • Its ink color is blue and refillable by bottle ink, cartridges.
  • Comes single pen in the package.


The pen doesn’t come with any ink.
➥ While you’ll start writing, it can take some time to flow ink.

6. Jinhao Dragon Phoenix Fountain Pen

Jinhao Dragon Phoenix Fountain Pen Fine Writing Luxury Case

According to my observations, most fountain pen users love luxury fountain pens. But this time, Jinahao has made a good combination with luxury and antique. If you know a little more about luxury rollerball pen that gives a feel of using a fountain pen, as we’ve done on our rollerball pens article.

This Jinhao Dragon fountain pen describes how elite it is with its look. Let me first tell you one interesting thing. Chinese consider dragon as auspicious. They believe the dragon is a sign of benevolence.

Whole-body of the black pen has an antique design. To me, the pen holder box is more luxurious. It has a nice dark type, almost redwood color. When you open the box, you’ll see few fetishes with the horse, which looks like a statue.

However, the metal nib is golden, and the size is 0.5mm. And its cap is screw type. The pen accepts international standard cartridges, but there are no cartridges for safety reasons.

With cartridges, it takes bottle ink too, and you can refill with whatever ink you want. In the product description, they include how to refill ink.

In comparison, the length of the pen seems short, but its weight is 105g. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide comfortable writing. Instead, the nib gives you consistent writing flow.

Undoubtedly, this pen will give you positive experiences with looks and service.

Highlighted features:

  • This dragon phoenix pen is both luxury and antique.
  • Its weight is 105g but writes comfortably.
  • The nib is of metal, and the size is 0.5 mm.
  • You can use both international cartridges and bottled ink.
  • A beautiful redwood box holds this beautiful pen.


This pen will get dust easily.
➥ You may not be comfortable holding this as there have much texture.

Things to Consider Before Buying Jinhao Fountain Pens

We believe now you know about the 6 best Jinhao fountain pen. On the contrary, this is not enough just to know about what pens are of better quality. Thereupon, you’ll have to know which pen is perfect for you. If you fail to understand this, later you’ll blame the company.

Our buying guidelines will help you choose the right fountain pen for you. So stay with us.

Appearance and construction

Most fountain pen users like this pen because of its appearance and construction. Still, there have variations of choices as all the Jinhao pens don’t have the same appearance and also all the people do not like the same pen.

According to your demand, choose that fountain pen that is more admirable and successfully matches all your purposes among our 6 pens.

Nib size and filling system

The filling system of a fountain pen is the most irritating thing. Usually, people feel comfortable using ink cartridges, and these are easily available, but this is a little bit costly. That’s why some people use bottle ink.

There have variations in refilling too. Some pens only use cartridges or bottle ink; some use both. Purchase this pen which is comfortable for you to refill.

Most of the fountain pens in our list accept both cartridges and bottled ink. This is really a smart choice to choose the pen that can service by both.

And about choosing nib size, that’s entirely up to your comfort ness.


Basically, we use a pen to write, and writing should always be comfortable. What ensures the comfort of a pen is its size and weight; comparatively, weight is much important here.

Because, while you’ll write, you’ll have to bear the weight of the pen. If you write regularly, then you shouldn’t choose a pen that has more weight.

But if your purpose is to use the fountain pen occasionally, you can go with a good-looking pen that has overweight. The same thing can be done if you want to give the pen as a gift to your loving ones.

Writing experience

Of course, you’ve previous experience of writing with any fountain pen. If you’re a regular user, you must know which part you should follow most to buy a fountain pen.

If you haven’t use Jinhao pens before, this will be a silly excuse to choose your pen if you’ve read about our 6 fountain pens.

And if you’re new to use a fountain pen, then I’ll advise you to focus on the weight and your previous writing experience with any pen. This will help you decide which will be your right pen.


#1.  Are JINHAO Pens Good?

People often think that Jinhao pens are low in price; maybe these are not good. Whoever has this misconception, they’re really wrong. You’ll get a well finished, classy, decorated pen that writes even better than other expensive pens at such a low price.

All the Jinaho’s pens carry the qualities that a best pen should have, like-highly durable and easily functional. Whoever has used this pen gave nice reviews except those who selected the wrong pen for them.

#2. Why is jinhao fountain pen so cheap?

All the people who love Jinhao pens are always curious about why these fountain pens are so cheap. There are few reasons behind it. First of all, Chinese companies do not produce pens low in number.

Their minimum number of orders is 1 lakh pen. They produce a huge quantity pens altogether. Thus the price comes so low.

Even Chinese labor Is very cheap. When they deliver a product, they do not involve many people or reseller who has the need to earn money.

#3. How do jinhao fountain pen works?

Jinhao fountain pen works really amazing. These pens have an aesthetic and classy design, comfortable weight, comfortably holding grip section, nice ink flow, easy refilling system.

What should a pen have more? Even these pen’s material is also adjustable with the price. In sum, the way Jinhao pens works really brings satisfaction.

#4. How to fill a jinhao fountain pen?

Refilling the Jinhao fountain pen is relatively more straightforward and similar to other fountain pens. You just have to put cartridges inside after unscrewing the nib part if the pen accepts cartridges.

To refill by bottle ink, similarly, you have to unscrew the nib section. Then there has a piston that you have to twist. But before twisting the piston, you have to put the nib section into the bottled ink.

Now you have to twist the piston until the knob inside reaches the last. When it is done, twist back the piston, and ink is getting filled.


Once upon a time, the fountain pen was the only choice for writers. In the evolution of time, so many pens have taken the place of the fountain pen. But I must say the popularity of this pen can never be replaced. Thus a good number of people still look for this pen.

A good fountain pen can give you an excellent experience. And Jinhao fountain pens are nowadays most user’s favorite. We tried to let you know about some best Jinhao fountain pens.

We hope our provided information will help you. Wish you a delightful journey with Jinhao.

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