Best Ikea Coffee Table in 2023 – Top 6 Picks!

Our house is that place where we get real peace. We decorate our house in two ways. First, we bring those things what is a must for our home. Second is we sometimes bring things that attract us. Sometimes these two get combined like we need one thing, and that should attract us.

A coffee table is one of those objects. Every drawing or living room have decorating furniture and an attractive coffee table increases these rooms beauty. If you are smart enough, you can save some space or select the Ikea table according to your space area.

A coffee table is must in front of our sofa set—one thing we must note that the coffee table should be handsome also. We can’t take a risk with the beauty of our house.

IKEA provides you some beautifully designed coffee tables. However, the big question is: what is the best IKEA coffee table on the market? I will say those tables are going to serve both your wishes and will ensure you better service.

Are you tensed now that how can you get a beautiful coffee table? I am here to recommend you some best products.



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IKEA White Side Table


IKEA LACK coffee table


Listerby Brown Coffee Table


 IKEA Vittsjo Glass Table


IKEA Kragsta Coffee Table


Our Recommended 6 Best Ikea Coffee Tables Reviews in 2021

1. IKEA Side Table, White

Ikea Side Table White

Are you planning to buy a simple but stylish coffee table at a reasonable price? It is time to invest your money in the very right one. So let’s get to know about the pretty coffee table.

Ameriwood Home Parsons Modern Coffee Table is the one you are looking for. This white color rectangular shaped ikea coffee table is made of wood. It has four legs of 16” inches at height. Moreover, the thickness of the top is 2” inches. The top and frame material is of engineered-wood. The length and width of the table, respectively, are 39” and 19” inches. In sum, the table is perfect for holding lots of things.

Chiefly, the design it contains is simple and sturdy. In particular, the minimalistic shape it has is so perfect for small apartments and offices. With the pure white finish pairs, it gets adjusted with the existing decor of your offices and apartments.

One other thing is, the PVC laminated hollow-core it has, gives awesome benefits with lightweight. Thereupon it is easier to move around. On the other hand, there has less possibility to get scratched or strained. You’ll fall in love with the durability and stability it’ll provide you.

As it is made of a water-resistant finish, you can wipe spills water with a soaked cloth. The tabletop tolerates up to 50 lbs. you can use this coffee table undoubtedly for multi-purposes. In fact, this will give your living room a finishing look. The coffee table has the capacity of getting adjust wherever you place this.

Why you’ll choose this?

  • First of all, this coffee table is reasonable in price and provides better service.
  • You’ll find the coffee table in a pure, beautiful white color, which is easily manageable with your existing decoration.
  • The table has an excellent dimension to hold a tremendous amount of weight.
  • By and large, it has no risk of getting scratched or strained because of the PVC laminated hollow-core.
  • You can easily choose this for your apartment and office.

Highlighted Features:

  • The table’s color is white, rectangle shape and made of engineered wood.
  • They are particularly designed with simple, sturdy, and minimalistic size.
  • Furthermore, it has a PVC laminate hollow-core designed for well white finish pairs.
  • The table’s dimension is 17.5” H x 39” W x 19” D, which can hold lots of things.
  • Able enough to tolerate more than 50 lbs.
  • Easily gets adjust at your place and gives a well-furnished look.

2. IKEA LACK coffee table, Black-brown

IKEA LACK coffee table

You want to give your living room or office a finishing look. Well then, what could be better than an attractive coffee table? Are you planning to buy this thing? I can recommend you the best one.

IKEA LACK coffee table, standard, Black-brown is maybe the one you’re looking for. This black coffee table is made of wood, and the shape is rectangular. Length is 35 3/8”, width is 21 5/8”, and height is 17 ¾”. Following this, the table has a bottom shelf.

You can remove the bottom shelf if you like to. There is no fear if the screw is visible after removing the bottom shelf because it is specially designed to remove the screw nicely and show space where you can put removed screws.

Above all, the coffee table is mesmerized to look at, and it is very sturdy too. The black and brown combination gives it a classy look. On the other hand, it is able to hold 50 to 100lbs nicely. Actually, the wood that is used here is veneer wood that makes it really hardy. If it gets dirty, you can wipe it with damp cloths.

This coffee table keeps everything like-remote, newspaper, coffee mug, etc near to your hand. You’ll find it very friendly to use. The best part is it’ll adjust with your existing decoration and offers a finishing look.

Why you’ll choose this?

  • The coffee table will provide you multiple services.
  • As it is made of veneer wood, it is sturdy and durable.
  • Two stored table helps you keeping organized so many things close.
  • On the bottom shelf, you can keep books too.
  • With your existing home decoration, the coffee table gets fits easily.
  • Your investment will not go in vain.

Highlighted Features:

  • The coffee table has two shelves, and if required, you may remove the bottom shelf.
  • This black and brown combined Chinese coffee table gives an aesthetics look.
  • The coffee table dimension is 35 3/8” x 21 5/8” x 17 ¾” which is of perfect size.
  • Capable enough to hold good numbers of things as it has proper dimension.
  • Can tolerate 50 to 100lbs weight as it is sturdy enough.
  • It’ll increase the beauty of your apartment by looks.
  • Ensures you durability and better services.

3. IKEA Listerby Coffee Table, Brown

IKEA Vittsjo Coffee Table

If you’re planning to buy an extraordinary stylish coffee table for your apartment or office, then the IKEA Lister coffee table would be your best choice. This classy coffee table is about to put a dramatic elegance to your place.

The coffee table is made of wood, the shape is rectangular, and the brown color it has is very charming. Although it is rectangular shaped, four corners are round in shape that makes the looks unique. The length is 140 cm (55 1/8”), width is 60 cm (23 5/8”), and the height is 45 cm (17 ¾”). 

Following the top’s inner dimension, there has a ribbed bottom shelf, which gives the shelf an airy impression. The bottom shelf is so perfect for keeping magazines, books, remote control, few necessary boxes, and other things close to hand.

Moreover, the table’s surface has a lacquer coat that is very protective about ensuring its durability. Along with ensuring durability, this lacquer coat gives the body a natural wood feel and make it more gorgeous.

You can organize a showpiece, flower vase, books on the top. With this in mind, you can place the table at your apartment or office. From then, it’ll add extra elegancy at your home.

On the other hand, cleaning the table is also super easy. You can use a dry cloth or damp cloth to clean this. There has no objection to using damp cloths.

Why you’ll choose this?

  • The table is very stylish to look at.
  • It has two shelves for various uses.
  • Keeps everything neatly organized.
  • The dimension it has is large enough.
  • This coffee table can be used as a center table also.

Highlighted Features:

  • This coffee table is made of wood, and the surface has a protective lacquer coat.
  • Consists of a dimension of respectively 140 cm (55 1/8”) x 60 cm (23 5/8”) x 45 cm (17 ¾”).
  • Built with two shelves design and the bottom shelf is ribbed that gives an airy impression.
  • The protective lacquer coat that it has secures its durability and provides natural wood feel.
  • Cleaning the coffee table is quite easy with dry or damp cloths.
  • The table has a rectangular shape, but the corners are a little bit round shaped.
  • Can hold a good number of things close to your hand.

4. IKEA Vittsjö Coffee Table, Black-Brown-Glass

IKEA Listerby Coffee Table

Do you feel like you need a coffee table that would be super cute and classy enough to see? Today I’ll show you that one in which you’ll show interest to invest. You’re about to fall in love with the mesmerizing look it has.

IKEA Table, Black-Brown, Glass is the one I am talking actually. This beautiful coffee table is made of wood, and the top is of black-brown glass, which is stain resistant, thus easy to clean.

Furthermore, it has four sturdy wooden legs to hold two shelves. The upper one is of beautiful glass, and the lower one is of black-brown combined wood. Believe me, the way it was made is just incredible.

Although it is rectangular shaped, it is a round type, which makes the coffee table more classy and gorgeous. The length and height respectively are 75 cm (29 ½”) x 45 cm (17 ¾”). That means the coffee table is not so small. The same dimension is on the bottom shelf. So you can organize a good number of things here.

As the upper part is glass, it is not perfect for holding lots of weight. If you put so many weights, this beautiful glass will crack. Using the upper part, you must be cautious because a damaged or scratched surface will easily break it. I will suggest you keep only papers, magazines and light-weight things here.

The bottom is very sturdy and can hold lots of weight. If you feel like you may put good weight here. You will be able to keep heavy books, boxes here. In sum, the product is very user friendly. You’ll love using this. The beauty it’ll increase to your place, no need any describe actually.

Why you’ll choose this?

  • First of all, it is a very stylish and handsome coffee table.
  • Undoubtedly it’ll get fits wherever you place in your apartment or office.
  • The bottom shelf is very heavy and sturdy.
  • Cleaning the coffee table is super easy with a dry or soaked cloth.
  • You can use this as a center table too.

Highlighted Features:

  • The coffee table is made of sturdy wood and has heartwarming black-brown combination.
  • It is divided into 2 sections with 2 different types of material.
  • The upper section is of stain resistant glass, and lower section is of wood.
  • Adjust even on uneven floors because of its adjustable fits.
  • The dimension of the table is 75 cm (29 ½”) x 45 cm (17 ¾”).
  • It carries 33.7 pounds weight.
  • As the upper shelf is glass, you should be cautious enough to use it. But that doesn’t mean it is user-unfriendly.

5. IKEA Kragsta Coffee Table White

IKEA Kragsta Coffee Table White

Do you feel any connection with the white color? You’ve given your house a white charming interior design because you love white so much. Even if you do not like so much, white has a power getting adjust with everything. Today I’ll show you a charming white coffee table.

IKEA Kragsta Coffee Table White 202.866.38 Size 35 3/8″ is the coffee table I am talking about. It has a milky white color and made of wood. Moreover, this table is round and as the base has four legs. Legs are made of solid wood, and plastic feet is included for protecting the floor from getting scratches.

This white beauty needs assembling. Height and diameter are 48 cm and 90 cm. Due to its dimension, it offers you a generous space. You can keep trays and provides tea, coffee services so well at the tabletop.

As the table has a perfect dimension, it gets fit wherever you put in your house, and your home will put on an aesthetics look by the beautiful coffee table. The table is undoubtedly durable because solid wood is its material.

Taking care of the product is relatively easy. You can clean it with a both dry and damp cloth. Regular checking is required if the assembles fastens properly tightened.

In sum, this white beauty will give you a user-friendly experience. Along with durability, this will décor your home such a way that everyone will be mesmerized.

Why you’ll choose this?

  • It has great elegance and super perfect for your home decoration.
  • Provides you enough large space with a round dimension.
  • As its legs are made of solid wood, it is durable.
  • Taking care of the table is easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • This beautiful white coffee table is made of wood.
  • Four legs are made of solid wood that ensures durability.
  • At the bottom of the legs, there have plastic feet to avoid floor scratches.
  • The coffee table is round-shaped and dimension is 48 cm at height, and 90 cm in diameter.
  • Can hold trays and provides coffee-tea services nicely.
  • This table needs assembling, and that’s not so tough.
  • You’ll have to be cautious regularly about if the assembles are correctly tightened or not.

6. IKEA Tofteryd Coffee Table High Gloss Black

IKEA Tofteryd Coffee Table High Gloss Black

A coffee table is maybe the only thing left to give the decoration of your house a perfect finishing. If the table comes out gorgeous, then this is really a plus point. Do you agree with me? Then today I’ll show you the best product.

IKEA Tofteryd Coffee Table High Gloss Black is the one I am talking about. This beautiful coffee table carries a glossy black furniture finish. It is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Plastic, Steel, and Manufactured wood, which adds various looks to the table.

Product dimension is 37 3/8” in length, 37 3/8” in width, and 12 ¼” in height that gives the table a square shape and ensures large space.

Moreover, it is divided into top and bottom shelf. The top is so glossy that your face will be visible, and the bottom part is magic here. For the purpose of keeping your beautiful top clean, there have two drawers—one for organizing magazines and the other for keeping remote controls. You can use those in many others way too. As the four legs are made of steel, they can tolerate lots of weight.

This coffee table needs proper assembling, and you should be conscious of if the assembling parts are always correctly tightened. Cleaning the table is super easy as you can use both damp and dry cloth. With its beauty and facilities, it is about to mesmerize your mind.

Why you’ll choose this?

  • This glossy coffee-table has a large space capacity.
  • As it is glossy, it’ll increase the beauty of your house.
  • Divided into two parts that provide you multiple services.
  • Two drawers at the bottom part serve as extra space to keep the top clean.
  • You can easily assemble each part.
  • Steel-made legs can hold lots of weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • The coffee table is square-shaped.
  • It is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Plastic, Steel, and Manufactured wood.
  • Length, width, and height respectively are 95 cm, 95 cm, and 31 cm.
  • The top shelf is glossy, and the bottom shelf is made of manufactured wood.
  • Two drawers at the bottom shelf, organize magazines and remote controls.
  • Require proper assembling and regularly checking if the parts are tightened enough.
  • Four legs are made of steel that can tolerate so many weights.

Buying guides of ikea coffee table for you

best ikea coffee table info

Now you know about top 6 best ikea coffee table. But I think you still need to know something important. Maybe you’re confused too about which one you should pick. Before buying or selecting one of them, you will have to keep something in mind.

You can not buy just seeing the product. There is always something left to think over. My friend, I am here to knock those things in your head. So let’s start to know.

Budget fixing

We first think about the budget, not only about buying a coffee table but also investing in any objects. Budget means spending money. Money doesn’t grow in trees. Am I right? Although IKEA undoubtedly provides the best suppliers for the coffee table.

But their price range varies from product to product. You should first fix your budget. If you don’t so, then you may have to spend more money than your budget.


Nobody will choose the one that doesn’t go with a beautiful design. You may have less budget, but you’ll never purchase if you do not like the design. 

IKEA offers you many beautiful, lucrative design. Choose the one that goes with your budget and looks good too.


Material is the most important thing because this provides an idea about the possibility of any product. Who wants to buy a product that carries low-grade material? Although IKEA always ensures good material, still there have varieties. Before choosing the coffee table you want, be sure of what material it has.

Interior design based

Everyone loves decorating their house and has interior design according to their choices. It would be best if you chose a table that nicely fit your existing interior design. If your interior design’s color is one and the coffee table’s color is another, it doesn’t match.

But sometimes black and white combination looks good. Actually its up to you if you like same colored design or different color is also ok for you. Suppose you’re buying a coffee table for your office, then choose the same colored table that matches your interior design’s color.


Choosing a perfect sized table will be best for both your interior design and the room’s measurement where the table you’ll set. If your room is not so big, but you’re buying a big sized coffee table, this is so odd. Buy the coffee table that is appropriate for your room.

You want the coffee table to hold cups-trays and other things too, then go with a good-sized table.


IKEA’s coffee table has a perfect height. But you should buy the one that is not too much in height. We basically put the coffee table in front of our sofa. If the table’s height is much than the sofa, then it looks a little odd. So consider the height before buying.


1. What is the best coffee table?

Among IKEA’s 6 best coffee table the best one for you will be the one that fulfill your need according to our buying guidelines.

2. Do you really need a coffee table?

Of course we need. Because our drawing or living room is incomplete without a coffee table.

3. How do you choose a coffee table?

I choose a coffee table by seeing its material, price, design and size. And I compare between the look of the table and my interior design.

Final words

So my friend! We hope the information we provided seems helpful to you. There have six beautiful coffee tables of the IKEA brand with different designs, types, and prices. Our guidelines will help you choose the best IKEA coffee table for your house as you can’t buy all of them. Before buying any of them, you must match why you’ll choose this, will it be perfect for you or not. In the end, we wish you all the best. Happy buying!

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