Top 6 Best Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

Woodworking is a very creative and exciting thing. A woodworker needs so many tools to give actualization of his work. And among so many tools, a better quality double-sided tape is most required to join so many parts firmly.

As woodworking is a significant task, a better quality double-sided tape is most important here. In our article, we are going to introduce you to the 6 best double-sided tapes for woodworking.

Best Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

All the tapes here are multi-tasking double-sided tape and are widely used by so many people. These tapes have got the most positive reviews from customers.

Along with introducing you to qualitative double-sided tape, we have mentioned so much information for making your purchase easier. So stay with us and read till the last.



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LLPT Double Sided Tape


Removable Clear Sticky Tape


Three Pk Stick Tape


XFasten Double Sided Tape


Duct Tape by Duck Brand


7 Reasons Double Sided Tape Will Fail

Because of some reason, your double-sided tape can be failed. These are-

#1. Failure to test: When it is finally time to use the tape, you should give a trial anywhere using the tape. This will help you understand the feature of the tape practically.

If you don’t examine this before, then you may face problems during installation. And this can fail your double-sided tape.

#2. Temperature issue: High temperature melt the glue of the tape and, cold temperature damages the tape’s working. So the tape should be temperature resistant.

#3. Surface condition: Double-sided tape doesn’t work on dirty, moisture, and greasy surface. So when it is your tape installation time, make sure the surface is neat and clean.

#4. Surface texture: Tape’s adhesive somehow depends on the surface texture. On a smooth and flat surface like floor, metal, or glass, tape works strongly. And on a rough surface, the adhesive will be medium.

But if you specifically purchase a tape considering the surface texture, then it’ll be your best decision. One shouldn’t use tape not understanding the texture of the surface.

#5. UV exposure: The area where you’re about to use the tape shouldn’t be near to UV exposure. UV will make your tape hard or brittle to work.

#6. Improper calculations: Your improper calculations and installation can fail your double-sided tape. So better you calculate properly where you’ll install tape. Then clean it. Otherwise, your effort will go in vain.

#7. Liquidity risk: If you leave any liquid things overnight on the tape, it will damage your tape and its stickiness for sure.

How to remove tape residue from wood?

Sometimes after peeling off the tape, we find that there has sticky residue left on the wood. It can be removed by following few steps.

  • If the residue is more, you can use a putty knife to remove the residue. But you’re not allowed to use the knife roughly unless you want the wood to get scratched.
  • You can use a cloth to damping it in warm water. Place the damp cloth for a while on the residue. Then gently wipe the area. You may add some dishwashing soap or liquid. But before using water, make sure the wood is water-resistant.
  • Unless your wood is water-resistant, use a hairdryer to melt the residue. Then clean it with a cloth. This can be applied to water-resistant wood too.
  • Rubbing alcohol can also be used if the wood is not painted.

Top 6 Recommendations of Best Double Sided Tape for Woodworking in 2021

1. LLPT Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

LLPT Double Sided Tape for Woodworking Template and CNC Removable

For woodworking, strong adhesive double-sided tape is mandatory. While a woodworker is about to give a face to his design or sketch, he needs a better quality woodworking double-sided tape for extreme adhesion. And LLPT double-sided tape is the perfect tape for woodworkers.

This tape will let you work gracefully on wood, template, and CNC machine. Assuredly, woodcutting, slicing, and then patterning will be easier for the workman with this tape.

Particularly, this tape has yellow backing, and the adhesive base is silicone. And it is available in 6 different sizes. Available sizes are 25 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm, 65 mm, and 100 mm.

But per roll is 108 feet long. When you’ll purchase, choose the right size or width for you. Although the tape is thin, it is excellent providing service. It balances two sides with uncompromising adhesion.

Also, it has temperature resistance which is up to 120 degrees celsius. Moreover, this tape doesn’t work only with wood.

Instead, it can work on plastic, aluminum, steel, concrete, tiles, marble. Thus it can give shape by joining any of your cut pieces and make your job beautifully done.

Correspondingly, you can make templates, nameplates, photo frames, and other craftings.

As this tape can do multi-task, it is super comfortable to use. Whether you install or peel off, everything is more accessible. When you install, you can easily tear by hand or cut by scissors. And you’ll get a smooth installation experience.

Conversely, peeling off is very satisfying. You do not need to fear that if it leaves any mark because it will not do so.

Admittedly, this tape is extreme, and the strength rate is 28lbs for 1 square inch. Therefore, the tape is very professional. Professionals like this tape because it is perfect in every way.

Even the thickness concerns avoiding getting a curl, break, and tangle. So this tape is perfect for industrial use.

Highlighted features:

  • Good for woodworking, CNC machine working, and other things.
  • Has the right thickness and length to do multi-task.
  • Available in 6 different widths and length is 108 feet.
  • Can give shape to anything by joining with strong adhesion.
  • Temperature resistance is up to 120 degrees Celsius.


Although the manufacturer says it doesn’t leave glue behind, it leaves a glue mark because of its superior adhesion. And adhesion is not good for CNC machine work, only perfect for wood and other things.

Why LLPT Woodworking Tape Is Best Than Others

In our list, we have more than 5 best woodworking tapes. But we have listed LLPT tape first because this tape is better than other tapes. It can gracefully and firmly join wood slices.

If you need an exact width tape, you can purchase this one as this tape is available in 6 different sizes. It can resist up to 120 degrees Celsius temperature.

Even it can work with plastic and metal things. After your use, you can tear this by hand. This tape avoids getting curl with its thickness. And professionals prefer this tape because of its extreme adhesion.

2. Removable Clear Double Sided Sticky Tape

Removable Clear Double Sided Sticky Tape - No Residue

So many people desire such a woodworking tape that is transparent, double-sided and comes off easily without any mess after some time. And for those people, I firmly removable clear double-sided tape is the best tape.

This transparent tape maintains high quality. The roll is 2 inches x 22 yards. While you’ll purchase, you’ll get 2 tapes.

Furthermore, this tape is water, moisture, and high temperature resistant. Also, it has pleasant durability to serve your need in your desired way.

Chiefly, this tape is of medium adhesion. After any application, it can be peeled off easily without leaving behind any glue marks. When you install the tape, you can easily tear this tape with scissors.

Mainly the tape is fantastic for woodworking. But this duct tape is also good for working with plastic, metal, marble, and tiles—even good for ABS, PP, and crafting.

You can use this tape as a corner guard to avoid scratching your furniture by your cat or dog. Moreover, this can be used as carpet tape to prevent sliding carpet.

So undoubtedly, this tape is for multi-tasking. Some people use it to do artwork, households work too.

Wherever you use this tape, you’ll find this is working nicely and also coming off quickly. So what can be good than this!

Most of the time, people face the problem with woodworking tape that leaves a sticky residue behind. But this tape ensures you that it is not going to leave any marks.

Similarly, you’ll not face any problem while you’ll peel it off like other tapes. It is wise enough to do your job smoothly.

Since the tape provides friendly service, it is good for woodworkers, art lovers, and other creative persons. Whoever will use this will love this.

Highlighted features:

  • This is a high qualitative transparent tape.
  • Size is 2 inches x 20 yards and comes 2 in one purchase.
  • Water, moisture, and temperature resistance.
  • Peeling off is very easy.
  • Doesn’t leave any sticky residue.


This transparent tape is not flexible and good for only flat surfaces. Not good for working with paper as it can cause severe damage to papers.

3. Three Pk Double Stick Tape for Woodworking

Woodworkers have to do so many unique designs like routing, anchoring, and they require a better quality double-sided woodworking tape that can manage to work with any woodwork. PK double-sided stick tape can be their best choice for any type of woodwork.

With so many woodworking tapes in the market, this PK tape can fulfill a woodworker’s need perfectly.

It can work for hand woodwork, CNC machines, CNC routing, and anchoring. Whatever the woodworking is, you can use this tape being affirmed.

This tape has the proper grip for making your work easier. And it has both perfect tackiness, thickness to make your work easy when you’ll install tape on wood or when you’ll peel off the tape.

As the tape has silicone-based adhesion and the adhesion is extreme, it fits any optimal stability. Hence, it can securely hold pieces, templates while it is your routing time.

When you need to remove the strong adhesion, you can do this smoothly without finding any sticky marks. And this tape doesn’t damage the surface where it is used.

Especially this tape is made for woodworkers, and it doesn’t damage wood or lift delicate pieces while removing.

Furthermore, this tape can be used in professional works like making boxes, shelves, furniture, and any craft project with wood. You may need the help of a mechanical pencil to do woodworking perfectly.

Woodworkers and wood home crafters are the right consumer of this tape. As it is specially tailored, this is the best double-sided tape for serious woodworking jobs.

Undoubtedly, woodworkers will be satisfied with this tape. You’ll get 3 tapes (1″ x 60 yards=180 feet) in one purchase.

Highlighted features:

  • Good for any woodwork and CNC machine work.
  • Specially designed for woodworkers.
  • Installing and peeling off is easier.
  • Adhesion is extremely strong and leaves no sticky residue.
  • Perfect for professional woodworks.


This tape is only good for woodworking. If you’re not careful while you’ll install, the tape will stick to itself. If you place it on the wall, it will rip the paint off.

4. XFasten Double Sided Tape

XFasten Double Sided Tape, Removable, 1 by 4-Inch by 20-Yards

A tape that easily gets set both in even and uneven space is required for woodworking and other daily life jobs. And if the quantity comes in 8 numbers, then what can be better than that!

The manufacturer’s tagline is,” Simple solution for your life,” which is really true. This tape helps you make your daily life job easier. It can get adhere to rough surfaces as well as a flat surface.

Consequently, the tape is instrumental as it can do several tasks gracefully. You can do woodworking, art and crafting, hanging things on the wall, gift wrapping, and repairing things.

Also, you can use tape to keep your furniture free from scratching by your pet. If your carpet slides, you can prevent stop sliding by this tape. This tape will work on the CNC machine too.

And if you want you can use the tape on cloth and shoes too. Your sandal’s heel can be protected using the tape. In sum, you can do any industrial hobby using this tape.

So many things you can do because of the strong adhesion it has. Being very strong in adhesion, you can tear the tape with your hand.

The way you can easily install the tape; similarly, you can peel off too without damaging the surface. If you use the tape in your furniture or leather things, you’ll not find any sticky residue after peeling off.

Whereas the tape is weather-resistant, it can resist moisture, UV, and temperature. Isn’t the tape too good?

Highlighted features:

  1. This tape is perfect for multi-tasking.
  2. The adhesive is very strong and easy to use.
  3. Doesn’t leave any sticky residue.
  4. Can resist weather, moisture, temperature, UV.
  5. You can place this in both even and uneven spaces.


This tape is multi-tasking, but wherever you place the tape, it’ll not serve you a long time because the adhesion will get loose a little quickly.

5. Duck Brand 240200 Double-Sided Duct Tape

Duck Brand 240200 Double-Sided Duct Tape

A double-sided tape with a rubber-based aggressive adhesion is preferable to all as we need to hold our kinds of stuff the way we want.

The Duck brand double-sided tape is such a tape that has an aggressive adhesion to make your stuff placed wherever you want.

It is coated with woven cotton-type cloth, which is durable, and the fabric is on both sides of the tape. And the tape is protected with polythene liner.

This tape is 14 ml in size, and it has high tensile. Even the tear strength is also good.

As the adhesion is strong enough, it can satisfy you with various services. You can use the tape to stop the sliding of your carpets and rugs.

Also, you can hang and mount things temporarily. If you want to repair something using tape, you can do that too.

Most people use this tape on hardwood, and wood floors to secure their carpets or rugs. Sometimes people use the tape in various mates like yoga mate, and kitchen mate too.

Furthermore, the tape can keep your things away from your cat.

Because of its strong adhesion, better for you to use the tape on a hard surface. Therefore, peeling off will be easier. If you use the tape on painted things, it will surely peel off the paint.

For your household works, this tape is really amazing. It will serve you 5 to 6 months with its great adhesion.

Highlighted features:

  1. The tape has aggressive rubber-based adhesion.
  2. There has a cotton cloth coat on both sides of the tape.
  3. Good for securing carpet, rugs, and mats.
  4. It can hang, mount and repair things.
  5. Can be used to keep things away from the cat.


The adhesion is very strong, so it can damage your surface while you’ll peel off. So better use on a hard object. Otherwise, it’ll leave residue marks too.

6. XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape

XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs and Carpets

We use carpets or rugs in our house to increase the beauty and ensure our comfort ness. This can be super irritating if we feel our carpets or rugs are moving with our moves, which can sometimes cause accidents.

So we need a better quality double-sided carpet tape to make sure our carpet doesn’t disturb us.

XFasten double-sided carpet tape can solve our problem as this tape is large enough, adhesive enough, and heavy enough to provide you the service you badly want.

100% polycarbonate and safe silicone have made this tape qualitative. Actually, the fabric is polycarbonate, and the surface finish has safe silicone. These two make the tape a composite adhesive tool.

The length of this tape is 4 inches x 30 yards which is very long to cover your surface nicely.

If I talk about how adhesive it is, then I would say you’ll be delighted with the service. It’ll cover your space being stubborn, and this will last at least 6 months.

You may get worried that if the bond is so strong, it may not come off easily and quickly or leave a sticky residue. But there has no such pushback.

Installing this tape over the surface is also easier. While you’ll install, just press by your hand. Also, you Can use a flat-tipped object to make the installation perfect.

One should follow few tips before installing the tape. Make sure the surface is clean and free from dust. If not, then use a damp cloth and wait until it gets dry.

And the best part is this tape doesn’t damage your surface, carpet, or rugs at all. And this is also perfect for wood and tiles. Woodworking can be quickly done with this tape.

Finally, you’ll get your desired protection for your family and kids as this tape can provide you intelligent service.

Highlighted features:

  1. The fabric is polycarbonate and the surface finish is of safe silicone.
  2. Length is 4 inches x 30 yards.
  3. Strongly stay adhesive for at least 6 months.
  4. Doesn’t leave any sticky residue.
  5. Can be installed on wood, tiles, and vinyl.


This tape is very gummy and robust. So strong that while you’ll need it to come off, it can damage your floor.

Also, if you don’t place the tape carefully, it can irritate your dog as the dog’s hair will stick in the tape. While you’ll think of washing your carpet, you may get irritated.

Buying Guide of Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

Best Double Sided Tape for Woodworking review

Now you know about 6 best double-sided tapes for woodworking. But knowing about products and selecting the right product is different.

To select the best product for you, you should notice a few important things and only then purchase. We tried to make you see these essential things in our buying guidelines to select the suitable woodworking tape for you.

Why you need the tape

As you’re the consumer, you better know why you need to buy double-sided tape. The tape we listed in our list, some are only perfect for woodworking and industrial work, and some are good for household work too.

So it is up to you actually what is the purpose of purchasing. If you want a tape that will be multi-tasking, then go for it.

And if you want your tape to make super adhesion in your woodwork, then buy the tape that is best for woodworking.

What is your surface

You’re buying a double-sided tape to use on any surface. For different surfaces, the different tape is perfect. If your cover is flat, smooth like plastic, floor, glass, or metal, you can choose thin tape or less adhesive tape.

But if the surface is uneven or wood, you should go for a tape with the right thickness and strong adhesion.

The temperature of the surface

Where you’ll place the tape, the surface must have a temperature. Or the surface could be in the direct touch of the sun or UV. Even the surface can be cold too.

At a very high temperature, the glue of the tape melt, and cold weather freezes the tape. Whatever your surface temperature is, you should buy a good temperature resistance tape.

Easy peeling of tape

Whatever our tape is and wherever we place it, we require a tape that will be easy to peel off. If the peeling off isn’t easy, it will damage your surface or leave a sticky residue.

Actually, woodworking tapes are of superior adhesion. Thus they may leave a sticky residue. If you know how to clean, then it is ok.

But if the peeling off is not easy, then this isn’t very pleasant. So purchase the one that is easy to peel off.

How long you want your tape to give service

Every tape is not the same. The tape that has superior adhesive will serve you a long time for sure. Above all that, you know your time limitations or how long you want the tape to give you service.

If you want your tape to serve you a long time, go for the tape with strong adhesion and the right thickness. And if you’re going to hang and mount things, wrap a gift, o do a little crafting, then you can purchase the less adhesive tape.

Other things to consider

You know about the temperature-resistant tape, but you should give concern to other things with the temperature too. Like your tape should be moisture and water-resistant, too, if your surface has that problem.

Also, you need to know the proper calculations of your surface. Otherwise, you may face problems while you’ll install tape.

Your surface energy is equally important. Every surface doesn’t have the same power to use any tape.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Does 3M double-sided tape stick to wood?

Yes, 3M double-sided tape can stick to wood. This tape is tailored to do your small and medium woodwork in your business.

You can give a face to your sketch using this tape in woodworking. Also, this tape works in aluminum, steel, and plastic too.

#2. Will duct tape adhere to wood?

Duct tape is such an extreme tape that it is water and heat-resistant. It can get stick to anything like wood, plastic, aluminum, and leather. So obviously, it can adhere to the wood.

Working with duct tape is also easier as you can easily cut and install. Anything you need to join, seal, shape, you can do by duct tape.

#3. How do you remove double-sided tape?

To remove the double-sided tape, first, I unwind 1/8 or ¼ inch from the line. Then I put my thumbnail on the unwind tape and start peeling the tape from the back.

As the tape is powerful, to avoid any damage, I do this job taking time. While peeling off, I put another hand on the wind part of the line. This is how I peel off my double-sided tape.

Final words

So my creative friends! In our post, we tried to provide you every detail of 6 best double-sided tape for woodworking. Here you’ll find every solution to your problem with woodworking tape.

We have a firm belief that now you know about the qualitative double-sided tape and can select the right one for you.

The most needed things to concern for a woodworking tape like the temperature and moisture resistance, strong adhesive, all we included in our post for your betterment. We attempted to make your investment successful. All the best.

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