What Is The Best Demonstrator Fountain Pens for 2023

best demonstrator fountain pen

The pen is mightier than the sword-you probably have heard the proverb. In the history of civilization, we see that once the sword was the only medium to increase the kingdom. But what if there were no pen, then where we could have found the history of civilization?

From the start of civilization, the pen that has almost captured everything in details is maybe the fountain pen. But before fountain pens, people used to write by quills. For writing with quills, they were bound to dip quills in ink. Some people started finding this system with trouble.

Ma’ad al-Muizz was the Maghreb caliph, who was asking for a pen that will hold ink inside. Maybe from then or later the journey of the fountain pen has started.

So, fountain pens is not the invention of today’s world. But from the early era, it is so popular and useful that people still want to grab this. In this modern world, there has so many stylish fountain pen for you.

Today for our fountain pen lovers, we will give reviews of some best demonstrator fountain pens. So stay with us if you want to get best products.



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Majohn S5 Fountain Pen


Majohn C1 Pen with Transparent Acrylic Resin


Jinhao 599 Fountain Pens Set


Yongsheng 3008 Pen with Extra Nib


Majohn M2 Eye Dropper Filling Fountain Pen


Top 6 Best Demonstrator Fountain Pens Reviews in 2021

1. Moonman S5 Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Writing is your passion, or you’re bound to write regularly. You’re already aware of how helpful  fountain pens are. Now what is left is to know about a good demonstrator fountain pen. So let’s start now.

Moonman S5 is a great demonstrator fountain pen. This S5 version is the combination of C1 and M2 that performs much better. Giving priority to customer’s expectations, the brand has built this beautiful pen.

If you look at the design of the pen, your heart will just melt. Moonman S5 Fountain Pen has given the old version a newer, pretty and crystal look. A modern design with sleek and aesthetics defines the beauty of the pen much better. It has nice equipment with O ring, and the ring has a crystal on its body to prevent it from rolling on the desk.

The gorgeous part of the demonstrator fountain is the crystal clear body which is filled with complimentary ink. So undoubtedly, the beauty of this transparent fountain pen is cool and classic.

This beautiful pen comes with an eye-catching box holder. It is mainly an attractive pocket pen, and the cap can be posted while writing. The pen has an extra fine nib with two additional nibs, one nib is spare medium, and another is spare broad, which can be replaced anytime by twisting in and twisting out. If you want, you can purchase fine nib if the extra-fine nib is not your type. And there has an eyedropper too.

Its cap can be posted while writing. The barrel of the pen can hold lots of amount of ink at a time. As it has 16 grams, the pen will provide you comfortable writing experience.

To add rare quality and elegance in your hand, you can use this pen to sign documents, crafting letters, taking notes, and regular handwriting. In the market, you will find so many demonstrator fountain pens, but this is unquestionably praiseworthy and will be best option of yours.

Highlighted features:

  • The demonstrator fountain pen is the combination of version C1 and M2.
  • It has a 7.2 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches dimension and weight is 3.98 ounces(16 grams).
  • There has an O ring and a crystal on.
  • The ring with a modern design so that it may not roll on the desk.
  • A beautiful box holds the pen with an extra-fine nib, two additional nibs(medium and broad) and an eye-drop.
  • It has a transparent body that holds complementary inks.

2. Moonman C1 Fountain Pen – Demonstrator Fountain Pen

If you love fountain pens and find a beautiful one, then isn’t it two in one package? Now I’ll show you one of the best super cute items of a fancy fountain pen which will be your best option. This is nothing else than 2019 Updated Moonman C1 Fountain Pen.

It is such a demonstrator fountain pen that holds its identity in its name. Moonman C1 is updated from version M2. In this version, the acrylic resin that has been used is of better quality, clear and transparent.

And the colorful celluloid has in the grip section which varies color every time as it comes randomly. The modern design it has is super sleek and of artistic taste. There has an O ring in its body. With a cool, classic and unique design, it will warm up your heart.

The nib of the pen is a fine nib and size is 0.6mm, and the nib has a solid build of iridium. Undoubtedly the nib is perfect and tasteful like other Moonman nib, serving formal writing without any trouble. If nib changing is required, then one can easily do it just by screwing.

You’ll be able to refill the pen with 2.66 mm removal cartridges and converter by the help of an eyedropper that comes with the box of the pen. You are allowed to use matching cartridges if you want.

The barrel of the pen holds 5ml ink at one time which ensures better ink capacity. As there has an O-ring, there is no possibility of ink leaking. But the cap it has can not be posted.

This pen is mainly an attractive compact mini pocket pen, even can be used as desk pen. And the packaging really deserves praise and show taste. There have a piece of demonstrator fountain pen, 1 eyedropper and 1 ink converter in the complete package.

I’ll not say this is just a pen or writing instrument. If this pen is in your hand, then it’ll be an open proclamation of your executive taste. This demonstrator fountain is perfect for writers. Even you can use this pen in office or school work too.

As fountain pen writes in a super cool way on paper, and Moonman C1 is updated, you’re about to get a super cool experience with the pen.

Highlighted features:

  • This pen is the updated version of Moonman M2.
  • The pen has a fine nib of iridium, and size is 0.6mm.
  • As the material is acrylic resin, the color is transparent.
  • As grip diameter is contoured and made by colorful celluloid, so holding is comfortable, and the color may vary.
  • The ink storage capacity is large and can refill by the eyedropper with cartridges or by the converter.
  • The box of the pen comes with one demonstrator fountain pen, an eyedropper, and an ink converter.

3. PCS Jinhao 599 Fountain Pens Diversity Set

Do you love cheap thrills? I do so much. While I think of buying a pen, actually, I don’t particularly appreciate investing so much money. Because I think if I can write comfortably, that is more than enough. If you feel like me, then Jinhao is here for you.

You’ll get 8 fountain pens in one package at such a reasonable price. What could be better than that? Every pen is of a different color. The nib is made of stainless steel and medium 18KGP.

Each of the pens is included with one cartridge converter that can work with bottle ink. But it doesn’t come with any ink, and that is not any big deal. If you use bottled ink as a refill, it is really money saving for you. 

Let me tell you one thing. Those multi-colored pens were made after Lamy safari fountain pen which costs $30 per pen. And here jinhao is giving you 8 various colored pen only at $14.04 and has better quality undoubtedly. So in comparison you’re going to get much profit.

On the stainless steel nib, there has a jinhao horse and a carriage logo. Even the barrel of the pen, which has a convenient ink window, is logoed with JINHAO. The best part is, there is no fear of tearing your cloth if the pen is in your shirt pockets. And it has just 0.64 ounces weight, which means you’ll get a comfortable feeling with a lightweight. 

For the safety of ink, there has a cap with an inner cap for each pen. And the cap can be posted. For your comfortable writing, the grip section is also made with caution. The filling system of the pen is easy. To remove cartridges converter, screwing the barrel will solve, and you can put a new one or new ink. But I’ll recommend you to choice better quality ink in pen.

So you’re going to get a wonderful experience using the pen. Even this pen can be the best option as a gift to your friends and family. This is really one of the best items in the market within budget.

Highlighted features:

  • You’ll find 8 multi-colored pens in one package.
  • Each pen has its own cartridge converter to refill by bottle ink which is really very economical.
  • For safety, the pen doesn’t come with any ink.
  • The nib of the pen is medium, made of stainless steel that writes pretty well and not removable.
  • There have a cap and inner cap with each pen for the safety of the ink.
  • The grip is super comfortable to hold with your thumb and index finger.

4. Wing Sung 3008 Piston Fountain Pen

When you think about buying a demonstrator fountain pens, what comes first in your mind? Let me guess. It would be best if you thought if the pen is comfortable to use and gives smooth writing or not. If I am right, I’ll show you such a pen that will fulfill all your need, beautiful, even economical.

Wing Sung 3008 Piston Fountain Pen EF is the pen I am talking about. This pen is a demonstrator fountain pen which extra-fine nib is made of metal and has iridium at the nib (which touches the surface) to provide smooth writing.

It has a large capacity barrel to store ink. One can see anytime how much ink left at the barrel as it has a crystal plastic body. As the body of the pen is transparent, it looks pretty and beautiful.

Filling the barrel with ink is more comfortable, and it accepts all brands bottle ink. There has a knob at the bottom with each pen. This knob is the key to fill ink in this pen.

First, you’ll have to remove the cap of the pen and pull the knob. Later, you’ll have to twist the knob, and this is how the piston inside reaches at the end of the barrel. When it is done, put the pen into the bottled ink. And now you need to twist back until the knob reach at the end, by then the barrel will be filled by ink. Lastly, pulling the knob back is left. If it is also done then your ink inside the pen is secure and ready to write.

Do you know the amazing part? This pen is so economical that 4 fountain pens come in one package. Each pen has a cap that is screw based.

Some people may find it trouble about how to clean the pen while filling another ink color. I would say just wash with water the same way you fill ink in pen.

As I said earlier, those demonstrator fountain pens will give you a friendly experience. Writers will be happy to know that it can write day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. I’ll say this piston filler pen will serve you better than cartridges and converters within such reasonable price. If you do comparison with other pens, you’ll be glad with this.

Highlighted features:

  • Those demonstrator fountain pens have crystal plastic body, and the extra-fine nib is of metal, the nib that touch surface has iridium.
  • The barrel has a large capacity and easy to fill just by pulling and twisting.
  • One can see through the crystal barrel how much ink is left.
  • Cleaning the barrel is more comfortable with water.
  • In one package you’ll find 4 very economical demonstrator fountain pens.
  • Thus the nib is easily changeable; you can use nib according to your wish.

5. Transparent Eye Dropper Filling Fountain Pen by Moonman M2

Do you prefer unique designed and beautiful fancy demonstrator fountain pens? And if the price is economical, then what can be better than that? Moonman M2 has introduced a transparent eyedropper filling fountain pen which you can say best demonstrator fountain pen.

I am impressed with its design as it is so stylish and unique as the whole body is transparent in color. The top of the body is designed like a nipple to make the pen more stable and as well as convenient. Across the entire body, high-permeable plexiglass has been used. I found that high-permeable plexiglass processing needs a dozen more technologies. So I was satisfied and sure of its high-quality.

Now let’s come to its nib. The fine nib is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the steel is gold plated. Even the gold plated nib has a touch of iridium. We all know how expensive iridium is. It’ll give you a smooth writing experience. I am satisfied with its writing style. And can change the fine nib of 0.5mm.

The pen gives a large space for filling your ink. Once you fill the pen with ink, it goes so long. Even there has certainty that the ink will not leak as it has three-seal. Since the nib is assembled with an O-ring, no chances left for ink leaking. So you can easily keep the pen in your purse, shirt or pocket. I never faced such problems.

In the package of Moonman M2, you’ll find a beautiful plastic box, a fountain pen and an eyedropper to refill ink in the barrel. The eyedropper is matched with the pen color, which looks really pretty.

You can easily refill the pen with your favorite color by the eyedropper. This complete package is perfect for your regular writing, giving sign, or you can use this as a option of gift item.

Highlighted features:

  • Moonman M2 fountain pen is wholly transparent and so beautiful to look at.
  • High-quality material is used in the body(high-permeable plexiglass) and nib(gold-plated stainless steel with iridium).
  • The fine nib (0.5mm) is capable enough to provide a smooth writing experience, but it is better if you don’t change the nib.
  • With the pen, there has a matching eyedropper to refill the pen.
  • The barrel has a large capacity to store ink and thus last longer.

6. Moonman T1 Piston Fountain Pen

Although there are so many demonstrator fountain pens in the market, you’re still confused about which one you should buy as you’re concerned about the quality and comfort. Then, trust me, my friend! Moonman T1 Piston Fountain Pen has a great quality and comfort zone for your writing.

This pen is made of two materials. One is blue aluminium, and another is acrylic. Blue aluminium has added blue color in pen, and the acrylic part is crystal. Aluminium that has been used here is of high-grade. The cap and the barrel’s color part is made of aluminium. On the cap, there has a Moonman logo.

The fine nib is made of stainless steel that has 0.5mm in size. And it is pretty able to give you a smooth writing service. Do you know the best part? Like other nibs, it’ll not create any sound on paper while you write. Preferably you’ll get a better experience using the nib.

You’ll not find any ink or eyedropper with this ink. Still, the ink filling system is relatively easier. Pulling the knob at the bottom, just screw then. This is how the piston will reach at the end of the barrel. But do not screw much, otherwise, screwing much will break the piston. When screwing is done, then put the nib in bottle ink.

Now time is screwing back the piston. So your barrel will be filled by your favorite ink. In the same way, you’ll be able to clean the barrel before refilling another color of ink. Since the barrel has a large ink capacity, you can fill so many inks. Also, you can see the amount of ink level in the pen.

You are allowed to use any kinds of ink in this pen. But for your betterment, I’ll recommend you to use better quality ink. This pen assures you that no leak of ink will happen.

Highlighted features:

  • You’ll find this pen in blue-transparent combined color as blue aluminium and acrylic are its material.
  • High-graded aluminium is used at the cap and barrel’s color part.
  • To fill ink in pen, you’ll require just pulling and screwing.
  • As the barrel has a large capacity, it’ll hold a good amount of ink.
  • The fine nib (0.5mm) is made of stainless steel which gives smooth writing and is replaceable.

Buying Guide of Demonstrator Fountain Pen for Every Budgets

best demonstrator fountain pen reviews

So my demonstrator fountain pens lover friends! We have introduced you with details 6 best demonstrator fountain pens those are popular in the market. You may like every pen and if you wish you may order all as the manufacturers have given concern to customer demand.

But I’ll recommend you to consider one thing. And that is, everyone has different writing style and purposes. Yours one will not match with others. So every 6 demonstrator fountain pens will not serve your need. That is why we have included buying guides for you to choose your best fountain pen.

Nib materials

Basically fountain pen is for smooth writing. It can write fast without putting much pressure on the pen. But what assures us the smooth experience of writing is the nib of the fountain pen. I’ll say the nib of a fountain pen is the sensitive part.

Actually I mean that if the nib is not good, then there is no use of this fountain pen. The material of nib defines its quality. If the nib is made of stainless steel, iridium and solid, then you can hope for the best fountain pen. But, comparatively stainless steel is much better.

Width of nib

As I said, the nib is the most sensitive part of a fountain pen. Let me clear it to you. Suppose your handwriting is thin, and you’ve bought a medium nib pen, believe me, you’ll find it troublesome. Then you may have to change your writing style.

For thin writing, the extra-fine nib is perfect. If you have small handwriting, then fine nib is your one. And, if your handwriting is large, bold and spidery, just buy broad nib. In that case, the medium nib is the most popular because it goes with most pens and gets fit in most purposes. 

Material of body

Demonstrator fountain pens look cool and useful also. We all know that we have to put ink inside the fountain pen. If the body is not visible, it will not be easier to use. Plastic, acrylic resin, silicone grease, those give a pen to a transparent look.

With a crystal body, your work will be easy. Like, you may need to screw the knob of the pen to make the piston move inside the pen, as you’ll need ink in pen.

If you can not see the piston, and you’re just screwing and screwing, then your piston may break. Your whole pen will turn into a shit then. Again, if you need to put ink by eyedropper, you’ll not get exactly what amount you need.

Moreover, you can see how much ink is left inside the pen. So a fountain pen should be made of acrylic resin, plastic or plexiglass.

Barrel’s size

The barrel holds ink inside. It is like a reservoir of ink for the fountain pen. If it has a large capacity, then it is a plus point for you. Because the barrel will hold lots of ink at a time, and it will be time-saving for you. It isn’t very pleasant to put ink again and again.


Fountain pen grip should be comfortable to hold. Each pen in our review has a nice grip for comfortable writing.

Filling systems

Well, I think this is the most important and sensitive part after the nib, for refilling fountain pen someone like cartridges, some like converter, or some people like bottle ink. In our list the pens we have shown to you, all accept bottle ink. Few accept all three.

Now let’s come to the point that how you can refill ink in those pens. For this purpose in our list, we have cartridges converters, piston, and eyedropper.

All are easy. Now you know better in which system you’re comfortable. I’ll advise you not to buy the system in which you’re not satisfied. But, if you want economic writing, then choose bottle ink, this is really best.


Cap is for not letting the ink inside the pen to dry. Also, it gives an extra beauty to pen. If your pen has a good material cap, then your ink inside the pen will remain safe. In our review, most pens cap are made of plastic, aluminum, or acrylic resin to fulfil your demand.

Cleaning pen

As demonstrator pens give us the service to change ink color often as per our like, there comes a cleaning issue. When there has even 1% another color’s existence, you’ll not put other colors. Our reviewed pens have an easy cleaning system with water.

Changing nib

Sometimes there comes an issue of changing nib. Although few brands allow you to replace nib with other sizes, some nibs are attached directly with the pen. If so, then trying to change the nib will just destroy your pen. I request you to read carefully every detail about this because we have mentioned with each pen if the nib can be changed or not.


1. Is the nib replaceable?

Not all brands offer you this opportunity. I’ll recommend you to read carefully each detail. If you think you’re ok with attached nib, then go for it. And if you’re not ok with it, then buy the one that offers you nib changing is possible.

2. Which nib is best?

If you’re asking about nib material, I’ll say stainless steel is equally good and economical. Also, there have gold and iridium nib. All writes nicely.

But if you’re asking about nib size- then fine nib, extra-fine nib, large nib are respectively perfect for small, very thin, large and bold handwriting. The medium nib goes with every writing.

3. Is the cap can be posted?

In our reviewed list, most pens can be posted except the 2019 Updated Moonman C1 Fountain Pen.

4. How to refill ink?

Well, for that we have eyedropper, piston, converter, cartridges and bottled ink. You can take the one that is comfortable for you.


So now we are at the end of our discussion. We are hopeful that our article can find you the best demonstrator fountain pen for you. Before buying, please read our every review carefully. We have tried including every details for your betterment.

In highlighted features, you will get short and essential information about those products. Must read our buying guidelines. There you’ll find every guide for your investment on fountain pens. Each manufacturer will ensure you the best customer service with best product and free shipping order. You may go search in amazon online shop. At the end of our article, we wish you the best of luck. Happy buying.

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