6 Best Bullet Journal No Bleeding for Keeping Notes in 2023

Even if everything becomes digital in 2021, nothing can replace good old journaling. Whether you’re in a zoom class or meeting or feeling inspired by nature, a journal always comes in handy.

But we’re sure you’ve noticed different changes in journals. Some might have lines, and some are blank. There are differences in cover style and paper quality.

Best Bullet Journal No Bleeding

One of the common problems of cheap journals is ink bleeding. Taking a good note and figuring out your entire message got swallowed by ink can be frustrating.

That’s why manufacturers have introduced no bleeding notebooks for a while now. One important thing to remember, the better the paper quality of a journal, the more expensive it is.

Finding the perfect journal for a specific purpose is not easy. Especially new brands are coming and giving better quality journals than the classic ones.

In the same way, we’ve tested and brought our six different best bullet journal no bleeding reviews for you below.



Editor’s Rating


LEUCHTTURM1917 A5 Dotted Notebook


BooQool Ruled Journal


Pappercode Luxury Lined Notebook


Moleskine Soft Cover Notebook


Littfun Bullet Journal


Our Recommended Top 6 Best Bullet Journal No Bleeding To Try This Year

#1. LEUCHTTURM1917 – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

LEUCHTTURM1917 - Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

In the world of writing, and cannot think of journalizing without a proper notebook! LEUCHTTURM1917 – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook is an excellent choice for keeping notes of your life.

Moreover, it doesn’t cause any bleeding, even if you use a fountain pen to write. Late-night rant to life thoughts follows up everything in this notebook.

Key Features:

Paper size & quality

Enter your daily thoughts and life notes with the smooth and clean surface of this notebook. Think of it as a life companion but as a notebook.

In case you’re wondering, the size of the paper is A5. Here is a good post if you are interested in knowing about B5 vs A4 paper size for notetaking.

No bleeding

With its practical ink compatibility and silk-like finish, the LEUCHTTURM1917 – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook can easily prevent any kind of external bleeding.

Usually, typical notebooks make your writing wash out if you close the book before drying. Fortunately, this is not in the case of this handbook.


In contrast to a regular notebook, this one offers easy organizing and sticking notes. The blank table of content provides for you to make the notebook as personalized and customizable as possible.

If you’re wondering how many pages are in this notebook, then the answer is two hundred and fifty-one pages.

Color variety

Likewise, manufactures of this notebook offer eight detachable sheets for adjustment. As it comes in a black velvet color, it also has a touch of FSC mix paper.

Highlighted Features:

  • A5 medium notebooks that come in 20 different colors.
  • Excellent for journalizing daily entries, taking class notes  & thoughtful writing
  • Inside pocket helps to note any kind of to-do lists
  • Dotted 251 numbered pages that are acid-free
  • Two ribbon page indicators and an open table of contents for personalization.


  • Not suitable for heavy painting or art.

#2. BooQool Ruled Notebook/Journal

Ruled Notebook Premium Thick Paper Faux Leather Classic Writing Notebook

When it comes to journaling, everybody likes vintage and something classic. BooQool Ruled Notebook/Journal is the leading bullet journal no bleeding out on the journal market.

Indeed it has unique thick pages that you can write timorously without any extra ink bleeding. It consists of paper that is thirty percent thicker than regular journal paper.

Key Features:

Faux & high-quality paper

BooQool Ruled Notebook/Journal provides the journal at an excellent price despite having a good quality paper. Classically ruled pages help note any point very easily and quickly than anyone can imagine.

Avoid feathering

One of the significant problems with cheap journals is that they tend to spread ink before drying. At the same time, this one twenty-eight paged notebook is truly ink proof. Most amazingly, there will be no feathering even if the ink stays wet.

Sturdy hardcover

Manufacturers promise that this notebook will feel like a baby’s skin when written. Not only is the paper acid-free, but also effortless for regular eyes to read.

The upper cover is very fashionable and has a faux leather cover for the vintage look.

Holiday gift

As the holiday month is coming through, this notebook will be unique as a gift. Users will get an extraordinarily smooth writing surface and rest for anyone who’s a vegan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acid-free 128 thick paper pages for smooth writing
  • Protects from ink bleeding and includes a black ribbon marker
  • Hardcover Black cover that has a measurement of 5.4 x 8.3 inches
  • Lie-Flat opening make sure user can write in any direction
  • Personal or official use friendly


  • Not ideal for pencil sketching

#3. Pappercode Luxury Lined Journal Notebooks

Luxury Lined Journal Notebooks- Journals For Writing

Tearing papers is one of the most typical problems while writing in any journal. Pappercode Luxury Lined Journal Notebooks is free from this problem.

It already provides high-quality pages for you to keep in notes. Most users may want thick, shiny, and no bleeding papers to write, and this notebook has it all.

Key Features:


Pappercode Luxury Lined Journal Notebooks come in two pieces to solve the versatility problem. As it has an elastic strap and inner pocket folder, not only you can write but also keep personal things.

Page quality

It has one thirty tear-proof pages for runners, and features a kind of college-style ruled. Manufacturers have added two ribbon-style bookmarks for users to find it easy to write. Professional to students, anyone will love this as a gift.

Easy to write

Likewise created with fantastic quality 120 gsm paper; writing on this notebook will never cause any ink bleeding? No matter how wet the ink stays; it will not touch the other page. The size of the whole notebook is below nine inches by six inches.


Inspire your confidence and get a grip of your dreams by writing in this journal. Truly, the design is for royalty and luxury writing. Also, you’ll get a bendable cover that makes it very easy to carry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 130tear resistant pages and has a 180° lay-flat capability
  • The measurement of the notebook is 21cm x 14.25cm
  • Sourced with premium 120 gsm paper
  • A good companion for on the road or industrial writing
  • The surface is of leather and comes in a steel gray shade


  • Some users don’t find the notebook well made

#4. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskine Classic Notebook Soft Cover

Explicitly speaking, finding an allrounder notebook for journaling to writing is hard. But Moleskine Classic Notebook makes an exception for this purpose.

Classic touch with high-quality papers; it’s a dream to write on this notebook. Gift it or keep it yourself; this notebook is fantastic for any writing.

Key features:

Write at ease

Note your daily thoughts or meeting according to your wish with this dreamy notebook. Some might think we’re exaggerating, but the quality says it all. Travelers to bullet journalists can use it with ease. Don’t forget to take college notes too.


With the ivory pages and thick quality, quickly write into this notebook. The inner and outer strands are helpful for perfect writing.

Elastic closure band helps you to find an essay on a pinpoint. Also, the classic thick cover makes it easy to carry.

Different size

Let’s face it, we all need notebooks that come in handy for different occasions. For instance, some might need a small notebook for meetings, and the college lectures a larger one. Moleskine Classic Notebook comes in four different sizes.

Ink & color

Write using a fountain pen or write using a ballpoint pen. In both cases, the notebook makes sure no feathering happens, and you get perfect handwriting notes.

The pages are thick and of premium quality. Also, these come in hard or soft cover and have five color variations.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality paper that doesn’t leave any ink bleeding
  • Variety of customization options including choosing paper and cover
  • Includes elastic closure band to hold writing notes
  • Custom inner pocket storage for keeping extra stuff
  • The dimension of the notebook is 7.5 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches


  • Not suitable for sketching

#5. SeQeS Bullet Dotted Journal

Bullet Dotted Journal -A5 Dot Grid Notebook 160gsm Pages Number Bleedproof Paper

Sometimes the best art people do in bullet journals. It’s pretty hard to find a journal that is aesthetic and inspiring at the same time.

SeQeS Bullet Dotted Journal is the perfect type of notebook to carry around and note things. Most importantly, it has an attractive color range and high-quality pages that make it lucrative.

Key features:


Minimalistic design and a notebook is a great combination. Create beautiful calligraphy and even art with SeQeS Bullet Dotted Journal Deluxe quality papers. Every time a user writes, they can feel the delicateness of this astonishing notebook.

Heavy-duty paper

With its 160GSM FSC offering, you’ll find this fantastic to write. Not to mention it’s 5.7 “x 8.2 inches. It also lies flat, meaning no unnecessary problems while making the dream you want to do. More oversized pockets make it easy to store more information.

Zero bleeding

As we’ve mentioned before, the problem with most bullet journals is bleeding. But the remarkable fact is you’ll get zero bleeding with a notebook and that too at an affordable price.

Opening the notebook, you’ll see six color highlighters and also page markers.


Simply, this five mm dot grid notebook is perfect for any kind of art. Overall, you’ll get eighty sheets. Use it as a gift and use it personally; both ways, is perfect. Opening the notebook, you’ll also find sticky tabs from holding bullet information.

Highlighted Features:

  • Created with Heavy-Duty 160 gsm paper
  • No ink bleeding and has 80 sheets
  • Comes along with six highlighter pens and a dot grid is 5mm
  • Perfect for sketches, paintings, bullet pointing, and a gift
  • There’s a pen loop for pen holding


  • Not for a user who prefers pre-printed pages on notebooks

#6. Littfun Bullet Dot Grid Journal

Littfun Bullet Dot Grid Journal Thick Leather Journals 360 Sheets

Coming to our last pick, that is none but Littfun Bullet Dot Grid Journal. To illustrate, if you’re looking for a bullet journal that’ll last for a very long time then this is the one.

It has more than three hundred sheets to write. Also, you can write or draw and do whatever you want on the perfect golden edge paper it has.

Key features:

Lasts longer

Indeed, an excellent purchase at a reasonable price if you’re looking for a notebook that lasts for a significantly longer time than usual. It has three hundred and sixty sheets; moreover a suitable choice for college students who want to make detailed notes.

Page quality

Like other notebooks on the page, it has two-sided hundred gsm page quality. Ultimately the pages are very thick, and also, featured with ink bleed resistant.

Users will also get options to choose from the grid and dot pages. Even there’s an option for you to choose gold edge paper.

Keep tabs

One of the essential functions of a notebook is to keep your tabs. Most importantly, college students and young professionals have lots of vital information to keep. A large number of pages make sure you can do any kind of writing and even drawing.


PU leather cover makes it very exclusive looking. Also, it has a measurement of 8.42 x 5.7 inches. Handmade sewing makes it more precious to use, and you’ll get thirty days money-back offer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Page measurement 8.26 x 5.5 inches and has a line width of 0.31 inch
  • Soft cover that is made from PU leather
  • Eight different journals to choose from and provides customization
  • Two-sided 100gsm that has 360 sheets
  • No ink bleeding


  • Some users didn’t like the handmade journal binding.

Comparison Table of Bullet Journal No Bleeding/Ghosting


Ink type

Supported paper


LEUCHTTURM 1917 A5 Notebook

80 G/M²

249 numbered pages

5.75 x 8.25 inches

BooQool Ruled Journal

5.4 x 8.3 inches

128 lined pages

5.4 x 8.3 inches

Pappercode Luxury Notebooks

120 gsm


8.25 x 5.65 inches

Moleskine Classic NoteBook

70 G/M²

192 Pages

3.5 x 5.5 inches

SeQeS Bullet Journal

160 gsm

160 numbered pages

5.7 x 8.2 inches

Littfun Dot Grid Journal



8.26 x 5.5 inches

Buying Guide of Bullet Journal No Bleeding With The Best Paper

Bullet Journal No Bleeding Reviews

Finding the best bullet journal no bleeding is quite tricky as there are lots of options. Here’s some guidelines below for you to narrow down the buying list:


First thing to keep in mind is the size you’re aiming to get. Bullet diaries extend in a wide assortment of sizes from scaled down around three to ten inches.

However, when choosing the proper estimate for you, it’s imperative to consider your way of life. This size scratchpad is also convenient if you’re attending to utilize it to require notes; otherwise, you have a part of the data you wish to put on a single page.

By distance, the foremost well-known measure bullet diary may be a medium, moreover known as an A5 notepad. Also, it’s an excellent measure for most individuals since it gives a significant sum of space for composing.

Paper quality

Paper quality is essential in the case of buying any kind of journal. Sometimes, it can make highlighter colors seem clever; it tends to be lean and inclined to drain through.

Furthermore, it’ll limit your brush tip pens. Price doesn’t essentially decipher paper quality. In most journals we’ve reviewed here, paper quality is inclined to no ghosting and drain through. Thick paper is better for writing and painting.

Page format

Blank, dot & grid, you’ll find three kinds of pages in a bullet journal. In the case of free hand page layout, scribbles, sketching, or decorating blank pages are best.

But you’ll need dot grid pages for tracking and making calendars. Finally, lined pages are classic and suitable for making lists, journaling, class notes, and meetings.

Cover style

Hard or soft, you’ll get two choices in the case of a journal cover. Even if you are doing your bullet journaling in your work area, a soft cover will work pretty fine.

But for somebody who takes their diary on the go or has it in and out of a rucksack, a hardcover will give more protection. Spiral or bound is another topic among devotees.

Hardbound diaries have a classier look, but you’ll need to select one that opens level, or else it may be disappointing to compose on.

That’s an issue that a winding diary can offer assistance to dodge. Plus, with a twisted plan, you’ll center on a single page rather than two at a time.

Finally, look out for a pocket or pen holder on your bullet journal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Bullet Journal No Ghosting

#1. What is the best journal for bullet journaling?

A journal that helps to keep all notes in place is the best journal. Our recommended six bullet journals are high-quality journals. For art, users can choose SeQeS Bullet Dotted Journal, for notes Littfun Bullet Dot Grid Journal.

#2. Do Leuchtturm notebooks bleed?

Any kind of ink will not cause any bleeding. Also, the ink compatibility and silk-like wrap-up can effectively anticipate any type of outside dying as a rule.

Some ordinary note pads make your composing washout if you near the book sometime recently drying. Luckily this is often not within the case of Leuchtturm notebooks.

#3. What GSM does not bleed through?

Ultimately, it depends on which version you choose. The 160 gsm is sweet and thick enough for most people’s needs. Still, if you need a paper with no drain through or ghosting for anything, contribute within the 180 gsm adaptations.

A few minor ghosting, but nothing drained through but one of the stamps. No ghosting or drain through at all.

#4. Is bullet journaling a waste of time?

Bullet journaling can frequently be time-consuming and overpowering. Like every other organizer out there, there are benefits and downsides to bullet journaling.

Be that as it may, bullet journaling can save time, increase efficiency, assist you in getting organized, and be an inventive outlet.

#5. Why is bullet journaling bad?

To our concerns, bullet journaling is not bad. Bullet journaling is more time-consuming than your standard organizer. That’s since you have got to set up each week by week spread, make your claim propensity trackers, and month-to-month calendars. Indeed in case you go bare-bone minimum, it’s a time-consuming process.

#6. Why is Journaling a waste of time?

Journaling is simply not a waste of time. But if users choose to make unnecessary notes, then it might be a time-consuming process. Moreover, journaling helps to keep thighs organized and gives scope for the planned outcome.


Journaling is a great way to express creativity and schedule work. Writing is always fun and brings ease if it is done with proper tools. Moleskine Classic Notebook is a great option to keep your thoughts locked with your pen.

But as a gift, LEUCHTTURM1917 – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook is a classic, we must say. Our reviewed six notebooks have their specialty and are the best bullet journal no bleeding.

But keep in mind that sometimes, too much-wet ink can cause unexpected bleeding. It’s always wise to use a good quality pen for journaling or pointing out bullets.

Our suggested notebooks are great for painting. Now, get your cells out and start writing.

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