Best Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting: 6 Picks for Artist

When an artist does painting, he wants to go with the flow of his artistic mind without waiting for the paint to dry. Wet on wet oil painting lets an artist have this graceful experience as it doesn’t take time to dry and the artist can create layer after layer.

The only magic for a graceful painting session is not the wet on wet oil paint, but a set of perfect paintbrushes also.

As the brush is the key factor for the paint session, you must need the best brushes for wet on wet oil painting or acrylic.

If you go through our article, you’ll get to find about 6 paintbrushes sets that work awesome and let you work without any disturbance.

All the brush set we have listed is widely popular and reviewed by the customer. To find your perfect one, we recommend you to read to the last.



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BENICCI Paint Brush


Miniature Paint-Brushes


Adkwse PaintBrush Set


Bob Ross Brush Set


Amagic Round Paintbrushes


6 Best Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting Reviews in 2021

1. BENICCI Paint Brush Set

An artist probably can do nothing of painting without a paintbrush set. What is the use of color if there has no brush to paint! Whoever is regular in the art section, requires good branded, better quality paintbrushes. And BENICCI is tremendously appropriate for them.

This brush set is made of nylon bristles. While you’ll purchase, you’ll get 16 nylon oil brushes. And these are of various sizes and shapes. Let me tell you in detail.

They ensure that you don’t have to face any boring art experience. That is why there has every type of brush to make your job interesting.

  • Liner shape (Brush no- 1, 2)
  • Round shape (Brush no- 6, 5, 4)
  • Glaze shape (Brush no- 7)
  • Fan shape (Brush no- 3)
  • Filbert shape (Brush no- 15, 8)
  • Flat shape (Brush no- 2/0, 14, 11, 10, 9)
  • Angle shape (Brush no- 13, 12)

As you can see, all the shape brushes are available in this set. With these brushes, there has a mixing palette knife and art sponge too. Everything in this set is very comfortable to hold. And all the pieces of stuff are nicely placed in a beautiful stand able carry case.

You’re allowed to do any types of painting such as watercolor, acrylic, wet on wet oil painting, face painting, etc. by this set. And the results will give you satisfaction. And these are durable too. The brand demands if you do not like the complete set, they’ll refund you even after 365 days.

Art students, art lovers, oil painters, kids, or beginners can use these brushes for their flawless painting. If you think of giving this set as a gift to any artist, they’ll love this.


  • Ensures better quality and durability.
  • Comes in every size and shape.
  • Makes painting easier and interesting with different types of brush.
  • Easy to carry and cleaning is also easy.
  • Has great value and very affordable.


  • Sometimes you may find few brushes spoilt.
  • Not perfect for the professional artist.
  • The carry case can get dirty.

Why BENICCI is best than the others

This BENICCI Paintbrush set is leading one because it ensures better quality than any other brush.

Everything of these brushes can maintain any art project thoroughly. Even the number of brushes in this set is also enough for an artist to do every any detail painting.

The best part is the manufacturer demands that this set will surely please you, there are no chances to deny how good this is. Thus they allow you to refund you within 365 days, which no other brand can demand so confidently.

In sum, this brush set has everything that many other paint brush set doesn’t have.

2. Miniature Paint Brushes

Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set

Painting is nothing without miniature painting. And this kind of painting is very subtle and requires ergonomic tools. Miniature paintbrushes are such tools for precise and flawless painting.

In a set, there have 12 piece brushes. If you observe the look of the brush, you’ll get to see that these are made of synthetic wood and the color is dark brown. All the brushes are of different sizes. Such as-

  • Liner shape (Brush no- 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 1)
  • Round shape (Brush no- 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 1)
  • Flat shape (Brush no- 0, 1)

These are not regular round-type brushes, rather the handle is triangular shaped and flat skinny. Thus holding these brushes are comfortable and stay well balanced on any surfaces as these can’t roll.

This brush set is so perfect for any intricate artwork. You can create ungracious round, paint thinner lines for miniature painting.

As the brushes are ergonomic, they can reach tiny and small points. So, painting wild or botanical portrait, illusionary things, any models of car, ship, airplane, citadel, army figures, dragons miniature is easier and fun.

An artist can have experience of painting precise and micro detailing portrait by this set. The brushes have quality hair, that is why these work perfectly in any medium.

Painters can do watercolor, acrylic, oil paintings and need not worry about losing bristles, ferrules as the manufacturers give you a lifetime warranty.

A plastic container holds 12 pencils altogether. Basically, when we use carry case, there has the possibility of getting dirty. But a plastic jar doesn’t have these cons.

This beautiful kit is perfect for miniature artists, professionals, and students. Whoever uses this will have a wonderful experience for sure.


  • Perfect for precise, flawless painting.
  • Can paint sharp thin lines and genuine round.
  • Suitable for watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting.
  • Beautifully can create wildlife and botanical pictures.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and doesn’t roll over the surface.
  • No possibility of getting dirty.


  • Heavy-handed painters will not feel comfortable.
  • Brush sizes are very long for miniature painting.
  • Only perfect for miniature painting.

3. Adkwse Paint Brush Set

Adkwse Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Oil Watercolor Canvas Gouache

A painter always wants his art or craft tools organized and to stay near to him. Most importantly, he wants every kind of brush and other belonging in only one set. For them, nothing could be the best choice than Adkwse Paint Brush Set.

Containing brush number in this set is 21 and these are of 15 different types. Also, there have 1 paint tray, 2 palette knives, 2 sponges knives, 2 sponges, and a beautiful carry case.

In sum, this set includes everything about painting. If you purchase this, you don’t need any other brushes for your painting session.

Now let’s talk about how all the brushes look. You’re about to fall in love with this black beauty. Even the black has a cool glaze which makes the brushes extraordinary. And the glaze comes because of the aluminum ferrules in the handle.

The brushes are made of odorless, non-toxic natural wood. Wherefores, these are hard enough and comfortably get fits in the most hand.

All the brushes have soft nylon bristles, thus these are super flexible and can absorb lots of ink. Although the brush has soft hair, these don’t shed easily after washing many times.

To wash these brushes, you require warm water, but do not keep them in water for a long time.

As the brushes have nice adsorption, these can provide you affluent color on your canvas. Along with providing color flow, it can control the flow too and gives you your desired painting.

You can do gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting with the help of these brushes. Similarly, you can create bold to sharp thin lines, flawless miniature, genuine round. So undoubtedly, this is an all-in-one set.

This is such a brush set that is suitable for everyone who loves to do the painting. Professional artists to students, everybody can have a satisfying painting experience with this. And it is a very nice option for the gift too.


  • Hold every type of 21 brushes in one set.
  • With brushes, there have one tray, 2 sponges, 2 palette knives, and 1 carry case.
  • Soft nylon hair is very flexible and color adsorption is very good.
  • Perfect for every type of painting.
  • The bristles don’t come off easily.
  • Natural wood and aluminum in the handle ensure better quality.


  • To clean brushes you’ve to use warm water.
  • If you keep a long time in the water, the bristles will get shed.

4. ARTIFY PaintBrush Set | Best Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting

ARTIFY 15 pcs Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Oil Watercolor Gouache

A painter always hopes that his brush gives him disturb free work. If a brush ferrules come off easily or you’ve to instantly clean your brush after any paint session, what could be more boring and disturbing than that?

ARTIFY paintbrush set concerns to your relaxed work. In this set, you’ll get 15 piece brush with multiple sizes and shapes.

Here in the brushes, heavier glue has bounded wood, ferrules, and bristles so strongly that nothing will get shed.

The problem most artists face is hair removal of the brush. But the nylon used here can minimize the possibility of losing hair.

All the brushes have different sizes and shape to give you variations in painting. Let’s see the size and shape variations.

  • Liner shape (brush no- 1, 2 brush length- 8, 7.5)
  • Fan shape (brush no-3 brush length- 8.4)
  • Round shape (brush no- 4, 5, 6 brush length-7.7, 8.2, 8.4)
  • Glaze shape (brush no-7 brush length- 8.3)
  • Flat shape (brush no- 9, 10, 11, 14 brush length- 8, 8.1, 8.5, 8.7)
  • Angle shape (brush no- 12, 13 brush length- 8.1, 8.7)
  • Filbert shape (brush no- 8, 15 brush length- 8.4, 9)

That means this set will give you every detailed painting. Moreover, the largest coat to precise painting, every painting application will satisfy you with this brush set.

Basically, acrylic painting, oil painting, gouache painting, and watercolor painting are more famous. This brush set gives life to any type of painting.

After finishing any work, you can keep this brush in water for 48 hours and clean it whenever you want.

With 15 brushes, there have 2 sponges and 1 palette knife too. And a carry case holds these carefully as the case has a pop-up stand. You can easily take and keep brushes in this carry case. And it can be folded, thus take less space in your bag and packet.

ARTIFY brush set is a good solution for beginner painters, art lovers, and kids. But professionals and can also use this if they want as it is easy to carry.


  • 15 pieces of brush, 2 sponges, and 1 palette knife are included in one set.
  • Ferrules and nylon bristles do not get shed easily.
  • Every type of art session are possible.
  • The carry case can be folded.
  • Perfect for acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil painting.


  • Not perfect for a large project.
  • The watercolor paint session is not very perfect like others.

5. Bob Ross – Landscape Brush Set

Bob Ross - Landscape Brush Set Oil Based Painting Tools

Bob Ross is the most satisfying brand of the paintbrush. This brand is manufactured in German. And whoever has used this once, never has replaced it with another brush set.

Why bob ross is so famous? Because top quality material is its ingredients. Bristles on these brushes are natural, give a wonderful painting experience, and do not get shed.

The handle and ferrules are also made with better quality, thus ferrules don’t come off, and the handle is comfortable to hold.

In a set, you’ll get total 12 pieces. Among these, there has 10 piece brushes and 2 palette knives. And the brushes have different sizes and shapes.

  • Script liner shape (brush no- 2)
  • Fan shape (brush no- 3, 6)
  • Round and oval shape (brush no- 1)
  • Filbert shape (brush no-6)
  • Detail knife (brush no-5)
  • Painting knife (brush no-10)
  • Round foliage, oval bristles, landscape (brush no-1”)
  • Blender and background (brush no-2”)

All the brushes do blending flawlessly and add life to your painting. Once you do a painting using these brushes, you’ll notice an eye-soothing experience.

But these brushes are only for wet on wet oil painting. You’re not allowed to do watercolor painting or any other painting. This set is specially manufactured for oil painting.

Bob ross’s brush set is good for everyone. An artist, whether he is a professional, a kid, or a beginner, will have an amazing experience with this set. Bob Ross doesn’t compromise with quality.


  • Has lots of brush in one set.
  • So good quality within reasonable price.
  • Perfect for wet on wet oil painting.
  • Good looking and good for professionals.
  • Works very well and gives life to your painting.


  • You can’t use these for watercolor painting.
  • If you purchase the wrong one, you may have the worst experience.

6. Amagic Pointed-Round Art Paintbrushes

Amagic 9 Pcs Pointed-Round Art Paintbrushes with Storage Container

Usually, we use paintbrushes that are kept in a carry case. But this brush set is unique. Here you’ll get a cap with each brush. And this paintbrush set is perfect for all painting purposes although it seems pointed-round.

Total 9 paintbrush is here in the set. Available sizes are 0#, 2#, 4#, 6#, 8#, 10#, 12#, 14#, and 16#.

Each brush’s design is very congenial. The handle is made of long solid wood and has painted on it. When you’ll take this in your hand your eyes will get soothes and you’ll feel comfortable working. Controlling these brushes is super easy.

These brushes can provide you a balance between comfort and a graceful paint session.

Not only the handle is good, but also the nylon hair is very soft, absorbent, flexible, and springy. Aluminum ferrules strongly secure the nylon bristles, and no possibility of bristles falling apart.

As the brushes are strongly absorbent, it serves you much better than any other brush. Also, these brushes can give you every paint strokes on your canvas you want.

Moreover, these can work with any detail painting like nail art, face painting. You can do body painting too nicely with these. Even eye shadow painting is also possible. In sum, this makes possible for you any precise points of artwork.

All kinds of paint like watercolor, oil, acrylic are acceptable for the brush set. Using whatever you do painting, you’ll love the way it’ll work.

But you need to be cautious to clean these brushes. Right after your work, better you clean these with warm water. You’re recommended to dry the brush completely as soon as possible.

The right consumer of this brush set is everyone who is linked with painting. Kids to beginners, students to professional, everybody can use this and will love using this.


  • 9 brushes in one set.
  • Can do every kind of detailed and precise painting.
  • Very comfortable to hold and controlling is easier.
  • Accept to work with watercolor, oil, and acrylic paint.
  • Each brush has a cap to ensure the brush stay clean.


  • You can’t keep this long time in the water.
  • Longer use depends on how carefully you wash.

Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting Buying Guide

Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting Buying Guide

In our article, we tried introducing you to 6 best brushes for wet on wet oil painting. Each of the brushes maintains high quality, and we believe you’ll have a better experience.

But before buying any of them, or any other paintbrush, you should know some basic guidelines. You may like a brush, but later you find this is not good enough for you. That will be quite upsetting for you. Isn’t it better to buy the right one first?

Please read below to know your right investment.

Brush material

This is the most important object to select the right brush for you. Basically, the brush’s main material is its bristles or hair. With the bristles, a brush does paint.

In our article, all the brushes are made of premium quality nylon and these are super soft.

If the brush doesn’t have soft bristles, it will not be flexible. Thus it will not follow your hand’s direction properly.

Moreover, soft brushes are very absorbent. These can absorb many colors and give vibrant flow to your canvas.

Brush shape

A brush’s shape is equally important like material. The material ensures how gracefully it will work, and the shape ensures how comfortably you’ll be able to paint.

Another fact is that different shapes of brush work differently. As a painter, you must know what the perfect shape is for you.

A flat brush will be perfect for large and broad strokes. Angled brush is for detail work, creating sharp lines.

I recommend you to buy that one which has every shaped brush in the set.

Carry system

Usually, painters feel comfortable using the brush set that is easy to carry. An artist can do a paint session anywhere. Sometimes, when they see any interesting object, they start painting.

So a brush set should have a useful carry case that will hold the brush altogether. Also, the carry case will take less space in your bag or pocket. Similarly, the carry case keeps the brushes safe.

Easy cleaning

After any painting, the brushes need to be cleaned immediately for longer use. If you don’t do this, your brush will not serve you long.

If your brush set is ok with water-based cleaning, then this is much better for you.

Because, you don’t have to buy water, you just have to ensure it is warm. Simply rub brush hair with your hand in warm water, your brush will be clean soon.

Multi-purposes brush

An artist needs to paint in so many styles. Sometimes he needs to paint large strokes, and sometimes require detail and precise painting. Also, he needs to draw sharp lines or genuine round.

For various purposes, he can’t buy different brushes. So better you purchase the brush set that will meet all of your paint purposes.

A brush set usually holds much brush. Choose the one that has every type of brush for different painting styles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Brushes for Wet on Wet Oil Painting faq

#1. How do you paint over wet oil paint?

Answer: To do wet oil painting, first I make sure I am using a better quality brush. Then I give a thin layer on the canvas, after that, I start making the painting thick. Basically, I do this gently by hand by the gentle movement, I blend my paint nicely. But to do blending nicely, I keep my painting wet enough and use palette knives, sponges along with the brush. With all the tools and my love for art, I do wet on wet oil painting.

#2. Can you use a paintbrush if it’s wet?

Answer: For wet on wet oil painting, your brush needs to be pre-wetted. If your brush is not wet, then your color will not blend properly on canvas. But make sure the extra wetness is removed from your brush. Better you just keep the brush damp, not wet.

#3. What are the best brushes for oil painting?

Answer: A brush set’s features make the brush outstanding. If your brush has soft nylon bristles that are springy, flexible, enough absorbent and doesn’t shed easily then it’ll give you the best painting experience. And if the ferrules are strongly bonded, have a comfortable handle, then you can say your brush is really the best.

#4. Can you clean oil paint brushes with water?

Answer: yes, you can clean oil paintbrushes with water. To clean with water, make sure you’re using warm water. After every paint session, better you clean your paintbrush and dry it. Do not make stay too long in the water, do this as soon as possible. If you make stay longer, your brush bristles will come off.

Final words

A good brush set is a key factor for a satisfying painting experience. So we tried our best to make you introduced with 6 best brushes for wet on wet oil painting including the Bob Ross.

Our article is perfect for beginners to artists. Here you’ll find detailed information about a few amazing paintbrush sets. These will fulfill your need the way you want.

My friends! We finish our informative article here. Wish you a happy paint session with the most useful brush!

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