Best Art Portfolio Case Reviews with Buying Guide in 2023

Art is one of the most profound phenomena known to man. Artists have another language to express their inner feelings through artistic methods, whether through music or painting.

If you are an artist, you know that having an art portfolio is essential. The portfolio acts as an extension of yourself, signifying your artworks in a dignified manner.

Best Art Portfolio Case

Here’s the thing, choosing a case for your portfolio can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve reviewed some of the best art portfolio cases available.

You can be sure to find what you need in our comprehensive guide without a hitch.



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Black 24 X 36 inch Art Portfolio Case 


Tanchen Artist Portfolio Carry


Sports Festival Portfolio Case


Nicpro Art Portfolio Bag


Professional Light Weight Case


Our Recommended Top 8 Best Art Portfolio Case Reviews in 2021

To make it easier for you, we reviewed some art portfolio cases, and among them, eight cases stood as the best of the best. Here are our reviews –

#1. Vantasii Art Portfolio Case with Shoulder Strap

Black Art Portfolio Case 24” X 36” with Shoulder Strap

As we know, people use different kinds of cases for art portfolios. The build quality and material also vary from case to case. Some people prefer Nylon, while other people might prefer plastic.

If you’re in town, looking for a cloth case for art portfolios, Vantasii’s case is a good choice. The case is elegantly designed with 600D Nylon, which is both durable and sturdy.

The case is double stitched, meaning there are two lines of stitching along the seam. Double stitching pretty much ensures that your case and artwork will be safe from any damage no matter what kind of mishap happens.

Have you ever had a concern that you wanted to carry something but couldn’t because your hand ached? That problem is solved because this case comes with two different carrying methods to ease the pain.

With an already equipped shoulder strap and handle, the case has more than enough to eliminate any inconvenience while carrying. You can either hang the case on your shoulder or hold it in your hands using the plastic handle.

Size-wise, the case is perfect for all kinds of artwork. If you are a science fair guy, you can easily store your trifold board in this case, as the case is 24 inches by 36 inches in proportions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eloquent design
  • 600D durability units to ensure maximal damage resistance
  • Supreme dust-resistant nylon fabric material
  • Double-stitched seam to allow for heavy carrying
  • Two different carry options for added convenience
  • Suited for storing all kinds of hardboard artworks

#2. TANCHEN Waterproof Art Portfolio Bag

Tanchen 4K Waterproof Artist Portfolio Carry Shoulder Bag

Another form of art portfolio cases is canvas bags. Canvas is a type of fabric that is woven out of cotton and, in some instances, linen. If you’ve ever used a duffel bag, chances are, it was a canvas bag as it is known for its waterproof nature.

So, if you are interested in a canvas art portfolio case, you should check out the bag by TANCHEN. It is a bag that is so multi-purpose in design that you can use it for any purpose you want and not just for storing artworks.

The bag, or case as it is its original purpose, is made with high-quality canvas fabric. It is lightweight in design so that you can carry it anywhere with ease.

Many fabric materials can age as they are used more and more, but this bag is protected against all of the usual aging concerns.

One of the more useful features about this bag is the number of pockets and compartments you get in this bag. There are five different sizes of pockets in this bag. Want to store a mobile device, tablet, light pad or hard drive? You can do easily do that with the side pockets.

Canvas’s waterproof nature is known to all, and this bag is no exception. You can take this bag anywhere with you, without having to worry about the rain ruining your day.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality canvas material with wear resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Does not age easily
  • Five different sized pockets for storing additional things
  • Reliable waterproofing
  • Anti-molding

#3. Sports Festival Artist Artwork Bag

Sports Festival Art Portfolio Case with Shoulder Strap Artist Artwork Bag

Often, things get stolen from your bag after you carelessly put it somewhere. It can be annoying to deal with, so safety is a big concern for bags. If your bag is safe, then no one can steal your belongings that easily.

Sports Festival recently put out an art portfolio case that is worthy of calling safe in every manner. With the given safety system, you can rest easy knowing that no mischievous lurker can go through your case.

As is customary for portfolio cases, the case by Sports Festival accommodates all kinds of artwork. There is an internal pocket beside the main compartment that you can use to store multiple paintings at once.

We have talked about this before, but the case also utilizes two carrying methods for increased convenience. Hang the case on your shoulders, or carry the case using the handle on the top side. With a case like this, you will not have to fret about your hands aching.

Now, the crux of the matter. The aspect you should be most excited about is the reliable zipper system. With that, you will not have to worry about your artwork getting stolen again. This kind of security is why many artists and non-artists alike prefer Sports Festival cases.

Highlighted Features:

  • Same sized internal pocket for storing double the artworks
  • Large capacity for storing big projects and documents
  • Dual carrying methods for increased convenience
  • Actively resists against water and dust
  • Superior zipper security system that can be used with padlocks
  • Multi-purpose design

#4. Nicpro 24 x 36 inch Waterproof Artist Carrying Bag

Nicpro Art Portfolio Bag 24 x 36 Inches Waterproof Nylon Artist Carrying Bag

For added utility and convenience, many companies offer pockets to their portfolio cases. You can store anything in the pockets as long as it fits the size and isn’t too heavy, making it perfect when you also need to keep your art supplies.

If you want one of these bags, Nicpro is an excellent manufacturer to look for. They make some of the best portfolio bags in the industry. Durable quality material, multi-purpose pockets, and superior security are all qualities Nicpro finesses at.

Firstly, the bag has many qualities that make it worthy of your use. It is made with heavy-duty nylon fabric, which Nicpro reinforced with vinyl fabric. This design choice makes the bag tear-proof, water-resistant, and machine washable.

The bag has adequate proportions, which come at 24 inches by 36 inches. This size is the most common out there, making it ideal for all kinds of artwork, sketch pads, books, prints, etc.

What is most interesting about this portfolio bag is that you can carry or transport it in more than two ways. 

At first glance, it may look like you can only carry it but looking closer, you’ll see that you can attach additional straps to each side, meaning you can attach the bag to your transport vehicle of choice very quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-durable nylon fabric material build
  • Tear and waterproof design
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Can be cleaned up quickly due to dust-resistance
  • Adequate proportions that ensure maximum carriage capacity
  • 3 designated large sized pockets

#5. Star Products Rope Paper Portfolio Case

Star Products 216H Classic Red Rope Paper Artist Portfolio

We get it. Sometimes you need something that is both portable and lightweight. It can be hard to carry a huge bag or case in your hand. Many people express the same concerns when describing their experiences with making a portfolio.

If you have the same concerns, you can check out the paper rope case by Star Products. It can help ease your pain because the case is constructed with rope paper. This kind of build tends to be extremely lightweight, and it barely leaves a footprint.

Apart from the case being lightweight, it has a dimension of 14 inches by 20 inches. This size is more than perfect for aspiring art students who draw or paint their artwork on a school-issued canvas. It makes it all the more comfortable to carry the case.

The case also features a soft woven handle that you can use to carry it anywhere. Many people find the issue with the handle being too rough on their hand, but you can rest assured. This handle will not scrape your hand in any way.

One of the more curious aspects you should be interested in is that there is a folded gusset on the bottom. If you don’t know what gussets are, it is a triangular piece of fabric that manufacturers craft to reduce stress on the material.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly paper rope construction
  • Beginner-friendly case dimensions
  • Soft woven handle
  • Folded Gusset on the bottom
  • Can be extended to get extra 2 inches

#6. 1st Place Professional Best Art Portfolio Case

1st Place Products Professional Art Portfolio Case

Perhaps one thing we can all agree on is that simplicity is one of the best things in the world. The more simple a matter is, the easier it is for us to understand. This concept is why many people prefer bags instead of dedicated cases for a portfolio.

Firstly, the case is designed as an extra large art portfolio case that you can also use as a bag for storing your valuable documents. With the dimensions coming at 25 inches by 37 inches, this case is more extensive than any other bag you will ever need.

Let’s talk about the materials the case is built with. Out of all the cases you have ever used, you will be surprised to know that this one is the sturdiest. You can drag it through the grass and hard concrete, but you won’t be able to damage it at all.

Apart from the main compartment, the case also has two smaller pockets designed to hold your other valuables. They are both equipped with an elastic tie-down that can hold whatever you put in it in place.

You can carry the case in your hand like it is the traditional method. But who says you need to do that exactly? The case has an included shoulder carry strap that you can use to transport the case on your shoulder without breaking your back.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-large capacity
  • Sturdy and rigid construction
  • Two small pockets for added storage
  • Elastic Tie-down to reduce damage
  • Dual carrying method

#7. Starsouce 8k Art Portfolio Bag

8k Art Portfolio Carry Bag Multipurpose Artist Portfolios Case

One of the more interesting fabrics out there is called Oxford cloth. Yeah, it does sound more pompous than it is. People mainly prefer Oxford for business or sporty dress codes as it has a basketweave structure and a lustrous aspect to it.

Nowadays, it is also being used to make art portfolio bags; such is the case with Starsouce’s bags. To know why we must know why and how the bag is built with Oxford clothing.

Firstly, Oxford is a fabric that is highly durable and can withstand heavy loads of water splashes. Meaning it is a perfect fabric material for a luxury art portfolio case. You want to protect your paper artwork and documents as they are prone to water damage.

For features, the bag also has a convenient tote handle that is designed for maximum comfort. The wide shoulder strap design is a bonus when it comes to relieving you of carriage pain. It is wide enough to reach your most suitable length freely.

“Does this bag have additional compartments?”. In response to your question, the bag does have two additional pockets on the side. Meaning, you can store your brushes, markers, pencils, coloring chart, and whatever other art supplies you want to carry with you.

Highlighted  Features:

  • Large capacity main compartment for sketchbooks
  • Sturdy Oxford clothing material build
  • Double stitching to ensure damage protection
  • Additional pockets for storing art supplies
  • Extremely durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable shoulder wide adjustable strap
  • Also functions like a tote bag

Art Portfolio Case Reviews Buying Guide

Best Art Portfolio Case Reviews

To preface, we will not urge you to buy a single brand but instead educate you on what a good portfolio case looks like. Hopefully, you will be able to make sound judgments about portfolio cases from now on.


The first thing you should look for is the size of a case. This is entirely dependent on your needs. Is your sketchbook giant? Too small? Need to store more than two books? You should ask these questions and check what you have to get an estimate of size.

Most bags will be large as they are designed and geared towards more oversized sketchbooks. So if you are an art school student, you should get one of the smaller cases as they tend to be lightweight and portable.

Of course, you should get a more extensive case if you want to store multiple artworks.


If you are an avid traveler, the material your case is built with matters a lot. The terrain can be rough, or the weather can be unfavorable.

Whatever the situation is, you should get a rigid enough case to endure copious amounts of stress and damage. As a good measure, you should get a case that is at least made with Nylon.

It is a type of synthetic fabric built with extremely durable fibers. Another great fabric is hardboard, containing cardboard layerings inside of it.

Although it is more prone to water damage, you should consider it as they are dust-resistant,

Carrying Options

Perhaps the most obvious concern for cases and bags alike is carrying methods. You do not want to fall into a situation where you held a bag in your hand to the point where it felt like your hand was going to come off.

So, you should absolutely consider getting a case that at least has a shoulder strap option. This means that carrying cases or bags on your shoulder is much easier than carrying them by hand because you do not need much strength.

There are other methods available, too, like vehicular attachment, tote bag handle, etc., that you can check out as an alternative.

Extra Compartments

It should be no surprise that people using art portfolio cases also have to carry their art supplies. Art supplies include but are not limited to markers, brushes, art palettes, papers, sketches, etc.

To store all of these items, you need more than just the main compartment of an art portfolio case. Even if you don’t carry art supplies, you should get a case that has additional pockets.

A case with pockets ensures that you can transport your other belongings besides art supplies in time of need. You should also check if the pockets have a tie-down strap that holds your stuff in place.

Other Features

So, we talked about all kinds of things to look for in an art portfolio case. But some companies manufacture their cases with all sorts of unique features like USB charging, QR code identification, GPS tracking, etc.

All of these features are optional but can amp up your case if you are willing to use them.

Art Portfolio Case Comparison Chart

NameMaterialDimensionsCompartmentsCarrying Options
VantasiiNylon24 x 36 inchesN/AShoulder and Handle
TANCHENCanvas26 x 19.6 inches5Handles
Sports FestivalPVC28 x 18.5 inches2Shoulder and Handle
NicproNylon24 x 36 inches3Shoulder, Handle and vehicle carry
Star ProductsPaper Rope14 x 20 inchesN/AHandle
1st PlacePlastic25 x 37 inches2Shoulder and Handle
StarsouceOxford15 x 18.9 inches3Handle

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of documents or statements such as stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, etc. People use a portfolio to entail their work experience in front of their prospective jurors or employers.

#2. What is a synthetic fabric?

Synthesis refers to a component being created in laboratory conditions. These conditions are sterile and free from foreign contamination. Since the dawn of microscopic innovation, people have been making all sorts of synthetic materials for many purposes.

#3. Do I need a portfolio case?

A case is essential if you are moving from company to company, juror to juror to show your expertise. It is true that e-portfolios are becoming a reality, but many people still prefer the physical feel of a portfolio case.

This concept is true even more so in an art institute where the primary teaching method is physical.

#4. How do I attach a shoulder strap?

It is a relatively simple process. Just connect the ends of a strap to the clips on the portfolio case to hold the belt in place. Then hang the case on your shoulder for easy carriage.

#5. How can I clean a case?

Cleaning a case depends on what type of fabric material it is built with. If it is a cloth material, simple detergent can work. But if the case is made with Nylon, you have to use a brush to scrub off the stains.

Final Words

You must admit that having a cool art portfolio case can make you look cool in front of your prospective jurors.

The best portfolio case you can get is the one by Nicpro because of all the carry options you can get. A close second alternative is the TANCHEN portfolio case since it has 5 compartments for storage.

If you were looking for a portfolio that is worthy of your needs, we hope that our comprehensive guide on the best art portfolio case helped you in this regard.

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