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My goal in life is to always be learning. I've spent 25+ years working with my hands and have found the art of building something new to be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Through my writing I aim to share some of what I've stumbled upon with the world in hopes others can benefit from my own experiences!

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Fountain pen vs Dip pen – Know Actual Difference Between Them

There has a typical misconception that fountain pen and dip pen are similar. But this is not true at all. Like others, I used to think the same. But later, to know the real fact, I read some blog posts and journals. Surprisingly I found that their attire may look similar, but they’re different from […]

How to Make Ink From Charcoal? [Easy Guide]

Has your curious mind ever asked you to make ink at home? Although the ink is very cheap at the market, people can easily afford it, but curiosity is still a curiosity. And curiosity is a kind of go science. So, what can be the ink recipes-this question came across my mind a thousand times. […]

Best Woven Wood Shades Reviews in 2023 [Top 6 picks]

We all find heaven on the earth in our dream house. Our one eye is always on how to décor home so nicely that it will melt the heart. We do so many things to give the place the best look. For the decoration of our house we arrange Sofa, center table, coffee table, flower […]

Best Ikea Coffee Table in 2023 – Top 6 Picks!

Our house is that place where we get real peace. We decorate our house in two ways. First, we bring those things what is a must for our home. Second is we sometimes bring things that attract us. Sometimes these two get combined like we need one thing, and that should attract us. A coffee […]

Office Supply Inventory List for Your Small Office Or Business

The office is the place where you work and that produces your money. There need so many things to run an office. By observing your office, people will judge your quality. So it would be best if you needed every piece of stationary organized in your office whether the office is small or cozy. If […]

How To Make A Pen Holder With Paper at Home? [With Video]

Hobby and crafting, are those same to you? I do connect both very lovingly. Crafting with paper is just incredible. Let’s learn about making something beautiful and very useful. A pen or pencil holder is a must thing in your daily life, especially in your reading room or in your office to arranging messy components. Usually, we […]