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My goal in life is to always be learning. I've spent 25+ years working with my hands and have found the art of building something new to be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Through my writing I aim to share some of what I've stumbled upon with the world in hopes others can benefit from my own experiences!

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How to Fix A Mechanical Pencil If Pencil Lead Won’t Come Out?

Sometimes we become disappointed with the mechanical pencil we use and feel like I bought you for an easy user experience, but you’re troubling me. Well, that happens because a lead jam inside the pencil and let not work it gracefully. We buy this pencil investing so many dollars, can’t throw it away because of […]

The Best Tape for Watercolor Paper in 2023 [Top 9 Picks]

Nowadays, intelligent people do not like depending on others for work like painting, decorating, and crafting. Instead, they want to do it by themselves because they feel an emotion with these work. Thus they find things to make their job easier. As color is most important for painting, paper for crafting, similarly masking tape is […]

Best Mechanical Pencil Leads for Artists & Designers in 2023

In our professional or study life, we are nothing without writing content. Nowadays, science maybe links our daily life, but science can’t take the place of writing accessories. The equipment that requires us most for regular drawing and writing applications is a pencil. Among all writing tools, it is the most popular. Children to artists […]

Best Mechanical Pencil for Woodworking in 2023 [Top 8 picks]

Anyone who is involved in any type of wood working, construction, architecture, etc. needs reliable and smooth writing utensils to ensure their work is precise and technical. Something as simple as a mechanical pencil can make or break a woodworkers job. In this article, you’ll get to know about the top 8 woodworking mechanical pencils […]

Best Pen for Addressing Wedding Invitations in 2023 – 5 Picks

A wedding is a kind of materialization of the dream for some people. Some people wait both eagerly and patiently for this beautiful occasion. When the moment finally becomes true, then everyone wants to keep the touch of specialty in everything of the wedding. Without inviting guests, a wedding is unimaginable. Actually, guests increase the […]

How to Sharpen Charcoal Pencils with Extra Tips for Beginner

If I ask you how many numbers you’ll give to graphite pencils and charcoal pencils separately, what will be your answer then? Well, I think you’ll just drown in the lake of thinking. Actually, graphite pencils and charcoal pencils are complementary to each other. This is very true in the sector of drawings. Although most […]

Best Sketchbooks for Alcohol Based Markers in 2023 [Top 4 Picks]

We all have passions in life that keep us motivated, happy, and interested. For an artist or art lover, a popular passion is painting. Lately, artists have become conscious of using easy art tools, so using markers in art has become a common occurrence. Unfortunately, sometimes artists face a problem using markers because of the […]

Best Paper For Water-based Markers | Perfect for Artists 2023

What do you do to cherish your mind? Or what gives you pleasure most? Well, some people find peace in writing, some do dancing or singing. But some people in the world find the test of heaven by drawing. Whatever my mood is, happy or sad, I love doing the painting. This gives peace to […]

Best Pen Holder for Your Office Desk in 2023 – Top 10 Picks

“Sound health, sound mind,” you must’ve heard that saying. I have a thousand percent believe in this, and I think, so you have. I believe that sound health is the key to sound mind; similarly, a sound workplace is the key to sound work. Our desk is maybe the capital of our workplace or study. […]

6 Best Luxury Rollerball Pens in 2023

Today we are living in a world where everybody is concern about their lifestyle. All we demand is a joyful, happy life. If I say in a few words, then we all want a luxury life. We all want a luxurious touch in every object around us.  In our daily life, we don’t give too […]