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How Thick Is 65 lb Cardstock | Paper Weights Explained

Cardstock paper is not like ordinary paper for regular use, and it has a lot of variety and specifications. However, very few people do not use cardstock because it is a bit thicker and heavier than ordinary paper, which is constantly being used in versatile ways. Do you think the cardstocks are identical, or each […]

Japanese Notebook Organization System

Due to the extensive development of technology, notebooks of different devices are used to write or take notes. However, the use of notebooks has not decreased in any way. You must have heard about the Japanese notebook organization system. The main reason for using the Japanese word with this organization system is that it was […]

Compare B5 vs. A5 : What’s the Difference?

Paper is our daily companion; although there is little use of paper in the virtual world, there is a huge demand for paper when it comes actually to exchanging information. However, the size of the paper that we use every day for different purposes is the same! Of course, there are differences between each paper […]

How To Organize Notebook For Work Should Be Done Smartly

The word “notebook” has something in common with discipline. May be wondering why, in a precise sense, all the cluttered information or personal thoughts in a notebook are usually documented with the stroke of a pen. However, organizing a notebook doesn’t mean that you will start writing all the messy th, but you must follow […]

How to Print with Black Ink Only Epson

Epson has some of the best printing machines in the market today. However, like most printers, they’re designed to only print when there is ink in all cartridges. In other words, the printer will not work when the color ink cartridges run out until they’re replaced. This is intended to avoid issues like poor print […]

Rotring Rapid Pro Vs 600 : Head to Head Comparison with Review

Rotring is a popular brand in the writing instruments and drawing tools industry. Their tools are designed for optimal ink flow and fitted with ultra-fine nibs. This allows you to write and draw with excellent perfection. They started as a fountain pen manufacturer. But they produce various mechanical pencils and pens now. And two of […]

Best Art Portfolio Case Reviews with Buying Guide in 2023

Art is one of the most profound phenomena known to man. Artists have another language to express their inner feelings through artistic methods, whether through music or painting. If you are an artist, you know that having an art portfolio is essential. The portfolio acts as an extension of yourself, signifying your artworks in a […]

How to Print Polaroids from iPhone? [5 Easy Step]

Traditionally, you needed an instant camera or polaroid film to print instant photos. Then smartphones emerged and everything changed once and for all. Today, provided you’ve got an iPhone, you can take as many pictures as you want. However, printing pictures from your iPhone means you’ve to wait until you get to a computer. Well, […]

How to Remove Printer Ink From Paper

Removing ink from paper is kind of a hassle, especially if you don’t know how! And if you’re dealing with printer ink, that can be a whole different story. Printer ink is especially hard to remove once it’s on a page. However, if you’ve accidentally spilled some of it on important papers, then luckily, it […]

Tips for Weeding Vinyl – How Do You Use A Vinyl Weeding Tool?

We all know about wedding vinyl, but it would not be fair to assume that it is a straightforward task. Because, when you are looking at the excellent work of a weeding vinyl, it is never possible to imagine how much hard work and strategy has been put behind it. Are you experiencing various problems […]