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My goal in life is to always be learning. I've spent 25+ years working with my hands and have found the art of building something new to be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Through my writing I aim to share some of what I've stumbled upon with the world in hopes others can benefit from my own experiences!

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Best Pens for Doctors in 2023 | Pens for Gifting and Everyday Uses

If science is magic, then doctors are the magician. They play the role of an angel in everyone’s life. Because of them, we are maintaining a healthy and balanced life. If we get sick, without their service, we may not recover. They are always on duty for the sake of keeping us safe. For these […]

How To Use a Sewer Inspection Camera? Easy Guide

Digging through the ground to reach a faulty sewage pipe is old school. It takes an eternity to detect a leak, breakage, or clog. The longer it takes to get the drainage system back into the flow, the more bitter it gets for a home or business owner. Professional plumbers nowadays use sewer inspection cameras […]

How to Calculate Hours Worked & Pay Based on Salary

Working hours are a metric that guarantees employees receive payment according to their hard work. Keeping track of the hours your employees work will help you make sure they are compensated fairly. You can keep tracking and calculating worked hours in different ways. To ensure that all hours worked are properly recorded, select the appropriate […]

How to Print A Folded Card in Word? Easy Guide with Video

We are living in 21st century, where tech is celebrated, and pen is untenable. Making handmade cards with pen and paper is long gone. You can now easily make any type of greetings card with the help of technology, more specifically Microsoft word. You can even design and print a folded card with MS word. […]

How To Organize Craft Supplies In a Small Space

Crafts is a long-expanded department with a lot of tools and materials to explore. Many people have the misconception that only pens, pencils, tapes, and a few other materials belong to handicrafts, but that is not logical. Generally speaking, everyone has a small amount of craftsmanship because they are essential items in our daily lives, […]

How to Whitewash a Coffee Table | Do It Yourself

Nowadays, people are very fond of white color, but no specific reason has been found for it. However, it is safe to say that since white acts as a symbol of innocence and purity, many people want to retain the symbol by whitewashing various furniture or tables. Everything in my own house is white, but […]

How To Stretch Watercolor Paper Without Tape

Every painter wants to get a taut surface from the paper before painting; wherefore, it has become mandatory for painters to stretch the watercolor paper. Similarly, know that painting is easy to scan because it is completely flat, but the paper expansion plays a vital role behind it. Watercolor paper bought from the market is […]

Alternatives To Stretching Watercolor Paper | 4 Easy Way Discussed

For a long time, I have been involved in watercolor painting, not only that but my family history has been inextricably linked with the fine arts for over a hundred years. Therefore, the paper has to be prepared before any perfect painting. Consequently, it is imperative to avoid the buckling of the paper; otherwise, it […]

12 Unique Gift Ideas for Office Staff & Co-workers in 2022

Most Gifts mean a bunch of good wishes and congratulations. Happiness knows no bounds if one receives a gift from a superior person because there is an unbroken bond of respect and love for that person, which continues to strive for a long time. Are you thinking of giving gifts but can’t find gift ideas […]

Best Mechanical Pencil for Math in 2023 | Top 6 Picks

In our life, the existence of mathematics is everywhere. Whoever studies math, architecture or engineering, they’re bonded to solve math problems. Mistakes in math are an as a usual object. Fixing errors using a pen is messy; thus, a pencil is much preferable to all. Traditional pencil or wooden pencil is ok for math, but […]