Compare B5 vs. A5 : What’s the Difference?

Paper is our daily companion; although there is little use of paper in the virtual world, there is a huge demand for paper when it comes actually to exchanging information.

However, the size of the paper that we use every day for different purposes is the same! Of course, there are differences between each paper because it varies based on your specific need.

a5 vs-b5

In particular, there must be a purpose behind choosing these two different series of papers, but under no circumstances should you give any information on A5 and B5 papers, even we will make everything clear so that you can make the right decision very quickly.

The Initial Comparison Between A5 vs B5 Paper Size: Are They Identical?

Both A5 and B5 include A and B series paper size values, respectively, but there are significant differences between them. The first difference is in their definition and the size of the paper, which makes them different from each other.

Although similarities are found in some cases, their performance and usage are entirely different. Furthermore, it has an exceptional quality in the paper; a specific size of paper can be made into pieces of different sizes and used in different ways.

Nothing in this brief description may be so obvious, so let’s go a little further and find out the differences by knowing its definition and additional information.

What Is A5 Paper?

a5 paper size

The first introduction of the A5 paper is basically a piece of A-series paper defined by the international paper size standard, ISO 216. Let’s measure the A5 paper, which is 8.3 inches long and 5.8 inches wide. Moreover, this sized paper’s length, width, and height are acceptable for use in most works.

In addition, you can make two A6 sheets by halving the A5 size paper from the middle, and a piece of A5 paper fits effortlessly in a C5 envelope. Not only this, if you fold the piece in half on one side, it can also fit in a C6 envelope.

Needless to say, there may be doubts as to whether A5 paper is letter-size paper or not, but be aware that the area of the letter-size paper is 8.5 inches by 11 inches which is quite different from A5 paper.

What Is B5 Paper?

b5 paper size

B5 paper is one of the many paper size standards in the B series, and the size of this paper is clarified by the international paper size standard called ISO 216. The B5 paper is 9.8 inches long and 6.9 inches wide, and the B5 paper is considered to be a smooth size in order to get the right size of paper.

If you do not have a B6 sheet, you can get two B6 sheets by cutting the defense paper in half from the middle.

Not only that, if the A series papers are not within reach, the B series papers can be used as an alternative to the project. Let us know how logical it is that the size of B5 paper is half of the A4 paper. Furthermore, the sheets in this series are determined based on the geometric average and the size of the B5 paper between A4 and A5 paper.

What Are the Significant Difference Between A5 and B5 Paper?

a5 vs b5 paper size

The difference is not only in the length and width of the A5 and B5 papers but also in the fact that these two papers are included in the A and B series, so there are comparative differences between some of these features.

Even you may think that both A5 and B5 are just paper size differences but not, each project has a certain size dimension of paper to use; of course, it is an actual fact.

Thus, we are going to highlight in detail below the comparative differences between A5 and B5 papers on a few notable issues.


Like every paper in the A-series, A5 size paper is also suitable for printing and is used for wide printing. A5 paper is used internationally and is one of the most used papers for leaflets, flyers, greeting cards, and stationery.

In the case of printing, it must be acknowledged that B5 paper, like all other B-series papers, cannot be printed with personal equipment but is used only with professional printing.

Into the bargain, this format is used to create flyers in advertisements or magazines and in menus. Likewise, B5 paper is considered to be quite good for use in sketchbooks, posters, passports, envelopes, and invitations.


Papers A5 and B5 certainly have a temporal idea of size, but there are also detailed explanations for these two papers.

A5 paper is used in most projects and is known as the go-to size, but it didn’t gain as much popularity as its classmate A4 paper. Dimensions of A5 paper measured in inches are 6.26 X 5.73 as well as 21.01 or 210 X 14.61 or 148 in centimeters and millimeters. Slightly different, but A5 paper is also defined at 72 DPL in pixel size, which is 420 X 595.

Basically, B series papers are a bit bigger than A series papers. However, the size of B5 paper is 9.7 by 8.9 in inches and 250 by 176 in millimeters.

Approved Countries

Paper means that it will be acceptable to use in every country, not like that, there are restrictions in different countries according to the quality and series of paper, and the use of paper of a specific size is allowed in all those countries.

The use of B5 paper is quite common in the United States and East Asia for everyday use because they consider the size of the paper to be the standard size.

On the other hand, the size of A5 paper is quite popular for use by Canadians because it is diagnosed in Pixel. Not only that, but it is also used in South Asia, Western Europe, and the Australian subcontinent.

Generally, the use of paper has been regulated in different countries considering the advantages and disadvantages of the country.

Is B5 Bigger than A5?

Part of the article we found out is whether the size of A5 and B5 paper is half. However, it is not yet clear whether the size of B5 paper is more significant than that of A5 paper.

Although the average number of dimensions of B5 paper and A5 paper and both papers are measured by ISO 216 international standard paper size, this does not mean that the size of both papers is equal.

The length of A5 and B5 paper by dimensions is 8.3 inches and 10 inches, respectively. On the other hand, the width of A5 and B5 paper is 5.6 inches and 6.9 inches, respectively. Since there is a noticeable difference in the size of these two papers, it is clear that B5 paper is undoubtedly larger than A5 paper size.

How to Choose Accurate Paper Size

There is no end to the size of the paper; the A and B series have a lot of quality-sized paper, which can undoubtedly confuse anyone. You may also be unsure about choosing the right paper, so this particular part is there to guide you.

Each paper has a specific size that is made for different specific tasks, but it is also not mandatory to get all sizes of paper in each country.

Not much, just two notable things you need to consider a bit in choosing the right size paper for the job.

Use Purpose

You do not need to cut A series or B series paper for any work as these series have many paper sizes so that you can use suitable paper according to your type of work.

So your first task is to determine what you are using it for, isn’t it?

To put it more simply, A5 size papers are used for document-making, books, magazines, flyers, and various stationery.

On the contrary, the B5 papers are mainly used for professional purposes, but their size is also suitable for making envelopes, passports, posters. Moreover, it is also an excellent use for printing.


Not all A and B series sizes of paper are readily available in every country. For example, A-Series paper shapes are widely used and affordable for everyday jobs in Western Europe, South Asia, and the subcontinent.

Similarly, since the B series papers are not as simple as the A-series, their usage rules are also somewhat different and readily available. But its use is quite widespread, mainly among East Asians.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is A5 legal size?

There remains a slight doubt as to whether the size of the A5 paper is legal or not. The legal paper is 14 inches high and 8.5 inches wide. If you want to express in millimeters, the area is 356 mm X 216 mm. Hence, half of which is 6.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide (216 mm x 140 mm).

On the contrary, A5 paper is 6.26 inches or 210 mm in height and 5.75 inches or 146 mm wide. So the closest paper size to legal size is A5, so you can be sure that A5 paper is legal size.

#2. Is B5 bigger than A4?

Since B series papers are slightly larger than A series papers but depending on the quality, specific B series papers may be smaller than A series papers. First of all, one should get a clear idea about the size of both papers. The A4 paper is 4.26 inches wide and 11.6 inches long and is expressed in millimeters (210 x 296) mm.

In contrast, B5 paper is 8 inches wide, 10 inches high, and in millimeters (190×250) mm. In particular, B5 paper is the size between A5 and A4 paper, so it is obvious that B5 paper is comparatively smaller than the size of A4 paper.

And here is a good article about to discuss the differences between a4 vs b5 paper size.

#3. Is A5 or B5 better for bullet journals?

Which of the A5 or B5 papers is suitable for a bullet journal depends on the size of the paper. For example, B5 papers are relatively large and the size of loose sheets or printer paper-lined paper. On the other hand, A5 paper is basically of standard size. Additionally small enough to stick to your side, on the other hand, big enough to make a suitable place for your creative spreads.

To make a notebook for a bullet journal, the size of the notebook, the type of dotted, grid, flat paper, and the quality of the paper or gsm, the thicker the paper will be.

#4. Is A5 the same as half letter?

A5 and half-letter is the size of the following general planner.  We know that the use of A5 paper is more in countries outside the United States and the United States is similar in size to half a letter which is 5.73 inches wide and 6.26 inches long.

Thereupon, if you cut a piece of A4 paper in half, you will get two A5 papers.  Whether you cut a piece of paper the size of a letter, you will get half a paper the size of a letter.


We come to the last stage, where some essential parts of the whole article are talked about.

The overall discussion highlights the details of A5 vs. B5 paper size to achieve your objective by choosing the right paper size.

Before using paper, it is important to note that you are a country citizen and why you are using it. However, the paper selection is not a difficult task at all, and you just need to have a clear idea about both proper use and style of paper.

As a well-wisher, we have tried to give you a bunch of greetings and some great tips so that you don’t get stuck in any direction and your path is smooth.

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